VLM 2012 first timers???



  • If you ever check out the Marathon Des Sables and see what the docs do to blisters (they cut off all the skin around it) this helps stop infections, but by heck it's painful.
  • Len -

    I graduated Sheffield hallam in 2003 and then stayed around for about a year before coming to Leeds. When did you finish uni ? Hallam or Uni ??image

  • OMG Rachel you're making me feel old lol! I graduated (Uni) in 1997 image image .... my child is the same age as your degree lol!
  • You're both making me feel old image  Unless of course Len didn't bother going to uni unitl he was 30 or something! image
  • Oi! I'm a girl!! image

    Admittedly, Len is a boy's name, so you're forgiven image. I'll also answer to Lennie image


  • image  Sorry Len!!   Easy done on forums, someone once thought I was a bloke! image 

    You're still making me feel old though!! image

  • TST it's got nothing to do with age...that 100 year old guy who ran the marathon is in MUCH better shape than I am!

  • Yeah, he's amazing isn't he!  Think I'm just feeling old and past it today image 

    Need to start drawing up some sort of training plan and get myself inspired again I think.   Anyone else started forming a vague plan of action yet?

  • I live in Chapel Allerton, how about you? 

    I saw on that 100 year old marathon runner on the news last night, and they said they'd done some medical tests on him and then gave the tests to 4 doctors who didn't know anything about him and asked them how old they thought he was based on the tests and the doctors said 40!!! Amazing. 

  • I'm a first timer too. The thing that scares me the most is the chaffing. image
  • Thanks for the great tips alsoran. I'm not even going to attempt to train to a time, my aim really is to run all of it, or as near to all of it as I can.

    TST I've found what looks to be a decent 18 week training plan so I'm going to spend the next month doing some running but with lots of cross training too. I like body combat, pump and spin at the gym. Then hopefully when I start my 18 week plan I will feel like I am at a decent level of fitness already and will drop my cross training to one day a week and up the running days. I also do a bit of yoga which I am hoping will help with strength and flexibility.

    Good on you for planning to dress up! My friend has a full on Womble suit (for halloween not for running!), it's hilarious but I reckon if you tried to run in you would drop from heat exhaustion in the first mile! I'll try and find a pic, very funny!
  • I do have a vague plan of action - a beginners plan for now (I'm run/walking to get me back up to running 30 mins) with an added swim and gym visit once a week, and loads of stretching. The main priority for me is to avoid injury! Then I'll move on to a 16 week plan, but hope to give myself 18 weeks to do it, to give room for ilness, injury and probably being buried under several feet of snow, if you believe the Daily mail image.

    It's a poor plan, but it's a plan!! I'm going to follow the one in the Non-Runners Marathon Training guide book. Seems as good as any, with handy advice thrown in too!

    I'm already practising my positive attitude by adding "but it doesn't matter" to the end of any negative thoughts that pass me by. Like this morning and I woke up and heard the howling wind, and I groaned. And then thought "but it doesn't matter!" and got out of bed! 

  • Useful dates -

     Jan 1st is 16 weeks to April 22nd.

    Dec 18th is 18 weeks..

  • What plan are you using Carol, is it one on the internet?  Someone has offered me the use of an inflated sumo wrestler suit to run in! image  She swears it's light and airy and wasn't a problem when she wore it for a hockey match.  I have a 5k in December that we are getting dressed up for, so I may borrow it for that and see how it goes.  Not the most attractive of costumes, but at least people will be able to spot me!! image

    I like the 'but it doesn't matter' attitude Len, I think I may have to start using that myself image

    Len 2 wrote (see)

    Useful dates -

     Jan 1st is 16 weeks to April 22nd.

    Dec 18th is 18 weeks..

    image  That doesn't seem very far away at all does it ...........

  • Hi Len, I'm loving your 'but it doesn't matter' mantra - can I adopt it? Do you do morning runs? I attempted one on Monday morning before work (went out at 6:30) but my legs felt so heavy and my breathing was hard to get going. Might give it another try but think I might end up just sticking with my runs after work.

    Ooh January 1st for a 16 week training start date - that's evil! I will no doubt have a hearty Scottish hogmanany hangover but my friend swears by running to run off a hangover so I might just have to put it to the test!
  • Claire , I live in apperley bridge , near yeadon? I usually run along the canal  , I am out for a meal for my friends birthday in chapel allerton tonight !

    Len- that made me laugh in the book , but if it works then we should all definatley adopt it as the VLM first timer slogan !!!!image

  • You're all welcome to use "but it doesn't matter" - it's not mine, I nicked it from the Non-Runners guide. Works for all sorts of things from "I have got a headache coming on" to "it's raining" and "that sofa looks comfy" image.

    I run in the mornings before work, or else it just doesn't happen at all. Once I'm in and my shoes are off in the evenings, that's it! Besides which, my nearly-8 year old has a more active social life than I do, and I am required as a taxi service to karate/Beavers/whatever club she's signed herself up for.

    And it's a well known fact (in my house) that the world will end if I don't get to watch Strictly, Holby, Glee and Downton Abbey. That's time consuming..... image

  • Incidentally, a pre-race meet could be amusing, if it consists of a cow girl, a womble and a sumo wrestler image.
  • caroluk wrote (see)
    Ooh January 1st for a 16 week training start date - that's evil! I will no doubt have a hearty Scottish hogmanany hangover but my friend swears by running to run off a hangover so I might just have to put it to the test!

