VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Wow, good luck for your parachute jump! image

    Brilliant idea for fundraising, think I might try contacting the village newsletter commitee and see if I can get a story in there and see if the locals will sponsor me.

  • I have to survive the marathon first, LWJ image image

    You could also run a sweepstake to guess your finishing time if you have somewhere like a big workplace or lots of friends!

  • I'm so relieved to find this post.

     I shall be running VLM for the PSP association, having only taken up running in January 2011 and only completed 1 race, a half marathon in July! My training's not too bad, managing around 5 runs a week with long runs up to 10 miles but a cold's knocking me back currently.

    I'm so nervous its untrue so shall be back here regularly!

  • LWJ wrote (see)

    Wow, good luck for your parachute jump! image

    Brilliant idea for fundraising, think I might try contacting the village newsletter commitee and see if I can get a story in there and see if the locals will sponsor me.

    If you are any good at baking/even rice cripie cakes a good idea is to take some into work and ask for donations for your charity. I did that for a recent 10 miler and raised £20+ just by making a few cupcakes. Sometimes the warm fluffy feeling of giving to charity isn't enough and cake can be a great incentive.
  • Thanks guys for the fund raising suggestions!  Will definitely do some baking Jiminey, I think you're right.  People do get asked to sponsor things all the time so a cake sale is a great idea.

    Len 2, I love the sweepstake idea too - it'll be funny to find out what sort of times people come up with too!

    Hi Fairyfield, sounds like your training is going really well!!  Nice one!

  • Hi all

    Just thought I would pop in to say well done to everyone for making the step to train for and run a marathon image

    Someone did a few posts of advice, was it run also? Or something like that lol Great advice given there. I have run 5 marathons, 1 of them London in 08 and I got a place for next year too.

    I've not run a mara for a couple of years and have had a few niggling injuries over the last couple of years so I am starting my training from a standing start so to speak! I cycle to work and have my base fitness but whether you are a total beginner or someone like myself. A big rule to follow is.

    Don't up your weekly mileage more than the recommended 10% because its so easy to get carried away and want to do more. But that's when your body will object and you are more likely to pick up an injury.

    On the subject of shoes, I would recommend going to a running shop where you get your gait videoed. A lot of runners are lucky that they can just buy online or off the shelf but that doesn't work for me and especially if you are starting out with running and obviously with marathon training you are putting your feet and legs through more than they have ever done! And you may think oh my feet feel fine but if your shoes are wrong for you then you will pick up leg injuries like shin splints etc which are normally shoe related!

    There are loads of training plans to choose from, but for your first marathon as long as you build up your mileage and try to get that long run in every week then they will probably be very similar. Cross training every week does help too. That strengthens more muscles which you will be thankful for around that 26.2 miles image

    It is a hard gig but the better trained you are then the less painful it will be in those last 4 miles!! And whether you are running it in 2.50 or 5.20 it still hurts whatever!! image

    I didn't train enough for my first one (Edinburgh) and god those last miles were hard. I finished in 5.12 and vowed that night to do better 6 months later for my next one at Loch Ness. I did that one in 4.36 and that's still my PB so I am desperate to get my sub 4.30!!

    London Mara is not for everyone but my mum was a Londoner and I always knew that one day I would run it!! So at the age of 42 I started running and that was nearly 8 years ago now. I hoped I could run London again in my 50th year and I got my wish... as long as I can stay uninjured!!! Its a 26.2 mile party and was no where near as congested as I thought it would be, apart from around The Cutty Sark.

    You will pick up loads of information and advice on here, in magazines and searching the net. Soak it up like a sponge lol

    Good luck and enjoy!! image

  • Oh my god... l have a place in the 2012 VLM, l've booked a hotel for the 21st and all l need to do now is run more than 3 miles a week! image

    It's been really inspiring reading all of your posts, l'm really looking forward to hearing about everyones progress.

    Good luck everyone -- l cant wait to see you on the day.


  • LOL djh77!! I think we're definitely all going to have to swap numbers/outfit descriptions before the day, so we can try and spot each other! That should keep my brain busy for a bit anyway image.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I agree - we should try and make sure that we're recognisable. I still cant quite believe that i'm in... I'm working on core strength for another month until training fully begins. I've got some slight niggles in my calves that i want to work out to make sure that i'm in the best position for training.

    How is everyone else doing?

  • Emmy_bug, I'm doing the same as you.  Was in the gym this morning working on core strength and some leg exercises.  Now sat at my desk with some very sore tummy muscles!  image

    I'm planning to start the serious running after Christmas.

  • Max's Mum - I'm a first timer but I am using minimalist shoes and intend to do my marathon in them! 

