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  • Its a bit close to my Reading HM on 1st April Boo but for some reason Im strangely attracted to running round a race track.  It would be great to watch it on tele next time and say that you've run the track.

    Im off to look at the HalHigdon stuff now - strange name isn't it?

  • I am certainly gonna take some of that Hal Higdon schedule on board. The programme I have devised based on various ones I have seen in recent weeks is broadly similar anyway, especially since I have decided to add the extra day. I've got 17 weeks to Brighton so can up the distance more gradually as well as throwing in a few races, all being well.

    I've finally taken the plunge and ordered a Garmin as well image

    I need it after today, went off far too quick and struggled to get home, mind you I did just miss the rain image

  • Wish I'd missed the rain Stripes. We got soaked in the middle of the club run but it only lasted for 5mins.

    Another great run tonight. Around 10k and I have to say it felt easy even with a mahoosive hill in the middle. Im getting to know more peeps and really enjoying the banter as we go round. In fact the solo running seems a bit boring in comparison.

    We did some speed training by stepping up the pace every second lamp post over a mile lap then we did a mile lap at a more sustained pace. The hill is a killer but it felt great to make it to the top without stopping and even better to come back down.

    I know we always go on about it but running is so addictive? I had such a rush to get there this evening due to traffic from work that I almost gave it a miss. I'm so glad I didn't as it felt great.

    I signed up too tonight so Im officially a Chiltern Harrier! Who'd have thunk it 6 months ago?
  • Great stuff Silver. Chiltern Harrier, sounds really good. Well done image
  • Thanks Stripes I'm really glad Ive joined. You should definately try out a club run.

    Our little forum has spurred me on just as I was beginning to lose enthusiasm so thanks to you guys for all the encouragement.

    Let's keep it up.
  • Think we should too. As you probably gathered I am not so much a glass half empty person, I am more a glass is smashed on the floor person image therefore the encouragement I have had off you lot has helped already. In fact because of you and Booey I have emailed the local club this evening, whether I actually follow it up is another thing image

    I haven't reached the lost enthusiasm point yet, sure I will at some point during the winter, its getting through it that is the test.

  • Thanks, the cardiac review was fine. I can keep running and can avoid surgery. I have to have a review if I want more children and avoid deep sea diving! Do-able.

    Stripes great that you have enquired about your local club too.

    You're all obviously good motivators.

    I liked seeing the photos, it's good to put a faces to names.

  • Silver - well done on the club run, glad you enjoyed it image and joined up which is great and you get some races cheaper image

    Stripes - well done on the run even though it was a struggle after the quick start image I have a garmin and I log every single run I do, I use a website called fetcheveryone.com its great have a look

    Glad you have emailed your club, once you hear back make the committment to go one evening and then there is no chickening out, thats what Silver and I did image am sure I can speak for us both that yes we were nervous but so glad we did it image

    Mal - glad all went well at the Docs image

    I went out with DRR club run last night, we did 4.6 miles.  I struggled at one point and had to have alittle walk (this happens to me every now and again lol) in the middle then I was ok again image  I also paid my joining fee £5 and filled the form in so they said I should get my card through soon image 

    We had a meeting directly after the run and I didn't get home till 9.15, I had trouble sleeping then unfortunately so I feel completely shattered today image

    My boss is off sick today so will have to work till 5 so thats the Run England run out the window at 5.15 image oh well at least I can sleep image

  • Stripes I totally agree with Boo the club running adds another dimension after spending a long time running alone. I was a bit nervous at first but once you start running you don't need to chat if you don't want to. There are regularly 30 people at mine and prob nearer 50 the first time so the conversation is v casual and a lot of people don't talk as they find it difficult when running. The thought of telling the people on here the next day made me realise I couldn't bottle out.

    Boo well done on signing up. Can't believe it was only a fiver. I paid 30 quid last night!!!! Really loved the running again and getting to know people too do I hope it's a good investment.

    Mal happy the news was good and you can carry on running.

    Off architecting in London this am so will try to call in later.

    By the way I thought Hal Higdon was some Swedish running style not a blokes name!
  • God how many times does this site go down image

    Silver - lol @ Hal Higdon swedish running style haha I like that

    I intend to do naff all tonight I am shattered image get out of here at 5, home, chinese takeaway, shower, PJ's, chill infront of telly......lovely image

     Have a good evening you's lot image

  • It's been down for a long time today. Very frustrating when you want to have a quick catch up although I don't think anyone's been able to post anything anyway.

