Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Aaaaah and I forgot to mention - I have a black toenail! Does that mean I'm a proper runner now...?

    I hadn't noticed until yesterday as I've had purple nail varnish on my toes all summer, finally removed it all instead of doing a lazy top-up..... and it's not nail varnish on one of them image

    It's the 2nd toe on the foot with the bunion and it sticks up at a funny angle anyway so it must get the most pressure when I run.

    Enough about my yukky feet now! image

  • Hi guys,

    I’m afraid it’s yet another post full of excuses from me! I didn’t manage to escape the sickness bug, and came down with it the night of my last post! It was just horrible, still not feeling normal yet. At one point I actually blacked out on the way to the bathroom and came to lying in a puddle of vomit on the hallway floor image. Sorry if that’s tmi, but I’ve never passed out before, so was a bit of an event! LOLimage! Everyone else is over the bug so I think it will be back to normal schedule tomorrow, but don’t think I’ll be up to running until at least Thursday.

    I don’t know, it seems impossible for me to manage to keep up the running 3 times per week, but knowing that I’m still improving each time is encouraging. Just wish life would stop getting in the way!

    I’ve just bought some new jogging bottoms on ebay, sort of Capri length but not tight (I hope anyway, haven’t received them yet!). Nothing like new kit to encourage you to get out there! Still looking for a long-sleeved top.

     Cheetah – wow you are really clocking up some distance and speed now aren’t you! Really well done! Sorry to hear about your toe, doesn’t sound too good (although I was pleased to hear someone else has the same, um, relaxed approach to pedicures as I do!image).

    Hi Snails, yes I’m the same with complaining about the heat in summer, and the cold in winter. I just wish it was Spring or Autumn all year round, that would suit me just fine. Well done on your recent runs with no walk breaks. Are you progressing to week 4 this week?

    Norfolklass – well done on your 10K, sounds like your running is going really well and really progressing! I think I might have to start going out early in the morning like you, rather than the evening, as I think there would be less obstacles with kids etc.

    Hi Iain, glad to hear that your ankle and knee are holding out OK. How did your ankle weights work out?

    Roadrunner – how’s the interval training going?

    Right, off to catch up on some TV I’ve missed over the past couple of days, Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire (anyone else watching?).

    Night night all! imagexxx
  • Hi peeps,

    I am going to give thanks to the fine people who discovered ibuprofen and paracetamol, both of which i've been consuming in large quantities over the last few days.

    My back started playing up at the weekend, just a bit tight but managable, but has got worse since.
    Although i managed my run on monday it still was a bit ify, but when I got up yesterday I began doing a good impression of Quasimodo, hunched back and gimpy legged wreck that i was!  image
    Same deal this morning, so lots of pills with my bran flakes and tea.

    Ran a hot bath, as hot as I could take without getting burnt, and soaked for about 20 mins, feeling some of the knots in my muscles undo a bit. As i got out, just as I put 1 foot onto the floor, I felt, and heard, something crunch/pop in my lower spine!
    Been feeling much better since then!  image

    Still a bit stiff , but nothing like the last few days, so hope its just the muscles being sore from being in spasm for the last few days.

    Ankle weights have not been made yet, havent done much other than watch telly/dvd's for last 48 hours.
    Have given it some thought though, and i'm just going to put a couple of my diving weights (soft pouches full of lead shot) into the centre of a tea towel, fold each long side over and just tie round my ankle.
    I only want them to help exercise the abductor muscles in my hips at home, so no need to do any more than that.

    hopefully i'll be able to go for a run tomorrow

  • Hi everyone,

    Nippy one here today - definately need to get warmer clothes to wear. Only did 2.5m, was frozen at the start and roasted at the end (that may have been due to fact i wore a fleece over my T-shirt). Must go to TKMaxx.

    Iain - was sorry to read your back was bothering you, glad its well improved. Did you try the foam roller for it at all? Hope you've been able to get out for a run since.

    Minty - that sounds like a scary experience for you... you and the family have had a rough run of sickness lately - hope thats the end of it for you. There is absolutely no point trying to get out for a run till you feel better. I'm staying on wk 3 still, until i can do the Saturday 5m with no walk breaks, so maybe i'll be ready to move on by Christmas!!

    Cheetah - Yuk to spitting man image - thats all i am saying cos i'm just after my supper and i don't want turned. That was a good run with the club - great pace too. Hope your driving is still going well. Have you done your theory test yet? If not, then lots of luck with it.

