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  • pure carido is super tough today! legs felt tight and heavy despite full stretching and an ice bath yesterday, was mentally pumped but my body was refusing to cooporate and meant that i was sitting out some of the warmup already. the switch kicks require some coordination when you are that tired but i got around that. suicide drills are not my favourite yet but i am getting there. definitely feeling better and again core is feeling tighter and my legs stronger. shoulders i think are starting to feel it now too despite my collapsing on the floor in a puddle of my own sweat! ordered some rubber flooring for my lounge to softne the noise of my 110kgs landing on the floor while doing these exercises and so that the sweat doesnt soak into the carpet! have been using a yoga mat but not quite doing the job...haha

    plyo tomorrow which i am looking forward to like a needle in my eyeball! fun times but im up for the challenge...come on legs, work man!!! imageimageimageimageimage hehe



  • LOL Brett Pringle 2 - Contrary to popular belief, a needle in the eye doesn't hurt! it's the thought of the needle going in that causes concerns, MUCH LIKE, perhaps, the thought of doing plyo and month 2.  I would say that I felt the same as you, until i was familiar with the exercises.  it was the unknown that freeked me out.  Keep up the motivation, the legs will catch up soon enough.

    As for me, I got out for a 5.5 cross country in new trainers (Gel Trubuco) and found the right shoe uncomfortable where the gel sack is under the ball of the foot.  Caused a hot spot.  I will continue with them as it might just be a question of my feet getting accustomed.

    keep it up people

  • I did my third fit test this morning and here are the results:



    Switch Kicks    108  (2nd - 99, 1st - 107)

    Power Jacks     60  (2nd - 54, 1st - 55)

    Power Knees    100  (2nd - 90, 1st - 97)

    Power Jumps   40  (2nd - 38, 1st - 35)

    Globe Jumps    11  (2nd - 11, 1st - 9)

    Suicide Jumps  16 (2nd - 16, 1st - 15)

    Push Up Jacks   21  (2nd - 23, 1st - 15)

    Low Plank Oblique   51  (2nd - 45, 1st - 41)

    It occured to me today that my results for my first fit test were probably quite strong (for me anyway) because I started doing the programme with my boyfriend and I was probably being quite competitive as I didn't want to be shown up too much. He actually only stuck it out for the first three days as apparently other commitments were getting in the way - basically he didn't want to get up early in the morning to do it with me and found excuses not to do it in the evening when he got in from work. Doing the fit test by myself means I probably give in a little more easily then I would if someone else is there with me - and i'll never keep up with Tanya!

    I'm sat here this evening now trying to work up the courage to do the first session in month 2. As I mentioned in my previous update, today is supposed to be my rest day but i'm away the weekend and won't be able to fit it in and I don't want to lose the momentum. I completed the fit test this morning but didn't have time for the other session so now I need to do it this evening and I can't seem to motivate myself. I watched some of the Max Interval Circuit disc yesterday to try and familiarise myself with what was to come and it freaked me out a little.... the length of the session (a whole hour!) and the speed they go at during these harder exercises. 



  • @Ali k well done! Honestly I am on day three of month 2 and although it is tough it is doable. Plus the workouts after are slightly shorter than this first one so dont lose faith. I am honestly now enjoying the routine although I had a comedy moment the other day when I almost slipped over my own sweat which I had dripped onto the floor!! Whoops oh well...on the bright side at least it means I am working hard!!! haha!!!





  • And it is done! Emg, you're right although it is longer actually it is achieveable. There are a couple of moves I struggle with.... The full body things mainly but I'll get there. Right so now it's on. Month 2 here I come!
  • Henstooth! thanks mate, i am hoping that the legs definitely improve because its gonna be tough! 

    you reckon its the thought of the needle rather than the pain of the actual thing? haha i can think of a few other things that might be painful too but i'd rather be doing this because i am actually feeling the results! after Ali K and EMGs posts i have some faith in month 2 now image i guess its all down to how much i push through month 1 to prepare me for month 2 but i am still looking forward. Plyo tomorrow is gonna be a tough crack to nut but i;m so pumped to push through it!

    what did you mean about the gel pack? how come it didnt do the same on your left? how did you the cross country go otherwise? i presume after 3 peaks its a sinch? haha

    Ali K - well done on the fit test and getting through the first day of month 2. good work and keep it up before going away for the weekend! kick your bf's butt outta bed and get him into action, those excuses have to be wearing thin and its always great to have commitment from your partner!!! 

    good things people, watch this space for post-plyo updates tomorrow!!!

  • oh my days! that was an epic session, those plyo's are tough but i was getting the suicide level 1s ok, its the ski abs and in-and-outs im sucking for air so hard and sweat is jsut dripping from my head! such a good way to start the day and really pumps me with energy. quick cold bath and off to work! recovery day tomorrow and i can really do with the deep stretches as the top of my right leg hamstring is feel a bit toit...have been focusing on stretching that out properly any ways....

    image LETS DO THIS THING!!!

