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  • Would agree with joddly - the swims are long (and get longer too).  I finished them all for about the first 20 weeks but was spending a good 90 mins on them and I'm a fairly decent swimmer (sub1.10 at IMR this year).  I ended up dropping some of the drills towards the end and focussing on the distance.  While it's good to get a few 90 min swims udner your belt (and doing them 3 times a week definitely gave me confidence), I wouldn't do them again but would base more on time, only keeping a few longer swims in the plan.

    Also re the sessions order, don't feel you have to stick to the order throughout the week guys.  Fink puts long bike and run at weekend which a lot of other people don't recommend as you're too beat after the long bike to do the long run properly.  I found doing long run on a Wed after work worked really well (the longest it got was 3 hours but by that time it was in the summer and lovely long cool nights had arrived).  This meant I could do long bike on Sat and treat Sunday as a proper rest day (good for making sure you don't neglect loved ones!)

    Basically as long as you get the sessions in, it doesn't matter which days you do them.

    Also another bit of advice - if you think you have enough time, do the Intermediate rather than the Beginner one.  There's not that much between them at the beginning and it always gives you a bit of leeway if you miss the odd session (as you;d still be doing more than beginner one).  

  • Chilli I am going to start off on Intermediate and then at 10 weeks make a decision to carry on or drop down to just finish.

    Thanks for the tips Iron Mandel, these nuggets of wisdom are sure to help.

  • Hi, I'm new here.

     Mind if I join in?

     Only done sprints before but fancy Outlaw next year.  Have the fink book and am currently up to week 8 as I wanted to see if I could cope with the training load.

     I have a week in January and March where I will not be able to train so I am planning on re starting week 1 on 21st November and having those two weeks off.

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  • I've entered the Outlaw and I've got my Fink plan set up and ready to go.

    My problem is I've worked out my training zones, but I can't get anywhere near them on the bike.

    I was doing mile hill repeats yesterday and blowing hard but barely got out of zone 1.

    When I'm just cycling, taking it easy, my HR is about 100-110bpm. Pushing it 120-130. I find it hard to get much above that and then for balls out 10 mile TT I still only averaged 142 bpm.

    There is no way I can see myself  holding Zone 2 (136-142bpm) for 1 hour (week 1, day 6) , nevermind 2:30  (week 7, day 6)

    Any suggestions..................please.

    I've got 7 weeks to to sort it out.



  • marshallini - how are you working out your training zone?  I think that running heart rates tend to be higher than bike so you might have a different zone for biking to running. But someone more expert will hopefully come along soon.

    Mandel - thats for that cos I was wondering about doing the long run mid week too, especially as I bike to work every day otherwise I'd never get a complete day off.  Hoping to incorporate commuting time into some training time.

  • image Nice one Chilli. image

    Just a tip for anyone whose going to use the plan just because it hasn't started yet doesn't mean you can get away with doing nothing. try and potter about doing some training and if you have any weak area's which assuming for many of us will be swimming get in some training on it.

    You need to get into the habit of training each week if you don't do it already and you need some base fitness ready to rock when you start training.

    Doesn't mean you should start doing 100 miles each week or anything stupid like that as you will burn up but just take some time and get ready for the adventure your about to have. image

  • Dam I thought we weren't starting till December? Can I still finish my third Doughnut first? image image
    Like the new thread Chilli image
  • Chilli that marathon you did the bloke who finished third cheated, he jumped on a bus at 20 miles and got of near the finish and waited till first two runners ran past then rejoined the race. So you finished 907 image imageimage
  • marshallini wrote (see)

    I've entered the Outlaw and I've got my Fink plan set up and ready to go.

    My problem is I've worked out my training zones, but I can't get anywhere near them on the bike.I was doing mile hill repeats yesterday and blowing hard but barely got out of zone 1.When I'm just cycling, taking it easy, my HR is about 100-110bpm. Pushing it 120-130. I find it hard to get much above that and then for balls out 10 mile TT I still only averaged 142 bpm.There is no way I can see myself  holding Zone 2 (136-142bpm) for 1 hour (week 1, day 6) , nevermind 2:30  (week 7, day 6)Any suggestions..................please.I've got 7 weeks to to sort it out.Cheers,Chris.

    If you having real trouble with HR zones then my advice (I am qualified as a personel trainer, just as a hobbyimage) is used the Percieved rate of exertion scale, RPE1 =sedate stroll pace up to RPE 10+ maxed out pace couldn't go any paster and want to die pace.

    zone 4= rpe 9

    zone 3= rpe 8

    zone 2=rpe 6/7

    zone 1= rpe 5/6

    I hope this is of help.

    I have had a look at the fink plan and it does look good, as long as you have the time! IronHolgs on his blog also added 2 strength/core session, I would definately recommend this, as you will benefit when you start getting tired on race day.

    Im gonna pop in on the thread as well, as I have the bike leg of a relay,if thats o.k?!