    Norfolklass - well did you get your 10K done on Sunday? Hope the four day week runs are working out okay. Maybe you are doing them before work - once you get home i'm sure you couldn't face going back out again.

    Happy running everyone,x

  • Afternoon everyone, hope you're all well. Our house guests have just left and are on their way back to Bolton via Great Yarmouth so I've got the afternoon to myself and no housework to do cos I did it all before they arrived on Tuesday! The sun is shining so I think I might head out for a run, I did another 10k on Monday morning and managed to go a bit faster, ave. pace 10:29 image

    Cheetah, well done on continually pushing yourself to go that little bit further. I need to start thinking about increasing my distance again if I'm serious about aiming for a half marathon. It must be about time that someone had a quiet word with the spitting man, I'd be so unhappy about running anywhere near him image Thanks for the reminder about SportsDirect, I hadn't noticed until yesterday but there's a store in the Chapelfield shopping centre in town so I might just go for a browse, desperate for new bottoms but you're right you really have to try stuff on. And congratulations on the black toenail, I think that definitely makes you officially A Runner.

    Snails, how's your running going? 2 miles in 20:21 is brilliant. There's a calculator on this website that you can use to get an idea of longer distance times, have you used it? It's here: (can't do fancy link stuff!) And well done on the kettlebell stuff in between runs. I'm wondering if I should try and do something other than running on my rest days but I think I might be kidding myself! I can definitely recommend the proper wicking running kit, I've got 2 long sleeved and 2 short sleeved tops now and they're great. Any more unexpected encounters with wildlife?!? No frogs here but one VERY loudly snoring cat catching up on her sleep now our visitors have gone image Not quite into a regular 4-run week yet but I'm definitely sticking to mornings!
  • continued...

    Iain, clearly you're in the beginners area under false pretences if you can run at 7:45-8:00 min/mile pace, I think I'd have to cycle to go that fast! You're right about your knee, until it's completely healed there's no point trying to run at that pace, it's all about building up gradually and getting the mileage under your belt at a slower pace - but that's easier said than done. Just read about your back problems, you're not having much luck are you?!? I hope it's feeling better and is nothing serious - did you manage to get out for a run yesterday? Were you planning on running with weights or just using them at home? The diving weights sound a safer bet than plasticine and sticky backed plastic!

    Minty, you poor thing image I hope you're well on the road to recovery, fingers crossed no more sickness, you've had tons more than your fair share recently. (One of the reasons I stopped drinking was the evil hangovers. I started passing out when I was sick and remember coming round on my friend's bathroom floor with a massive bump on my head image scary stuff!) Have you managed to get back out for a run yet? How are the capri length bottoms? I'll let you know how much the long sleeved tops are in SportsDirect, I had a look at them in JJB Sports down at Riverside but they were quite expensive and not the thin running ones. (I still have bits of gold nail varnish on my toenails that I put on for the wedding we went to back in July, so someone else with the same beauty 'regime'!)

    Right, think I'll head out and see how it goes. Aiming for 10k but I'll be happy with 5k. Happy and injury-free running peoples! x
  • Norfolklass,

    If ANYONE is in the beginners section under false pretences, its you!
    "I think I might head out for a run, I did another 10k on Monday morning" sound familiar? image 
    I shall be a happy chap when i manage to complete 10k, no matter what speed I do it in. image

    Didnt run yesterday as my lower back was still quite stiff and sore.
    Different today though, only slightly stiff and no real pain so went out for a run.
    Ran the same route as Sunday in more or less the same time, 20.51.
    My running pace is a bit faster than some, but seriously, if you saw the length of my legs you'd understand! I'm 6' 2 1/2''. It wouldn't  be a joke if I said I probably take only 6 or 7 paces to 10 of yours!
    I get so much flak from my missus, because i start walking, forgetting she's a wee bit smaller, and leave her in my dust! Even when I remember to slow down, she's almost running to keep up.

    The back problems are nothing new, i've had issues since I injured my spine when I was 19.
    I lifted a large peice of equipment in the right way, bend the knees -back straight etc, but then pivoted round rather than move my feet round and knackered my lower spine.
    Its all soft tissue damage, ligaments etc and will never be 100% again, but only occasionally gives me problems. This time round I think i just slept in a funny position (no jokes please!), and a verebrae or two slipped out of alignment. There's nothing I can do other than manage the pain till everything pops back into place. Osteopaths do help but are not cheap, so are a last resort if i'm in real trouble.