    Booey - glad to hear you are having a rest at last. You deserve it and it shows you are only human afterall! image

    My body aches after last nights run but strangely its not my legs but my shoulders and neck - what's all that about? It's not helping having disrupted sleep as my 4yo has suddenly started coming into our room in the early hours. I put him straight back but it's still a break in sleep.

    I really enjoyed the speed work last night. I often feel like running faster or even sprinting in places but I'm conscious that if I have a long way to run I need to conserve energy or I may not get back home.

    Definately coping with the longer distances better now and feeling stronger all the time.

    Which Garmin do you have Booey and which one have you ordered Stripes? I like the idea of recording my mileage at the press of a button. My IPhone app is good but it's a pain to control. The 305 or 310 look good but they aren't cheap and I noticed a 610 which seems smaller and lighter but I could have a week in Spain for the price of this one - without the family that is! Keeping my eye on eBay to see what comes up.
  • Hi Silver,

    I've ordered the 305 because it has been around £115 on Amazon for a while but when I checked on Monday it had gone down to £100 so I ordered it before it went back up in price(I've noticed this happen before on Amazon)

    Your club runs sound good, I've arranged to go for a trial run with the Peelers next Tuesday, already really nervous!

    I started to get an Ache in my right shoulder late on in my run last Sunday, hope it doesn't happen again,  I guessed it was to do with my poor running form as I got tired, not sure?

    Suarez did the biz tonight image

  • Good news about the Cardiac Review Mal image
  • Morning Stripes. That seems like a good price for a new one as some of the used ones are coming up at that price on EBay. I'll have a look today as I think it could be useful and the wife and kids want an idea for a Christmas present so that would just about work price wise.

    Great news about the club run. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I still feel a bit nervous even after 3 weeks but the faces get more familiar and to be honest I talk to anyone given the chance. Even if it's a bit awkward at first that all dissappears once you start to run. Remember we will want a report so you have to keep to it.

    I'm going to have a look at the Peelers web site in a min. Are they on Tamworth?

    Saw Suarez scored 2 last night. I'm guessing he was on good form. Quarter final draw on Saturday I think.

  • Silver - I get the shoulders and neck aches aswell on a longer run.  When I feel it coming on I start rotating my head and move my shoulders up and down, just generally try and move around more of my top half.  I have been told I need to relax more and also make sure you focus your eyes on 100 yards ahead rather than down to the ground or up in the sky image I have noticed recently its not been as bad so hopefully I am doing something right image

    I have the garmin 305 got it off ebay £70, seriously if you can get for £100 on Amazon thats a bargain......is it really that cheap??? I have never seen one new under 200 image

    Stripes - great news on the trial run next week, go for it you will never look back image

    Wanted to get away at lunchtime today but my boss is off sick again so here till 5 image  off to Newquay early 2moz morning though yippeeeeeeeee image

    Wanted to do a shortish run this afternoon. but guess I will have to use the treadmill when I get home

  • Hi all,

    Yeah Booey, I got it for £99.97 to be precise, not come yet though image 

    I read something similar about looking not down whilst running. I tended to stare at the floor a lot but am trying not to.

    Have a great weekend. Hope the weather is good so you can attempt the ten miler.

    Silver, yeah the Peelers are from Tamworth. Quarters draw is usually on the Saturday but not sure, anyone but Man City at the moment!

  • Thats an absolute bargain and you will love using it image well I do anyhow

    I think its instinct to look down alot when running to see if anything is in your way, but yeah it doesn't help with neck ache at all image

    Thanks I will report back on Weds how it went image

  • I can't wait to use it, got the 305 because of the big screen, sign of age eh image

    Attempted some Yasso 800's last night, first two reps were easy, started to struggle on the third, was in bits by the end of the fifth. Will attempt to get to six next week. I did them on the treadmill(3.45 for each 800 at 8mph, 2.15 recovery at 5mph) but may attempt them outside once I've got the Garmin.....goes downstairs to check for approaching post people image

  • Afternoon all!

