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  • Not a problem, it was second round of log jumps during the cardio power and resistance, felt my form was good at the time. I've had back issues before so I don't think it specific exercise, maybe back just couldn't take all the jumping impacts etc.
  • Thanks for the info, hope it gets better soon!

  • Hope it gets bettersoon Mr.A. Had my day off today but did a 15 km run - legs are hurting now so not sure how I'm going to get up at 5am to do Pure cardio! I'm still really struggling with cardio power-can't even fully complete one set of the level 1 drills, ski abs and in out abs.

  • Sam, it's JLB3 who is injured. Stick at the cardio power it will come.

  • Sorry! JLB3-hope your back feels better!

  • Month 1 done! image Recovery week starts tomorrow, i had to count yesterday as my rest day as i got called into work. I will comment tomorrow after i've done the session. I will also post any updates on my stats about half way through next week.

  • 1st day of recovery week done. It wasn't too bad, the holds/pulsing at the end burnt a bit.  Okay compared to a normal dayimage

  • Physio thinks I have strained a ligament in my lower back, session 2 today.

    Keep it up Mr A, how are you doing Sam?
  • Just having a couple of days off because I'm running a half marathon tomorrow morning. Going to start recovery week from Sunday. Sorry to hear about your back JLB3.

  • Did the physio say how long before you can start again?

    good luck tomorrow sam, month 2 is looming for me, i'm not looking forward to monday, fit test AND! max interval circuitimage

  • Could Insanity be used on top of a running program?  Currently i am following a 15k running program and i do 3 bodyweights circuits per week.  Just wondering if i got this program could i still do the 15k running program aswell and have Insanity on top? Cheers.

  • Matty, this is only my opinion but if you follow the insanity program giving 100% you will find the running difficult, certainly at the start your legs might be completely wasted after the workouts. I have stopped all my other exercise whilst i'm doing insanity. Sam Saliasi may be able to comment better because she is doing a modified insanity program so that she can keep her running program going. Hope this helps.

  • Anything strenuous is on hold for the foreseeable, might be able to start swimming next week. Waiting to see what physio says.
  • OMFG! just in case you were in any doubt i thought i would comment on the first day of month 2. Fitness test + max interval training. Hardcore is the word, i saw some small improvement on 3 exercises, 3 stayed the same and 2 were 1 or 2 reps worse. Then i started the max circuit. Relentless for an hour, yes thats right a whole hour. I was soaking wet, couldn't breath towards the end and the strength in my legs and arms became non existentimage. This next month is going to be hard, especially mentally knowing tat i've got to come home after work to do this.

     On the plus side my day 30 pictures looked great compared to my day 1 and my measurements were an improvement. Keep up the good work guys i'm sure it will be worth it.

    JLB3 hope the physio has good news

  • lol I was expecting a poat from you along these lines when I looked at the MAX workouts.  Fantastic that you have seen great results in the first 30 days, have you been able to keep it up?

    Worst of the back pain and mobility issues have been sorted, but I only have permission to swimcycle at the moment.  Don't know when or even if I will contemplate Insanity again.  I'll have to see how it goes.  Physio has me doing horrible hamstring stretches at the moment using door-frame, I fear them almost as much as I feared Insanity workouts!

  • I hope you get back to where you want to be. I've been keeping insanity up okay, the workouts are longer and the max cardio yesterday was just crazy, there are no breaks after the initial warm up, so it's just non-stop until the cooldown which is a longtime. Month 2 is like starting week 1 again, i'm aching in places i didn't know i had but hopefully that means it's working. 

    I would say that month 2 may we worse on your back than month 1, some of the new exercises are really hardwork and high impact (diamond jumps)  this coupled with been more fatigued means that you may be more likely to injury. 

  • Hope you can get back into it at some point JLB3. Iran a half marathon last week - it's my second one, the first was in November. I ran it 12 minutesfaster than last time so really pleased. i think the Insanity has really helped with the running especially because I think I kind of sacrificed some of the running training for Insanity!

    I'm just doing recovery week - not sure Shaun T knows what recovery means because this workout hurts more than the others! I'm quite enjoying it though. Start the max workouts from Monday. MrA keep it up and well done on your progress - I'm looking forward to taking measurements - I don't seem to have really lost weight but I feel thinner so hopefully the measurements will show progress rather than the scales.