    Ankle weights are just for in the house to help work/strengthen the abductor muscles in my hips, so dont need to be anything elaborate. There is some discussion about IT band issues/lower back pain being linked in some cases to weak abductor muscles. As i'm already doing some strength training on other muscle groups in the legs, I may as well ensure that I keep everything else in balance too.

    Looking on the bright side, I watched all 3 Lord of the Rings films (extended versions) over the last few days!
    I am really looking forward to "The Hobbit" being completed, but pissed that the 1st instalment is not due for release until December 2012!!

     Plasticine, toilet roll tubes, sticky backed plastic and empty washing up liquid bottles wre precious items in many house hold during the 70s and 80s. You could make ANYTHING if you had those things.

    Tracy Island from Thunderbirds? No problem.

    Space ships, aliens, race cars wre the easy ones.

    Kids today dont know theyre born!
    No imagination

  • Evening all!

    Thanks for the sympathy, feeling much better today! Went for a lovely long walk with the kids as it was such a nice day and haven’t been out for days! We walked up to the university and met my DH with a picnic and walked around the lake there. Was quite chilly but lovely! Came home via the park and stopped at the playground. So I thought I probably wasn’t up to running til tomorrow after all that, but just decided to pop out and try to do one rep of 8 or 10mins. Managed to do 12! Am so pleased because I think without illness I could manage two lots of that! YAY!!! image

    And can I just say, that actually I’m considering kicking you all off the beginners’ forum!! You are all progressing so disgustingly well! image

    Iain – sorry to hear about your back, but glad it sounds like it’s a bit better now. I have struggled with back pain for years too and spent a small fortune going to osteopaths. I did something to it in a gym on some machine which was supposed to strengthen your back, but I think I must have put too many weights on or something. Funnily enough, it seemed to improve loads after being pregnant, but I think my theory is that constantly carrying and lifting children has improved my core muscles which in turn have really helped support my back. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you try this! And on the subject of fashioning things out of toilet rolls and cereal boxes, you might appreciate the castle I made for my son’s last birthday! See pic below!

    Snails – yeah I’m soo fed up with all the illness, it’s just the children are little virus incubators and they all just catch everything going and share it around. It’s just a fact of life that every autumn to spring for the next few years is going to be one bug after another, such a depressing thought. It’s been nippy down here too, definitely more clothing needed. I got my new Capri things, but they are sooo itchy I’m sending them back. They are just poly/elastane mix but for some reason really scratchy. Odd. Things are a bit tight now till the end of the month so going to have to wait to get some more, think I will try to go to an actual shop and try some on like Norfolklass suggested. Have you been out today or was it Kettlebells?

    Norfolklass, thanks for the tip on Sportsdirect in Chapelfield! I think I may have been in there once a few years ago, but didn’t register it was Sportsdirect. Had a look online and they have some bargains! Think I spotted Cheetah’s pink top! Would def be interested to hear what they have, if you get down there before I do.

    And another 10K! well done you, a great time too. Did you do 5 or 10 today? It was a lovely day for it.  Scary story about the hangovers! I kept checking my head for bumps after I passed out, but just managed to find a bruise on my arm the next day, so I think I came off pretty well considering! Heehee re the gold nail varnish! I find that so reassuring, you wouldn’t believe it!

    Going to weigh in in the morning. Can’t work out whether will have lost lots because of the illness, or whether I more than cancelled this out with birthday buffet food on Sunday???

    Happy running all!!!image

  • Wow Minty that is COOOL! image In this house there would be cat's paws poking through the drawbridge and cat's eyes peering through the window! image

    I went for my coldest run yet yesterday (Wednesday night is now long run night!) so one of my long sleeved running tops got a test run - still with my shorts though as I haven't got any winter bottoms yet. It did the job just fine and kept most of my top half warm enough without being TOO hot! My hands however didn't warm up until I'd run at least two miles,might need to invest in some lightweight gloves as I've always had rubbish circulation. When I'd just got warm enough, two jolly red-nosed old men came out of a local pub and said "ooo aren't you cold, love?" obviously noticing my shorts!

