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  • Hi,

    Just joined this forum, i'm starting Insanity next week. I am 37 and have done loads of training in the last 22 years (ex military), weights, circuits, running and martial arts. As my nickname depicts, i have always had average results with my body type, training very hard and getting stronger and fitter but never being ripped. I believe a lot of this is due to my diet limitations at the time, i'm going to be be eating very healthily and carefully during the 60 day challenge to try and maximise the results. I will post very honest results during and after my training, to help myself and others, i look forward to chatting to you all.


    Mr A

  • Hi

    Well I am a glutton for punishment and I am working my way through insanity again! I have got a holiday in February to get in shape for so I am hoping that it is going to give me the same results as before. Just started month 2 this week and I had forgotten just how hard it was.....a nice pool of sweat on the floor after!

    @Adam trust me I love insanity and it is intense BUT you WILL lose weight and there are no weights used in the main programme. I would say to you if your aim is to build muscle and you dont want to go to the gym then I would probably look more to something like P90X or BodyBeast these are more targeted at the getting big and buff crowd. If you go ahead with Insanity then there is an upper body workout but this is not part of the main programme and is a seperate dvd so you will have to do this in addition to the main workouts.


    Anyhow good luck everyone!

  • Blimpy wrote (see)
    gedgino wrote (see)
    today i done "pure cardio", god it was a hard one, done it first thing in the morning before hunting for stone roses tickets....i found a few times where i was stopping earlier than usual...whether that was the difficulty of it or losing a bit of motivation i dont know. funnily enough, i am starting to feel more strong now and hopefully soon SEE some changes! off on the ale now...NO KEBAB!!!
    Actually, believe it or not, kebabs aren't that bad as all the fat drips off.  Just so long as you don't eat one every day, I can see no harm.

    About kebabs, ckicken shish kebab is far more healthier than donner kebab isn't it?  Especially if it's grilled - which is what my local place does.  Just wondering what are the healthiest options when I do takeaway (maximum two a month).

    Insanity looks too... insane for me!!  I reckon I'll stick with my running, pushups, pullups and HIIT on my exercise bike. image

  • Hi

    I've had a quick scan through some of the posts, and I see some people are doing the Insanity along side running, how are you finding this?


  • Hi

    me too JLB3, i'm only doing short fast runs at the moment 1-5 miles but would like to know if maintaining this will be possible when i start insanity at the end of next week?

    Mr A

  • EMG thanks for the response. I think i have the muscle that i want from my days down the gym but i just want a bit more definition about me and feel a bit more confident about myself when i take my top off for holidays, so i do not embarass the wife and kids. I take it this workout will gove me that from all the posts on here???

  • Im back on this again.   Did the first one tonight and god the end was a struggle!

  • Hi everyone, I've just joined and glad to see there are some recent posts. I started Insanity before and didn't finish but determined to do it this time alongside running. Been planning to get up at 5am for the last few days to do it but haven't managed so I'm glad I found this forum - maybe it will help motivate me. Fit test tomorrow at 5:30 - I'll let you know how I got on.

  • I joined here just to post in this post (at least for now) I got a copy of this and can't wait til monday to go for it, bit of background, I'm somewhat fit (played various sports and Martial Arts for years) but still overweight due to my general laziness lol I am currrently 18.4 stone and looking to trim it down to about 15st and attempt some sort of marathon this summer.

    I will be doing this every morning at 6am (to beat it outta me before the rest of the day, plus it gives me an incentive to get up early and do it)


    Starting Monday I will do the fit test, results posted here daily image

  • Managed to get up for the fit test after a few days of trying. I had forgotton how hard it is!

    I have done on e marathon (very slowly) over a year ago and last year I did a half and a 10 km. I want to get fitter as always get a bit slack and do everything on minimum training. Got another half on Feb 15th so doing insanity and running (well that's the plan anyway!) I live in Abu Dhabi so run mostly on the treadmill rather than out.

