Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Oh poor you Snails! Hope the ice packs work, I don't like the sound of an ice bath!image

    Let us know how you get on tomorrow. xxxx

  • Euuuuch, that sounds awful!!  I'm glad my knee isn't anywhere near that bad (I can still walk on it).  Hope you get better soon, Snails!
  • Ouch Snails - you poor thing! (I had to google it too!) Hope you managed to avoid the ice bath!

    Hopefully the base level of fitness you've built up so far will hold til you can run again (I looked into it when I had man-flu!)

    I'll be as quick as I can as it's my lunch break - I FINALLY managed a good Sunday run, 10k (can't remember the time/pace but I was pretty pleased with it and I felt OK!) - looks like I was right about the dehydration as I made sure I drank loads of water through the day.

    Running club on Monday - 5.67 miles at a pace of 9:25m/m.

    Then on Wednesday night I thought I'd try 10 miles again seeing as I've been doing longer distances for a couple more weeks now. The first part went great - I managed to smash my previous 10k time in the process and did that in 01:01:55! The last bit REALLY hurt but I kept on going, I just kept telling myself "It's OK - Norfolklass says it doesn't get any worse after 15k!"

    I ended up doing 10.5 miles, it took me about 01:40:00 (roughly, the Garmin's at home so I can't remember the exact time!), average pace 10:02m/m which I'm VERY pleased with. I'm not quite so pleased with the pain though! My legs just about feel normal again now but they were quite jelly-like with sore knees yesterday!

    It's the front of both of  my knees that hurt - it feels a bit like the kneecap is bruised - but it tends to go away pretty quickly (apart from when I do 10.5 miles - maybe I went too fast?).

    Random run tonight - I shall update over the weekend and try to reply to everyone! image

    Happy running! Xxx

  • Hi guys, (typing for the second time as deleted it AGAIN! Will I ever learnimage!)

    Just got back from doing my second 5K and did it in 36.50 so a few mins quicker than last time (40.05), due to the fact that I only had one walk break and went faster on the downhill bits (thanks Cheetah!).image

    Looking forward to Centreparcs on Monday and hoping to get at least one 5K in while I’m there.

    How are you Snails? How is your anserine thingyitus? Did you have to have the dreaded ice bath?

    Well done Cheetah on your new 10K time and the distance you’ve been doing!

    Have asked my DH for a Nike+ sportsband for Christmas, but I’m thinking of asking if I can have it early. I hate waiting for things that I could really be using now. It’s a bit of a pain using my watch, and my brain is usually a bit addled at the end of a run, and it takes me a while to do the calculations! Would also like to know my pace. Mapmyrun only says it in Kilometers per minute, and everyone else talks in miles per minute so I have no idea what it is, (apart from slow, obviously!).

    Anyway, hope everyone else is OK. Off for a glass of red wine now!

     If I don’t speak to you before Monday I will try using my new smartphone from Centreparcs, or I might take my laptop as they have wifi.image

    Night night xx
  • Hi everyone,

    I never thought i would utter these words - i miss running!! Was at the physio yesterday - rescan shows the bursitis has shrunk, and the pain is way better too having taken Voltarol tablets and applied gel too, so at least i can potter about now without limping (until the painkillers wear off anyway). So, no ice bath needed - got some massage instead... but he suggested if its not better in a week it needs injected (if its not better in a month i still won't get it injected image).

    Roadrunner - sorry to hear you have a niggly knee too - rest is the right idea, and at least you can continue with rowing in the meantime. Hope the pain eases up for you soon.

    Iain - how are you? Hope your knee has improved too. We seem a bit dodgy on this thread with the old knee pain.

    Minty - well done on the 5K - thats a good time too. I'm sure you can't wait to get away to Centreparcs - the break will do you all good. Hope you have a brilliant time.

    Cheetah - woo hoo - 10K in 1:01 - brilliant - especially as it was part of your 10 miler... i'd say if you were just doing 10K you'd get it sub 60min (lucky thing). Hope you have a nice run tonight.

    Norfolklass - wow, 19K... you should definately sign up for the half, you are well ready for it. I should imagine for that distance there'd be some toilets along the route - even a pub or cafe, but maybe email and ask anyway - i'd be concerned about that sort of thing too, lol.