    My knees on the other hand remained freezing for the whole run! It was good in a way, a bit like running in ice packs - NOTHING hurt cos my legs were too cold! They were bright pink when I got home though! image

    I managed 8.74 miles in total - in 01:30:36 - so that's just over half a mile more than last Wednesday in about the same time! I also looked at the Garmin at around 10k and managed that in 01:05 exactly - so the quickest yet as well as the furthest yet. I'm definitely more of a cold weather runner I think - I have to go faster to stay warm (although I was starting to get cold again towards the end...)

    I passed a few runners all dressed up looking like they were going on arctic expeditions - I don't think I COULD run with that much gear on. (Or maybe the ones with hoods up were muggers? It's getting harder to tell in the cold and dark without looking at the make of trainers hehe!)

    Right time to reply to everyone!

    Iain - sorry about your back but glad it's getting better again and you're still managing to run. Your post about walking with your missus reminds me of me and Mr Cheetah - he's tall with long legs too and I'm little so I often find myself either trotting along beside him or drifting behind and shouting at him to wait for me! We joke about him making me walk 10 paces behind  image

    Minty - poor you with the sickness bug, sounds horrible - glad it's clearing up now though and you managed to run for 12 minutes. It shows you're already building a level of base fitness (or something like that, I was reading up on it when I had man-flu to see how much I could get away with not doing!)

  • ...continued

    Hi Snails, no I haven't even BOOKED my theory yet, I've got slack with the revising! I suppose I should just book it then I HAVE to learn! I've now learned all the manoevres - it was reversing into a bay tonight for the first time, and I managed to do it between two cars without hitting either of them which is a bonus! 

    Norfolklass - I hope someone DOES speak to the spitting man, I'm not sure whether to mention anything myself - not sure how he can be stopped though! Maybe I could ever so subtly run alongside him with a bucket or something...? image

    I had a look at that training calculator - it says my half marathon time at the moment would be  2:23:31 - that'll do me fine although I'd be happy enough just to finish! I think I'll keep putting my 10k times in to see how it alters.

    My pink top is the Karrimor one by the way - it's a fiver at the moment without the postage! image Not tried it yet but it's a similar material to the one I tried yesterday, and the traffic certainly won't miss me in it!

    Roadrunner - we're still waiting for that shortbread...... image

    That's it from me for now - I'll be going for a run tomorrow, hopefully 4/5 miles - then cooking a chilli to replace lost calories! image

    Night all, happy running! xx

  • So sorry about the delay!!  I had to sneak it from Loulabell HQ!  Don't forget to share it with the guys from the other thread.

    Anyway, voila:

    Edit:  I'm debating whether or not to give my winter gear its first test run - by the time I get out there, it's probably going to be pretty nippy.  Indeed, according to my phone the temperature has dropped a degree in the last hour!
  • Aah animal lovers of this thread, I am thinking of getting a rescue cat. I want Edgar! Isn't he a cutie!


  • Awww he is a gawjuss boy Minty.... loved the profile, very funny.

    Roadrunner - thanks for the shortbread - mmmmmmmmmm.

    I see everyone is running well.... i did 3m today. Will post properly after tomorrows run (fingers crossed 5m and no walking)...imagex

  • Wow Minty he is a cool cat! Just showed Mr Cheetah and he said "It's the Mogfather!" (Did you know that next Thursday is Black Cat Awareness Day?)

    Well done on your 3 miles Snails - and good luck with the 5 miles tomorrow!

    My 4/5 miles yesterday turned into another 10k - I kept adding laps on at the beginning so the run back would be easier - then realised I was doing my 10k route and might as well carry on! It took me 01:05:45 - so not QUITE as fast as Wednesday but still pretty good - it wasn't quite as cold though. I was a bit achy afterwards - but my legs are fine today!

  • Hi everyone,

    Yay me! 5miles done and no walking (took me 53:16 though), but i don't care, i am so happy i got it done. I was beginning to think i'd never get past week 3. Still haven't got round to getting new running stuff, but i will do next week hopefully.

    Cheetah - i just do not get this 'my 4/5 miles turned into 10K' - i mean how do you do it? When i plan a distance to run, i don't even go 1 metre over!! Your 10K time is brilliant. Definately get your theory test booked too, cos you sound ready to do the practical. I think your 8.74m is a thread record - well done...