    I have been having some doubts about doing such big mileage in them but I really can't imagine going back to full cushioned shoes and orthotics.  I now can't see any reason not to use them but totally accept that no everyone thinks the same or that it would be right for them.

    I'm seeking my perfect shoe, at the moment I'm mostly using Puma H Street's but I took delivery of a pair of the inov8 155's yesterday and did a short run in them and they seem really promising!  But they are very very yellow! image

  • Up to 11.25 miles today but boy did it hurt. Does anyone else feel like they'll never get there?
  • You're doing great fairyfield, that's much farther than I can manage at the moment! 

    It does feel daunting but we've got a good few months yet - we'll do it! image

  • Was supposed to get out for a run today but had a manic day with family and didnt end up getting out , and now i feel so guilty . Must do one extra day this week to make it up. Not enjoying the drop in temperature !!!!!!
  • Hello, I'm pleased to see this thread up and running image Congrats to everyone who's got a place.. 

    I got a ballot place in the London Marathon 2012 (much to my shock), and have never ever run a marathon before...

    I have been running for about 7 years though, and have several HMs under my belt; ran the GNR and Royal Parks HM this year, so I'm not starting from running-scratch so-to-speak, but the furthest I've run is about 14 miles - not entirely sure where the other 12 ish are going to come from! image

     My main worry is I don't know when to 'officially' start training. Since the Royal Parks I've been running twice a week. I've downloaded the offical 24 week plan from the VLM website), but I've also been looking at 16 weeks plans, not sure which ones to follow...  eek!

     Very excited, but also a bit nervous! imageimage


  • Morning!

    Lisa, I'm going to do a 16 week plan, but I'm starting it at 18 weeks to give myself a bit of leeway for injury/illness/snow or just repeating a week if I'm dying lol. 

    Went out this mornign at 5.20 and managed run 8, walk 2 twice, then a run 10 mins. Feel like being able to run for 30 mins again is *just* around the corner image. That's what I need to be able to do to start my training. Bring it ON!!! image

  • I ran last night dragged the husband out to come with me , much to his annoyance I am dragging him out tonight too !!!! Did 3 miles yesterday three planned for tonight 4 on thursday and then a 5 miler planned for the weekend !!!image Next pay day I need to invest in some new trainers !!!
  • I've started really slowly!  I'm a bit worried now after seeing what everyone else has been up to!  image #

     I've started going to the gym/swimming 5 days a week to improve my cardio fitness.  I had a stress fracture in my foot in the summer and was worried that it might happen again.  My plan was to get as fit as possible before Christmas and then start running in the New Year. 

    I'm now thinking that was a bit naive and I should get out running more!

  • Thanks Len 2, that sounds like a really good plan. image I think that may be the way forward...image

     Sounds like your training is going well, and I think positive thoughts really do help. image Good luck.

     I am planning on doing a lunchtime run today in my shiny new neon pink running top, can't wait!. Thought I'd better invest in some bright kit if I've got to do runs in the dark.. 

     Also need new trainers next pay day, too.!  

  • I'm having trainers for xmas from my parents lol! I have 2 pairs on the go at the moment, but I'm fairly sure they won't last through marathon training.

    LWJ - if you've had a stress fracture then you're probably doing the right thing for you, don't worry about what everyone else is doing. I'm still run/walking and not going to start my "proper" training schedule until the end of December. At the moment I am trying hard to get my weight down too image - it's all good preparation!

  • Hi All,
    I got a confirmed charity place yesterday after 3 years of knock backs through the ballot image)))))) very excited, something I've wanted to do for a long time! Here's to 6 months of winter training!

  • Mike who are you running for , how are you getting on with fundraising ? Whats your minimum you need to raise ?image
  • Congrats Mike, that's excellent news.  image

    I got a ballot place but am still going to run for charity, still not sure who though. I'd like to run for a smaller charity that maybe wouldn't have representation... 

     All ideas welcome...


  • Thanks and congratulations to you too. That sounds like a good idea with the small charity, I guess maybe the first place to start would be to look locally, a hospice or something like that?

    I'm running for Phabkids and haven't started yet so better get cracking!
  • Hey mike me too !!!!
  • Cool, have you started yet Badoo? It's a scary looking target at this stage image)
  • Yeah I have started not got very far, up to 220 !!!
  • Morning all! Great fundraising image.

    I've been out again this morning. It's going to be a shock to run in daylight again at some point image. Yawn.

  • Good for you Len, I've never been able to do the early morning runs, I think it's mainly cause I don't like running on an empty stomach. Do you get up and eat something first or just go straight out?
  • Hunky Chunky. A little jam sandwich has been recommended to me for early morning training if you can't stomach anything else but sometimes I just go for the handful of raisins/driesd fruit.
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