    Happy running everyone, look forward to hearing how you all get on, xx

  • Evening everyone. Well, after a couple of weeks of um-ing and ah-ing and secretly hoping there wouldn't be any places left by the time I got round to it, I finally signed up for the Norwich Half Marathon. And have been feeling sick ever since! My bonkers running friend (who is running an extreme coastal marathon along the Dorset coast in December and had to sign a form saying he was able to swim at least 500m in case he FELL INTO THE SEA during the race!) has been egging me on, and I knew that if I didn't have a go I'd regret it, so that's what I'll be doing in 9 days time. Argh! Plus the race charity is Macmillan Cancer Care and as I lost my Dad to cancer last year I thought I'd run it in his memory and try to raise a bit of cash for them too. I sent an email round at work and now all the serious runners who'll be taking part next weekend have come out of the woodwork and started talking at me about times and pace and tapering and rehydration and I almost wish I'd never mentioned it… So I'll be the one at the back hiding from her work colleagues! Anyway, enough about half marathons - still feeling sick image

    Roadrunner and Iain, I hope your knees are better. Are you both still able to do other training - rowing and weights?

    Minty, well done on running 30mins! It's such a great place to get to, it seems impossible when you start but once you're there it's brilliant! Hope the positive thinking is keeping the germs at bay. My OH decided one spring that he wasn't going to get hay fever any more, and he hasn't had it since - strange but true! Are you packed and ready for Centreparcs yet?!? Bet you can't wait image And fantastic re the new tiny jeans - mine are slowly getting looser but I think it'll be a while before I drop 2 dress sizes. Re Garmins, I was looking at the 210 but because I got that £100 tax rebate I went crazy and bought myself the 405 with the HR monitor - it cost about £160 I think but £100 of that was 'free' money (at least that's how I justified spending that much image) - but it is really good and I love it.
  • continued...

    Cheetah, more brilliant running! Glad your distance and pace are getting longer and quicker, once I've got through next weekend I'm going to go back to aiming for 5k in under 30mins and eventually 10k in under 1 hour. If I can run long distances at anything remotely as quick as 10min/mile I'll be absolutely thrilled! I've had similar sounding knee pain, I used to get it after a day of walking but only going down hill or down stairs. I was worried that starting running would aggravate it but actually I think running has strengthened my leg muscles and I've only had it mildly a couple of times since. Hopefully your knee pain is just your joints getting used to working hard for longer. Apparently (according to one of the pro runners at work) your cardiovascular fitness increases faster than your muscular fitness, which is why it's so easy to overdo it as a beginner and end up with an injury. Sounds like we've both been pretty fortunate so far!

    Snails! You poor thing image I'm so sorry your knee is injured so badly, you must be really disappointed. Completely agree about the injection, I can't think of many things I'd like less image I'm sure when you can run again you won't be back to the beginning, Cheetah's right you will have built up a good level of fitness that shouldn't just vanish in a couple of weeks. I'm so glad it's getting less painful, and that the scan shows it's shrunk (also had to google it) crossing fingers and toes that it heals as quickly as possible for you and you're pain-free and running again asap. I'm glad I'm not the only one that worries about things like toilets! I did actually email them and as it's two laps there are loos at the halfway point in the showground, so hopefully as I normally need to stop at about 10k I should be fine. Failing that it'll be less half marathon more pub crawl image

    Happy weekends of resting or running, sending out healing knee vibes! x
  • Anyway, just wanted to check in, sorry for the short post and for not replying to everyone individually,

    Hope to be back on track soon!

    fire pit

  • Bugger off Fire pit,  you have copied my post and you are not welcome here!image
  • Mmmm that was a very norty spammer to do that!! Hope you didn't click on their link Minty - i didn't...
  • -Norfolklass:  I have been doing my weights this week - but no leg work at all - I thought it best to give my knee a complete rest (I've still been walking on it of course).  In any case, my legs have outgrown the maximum setting on my machine - I can do twelve or fifteen reps with ease, so it's time to make use of that power bar that came with it at last by popping some freeweights onto it.  Back into it this coming Tuesday. image

    Bloody annoying when people post random links.  Mouse over it, without clicking on it, and the true nature of it will appear in the lower left hand corner (that's where it is with the latest Firefox in any case.)

  • Greetings from foggy Norfolk! Just back from the allotment, thought it might be time to head home when I stood up from weeding and couldn't see the car. Talk about pea soup!!!

    Minty, have a FAB time at Centreparcs! Hope you've all managed to stay germ free this past week. Thank you so much for offering to come and cheer me on next week it's very kind of you, but the race starts at 11 so definitely clashes with your brunch plans!

    Roadrunner, sounds like a really good plan to completely rest your knee. I hope it's better soon. And the same to you Iain and Snails: sending positive healing knee vibes out to you all!

    I was only going to do 10k yesterday as part of the whole tapering thing, but I really wasn't confident that I'll be able to do the full distance next Sunday so I did 15k instead so that I got a really good idea of how I felt afterwards and how much I thought I had left in the tank to push on for the the final 6k. It went pretty well and my legs feel fine today, so I'm feeling a bit more confident now - phew! I'm planning to do a couple more 5k runs in the mornings next week, probably tomorrow and Thursday, then fingers crossed the full distance on Sunday. Feeling a bit less terrified about it and more excited now image

    Right. Off to make Jamie Oliver's macaroni cauliflower cheese - yum!
  • Thanks, Norfolklass! 
  • Hi everyone,

    Well, still no running for me, though things are improving so hopefully another week and a half should do it.