    Anyway - here are the iNsanity fit test results:

    Switch kicks - 80

    Power Jacks - 43

    Power knees - 76

    Power jumps - 19

    Globe Jumps - 9

    Suicide jumps - 12

    Push up jacks - 28

    Low plank oblique - 53

    When i fininsh work, got a driving lesson then home to do a short run.

  • Couldn't do a few days after fit test because no electricity at home for 3 days!! Landlord hadn't paid bill so was cut off - now we have a very noisy generator outside. Anyway, back on it now. On Saturday I did Plyometrics and a 5km run straight after, Monday did Cardio Power and resistance and attempted a run but only managed 1.5 km this time. Woke up early today and did Pure cardio - am going to see if it's easier to do Insanity am and then run pm.

    Is anyone else running too? How do you fit it in?

  • Guys just signed up to get a bit of advice. The name's probably a bit of a give away but some background. I thought I was reasonable fit up to my thirties. I am now 41 years old and a good three stones overweight. I don't do any exercise and have only just gone on a 'family' healthy eating diet. We have a lovely wee surprise just over 18 months ago when a new son arrived to join his much older siblings!!!! I can't do much about the hair loss but want to get in shape to spend some quality time with him. I have read about the Insanity workout and think this is for me. Once I get my head down (and importantly start to see things working) I can commit to it. I am however a little concerned as I have not seriously exercised in some time. Am I bitting off more than I can chew going straight into this?

  • Hi FatDad,

    It is a really difficult workout but you just have to do what you can in the beginning and take extra breaks and you'll find that after a couple of weeks you'll be able to do more and more. I found the first time I felt a bit dizzy sometimes and so took more breaks and was OK. Also, if I was finding it really tough, I'd skip the last set. Give it a try - it's manageable because it's only 35-40 minutes long so easy to fit in. Good luck

  • Hi sam&fatdad,

    Just done the fit test today and i found it harder than expected which in it's own way is good. Fatdad dont be under any illusions, i keep reasonably fit, running etc but this will be hard work. Any dvd on the market has the choice for you to make in the front room of how hard you push yourself, i think you will see good results and improvement with this program.  I am also following the dietery advice/menu very closely as well, this brings it's own challenges, cost, time and effort.

    Sam, i'm going to see how this week goes before deciding whether i can run in addition to this program, i am however still cycling to work and back.

    Mr A

  • Thanks for the encouragement and advice. Discs arrived this morning just need to work up the courage to open the box and get started....

  • Nice one fat dad, i 've just finished day 2. Just bite the bullet mate and go for it! If your anything like me there will always be excuses to be found to put it off but you just have to get you rmind right and then you will be okay, I find the mental motivation  harder than the exercise a lot of the time, the sofa looks so appealing when i get in from work but i just make a point of not sitting down before putting the DVD on. Good luck and keep us postedimage

  • This is an interesting thread. I have read each and every post and find myself posting!

    Not sure if the insanity workout is for me, hoping someone in a similar position to me maybe able to answer that.

    Last year I ran 12 marathons (including a couple of 30 mile ultras). Each one had its  own challenge, such as the weather or undulation. However I completed the set with December being my fastest time (3:35). So believe I am somewhere in the middle of the pecking order when I comes to running. The training schedule has me running up to 50 miles per week.

    I currently also go to the gym for strength and core work, focusing on back, chest and shoulder muscles. I deviate from heavy weights, low reps to low weights, high reps on alternative weeks. However generally I usually work out not with a schedule and attend 2-3 times a week in during the week in the evenings.

    For the gym I use personal trainer that helps break up my gym sessions into more intense sessions once a week which is catered towards improving technique and speed for running. Lunges, squats, press-ups etc. I am usually a sweaty, shaking mess afterwards.

    Would there be anyone in a similar boat who could say insanity has worked for them? This year I am looking for speed in my marathons. I want to head towards a sub-3hour (I know I am dreaming, but maybe with 1 year of training) and looking to build speed through cross-training?