  • I used the intermediate FInk program for Outlaw last year with the following basic adaptions:

    - I may not be a fast swimmer but I'm quite happy with it so I ignored all the swim sets and went to myclub session on a Thursday night as my only swim a week up until the beginning of April when I added in an OW swim on a Saturday morning (these were my longer swims rather than the club set).

    - I dropped the Friday run and replaced it with a spin class as I'm a runner so wanted to work more on the bike. Towards the last 4-6 weeks I stopped going to this.

    - I did a two 100 mile bike rides but otherwise stuck to the suggested times so my 5:30 rides had me doing around 80M, which are the bread and butter of ironman training image

    Although having the long bike on saturday means you have tired legs for your run on sunday, this gives you an idea of what it's like to do long runs tired so I think it's the best way to do it - you are looking for time on your feet on the run, not distance.

    This year for Henley, I marathon trained up to the end of May with a spin class and medium length ride, three runs and a swim per week. After the marathon I changed to a combination of 'just finish' fink plan (for the weekdays, but again ignoring the swim sets) and intermediate fink plan for the weekend sessions and raced a PB by just under 45 minutes.

  • ps I work off rate of perceived effort, not heart rate...
  • I can't recall if it is the Fink or Friel book, but one of them suggests a 10 to 15 bpm difference between running and cycling heart rate. As you weight is supported on the bike it is normal for cycling heart rates to be lower.

    I targeted about 135 on the bike and 145 on the run at IMW.

  • yes it does say about adapting from run to bike in the Fink book in the section which covers heart rates, it is quite different

    I agree with which witch as an ultra runner to run on tired legs will train your body to cope with this you cant miss the bike on the day and you will be knackered so teach yourself both physically and mentally to cope with this.

  • I'm in for this image

    Are we definitely aiming for Dec 5th start, or going earlier as suggested?

    image *bounce bounce bounce* image


    hi guys, heres my zones, many recommend a 5% difference, if you are lucky/unlucky enough to be as old/unfit as me and your zones are similar i saved you the effort of some math image 

    i will be following a sort of fink plan albeit tailored to my weaknesses which will probably mean ill be doing extra everything. - on the plus side i started off serious swimming today with a 4050m swim in 1.41 so at least i can get into the plan with confidence i can do the distance - not so long ago i was in the Cr@pswimmers thread image

    hope to see everyone at the finish line come july 1st

  • On the long run after the long ride debate, I tried to avoid this as I didn't / don't have a good running base and am prone to picking up running injuries easily. Running on tired legs just increases the risk of injury. I tended to do long run Friday before work, swim Saturday and long ride Sunday.
  • Great thread Chilli for my first IM I releigiously followed Fink 10 weeks of the get round and then switched to intermediate when I realised I had pitched myself to low and I cruised the first IMUK IN 13:36 and had a whale of  a time I now use a personalised version of the competative and have got my best time down to 11:12

    Three points I found I am  a OK ish swimmmer 1:12 at IMW this year, there is far to much swimming in this programme image unless you are a fish you will never finish a set in the alloted time I just did as much as I could in the allotted time. I now only swim twice a week for an hour a piece until 7 weeks out then do 3 lots nearly all open water I hate pools

    with the time gained from binning a swim set I chuck in another bike, bike fitness really is the key to cracking this beastie

    I always did my long ride on the sunday and long run midweek the idea is to recover from each sessoin before the next comes along as the volume builds this becomes really important

    No ironman for me next year but I plan to be handing you all drinks at the pirate feed station so I will enjoy reading your jorneys on this threadimage

  • Dont forget to incorporate the winterswim league into training!
  • When does Winterswim start?
  • Errrrr  .. in the winter    image

    November ish I think
  • And what is winterswim please melds?
  • Dont forget to incorporate the winterswim league into training!
  • *smacks Melds reset button*
  • Wow Dk. My Z2 finishes at 173bpm!

    My plan is to run with the club Tuesdays,race XC with them Sundays in the winter and tag some slow mileage on afterwards. I'll find a Tri club or swim club for Thursday eve, and use their recommended swim sets for the Tue/Fri.

    I've already done some long runs after the long bike. It does make it harder, but that's more like real life that way.

  • I'm up for this whole fink malarky....but worried about being able to fit all the training in, and I've had two successful years of fitting in 5 runs per weeks through winter & spring.

    I'm planning on incorporating a marathon training plan throughout the spring anyway, but I'm also got a programme for the gym to improve my core strength (which is spectacularly cr*p).

    Currently already doing a long mid-week bike (45m) & Sunday long run, just to show myself I can fit them in.  Enjoying an hour pool swim each week as well.

    I won't be able to start fink until boxing day as the xmas period is pretty much a write off for me (working in retail) but I always run boxing day morning as the start to my 'new year' campaign.  But I'll work hard to catch up to the rest of you. 

    Sort of looking forward to it.  Sort of.

  • Some great advice on here already - thanks everyone. image

    I'm thinking of biting the bullet and buying some aero bars to learn how to use them now before the miles start clocking up. Is there anything I should be looking for please anyone cos there are loads at all sorts of prices.  Thankyou.

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