    Roadrunner and Iain - whilst its nice to have company on the knee injury bench, i do hope you guys are better soon.

    Norfolklass - i misread the first sentence of your post - i thought you said 'when i stood up from weeing' as opposed to weeding. I suppose it really could have been either, seeing as there was pea (pee) soup involved imageimage. Well done on the 15K - you'll be absolutely fine on Sunday - just don't be tempted to start out too fast, stick to your own comfortable pace - cos you know you can complete the distance at that pace. Wish you lots of luck - and of course we expect a full race report when you get back (well, maybe not immediately you get back).

    Cheetah - hope the running is going well.... are you still doing Mon and Wed with the club, or just Wed now?

    Hope Minty is enjoying Centeparcs.

    Happy running imagexx

  • Evening image

    My Friday run wasn't so great in the end - "only" managed 5 miles (I was really tired after a stresful day at work so that didn't help!) - then I redeemed myself on Sunday by remembering to drink enough water, then doing 6 miles in an hour and a bit! (10:03m/m to be exact!)

    Running club again Monday - same route as last week and about the same pace too (SLIGHTLY slower but I'll let myself off)

    Then by tonight I'd just about managed to recover enough from last week's long run to try another one! I definitely wasn't a cheetah tonight - I felt more like a tortoise or something and almost ground to a halt on a couple of hills - for some reason i just REALLY wasn't feeling it. I kept on going though - mind over matter I think and ,managed 10 not very enjoyable miles. 

    On the positive side - I don't actually FEEL like I've ran 10 miles now - so maybe it's only 10.5 that nearly cripples me! Fingers crossed My normal feeling legs last til tomorrow!

     It tok me 01:44:44, so 10:28m/m - faster than it actually FELT just slower than last week - maybe a good thing seeing as I hurt less!

    Minty - hope you're having a great time at Centreparcs!

    Norfolklass - I shall organise the cats into a sort of mexican wave formation for you on Sunday! You can do it - Snails is right, go at your own pace - it's easy to get carried away when everyone shoots off at the start, and you will be fine!

    Snails - glad your knee thingyitis is improving - bet you can't wait! I've been doing Monday OR Wednesday at the club, and whichever one I don't go to I do my long run. I'm thinking of going on Wednesday next week as a new Monday group is starting so it's only about 2 miles and I'm more used to doing about 5 now!

    In other news - I drove us to the supermarket and back in one piece at the weekend without stalling! I reversed into a bay too! (It took me 3 goes but I got it in in the end!)

    And Mr Cheetah has given me an MP3 player as I mentioned earlier that I don't trust the one in my head when I'm running (It just keeps giving me about 3 miles of the same song on weird loops hehe!)

    Iain and Roadrunner - sending healing knee vibes to both of you (and Snails!)

    Happy running/resting everyone! Xxx

  • Aaah and I forgot to say - I had a heckle tonight (a good natured one!) - one that I've had before:

    "Pick your knees up love!"

    Where does that come from? That's not how you run hehe! image I tried picking my knees up for a laugh when the LAST heckler shouted that at me and felt like a weird galloping pony - I didn't tonight as the way I was feeling I probably would have fallen flat on my face or something equally embarrassing.

    But if they actually run by picking their knees up - no wonder they're always walking or standing still! image

  • RoadRunner76 wrote (see)

    So, I had a week's break from running and tried a 30 minute run today.  Didn't go well - I was only around 8 minutes in when my knee began giving me trouble again, so I decided to stop.  As I said, I didn't do any running, or any leg related resistance work last week, but I did do a fair amount of walking - I'm someone who will walk rather than get the bus to most places.

    Maybe that was a mistake, I don't know - but what's certain is that I'll be 'out' again for at least another week, during which time I think I'll pop round the doctor's to get their opinion.  I mean, I've had worse knee trouble than this before, which just went away by itself.  Hopefully this will do the same.  

    The other knee is completely fine - if this was happening to both knees, I'd start looking at the age of my shoes as the culprit (but they were bought in July - I don't think I've even done half of the 500 miles shoes are supposed to last for on them).  I only hope that I won't have to pack it in for any length of time, and watch my fitness regress in the meantime. 