    Not sure what Yasso 800's are Stripes but they sound like hard work.  Is it another Hid Halgon thing?  If it is he's got a lot to answer for if you ask me.image

    With my growing confidence I have been thinking about attempting a 15K some time soon.  Putting aside the boredom of running alone I think I could stretch to it.  Only problem is finding 90mins or so of free time and working out a suitable route that brings me back home and doesn't finish 15K away from the house!  That would be a long walk home!image 

    As a half marathon is near enough 20k I'd be really chuffed if I could make a distance of 15k.  Only thing is, having not run one before and knowing Reading HM is not until April do you think I'd be peaking too soon?  Maintaining that level and distance for the next 6 months won't be easy.

    Stripes - I found the £100 Garmin on Amazon this morning.  I'm tempted but I think I'll wait for your feed-back before committing to one. (Not that I don't believe you Booey - just like a second opnionimage)  Had a look at the Peelers web-site by the way appears v. professional and its got a good membership so you should have no problems fitting in.

    Booey - have a great weekend and good luck with the long run in Newquay.  Hope the weather stays good for you.

    Off to research Hal Higdon and Yasso's now so I understand what the heck you lot are talking about!image

  • No idea what they are either image come back Stripes and explain all pls image

    Personally Silver I think a 15K would be peeking to soon, I only say that as you are not able to get out very often so stick to doing maybe 10K when you get our on your alone runs.  BUT only you know how you feel etc and if you have the time then give it a go.  This is where a garmin would help as you can check half way distance and then just turn around.  What I tend to do after doing a certain route for so long is think ok I will extend to here and then check when I get back how far that is, rather than stick to an extact distance of 10K etc

  • Silver, Ha Ha. I prefer Hid Halgon to Hal Higdon image Maybe we could all collaborate on a book under that pseudonym? Chapter 1 - Nutrition, we recommend six pints and a kebab as the ideal evening meal before a marathon.
  • On a serious note, I think 15k is a big jump, why not try to extend a solo run each week by 1km. I do mine on a Sunday but it can be any day you could fit it in?
  • It is a form of speedwork for Marathon Runners. I know I'm not aiming to do one but thought I would try it anyway. Pick your aniticipated finish time(3hr 45mins, yeah right image) and you should be able to work up to doing ten reps of 800 metres in the respective Mins and Secs(3min 45secs) with a recovery jog in between. Thought I would try it out on the treadmill last night and managed five reps at that pace which is equivalent of 8mph(my crappy treadmill doesn't have kmsimage)
  • Stripes if you want to check whether the price of anything on Amazon is at it's lowest point and how long it's been there you can use this site to track it. It will even notify you if something you want reaches a price you set:


    I checked for your watch, this is the link to it:


    You almost have the best price it's ever been on there, it was £95.53 in July.

  • Your points are well made my friends and you are right I'm getting totally carried away thinking I can just run an extra 5k.  Im comfy with the 10k distance but another 5 is probably a leap too far.  Given that I can only get out for an hour at a time on a Sat/ Sun morning I'd have to run like Mo Farah to do 15k too. image

     I'll keep it as my medium term goal and keep extending a km or so at a time as you suggest Stripes.  It may help if I join the peeps at the club when they do a Sunday morning run as it will encourage me to go a bit further -although last week they did 12m cross country!!  A bit far for me although they did have 4 pints and a Sunday roast at the end which may be all the incentive I need. 

    We could add that to the nutrition chapter of the Hid Halgon book Stripes. image

    One question I think the book should definately discuss is 'flatulence when running in a group - should you or shouldn't you let it out?'  Its certainly seomthing I have to consider when I do the club runs on a Tuesday.

  • Chapter 2 - Pace - when doing your first Marathon try hard to run it all flat out image  hahahaha
  • Thanks Mal, that site is excellent. Will bookmark it whilst I remember image

    Silver, I think the wind question depends whereabouts you are in the pack? At the back I don't think its a problem image

    Booey I like the concept for Chapter 2 - no need for any complicated training schedule!

    I'll start calling the big publishing houses in the next few days.

  • Thanks Stripes. I like your thinking. Next time I feel the need to let it out I'll slow down a bit and let everyone else get in front.

    Did your Garmin arrive yet?
  • Must find my motivation. It seems to have taken a dive. On the plus side I have a happy family. How are you all doing? Lots of running done? Hope you've all had a nice weekend.
  • Hi all,

    Very busy weekend. 

    Garmin arrived Friday, very impressive, unlike my running. Went out early this morning but didn't feel right from start. Was attempting 7 miles but had to give up about half way, just couldn't carry on. Really dented my confidence ahead of supposedly going to the club on Tuesday and a 7 mile race next Sunday image

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