  • recovery day this morning, got a new floor mat for the lounge so i sound less like a thundering buffalo than absolutely necessary! swam last night as well which was really awesome, definitely starting to feel the benefits. my core is feeling much tighter too. only problem now is those matchstick hamstrings that need some more stretching!! image


  • Did a strength session with  a client yesterday. Comprised of reps with weights for arm, shoulder, and chest. They lacks upper body strength and this will certainly be necessary for what he wants to do. I used some of the Insanity routines - shoulder push ups, moving push ups, tricep dips as well as invented exercises using the park furniture and improvised items I have. Today I ache a little (as I do also what I ask the client to do) but I could feel the benefit of having done the Insanity course already. The client was wasted but as we ALL know, regular re-visiting, and digging deep PAYS OFF.

  • Hiya

    Been lurking around this thread for a while but as i'm planning to start Insanity again in August thought i'd say hi.  Did the programme early last year and wow did my fitness and running improve.  A lad i work with has my dvd's at the moment and he's loving it he does motorcross enduro races and after a break couldn't finish his 1st one back but then last weekend (3 weeks into programme) he did another one and won.

    Noticed some of you are thinking of doing Asylum - how do you get it can't see it on the beachbody uk site??

    Henstooth - well done on 3 peaks

  • Hey Chrissi

    You can asylum off amazon although sure there are probably loads of other places espcially if you have a multi region dvd player.

    Well week 1 of month 2 done and I have lived to tell the tale.....just another 3 weeks to go.......



  • Thanks emg - will have to check out if DVD player ok

  • Hiya peeps! been a bit slack with my posts but still sticking to it. moved my 2nd fit test forward to today as i am away next weekend. i was pretty pleased with them and it made me super keen to crack onto week 3 of month 1!!! yes please!! here are my 2nd test results:

    Switch kicks - 76 (1st - 70)

    Power Jacks - 50 (1st - 25)

    Power Knees - 80 (1st - 50)

    Power Jumps - 24 (1st - 20)

    Globe Jumps - 9 (1st - 6)

    Suicide Jumps - 16 (1st - 14)

    Push-up Jacks - 23 (1st - 16)

    Low Plank Obliques - 40 (1st - 30)

    improvements all round so im happy with that and im feeling fitter for sure! 

    keep it up guys!!! 


  • I've been thinking of getting the Insanity dvds for a while now but £100 seems quite steep. Does anyone know of anywhere that does it cheaper or is it worth the £100?

  • Herr Logik! welcome!

    i agree with you that £100 is very steep and to be honest i looked for cheaper deals. you can look on ebay and but i didnt really trust those as i wanted it still wrapped but thats a personal preference.

    good luck!

    Plyo in month1 week 3 killed me this morning but great workout, seem to be sweating more and more the more i do and the 'fitter' i am getting hahahaha 

  • right, pumped up with a good session this morning, pure cardio and cardio abs! yes please! the only issue im having with the abs though is i think my stomach is still relatively week and i am using my legs to do the exercises which obviously defeats the object so i am really trying to focus on using the core to pull my legs in and do the A-twists etc...tough but im getting there slowly, can feel my core tightening a fair bit as well! looking forward to another beasting tomorrow morning! those suicide drills im starting to actually be able to work through most of the sets too which excites me no end!! haha how sad!! :P

    keep strong and keep at it people!

    image image

  • Bit of a late update but heres the results of this weeks fit test


    Switch Kicks 85 (previous 52)

    Power jacks 52 (previous 45)

    Power Knees 92 (previous 84

    Power Jumps 52 (previous 46)

    Globe Jumps 11 - No change

    Suicide Jumps 19 (previous 15)

    Push up Jacks 33 (previous 24)

    Low plank Oblique 58 (previous 58)

    Over all I'm happy with the progress, although I think I may have done slightly better if I had done the fit test first rather than the Max Interval Circuit.

    Overall I am recovering faster than when I started, although the workouts are still killing me. I am beginning to think that I have the knees of a 60yr old as they are starting to play up after so many weeks punishment.. Only one more week to go after this and my body can recover a bit.

    Just trying to decide if I will do the P90X or asylum next...........

  • After a rather heavy Hen weekend with too much food and drink I'm feeling very sluggish and drained of energy. Think I've picked up a bit of a cold as well. I did manage a three mile run and a small cross training session on Saturday but then had two days off. So I've decided to start month 2 from the beginning again as my session today, Max Interval circuits, was pretty poor for half way through week one of month 2 and I've got some real ground to make up before I feel I can complete Insanity. So off I go again.....
  • keep going Ali K you will do it!


    @tangol glad to see I am not the only right knee is really starting to creek even though I am trying to be really careful when i do the jumping exercises. With only 2 and a half weeks left i will be so annoyed if the knee goes now.....aaaarrrgh!!!!