  • Should have done the last workout of the first week today but had a crap job interview for a promotion at work and have decided that the best course of action would be some junk food and a couple of beers instead! Hopefully get back on track tomorrowimage

  • Sajstars, sounds like you are extremely fit, it's only my opinion but i think the level that you are at needs very precise training techniques which you seem to be doing, i would be suprised if you could get the results you are looking for from these workouts but i'm not an expert.

    Day 3 done, aching like mad from yesterday but i feel it working, i get the shakes after the workout so hopefully i'm working hard enough, i'm quite enjoying the nutritional side as well.

  • Hi, just an update for anyone who is interested. I've completed week 1, rest day tomorrow. I ached quite badly for the first 3 days but i put that down to not having done any form of circuit training in 18 months, only running. I now only have mild aches, to be expected.   Today was the first day that i have had to repeat one of the sessions, not having had a rest all week i expected to struggle but i suprised myself by performing better than day 2. I still worked to failure and was unable to keep up towards the end with shaun T and his friends but i dont expect to at this early stage. I have stuck to the nutrional advice rigorously but i'm holding off checking my weight and measurements until further into the program. I certainly feel fitter alreadyimage  I hope the rest of you are doing okay!


    mr A

  • Hi - hoping aboard if you dont mind image  Just starting Insanity for the first time.  Thought it would give my legs a rest after completing my second marathon just over a week ago. - How wrong I was LOL   Im on my second day and my initial thoughts are OMG ! and OUCH ! but Ive not done any circuit training for years so I guess its bound to be difficult.

      Thanks for your postings everyone as its interesting seeing how others are getting on.  

    I need to drop a few porky pounds so Im following the recommended calorie intake (but not the meals theyve set out ). 

     Like Mr A I will pop on my progress at the end of my first week.


    Have fun


  • Yep, i hear you MM should get better from here until month 2 starts!

  • Week one completed - happy its a rest day today. That Plyometric Cardio session kills me !

  • Well done MM, i agree! Can anyone help please. I have an offical version of insanity, currently in week 2 and the workout calendar says cardio circuit but i have no disc saying cardio circuit. I decided to do plyometric cardio circuit as to do something with cardio in the title as i did pure cardio yesterday, does anyone else have this issue?

  • Mine version is the same Mr A - I will be doing the same as you as there is no 'cardio' DVD.

  • Mine is the same too Mr A - I do the plyometrics as well. I'venearly finished week 2. Today I managed to do Pure Cardio followed by a 5km run. I'm doing a slightly adapted version of the programme - only 5 days a week because I've got a half marathon coming up and I need to do a long run one day. Doing Insanity and a long run I think might kill me!

    Not sure if I've lost any weight - holding off on weighing myself until I've finished week 2. I haven't been doing the diet plan - hope I'll still lose some weight though.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, glad to know i'm not the only one. Sam, i take my hat off to you, i'm not doing any running whilst doing insanity, i dont think my legs could take itimage

  • That answers my next questin Sam - 
    Im running Reading Half in March so need to build in some long runs.  was planning to do them on my rest day but thinking about it again thats probably not a good idea.


  • Hi guys, 2nd week done, fitness test tomorrow. I enjoyed the first pure cardio+cardio abs circuit the other day, it really targets the abs well.  I'm no longer aching, i'm glad there is only 2 weeks of these dvd's left, i can see it would get boring if you had to carry on these for longer than a month, might not be saying that once month 2 starts thoughimage. I'm going to check my measurements tomorrow so will give an update on the changes, if any.

    Mr A

  • I now have deep insanity fear!

    Did the Fit Test this morning; didn't go well.  Tale of the tape:

    Height 5'7" Weight : 169.5 lbs  Body Fat 24%

    Fit Test Results

    Switch Kicks - 59 (2 kicks is a rep right?)

    Power Jacks - 47

    Power Knees - 65

    Power Jumps - 17

    Globe Jumps - 6

    Suicide Jumps - 14

    Vomit Break

    Push-Up Jacks - 18

    Low Plank Oblique - 40

    Pretty much had to lie in the recovery position for 10 minutes afterwards lol.


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