    Minty - well done on the 12 mins... whats your training plan for this week? You needn't worry, i'll always be here on the Beginners thread cos i seem to do 1 week forward and 2 weeks back - its Iain, Norfolklass and Cheetah who need evicted for being here under false pretences. I'm still doing kettlebells, but i haven't moved up to the next weight yet, so i suppose i should really.

    Iain - glad to hear your back pain has improved and that you got out for a run.... hope things continue to go well. At least you had some DVDs to watch when you were laid up - though i've never got into Lord of the Rings myself. I did try reading The Hobbit a few years back and gave up - i just couldn't get into it.

    Norfolklass - you are fairly knocking out these 10K's - well done.... thanks for that link, i must have a look at it later. I was awake this morning at 6am, and really considered going out to run then, but then i chickened out cos it was still dark (though it was dry). All the wildlife ignored me today, even the friendly goat. A few days back, one the rare breed sheep was at the fence and i thought it'd run off, but it didn't, and it let me rub it's head. The stags are still being cross - two today locked antlers a few times.

    Happy running everyone,imagexx

  • I JUST RAN 5K!!! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageYes, that was me saying that.

    Decided to get up early and do the parkrun route thinking that if I did some of it, say two laps, I would be able to calculate my approx 5K time. But then I just decided to do it all. The last 1K was quite hard going, but I did it in 40mins and 5 seconds. I did a sprint finish to try to get under 40 but didn’t quite manage it. So that was with two 2 minute walk breaks. Thought I might throw up at the end! LOL!

    Will reply to everyone properly later, just had to tell you that I JUST RAN 5K!!!!!image

     Oh I meant to tell you about the weight loss as well, the second week I lost 2.5lb and last week just 1lb. But that was the birthday buffet week, so not really surprising. So 10.5lb total so farimage

  • YAY!! Well done Minty, that was brilliant.... you must be so chuffed. Well done on the weight loss too image
  • Woohoo go Minty - that's great!

    I'm trying to find the motivation to go for a run today -  I'm always rubbish on a Sunday!

  • Thanks guys! Cor was really achey last night, but not my legs or bum, funnily enough it was my shoulders and in between my shoulder blades. Wouldn’t have predicted that but then proper runners do always have really toned arms and backs so obviously you do use those muscles more than I thought. Felt so pleased all day though. Can’t wait to try it again and better my time. If I can get it down to mid-thirties, then I’ll do the proper parkrun, but I really don’t want to be last! image

    So Snails, you were having a good day too! 5 miles without walking, just what you were aiming for. Really well done! Yeah I’m with you on not going out in the dark in the morning. What do you do Norfolklass? You go in the morning, do you wait til it’s light? Well I suppose the clocks go back (forward?) next weekend, so the mornings will be lighter earlier. I laughed out loud when you said you started the Hobbit and couldn’t get into it, because I’ve started it several times and never managed to and I’ve heard so many other people say the same. I did go to see The Lord of The Rings though in a really plush cinema once, where a group of us hired the whole thing and we had recliner chairs and coffee tables and food brought to us during the film. It was brilliant, but I think my good memories of it were definitely influenced by the scones and jam and nice drinks! image

    Cheetah, you really are doing well! Can’t believe you can accidentally do 10K just like that! Well done on your reverse parking! Did you manage to do a run yesterday?

    And as for the Mogfather, sadly we have concluded that it really wouldn’t be a good idea to get a cat just yet. I reckon another 6 months to a year will be better. It’s just that Rosie is into everything at the moment, and having another few things in the house to try to keep her away from (litter tray, cat food, and the poor cat itself) would just add to the daily struggle. It’s quite hard achieving the basics at the moment, getting enough sleep, getting everyone fed, dressed, keeping up with the washing, etc so taking on one more thing to look after is probably not sensible just yet. I am very sad though, and hoping that with Black Cat Awareness day coming up, that Edgar will find a lovely home. Sob, sob!…

    I went into Sports Direct in Norwich yesterday. They have sooo much stuff, it’s great, but unfortunately I didn’t have very much time, with DH sulking outside the shop with the kids, so I tried on just one pair of cheap capris, but they were that thick cotton fabric which isn’t the most flattering and definitely not wicking, so decided I have to just wait until pay day so I can get some decent ones. Maybe I’ll nip in on my own late night on Thursday or something, so much easier to shop on my own. In the meantime, I’ll just have to carry on tucking my jogging bottoms into the top of my support knickers so they don’t fall down. LOL! Mite be cos I’m losing weight or maybe they’ve just stretched…Definitely recommend a visit though Norfolklass. Didn’t get any time to look at tops yet though.

