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  • Hi 

    Just about to start week 3 and I couldn't believe it when I found this thread on runners world!!

    First I have run marathons and halfs but jesus this workout hurts me in ways that my running never has!! I am following the programme as written but I am running in the mornings 4 days a week and then doing insanity in the evenings which so far touch wood seems to be working for me.

    Just wondering if anyone has found their running has improved while doing the programme??? Personally I have found that since starting insanity my running feels stronger.



  • Me too, more bounce to the ounce, I had cause to jump a six foot wall recently and I vaulted it with far greater ease than I had ever previously.

    I glide more than I used to.
  • Glad its not just me then. I am definitely experiencing real improvement. Wont ask why you were jumping a six foot wall btw! image

    Out of some sadistic curiosity I put on the upper body workout today just to see what it was like (its not part of the main programme but is an extra disk that comes with it)....basically they are in a gym with weights and it is just crazy hard Shaun T actually looks done in by the in conclusion I really dont feel quite so bad about the cardio workout anymore! 




  • Well done everyone, keep hanging on in there. Great to see some more people joining us. Looks like we are all at different stages of the 60 days which is great.

    Zero energy today but looking forwards to another week of madness image

    Week 3 for me, bring it on !!!

  • Girl On Fire - Hi there. Good to have you with us. It would appear that you didn't get all that you wanted to write on the thread (gutted as I want to know how you are). TO ALL, I have discovered that in any long text, YOU MUST save on a word document and bring onto the forum bit by bit. After you load the whole lot in one go, it will cut off at the max, and then you can post the "lost bit" on another page, and so on.

    emg - Welcome. We are growing into a true family now. I too am a long distance runner and I have found that my cardio stamina has BOOSTED (see above report about me doing a 10 mile recently). Read on and discover how I felt after about 3 weeks with NO RUNNING after being to tired coz of doing month 2!

    CWTH - Hi girl. Keep up the good vibes as you seem keen as mustard!

    ED - Super powers are given to you. Wow. Keep it up man.

    As for me - well I gave Saturday up as a rest day, but I didn't! I decided that I would give a run a go (emg here it is). I met up with a pal in Bromley and we set off on a 10K. I thought I'd been wicked - only after the first mile my quads (damm them) started getting heavy. Normally I take 3 miles to get into my stride. It was at about mile 2 that we hit our first true hill and boy did my legs complain. My cardio was FINE. At mile 4 we settled and my pace was strong. My mate was flagging. Mile 5, second big hill and I opened up. NOW THE POWER and STAMINA came home to roost. I was away like the wind. HR hit 172 (normally 184 at this point before (once 200)), and looking at the stats, I was faster too! IT WORKS PEOPLE. My HR settled to <100 in 3 minutes after we stopped. KOOL.

    Today (fathers day) I did the Core Cardio & Ballance. This is the week I skipped (see above for reason). Not too bad people. Reasonable cardio with emphasis on ballance (in pose) and deep mussel holding. Sweat broke out, had to rest out on the quads and some shoulder work. Liked it. Felt good as it worked the areas after the run. Didn't have any recovery drink (only some Guinness! - well it is fathers day).

    Tomorrow is Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit. Back on the merry-go-round of sweat!

  • Hi all

    Good to see you all still sticking in there. Tomorrow I will not be starting as calf went again just got my mileage up to 6 miles and was starting to plan races for later in the year and after completing my first 100 this year going for two 100's for next year and now back on my arse. imageimageimageimage

    keep going it's a good to hear of your progress and i will get there just not as soon as hoped.

  • VAL - It is ESSENTIAL that you are match fit for this and everything you do. I trust you are getting physio? Listen to their advice. I was so gutted to be out of the game for nearly a YEAR with the IT band, but as stubborn as I am (can you detect) I just HAD TO STOP and listen and recuperate. You will be stronger, and therefore will be able to get fitter and faster and better. I will bung a few words up the the BIG MAN upstairs if it helps! Stick with the thread and get encouragement form us and keep us in the loop with your treatment and recovery.

  • What the hell have I let myself in for!?!? Starting tomorrow. This is the first and quite possibly my last blog as I suspect this time tomorrow I shall be in hospital or worse !! Lol fingers crossed excited to get cracking tomorrow!
  • Good news, I made it through the fit test!! Really should haven't eaten prior, felt completely drained, so much so I struggled to stand during the warm down!! Result where a lot better then I had anticipated. Now thinking about how to tackle tomorrow sadistic DVD lol. Off to walk the dog now, day 1 down only 62 more to go....!!! Meh not that I'm counting
  • Fourth and penultimate Fit Test for me (prior to my Max Interval Circuit - in a few mins)

    Fit test is the normal routine.