  • @ Emg and Tangol re knees: i hear you guys, my knees are feeling the impact and even though i now have a gym mat to try soften the impact i can still feel a slight strain on the knees.

    i smashed out cardio power yesterday and plyo today leaving 3 days of recovery (tried to squeeze them all in before the weekend as i am playing 7s on saturday) i will hopefully be back on track for monday where i will be into month one week four! i just hope that at the end of that i am going to be sufficiently ready for month two!!!! eeeeeek nervous!

    as i am off work next week i might pick up some light weights for my upper body as i am feeling a bit weaker there when we do the ski abs and the in-and-outs, feel it more in my shoulders than my abs, and also doesnt help that i know that im pulling up with my legs too image

    besides all that though i am definitely feelign fitter and feel my recovery times getting a lot better...

    GOOD THINGS and keep strong people...DIG DEEEEEEPER!!!!!


  • Arrived today and can't wait to try it. My question is how does it affect your running? I'm dying to give it a try but I also had a long run planned for tomorrow so should I hold off and try it another time?

  • @Brett I am now wearing a knee support which seems to be really helping me maybe try it if it continues to be a problem.

    Hey Herr Logik I have continued running throughout and honestly it felt fine in month 1 BUT I have cut down my running slightly in month 2 as I was finding the strain on my knee too much. So my advice would be listen to your body and I found doing the workouts at different points in the day has meant I am not too exhausted so I tend to run in the mornings and do insanity in the evenings.


    Good luck!



  • Hey gang!  Here come the sun yeehar!  As I have said before, I have completed the Insanity program, with a view to start again after our holiday.  I have however been doing my runs, increasing the distance to what I was at before.  I went out with a buddie from work who is quite a bit younger than me, and was from a department that demanded high levals of fitness. He was stunned at how I ate the hills and kept the pace high.  He now wants to start Insanity - so it goes to prove that if you keep up the work, it shows. 

    Herr Logik - as emg says, listen to your body.  I too felt I had to pull back on the running as I was putting so much energy into Insanity that I was just too tired to run any real distance.  Even so, the cardio stamina I built up with the 2 month routine has paid 10 fold, as I can just keep going - in fact it ends up being that my legs start to give up at 15 miles but my cardio and heart just wana keep going.

    On a completely different subject - I just got notification from Runners World that I won a competition!  I was one of three who won a complete running outfit from JAKO!  I didn't win the first prize of free entry to the Palma de Mallorca marathon.  Just goes to show, if you don't enter, you can't win.

    Also on anotherr different subject - my new expensive running shoes (Asics Gel Trubucos) that were giving me right foot problems.  I wrote to asics and they have responded by asking me to sent the shoes to them and they'll have a look at them.  How's that for service?  I expect that they will examine them and any problems, they'll remedy.  I'm not sure what they'll do if they find no fault.  Watch this space.

  • howzit everyone! 

    wow i am glad i did all my insanity before the weekend when i played some social 7s on days, i was in some serious pain on sunday! i have however managed to go for a light swim to loosen up before doing some pure cardio and abs later today and i am feeling pretty good and looking forward to it tomorrow. so this is the start of month 1 week 4 and planning for next week to be the recovery week...all going to plan i hope i am fit enough for month 2...again sweating buckets this morning and spent some time in this thing called a british sun!! get in!!! 

    nice work on the competition and asics shoes Hens!! i am going to test my new shoes tomorrow on a small run after my insanity workout, temporarily unemployed at the moment so will be pushing myself more and hopefully should be receiving some MyProtein products tomorrow too....their delivery has been pretty poor seeing as it was meant to arrive on friday or saturday! clowns!!!


    keep strong peeps!! 


  • Well I have read the whole thread and thinking of doing this.    I reckon it would take me longer than 60 days as Im away every other weekend.   Is that a problem?


  • spen71 - It doesn't matter so much that you are away.  You can elect to perhaps do something else during that weekend that's conducive with your plans (a run - gym work - stretch session etc) and pick up the next Insanity session when you get back.  Make sure that you do (as best you can) the sessions in the order that they come.  I would suspect that you will be better rested that the most of us, and therefore stronger when you resume the session.  Indeed, one of those days that you're away, if you do it correctly, could be a planned rest day in the session anyway.  Glad that your are on board, one of the team mate.  Keep us all posted.  It's your experience that helps encourage others to join, and you'll get LOADS of support from the team here.

    Pete (Henstooth)

  • Cheers Mate.   Think I will let it cool down before I have a go at this though.


    I do some kettlebell work a few times a week too,.   Hope to keep it up and the running but only time will tell.

  • welcome Spen71, i hope you pick up this training program, its a tough challenge but in the comfort of your own home and in your own time its one of the best training ive done. 

    just finished month 1, week 4, day 3 plyo with a 2k run afterwards. i am trying to pick up the training now with my lack of full time employment, may as well make the most of it and with this great summer sun we have finally got! yes please! 

    got the MyProtein products yesterday,  recovery XS and can def feel it working already...not dying as much at the end of the workouts! love it!!!


  • Whats the myprotein stuff?

  • Website very good prices for bulk buy on protein whey and dextrose.  I found it helped me recover and ache less after workouts. I mixed 2 scoops protein 1 scoop dextrose with 3 drops of vanilla flavouring.  I love the stuff.

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