  • Just signed up after reading this entire thread, it's really inspiring stuff. I first started insanity last summer and didnt really get beyond the second week. I have restarted the program and am now approaching the end of week1.

    It's strange but my mind blanked out how hard the workouts can be and especially the muscle soreness, sore calves are my bane.

    I'm hoping to keep posting and reading everyone's updates to keep motivated.
  • I hope you get good results Sam!

    MM - I found the muscle soreness to be at it's worst on about day 34, after that I think they start getting used to the punishment.  Keep at it!

  • Well done Sam, glad to hear that you think the insanity helped your running, i'm running plymouth half marathon in april and i'm hoping to improve my time as well.

    MM i agree with JLB3,  i felt exactly the same the first week but you will get better throughout month 1. If you need motivation, i finish month 2 week 1 tomorrow and i'm really seeing results in performance and in the mirror now, as previously posted though i am sticking to a clean diet to maximise the effect of the training.

  • month 2 week 2 done. I'm not going to lie, these sessions are really compounding on my body now, every workout seems harder than the previous. I always feel fatigued when i start the following days workout. i'm just trying to get through it now with as much effort that i can put in to still maximise results. 2 weeks to go!

    I also purchased a HRM monitor and my HR is always in th 75-95% range during the max workouts

  • I did the fitness test for the first time today.

    Switch kicks - 49

    Power jacks - 40

    Power knees - 75

    Power jumps - 21

    Globe jumps - 9

    Suicide jumps - 9

    Push up jacks - 7

    Low plank oblique - 49

    I thought I was going to puke during the cool down and had to lie down for 20 minutes! Going to start the first workout on Monday I think so I can do tomorrows long run. I'm slightly concerned about all the jumping though - I live in a tenement flat!!
  • welcome to the insane gang! keep us postedimage

  • Okay, day 1 is done. It was tough and I did have to stop more than I'd have liked but overall it wasn't quite as impossible as I'd expected. Or rather, I didn't almost throw up this time!!

    And my downstairs neighbour must hate me now!
  • Well done helterskelter, it's all gone a bit quiet on here, i dont know if people have stopped doing it or are just not posting?

    1st week is the hardest part of month 1, it gets easier then until month 2 starts.

    I've got 11 more workouts to go then i'm finshedimage

  • How is everyone doing? Started the max intervals and find them really hard, By the last set comes round, I can only manage a couple. Had really good results in the fit test- amazing difference from the first time.

  • Have you just started month 2 then Samantha?

    11 more workouts Mr A - that's amazing! How have you found the overall experience?

    Also how are people finding it combined with running. I'm currently following a schedule for a half but I'm wondering if I should cut out either the speed work or keep the quality sessions and cut the recovery runs. 5 runs a week plus 6 insanity sessions might be the end of me! What have you all been doing running wise while following the program?
  • Sam, glad your still with us, i agree the max sessions are really hard, i'm on week 3 of month 2 now and i just seem to be getting to grips with them, i had a real lull on week 2, i just felt fatigued all the time but this week seems betterimage Sam how did you do on your half marathon?

    Helterskelter, i've found the experience enjoyable but the mental committment is the hardest part especially after a hard day at work. I have seen good results though! I haven't done any other training except insanity, i think it would have just been counter productive especially in month 2. I'm running plymouth half in april and i know that i'm fitter from insanity but it will be nice to start running again and hopefully smash some pb's.image

  • Hi - not posted for a while but have been bashing on with the workouts.  Completed month 1 (did a 6 week cycle in fact instead of 4 as my core was so weak at the beginning)   but Ive found moving onto month 2 is just too difficult at the moment. I can only just do 10 press ups now so going onto the side ones nearly left me with a disabled arm ! 

     I dont want to risk injuring myself as the whole idea was to enhance my running so Im going to continue with month 1 and drop in the odd month 2 workout as a continuing regular workout.  

    I have seen a fantastic improvement in my core strength so Im happy I'm getting my monies worth.. Good luck to you die hards on Month 2 - I might finish it somtime towards the end of the year image !

  • Glad your seeing an improvement MM. Month 2 is hard and you are making a sensible choice to build up on month 1 until you are ready.  After completing the 60 days i'm going to try and maintain by doing 1 to 2 workouts a week+running again.  I will post my final results a week on monday when i finish.

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