    Your friend lies!!  Unless they've been running for years and frequently doing it with a hangover!  I've done it twice and both times I've nearly thrown up while out.  It's really not good for you; you don't focus properly so you could easily injure yourself and you're dehydrated before you even start which isn't good.  It's just not worth it image 

    Len 2 wrote (see)
    Incidentally, a pre-race meet could be amusing, if it consists of a cow girl, a womble and a sumo wrestler image.

    image  That made me laugh out loud!!  Would definitely make for a good photo opportunity!

    I prefer to run in the mornings as otherwise it's easy to find reasons not to do it.  The only exception really to that is running club, which is in the evening but I find that a struggle especially when it's dark as I find running in the dark makes me depressed image

  • TST - I am going to do one of Hal Higdon's, novice 1 or novice 2 as they have been recommended to me. It's 18 weeks and I think I will start it with 20 or 21 weeks to go to allow time for any colds or injuries.  His websitewith a number of training plans is http://www.halhigdon.com/marathon/novice2.htm 

    And Yes I am inclined to think she does indeed lie about running curing a hangover, I don't think I will be trying out that theory!  

    Loving the dress up ideas, laughed at the idea of us all meeting up - can you imagine - Womble, I'll meet you under the clock tower, you'll recognise me as I'll be the one in a sumo suit! 

    Went a 4 mile run tonight and felt good - onwards and upwards! 

  • Hi All! 

     I'm in for next year too and have never run a marathon or anything close!  The furthest I have run is 10 miles BUT that was a couple of years ago!. 

    Slowly building up my running again, now up to about 30 mins at a time, so hopeful for next year and finally doing London which has been at the back of my mind for years!  image

    Great to find other people in the same boat to share ideas and progress etc with!

  • Thanks Carol, I'll have a look at those image

    Welcome aboard Greena P!  Think most of us have a lot of progression to do, so it will definitely be good to share our experiences!

    I went for a little run at lunchtime (too cold to go out this morning!) and I'm starting to think I probably need new shoes image  I changed my running style a while ago as I wasn't running properly and my shoes seem to have worn to my old, bad running style.  Didn't notice it much when I was changing the way I run - gradual process I suppose - but as I haven't really done any for a while I really noticed it today.  It seems to show up more when I run faster (which isn't that often image) as I didn't really notice it when I did my last LSR, but I had a lot of problems with muscle ache in my right leg today when I attempted a short, sharp run.  Off to the sports shop at the weekend to get my gait analysed and see what they recommend and then I'll hunt around and see if I can find something within my price range.  Going to be doing a lot of running the next six months so better make sure the shoes all fit correctly image

  • Thanks TST and hello!

    I hear you on the shoe front!  I've changed my running style too due to constant niggles and injuries and so far so good but now struggling to find the perfect shoe, I hope I find it soon as like you say there will be a lot of running in the next six months image

  • If anyone really wants to have some fun why not jog round with me. I am Supergirl and VLM will be my 148th Marathon/Ultra. I am looking for people who would be prepared to dress up in any costume and carry a bucket to raise money for my charity. Buckets will be emptied every 4 or 5 miles by my helpers.

    My charity website is advanceinternational.org  We are building an orphage and boarding school in Uganda.

    Contact me if you are interested.

  • Hi geena p, congrats on getting a place. I got gait analysis a couple of months ago and got a pair of Adidas trainers http://www.run4it.com/shop/shoes/adidas/ladies/adistar-ride-3/ I am really happy with so far. Thought they were a bit big at first but once I start running and my feet warm up they fit well.

    Was updating my running playlist for my ipod last night and I have some great songs on there now. Fave ones for running at the mo are Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine, Hello by Martin Solveig, Can't stop moving, Control my Feet (can't rember who it is by), Louder (the Lucozade song) and Woman on a Mission by Gabriella Climi. Any other suggestions? I love finding new songs to run to!
  • They look nice Carol, especially the pink ones!! image  Am hoping not to spend that much though, going to look for some that are last seasons colours or model or whatever as they'll be cheaper.

    I generally run music free as you can't use anything during a triathlon, although I do run with music sometimes as a bit of a treat, mainly in the winter when it's bleak and I need cheering up!  Usually just run with the radio on though rather than picking actual tracks. 

  • Thanks TST, its the pink ones I have and I had a 25% off voucher that I got from a 10k in May so they came in at a bit of a bargain.

    I do like running without music sometimes but I find it really ups my motivation when I have it, especially for longer runs when I start to flag.
  • That's a much better deal then, having the money off voucher! image

    Yes, know what you mean a bit about flagging, although I generally text Mr TST then and he sends some encouragement back to me! image

  • I'm a marathon first-timer, running the 2012 VLM for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund in memory of Steve Jobs. I miraculously got a ballot place on my third year of applying, so they won't have to pay for my place. (fundraising page is: tinyurl.com/tysteve)

    I think I'm going to use a plan from the Asics website, possibly modified a bit so I can train with other friends who are doing marathons around the same time. I currently run about 3 times a week, shorter runs in FiveFingers, longer runs in 'normal' running shoes. During training I'll probably be doing 4 runs a week, plus some Wii cross-training. image

    Rachel & Claire: I used to live in Ilkley and my half-marathon training runs frequently involved getting the train to Shipley, running to Leeds along the canal and getting the train home again! Great route.
  • Hey all! I'm a first timer too; two half marathons and nothing further, got my charity place and now reality is dawning. I am equal parts excited and terrified, I think! I hadn't thought about room bookings - better get on that I think. I'm in Leeds too, it seems there's a lot of novice northerners!

    My main priority is - don't get injured, do finish.....! I'm sure we'll all be fine, one step at a time....

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