    So all fired up after my 5K, I’m now wondering about whether I should enter another race for Spring, maybe even a 10K. Has anyone else got anything lined up or in mind for next year?

    Roadrunner, thanks for the shortbread. Yum! *wonders how many weightwatchers points are that was*image

     How are things with you Iain? How is your back?

     Night night all xx

  • MintyB wrote (see)

    I JUST RAN 5K!!! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageYes, that was me saying that.

    Decided to get up early and do the parkrun route thinking that if I did some of it, say two laps, I would be able to calculate my approx 5K time. But then I just decided to do it all. The last 1K was quite hard going, but I did it in 40mins and 5 seconds. I did a sprint finish to try to get under 40 but didn’t quite manage it. So that was with two 2 minute walk breaks. Thought I might throw up at the end! LOL!

    Will reply to everyone properly later, just had to tell you that I JUST RAN 5K!!!!!image

     Oh I meant to tell you about the weight loss as well, the second week I lost 2.5lb and last week just 1lb. But that was the birthday buffet week, so not really surprising. So 10.5lb total so farimage

    Well done on the 5k - the first big milestone!  It's great when you've got it under your belt, eh?  Onwards and upwards. image

    I'm going to try and get me one of those Garmin thingies, so I don't have to come home and plot the route to calculate my speed and distance - which doesn't work at all if you end up not being able to remember the route - maybe Santa will be extra helpful and drop one round this Christmas? image

    Speaking of which, where's the best place to get them cheap - but still new?  A quick search at Amazon revealed prices of £100+ image
  • Evening, hope you're all well. Well, I definitely belong in the beginner's section, made the classic mistake of over-doing it and now I've got the hurty legs to prove it image Went out for a run on Thursday afternoon and managed 10k that went something like this: "I'll only do one lap (3k) because everything HURTS" then everything stopped hurting and I thought "I'm out now, I might as well do 5k". Then everything started hurting again at about 4k but I was a long way from the car so I struggled on. When I got back to the car everything felt fine again, so I thought I'd do another lap and call it a day at 7k. When I got to 7k I felt great so I carried on, then it hurt so I thought I'd stop, then it stopped hurting so I carried on… you get the idea!

    So then thought I'd better do something about increasing my instance so did 11k on Saturday morning. Error! So much for only increasing your time or distance by 10%, I clocked up 41k last week image stupid stupid stupid. The 10k wasn't too bad but that last 1k nearly killed me, and I was staggering along at over 12min/mile. And I got overtaken by three super-speedy blokes but you're right Iain, they were all at least 7 feet tall and at least 4 of that was legs! So in an effort to stick to four runs a week I went out for 5k this morning, it felt really good and I did it in my quickest time yet, 31:46. Yay! Felt fine all day but the walk home was agony and my legs are still hurting now. Boo. Anyway!

    Iain, how's the back, and ankle and knee? Have you been able to do any exercise or have you been resting?

    Minty, fantastic that you did 12mins AND 5k!!! You must be thrilled! And more weight loss too!!! Brilliant image Love the castle, my cat would like to know when she can move in? Had a really quick look in SportsDirect last Friday but definitely need to go back when I've got more time (I only get half an hour for lunch so I only had about 5mins in there) looks pretty reasonable, and they've got a sale on till the end of the month. Oh, cross-posted, doh! I completely understand your decision about Edgar, I'm sure he'll find a good home. We can't rescue them all, although Cheetah's doing her best! Re running in the morning, I was out at 6:15 this morning and it was still pitch black (and blooming freezin!) I quite like it though, I run along the main roads and they're all well-lit so I don't feel unsafe, but it's still pretty quiet and I saw the fox again this morning.
  • continued. again.

    Cheetah, 8.74 miles. Wow! And running at 1:05 10k pace. Wow!!! And well done on the reversing. It's one of those things that you need to be able to do for your test in case they ask you to do it, then you probably never have to d it again - don't think I've reverse-parallel parked since my test! One of the super speedy long-legged blokes that overtook me was spitting and then did that AWFUL nostril emptying thing that footballers do. I didn't realise I'd said "that's disgusting!" out loud until a dog walker turned round! Have you signed up for a half marathon yet, or that scary sounding night run?? It certainly sounds like you're having no trouble ramping up your mileage!! Did you run yesterday?