    Switch Kicks 130  (1st 110) (2nd 130) (3rd 115)

    Power Jacks 67 (1st 47) (2nd 57) (3rd 59)

    Power Knees 115 (1st 70) (2nd 100) (3rd 99)

    Power Jumps 70 (not best form!) (1st 30) (2nd 46) (3rd 46)

    Globe Jumps 12 (1st 7) (2nd 10) (3rd 10)

    Suicide Jumps 23 (1st 20) (2nd 25) (3rd 23)

    Push Up Jacks 40 (1st 20) (2nd 38) (3rd 34)

    Low Plank Oblique 60 (WOW) (1st 39 ) (2nd 56) (3rd 53)


    Analysis = I AM STUNNED at the improvement because I just didn't feel as if I was making ground these last few weeks. I am gunna be honest and say that my form for the "Power jumps" was not as good as it could have been. I was going for speed so wasn't getting up as high as I should have BUT for my Low Plank Obliques, I went mental fast, almost a sprint. As a consequence I think I popped a mussel which I will nurse for a while. Another secret (I mentioned this before) was that I didn't have my previous results in front of me, so I was just GOING FOR IT. Just goes to prove. I did record my heart rate max as 172, but I soon returned to normal. A good measure of fitness as well.

    I am rested now so I will move onto the "normal days exercise of MIC) - back soon!

  • Did it - all a bit of a rush though as I had to get off to work etc etc.

    As I had gone "ALL GUNS" in the fit test, I was lacking in energy for the full workout. I didn't go max, mearly followed along at my own pace, no real explosive stuff. Even so, I still had a sweat on and drunk loads of water. I am aching in the same places so clearly I worked them but perhaps not to the max. Recovery drink downed quickly and shoot off to work.

    Welcome to BLL above, you have started on journey of discovery! Keep us all posted as to your development and indeed, your improvement.

  • Barefoot.

    Pure Cardio, Cardio Abs.

    Beasted Knackered feel refreshed and good.


  • Still on the injury bench here I'm afraid - I've hardly been able to walk since Friday let alone do anything else! I'm not done yet though, just think I need to recover and take it a bit easier on the next session. image

  • Hi all.

    I thought as I've been following this thread for nearly two weeks now, since I started Insanity myself, I thought it time I joined in - especially as I think I will need the motivation to carry on when I get to month 2. I am propper panicking about it already.

    Generally I've found the workouts hard but enjoyable. My real weakness though is my upper body strength. I do struggle with the press up exercises which I get really wound up about as I don't like not being able to push it all the way through and having to break quite often during them.

    I'm doing my sessions first thing in the morning so that I know it's over and done with no matter what kind of day I've had at work etc least I've ticked it of my list for the day.

    Today was pure cardio with cardio abs. It's the first time for doing both. Having completed the cardio session and really pushing it I struggled with continuing on with the abs. I did half the session and my form was rubbish so decided I'd leave it and do it again this evening. It was much better although I really felt the strain in my lower back - I often suffer from an achey lower back after exercise. But do you think it's important to do the two sessions together or will I still see the same benefit if I split them over the course of the day?

    I've got a rest day tomorrow but I will be going for a run as I don't like not doing anything at all. Then it's on to week 3 and the second fit test. Really hope I see some improvement.
  • Pure Cardio & Abs

    This was actually one of my better workouts, which I am guessing is due to having a large helping of pasta salad about 2 1/2 hours before training.

    I felt like I was able to push that bit harder than normal, which helped motivate me to carry on even when my chest felt it was going to explode at one point near the end.


    Hmmmm not so enjoyable... thought I had died and gone to hell at one point. I could barely get the oxygen into my lungs and my midsection felt as though someone was stabbing me with a small knife.

     All I could think about was for this to be over and Shaun T's suggestion on holding onto your thighs to rest seemed like a good idea, but I just couldn't lift my body into the natual position, so along comes my version which involves laying on your back looking up at the ceiling whilst your body struggles to make sense of why anyone would be as stupid as to actually do this!!! Followed seconds later by getting back into position to carry on with the pain.

    Still its over and I'm ready to the next round of insanity.....

  • AKnight - welcome to you. Please please please don't lose heart. Please also, don't panic about month 2, as you will improve so much more in the time remaining that you will be just right, physically, to embark on it. Like me - I suspect that you will be stunned at what is required, but when it comes down to it, you'll manage. Just remember how you felt when you did the first few days of month 1. As for your upper body strength - work to your own pace and keep good form. You will find that your strength will improve. Hang in there. Listen to ST - he actually says, "you don't have to go as fast as us - just go at your own pace, keep good form and rest when you need to". As for the ABS work - IMHO I suggest that it's best to do the workout directly after the main workout - you're hot and sweaty already and your mussels are warmed up already. With regards to your lower back ache - it could be one of a number of things. 1) like me - I didn't get the "c sit" possition correct and that hurt me in my lower back, 2) You have an inherent lower back issue which will perhaps get better when your ABS and back mussels get stronger, 3) Could be that doing the twists in the ABS exercises does what ST says it will do - i.e. work the obliques. Whatever the reason - listen to your body - you know when the hurt is real. Could I suggest that you practice the "c sit", practice some of the movements too, on a soft surface. If the problem persists, seek physio assessment.