    So, back on the shelf for now.  Hope everyone else is doing OK. image

    That's a post I made in another thread regarding my stupid knee.  And the other knee doesn't feel fine anymore either - although not as bad as the first one - so no running for me at least until I've had a chat with the physio.  Damn frustrating!!
  • Aw Roadrunner, thats awful for you! I'm sure you are doing the RICE thing? I also found Voltarol emu-gel or tablets very good too, if you can stomach that sort of thing. Hopefully a sports physio can shed some light on it though - i must say mine has been fantastic, and since yesterday i haven't had any pain. I just wish i'd went to him a week earlier. Like yourself i'm worried that i'll be back to square one with my running - but i'm learning to be patient, and i can always build it back up again image
  • I can walk on the damn thing at least - sounds as though you couldn't even walk on it without pain for a while back there.  I'm just wondering whether 'complete rest' should include no long walks?  I often walk to the high street shops rather than get a bus, but I'm wondering whether my knee won't like that right now...
  • You are totally right - walking on it was incredibly painful, and if i hadda had crutches i'd have used them. Maybe give it a rest from walking too much for a few days and see if that helps, and in the meantime keep icing it. I stopped Kettlebells and Pilates when i got hurt cos a total rest was better - although the physio did say i could do upper body stuff.
  • Hi all,

     Sounds like a few of us have been visited by the knee gremlins in recent weeks.

    I took 2 weeks off from any form of training, in the hope that a total rest would give my knees a chance to recover.
    Made my first attempt at a run on Tuesday night, covering 1 3/4 miles. My knees were a bit stiff to start with, but soon eased off and i finished the run without any problems.
    I also completed my annual fitness test at work on Thursday  which involves a small amount of running, again without a problem.
    Today was a parkrun, which I completed in a little over 27 minutes, but without any problems, so I'm quite pleased at that. It might be the slowest time i've done the run in, but it was more important to test the legs over the distance, rather than go for a good time.
    Went straight to the Norfolk showground after that to help with setting up ready for tomorrows half marathon. There is a HUGE amount of work that gets done before and after this event, water stations, signs, barriers, PA system, advertising banners etc, all done by city of norwich AC members and familys.

    I've been making sure to use the foam roller every day over the last week to try and ensure my leg muscles/tendons are well stretched, and hopefully my knee problems will continue to subside and eventuall disappear.

    Healing vibes are being sent out to all the other raspberry ripples on the thread! image

    Happy running people.

  • Rasperry Ripples - I like that, never heard it be called that before. image  Not quite a cripple - I can walk about fairly freely, but even with walking my knee doesn't feel quite right - it doesn't hurt as such, but there's a barely noticeable twinge - it reveals itself in full when running though.  Running is completely off the agenda for now.
  • Evening! I had a GREAT run yesterday, it more than made up for my crap one on Wednesday! I did 6.5 miles at a fairly steady pace of 09:58m/m, my quickest for that sort of distance yet! My 10k time was 01:02:24, so my second best. I haven't lost my running mojo! image

    Today I have FINALLY got myself kitted out for the winter! I couldn't find any decent bottoms so I've been brave and got some full length tight things from TK Maxx. They didn't look as bad as I was scared of when I tried them on! I've also got some trail shoes - Asics Gel Trail Attack 7's, they're meant to be OK for roads too. I tested them out by wearing them round Sainsbury's - very comfy! I also got some running gloves as my hands didn't warm up for about 2 miles yesterday - and a hi-viz gilet, with pockets to shove my gloves in AFTER the first couple of miles. And last but not least - some running headphones to go with the MP3 player!

    I hope I've covered all eventuallities there!

    I hope everyone's knees and sore bits are healing up nicely!

    Right - I'm off to get a rum and ginger, then arrange the cats into mexican wave formation so they're ready for remotely cheering on Norfolklass tomorrow! Go girl!!!!!!! image

  • Hi everyone,

    I wonder how Norfolklass is - hopefully having a nice cool beer after her run to cool down.

    Cheetah - well done on both the run and the winter kit. You'll have to tell me how the trail shoes go, cos i've been wondering if i should get a pair myself.

    Hope everyone else is well, and any aches and pains improving.

  • Knee's aching a little when walking now - so tomorrow am going to call the doctor's and try to get an appointment with the physio.  It's not really bad pain, it's barely noticeable in fact, but it's there and I know that if I were to try running on it, that would be an extremely bad idea - I'm going to avoid walking any distance as well for now.  Thank God for my Total Trainer, otherwise I'd have no way of maintaining my fitness level right now!  At least I can still work out my upper body properly. image 
  • Roadrunner - are you going to get a physio appt via the NHS? - i'm just thinking this could take a while... would you have thought about going specifically to a sports physio privately?
  • Heres a link to the results for the Norwich half marathon.

    Anyone know what Norfolklass' real name is?

  • I did it! My legs are quite hurty today but it was great!
    More details later but it was a brilliant experience and I can't wait to do it again next year image

    Hope you're all well x
  • and my profile picture's finally appeared - result!
  • It wasn't really much of a wait when I had physio on my shoulder - so with any luck it'll be similar this time round.  Going private is very expensive.
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