    Snails, yay you!!! That's great, you must be really pleased!! I think you should treat yourself to some new running gear to celebrate. You, Iain and Cheetah are running AND doing other exercise AS WELL, so as far as I'm concerned that makes you all duathletes image Do you think you'll sign up for another race? A few people at work go running and one has a place in the marathon next year, so there's lots of talk of training plans and vaseline… Too much information! It sounds lovely where you run, what with cross stags and rare breed sheep and goats, it was just urban foxes and lorry drivers this morning. I remember you said you were running 4 times a week, how do you find running two days in a row? And where do you put your long slow run? I'm struggling to plan how long and when and how often. And I'm REALLY looking forward to not running tomorrow, just hope my legs have recovered by Wednesday morning.

    Roadrunner, thanks for the shortbread, hope your intervals are going well?

    RIght. Off for a coffee and some rubbish telly before bed. Night all! x
  • Hi everyone,

    Roadrunner - i got mine (a 305) from Amazon and it was £115 - but i have seen them since go under £100 on Amazon - they seem to change the price quite often, so you can keep an eye out for that.

    Norfolklass - hope the aches have settled now. That was some mileage you did last week too. No plans at the minute to enter any races, though i'm seriously considering doing the Parkrun on Saturday. Last week my training days had to be changed round, so it meant i ran 3 days in a row again, which wasn't good cos my knee got a bit niggly, so i'll avoid that in future. I am feeling the benefit of having done two 4 day weeks now, i suppose its just cos its more practice. Yeuk to the nostril thing image

    Minty - hope the running is continuing to go well. Sorry to hear you can't get Edgar - but when the time is right for you all to get a cat, there will be plenty more needing a good home.

    Cheetah - well, did you run last night with the club (and if spitting boyo was there please don't elaborate, yeuk).... what mileage are you planning to do this week? My week is - today 3miles (31.49min), tomorrow 4m, fri 6miles image, Sat 3m (i moved my longer run forward cos i'd love to do the Parkrun so thought that would fit in well)

    Iain - hope you are still continuing to run okay and that you've remained injury free.

    Happy running everyone imagex

  • Evening - it's my night off tonight so I have time to post! image

    I managed my Sunday run in the end, I nearly didn't bother when I realised the Garmin battery had gone - but then pulled myself together and went out all Garminless - I felt strangely naked and kept looking at my empty wrist anyway (not quyite sure what AT!) I was hoping to do about 4 miles, and when I put my route into MapMy Run afterwards it was 3.96 - so close enough! I have no idea how fast I went, but I suspect not very due to the lack of motivation (I couldn't find my stopwatch either!)

    Running club yesterday - and I didn't come across the spitting man! image It's hard to tell in the dark, I thought I saw him at the start so just made sure to run ahead as he always slows down quite a bit at the end - and I was safe! The route was the same as last week - 3.5 miles, and I managed 09:43 m/m so 10 seconds per mile faster than last week. I would have done an even better time but on the first lap a man in front of me ran smack bang into a bollard and did a very impressive double somersault backwards so I stopped to check he was OK - he was, so I congratulated him on his somersault before I kept going! 

    I've decided Mondays must be my "speed session" run hehe! Wednesdays have turned into my long run night - so I'll be attempting at least 10k tomorrow, hopefully more but it depends on the weather. Fridays are now my "whatever sort of run I fancy" night, depending how hungry I am cos Friday is also my turn to cook - and Sundays are my "really crap slow short run that I don't want to do and probably have a hangover anyway" day. Does that sound anything like a half marathon training schedule to anyone......?! image

    Minty - I bet Edgar Mogfather finds a lovely home with all the publicity black cats are getting at the moment- he has a great halloween-y look about him too. 

    Well done again on the 5k and the weight loss! 

    Roadrunner - my Garmin (also a 305) was £118 on ebay, it was new, just an ex-display model. It's worth shopping around as they're sometimes cheaper - the 405 is a bit sleeker but more expensive.

  • ....continued....

    Norfolklass, your Thursday run sounds like one of mine lol! I hope you stop being all achy soon. The nostril emptying bloke sounds worse than the spitting bloke! image

    As for the reverse parking- I tried it again on Saturday in Mr Cheetah's car and it didn't go quite so well - I ended up sort of diagonally across two spaces... image Think I'll stick to the mini, it must go in spaces easier cos it's small enough! 

