ironman lanza 2012

entries are open........

I can here the patter of entries going in  now... image



  • I can hear the tumbleweed rolling on by as well.......image
  • already well over 300 entered.
  • I love to do it but my bank balance does not permit me to sign up!!!!

  • I'd love to do it but my legs don't permit me to sign up!!!
  • We'll be going again (well MrGFB will be going for his 8th and I'll be sherpa - again) - the plan is for both of us to do it in 2013
  • I got the go ahead from the missus...

    so I'm in!!!! image

    bugger - 5 hr rides in feb......image, endless turbos imageimage 

  • I'd love to do it, but short of quitting my job, training full time, oh and some liposuction to get the excess weight off to help with the bike, i'd better say no image  Good luck O.C image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    this AND Xman in 2012 OC??

    glutton for punishment eh?
  • Hi GFB! We met at CLS in March!  How did Mr GFB get on at the weekend?

    OC - I've done loads of the bike course. It's a bitch.  But then it's Lanzarote and Has To Be Done at some stage.  I salute you!

  • X-man will be all about survival..... Its gonna be interesting chasing the cut offs
    I did 80k of the lanza bike course this year- the flat bit so I think I need to be hitting the hills in a big way over the winter.....

    I just need to work on getting permission to also enter the main pirate race..
  • Tempted,

     loved it in 2010

  • Got to say im also tempted image

    Really glad Lanza didnt bite the dust it would leave a massive hole in the Ironman calendar if this race was no more.

    I think its about time the pirates man up for one year and make this the pirate championship. 

  • I'd love to do this one. Good Luck OC.

    My aim is to do it for my 50th - 2013 image

  • *waves to Artful Hen* image

    MrGFB got on great...a pb swim and bike but a pw run lol! But just happy for another finish.
  • Your turn next, GFB. image

    Barley - even if it didn't become THE pirate race, it could be A big pirate race.  Maybe not next year - already commited other stuff. But perhaps we coudl start a concerted campaign to get the ship out there for 2013?

  • I'm (supposed) to be doing it in 2013 image
  • Ain't goin' on no plane again!
  • No No Never, not man enough!
  • There's a bunch of us planning on doing it in 4 years time for our 40'th  image where's that thread....
  • Oh yes, I remember that thread. So Pkim - when are you 40?

    think i'm going to have to have a year off from IM in 2013 so I can do a few running things, like Two Oceans or Comrades. And New York mara.

  • Hey Henny image

    2015 although some people might not agree and say I'm still 14 mentally image  

    I'm having my no racing at all year this one... just fixing stuff with my running, cycling and swimming... gotta say it feels good. 

  • Pkim - sometimes i am just a tiny bit jealous of that...

  • aaarghhhhhhh............I officially retire from work 31 Dec 2014! That makes me 25 years older than you Pkim!


    IML is too tough for me now - 10 years ago I might've comtemplated joining in.

  • Henny - SuperCaz is doing Comrades next year.
  • wow she's really clocking up the Big Ones, isn't she!

  • Also doing Channel swim relay with us next July, and solo swim in 2013.
  • My first Ironman of 2012 will be Lanza....


  • And the other??
  • I feel a list coming on

    We're on Fire!


    Don't leave it too late - it sold out last year after a few months!!!!

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