    Tangol - You crack me up! Your "blunt and honest" opinion is what we are all thinking and feeling. You are making ground too I suspect. Getting ready for the madness they call month 2.

  • So here we are the night before my first session. I'm excited but also nervous. I sit on a night shift contemplating when to eat, drink and sleep! Today was tough and I made some strange noises, today I sounded like a mating walrus. God knows what the neighbours thought was going on in my residience, but the dog was going berserk!!
  • Just for the record I won't be sleeping on my nights and also for the record I don't know what a mating walrus sounds like!!
  • Welcome BLL and A Knight.

    AKNIGHT hope your back improves, I use a Trionz band and it helps with my knees.

    BLL Good luck with the course, I hope your dog is not scarred for life.
  • Well what can I saw apart from I made it!!! I think after a night of thinking about it I had made it worse in my head, still very hard just I had visions of vomit and passing out!!

    Was accompanied by the mrs and I must say well done to her as after doing a class at the gym today she smashed through this.

    Ached after yesterday so dread to think what I will feel like tomorrow!! Shawn t is the man!!!
  • Power and resistance.



    Feel great now though!

    Keep it up BLL and soon you could be beasting your misses instead of her beasting you.

    I'm glad you found it realistic and not such a thing to be scarred of.

    You can only do your best, anyone who asks for more is asking too much.


  • Max Interval Plyo (M2W7D2)

    Hi all. Good to see updates from BLL and ED.

    Today (after some roof repair work) I engaged in the above cardio session. My 13 yr old son joined me too - so I had to dig deep and look gooood! Unfortunately the disc jumped a little in the warm ups, but we made up for it. Entered the session with energy and good form. Soon brought the sweat out. Felt better in the "power push ups" and the "level 3 drills" that I have done before. All in all, the horror of this session has worn off, and I am now used to it (as we all become after regular exposure).

    I have ONLY 4 days left !!!! till I stop and REST before my 3 Peaks Challange on the 29th. I will actually be doing a 10k after nights on Sunday morning but that is a rest day. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel people - come with me - follow!

  • Power & resistance

    Another good workout, kept pushing as hard as I could though out. Henstooth am a little jealous that you are nearly done and we gotta another 5 weeks of this!!

    Got my heart rate up to a new max of 190 which is a little disturbing to say the least....

    Still roll on tomorrow image
  • Thanks for the tips. I will also remember to go at my own pace and not rush to keep up with ST...need to keep reminding myself that.

    I will also look into the band.

    Today was my rest day but I did go for a 4mile run this morning. It felt quite good for the first part and then the muscles in my legs started to feel heavy. But I've felt really good and energised all day afterwards.

    Got my 2nd fit test tomorrow. Really hope I get some good results.
  • Spare a thought for me tangol I'm day 3!!!! Crumbs
  • Hey - just thought - you guys will actually COMPLETE the course whereas I wont - owing to me not doing the last week. I can only console myself insomuch that I will be doing the 3 Peaks. Does it compare? Is it comprable? Mmm. Given also that I will be downing a fair few beers at the conclusion. Might it mean that I will HAVE to start it all over again?

  • Here's the results from my second fitness test. Generally i'm a little disappointed and a bit frustrated as it's a bit of a mixed bag of results. Some results are less than last time, some are more but not by a huge margin. My lower back did struggle but I think in all the exercises my form was better - so pros and cons there.

    Switch Kicks 99 (1st - 107)

    Power Jacks 54 (1st - 55)

    Power Knees 90 (1st - 97)

    Power Jumps 38 (1st - 35)

    Globe Jumps 11 (1st - 9)

    Suicide Jumps 16 (1st - 15)

    Push Up Jacks 23 (1st - 15)

    Low Plank Oblique 45 (1st - 41)

  • Hey Ali K - don't be too hard on yourself - YOU HAVE IMPROVED. Perhaps this time round your FORM was better and therefore the effort was more and hence there was a minimal drop in numbers. Your stamina, cardio fitness has improved. Look at the results again - you've improved in all but two (and those two are only a few away!). The improvemet in "power jumps", "push up jacks" and "low plank" is great, but what knocks me sideways is your "globe jumps" - This is one bitch of an exercise. It looks easy, but my word, it's a killer - an all over body worker, and you SMASHED another 2 (i.e. 8 jumps) out of it. It's hard carrying an injury - imagine what you will do next time round when injury free? Get some treatment on the troublesome area - ibuprofen, massage. Again - don't be too hard on yourself. I suspect that ALL OF US (owing to the fact that we are all on this forum) are of similar personality types and we are prone to being our own worst judge. Give yourself a break, take strength from your INSANITY buddies.

  • Power and resistance completed. Enjoyed it as upper body strength in one of my strong points, or so I thought!!! ST had me begging for mercy. Really liked the V shaped press up what a simple but massively effective exercise. Only complaint of the day was after a full night shift I only had 3 hrs 45 mins sleep, felt the energy run out of me.
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