    Snails - that's GREAT on the 5 miles without stopping! Not a bad time either! image Best of luck with the 6 miles on Friday - I bet you can do it!

    That's almost it for me - it's pay day on Monday so a trip into town for some new winter sports gear is on the cards some time next week. I STILL need some bottoms - my legs are naturally the "hi-viz" that the running club insist on at the moment in my shorts - bright white with glowing pink knees! I'm also going to treat myself to some trail shoes - they're meant to be a good grip for when it gets icy, and when I visit my mum next I hope to run in the forest round there.  They'll also be perfect for the scary night obstacle race that I haven't entered yet but want to! image

    Right - cheesy telly, and a rum and ginger! Happy running everyone! xx

  • Hello all,

    I'm not even going to attempt to respond/reply individually to everything that everyone has posted, i'd be typing for a week if I did!
    So, well done to all of you for your continuing efforts and acheivments, be it a new distance run, a fastest time, or simply avoiding coming home covered in spit and snot! image

    I didn't run today 'cos its damp and rainy so seemed a good reason to have a day of rest. I ran on saturday and Monday, with a weights session inbetween on Sunday. Thought i'd put my back out on Sunday while weight training, but luckily no problems arose other than a slightly stiff lower spine when I get up.
    Planning on a run tomorrow and probably Thursday too, and will decide on either a weights session on Friday or a Parkrun on Saturday depending on the weather forecast. I dont mind a bit of light rain, but dont like getting drenched. Anyone else up for the Parkrun?

    So far, i've not had any real problems or injury issues so plan a small increase in my milage next week, but still try to run alternate days where possible, and no more than 2 in a row at most. It all depends on my work schedule, who else wants to run at lunchtime and on what days etc

  • Had a good run this afternoon, covering 3 1/4 miles non stop and with a good even pace throughout.
    I had forgotten to put my watch on prior to leaving the house, so dont know exactly how long it took, but based on my pace i'd estimate a time of 27 to 28 minutes.
    No problems from my knee during the run, just a little stiffness about 20 mins after I finished, so slapped an ice pack on it for about 15 mins. It feels fine at the moment.

    Clocks go back this weekend, so will make choosing when to run more important.
    The village I live in does not have any street lighting, so will have to get a light weight head torch to light my way if I want to run in the evenings.

    I have also ordered a hi visibility jacket to ensure i'm visible as much as possible.
    I originally looked for something just to keep the wind and rain off me, but saw this and thought it'd be the best option. The bright yellow will also make me easy to see during the gloomy winter days, very important as a lot of my running is down lanes with no footpaths.

  • Iain, if it's not too late, check out the two SportsDirect shops in town in Castle Mall (part of Soccer World by the post office) and in Chapelfield. They've got a sale on at the moment and I've just bought something similar reduced from £45 to £15 image

    Good to read that your return to running is going well, I hope your knee continues to behave.

    I ran another 5k this morning, PB of 30:55 with ave pace of 9:57. WHOOP! My shins are still struggling and the walk to and from work seems to be the biggest trigger for them to start hurting, but when I'm running they're fine so I'm going to carry on with the 4 runs per week plan and hope they toughen up a bit.

    Just a quick post tonight, I hope everyone else is ok and injury-free. Happy running for the rest of the week! x
  • Hi guys, just a quick post from me too tonight as I need an early night. Managed to do 2 x 15mins last night with a 2 min walk break. It seemed quite hard, so I expect I was still recovering from my 5K. And my legs feel a bit stiff today, hadn't had that for ages.

    Me and the kids and mum and dad are off to the caravan tomorrow just until Friday I think. It's the last week as the site closes down for winter from end October until March. Will try to get out for a run while I'm there. Poor mum got the sickness bug too and is taking ages to get back to normal, so she hasn't been for a run for a while, but I'm sure it won't be long before she is up to coming with me. 

    Going to do my weigh in tomorrow morning whilst I'm at home instead of Friday. I sneakily weighed myself this morning and had lost another pound since last week. Hoping for another half or one by tomorrow morning! image

    Sounds like everyone else is doing not too bad after the recent injuries / aches and pains. Will catch up again in a couple of days. 

    Night night! xxx

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