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  • Hello y'all - It was Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs today.

    MaxCardioCond - I was feeling great today and put real effort into this session. I had a slight lower back ache and also a rear left knee pain (went after 10 mins). Steady warm up and into a whole session without breaks (take rest as you need 'em policy). HR went up good, max 176. I have decided that of all the exercises that we do I hate the most the "side2side floor hops" - these just kill my quads and I am getting frustrated that I just don't seem to be able to get over this pain whilst doing the exercise - no one on the DVD looks like they are in pain! I was much stronger in the "level 3 drills" and "power knees" - bringing on a big sweat. I dread to think what the neighbours thought I was up to what will all the strange uncontrolled outburst of sounds I was emiting.

    Cardio ABS - these always cause me that hot lava pain in the abs (Derr - that's what they're spossed to do!) however, as I have the "c sit" position mastered, I am managing to last longer each time - but never for as long as ST wants us to on the DVD. I love the warm down on this as it realy hits the spot.

    BLL - Don't you just hate it when day sleep evades you when on nights. I find that I get bouts of insomnia and I just have to power on through, keeping to the regime, and then getting quality rest when the body permits. Green Tea with honey, cloves, cardamon and a cinnamon stick helps make me drowsy. I have found also, that with all this exercise, I am drinking less alcohol but much more water.

  • Ok so did 2nd fit test on monday.....remember am little 8 and half stone mid thirties woman with weedy little arms so can I please have some allowances made!!

    Switch kicks 105 (first 110)

    Power jacks 60 (first 56)

    Power knees 82 (first 75)

    Power Jumps 39 (first 22)

    Globe Jumps 12 (first 17)

    Suicide Jumps 17 (first 15)

    Push Up Jacks 23 (first 9)

    Low Plank Oblique 60 (first 50)

    Overall feel quite pleased especially with the push up jacks...feel like I am finally developing some much needed upper body strength yipppeee!!

    Am thinking of buying a heart rate monitor and also thinking of experimenting with a recovery drink post workout to see if this helps. Will keep you posted....


    Well done everyone so good to see how your all getting on it really is keeping me motivated espcially after doing pure cardio and cardio abs back to back today!


  • Absolutely exhausted, feel wiped out.

    Early start followed by long day.

    Cannot train today image

    Bed now.

    Will resume normal behavoir tomorrow.

    Cheers Ed
  • emg - well done that's a fab improvement ! I am also a weedy mid thirties too so I know what you mean image 

    Ed - you need to listen to your body, if you feel like that there's no point in pushing it.

    Had  a distastarous few days, had a gas leak and thankfully everyone OK but have been quite ill. As a result had a few days of NO exercise (like - that never happens), Not sure whether to start again or just carry on from where I left off. Am going for a run today too see how I am and then back on it tomorrow - what do you think peeps?

  • CWTH - I have looked back a few pages and see that you were at or just starting week 3 before feeling rough and the gas incident. IMHO, I think it would be okay to start at this point again. You will have a good level of fitness anyway, and doing the "fit test" will be a great place to start whilst at the same time giving you an indication as to how you are. What do ya think?

  • Max Recovery for me today - I wish to add that in JOINT 1st position of worst execise are the "pilé, squat dips added madness with tip toe". I completely forgot these bastards! There I was, enjoying the stretches and concentrating on the plank work when BAMM! out come these babies. Just you lot wait - as I said before, it appears that women are not human as they appear to breeze throught these.

    Not much of a sweat on but some deep deep hip flexor work. I have two days to go now till I stop. Feeling like I am dipping out on you lot, so I have given it a bit of thought. I might pick up and do the last week when I get back from the 3 Peaks, OR start the whole lot again OR boost my running and interspace Insanity workouts. I am formulating my "Insanity Course Summary" for this forum on Saturaday.

    Keep it up you lot. Dig deeper and keep the form.

  • bit of a late update as forgot to update yesturday.

    WEDS - Plyo.

    Not much to say really other than my knees feel like they took a pounding. Still I got through it. Level 1 drills are evil....


    THURS - Recovery

    Recovery isnt really the right word as it makes this sound like a breeze, which just isnt the case. Six hours later my quads still hurt!

    Although this is at a much slower pace it still manages to leave you knackered.

     If I'm honest this is my least favourite workout as it really seems to drag due to the slow pace. Still its cardio abs tomorrow so I'm sure I will hating that workout equally as much

  • I've decided - I'm starting again on Saturday! I had a great run this morning, and I can almost walk straight too!

    I tentatively tried a few squats this evening and nothing bad happened - so I tried a couple of my nemesis power squats and although very uncomfortable I was still OK. I threw in a couple of suicide drills and some mountain climby things for good measure and I'm ready to go for it - so Saturday it is image

  • Recovery today

    Didn't need to recover as I didn't train yesterday.

    Still feel good though.

    Giving it all on the plank and squats.

    Well in Tangol keeping at it.

    CWTH I hope the gas problem is ok. I'm glad it's getting sorted, I hope it didn't cause any damage or problems, gas can be tricky.

    Henstooth, not so worried about month two as you say if's doable and you seem to be still alive (are you?).

    Cheers Ed
  • Did recovery today, not exactly a easy going session. I feel more flexible already even though it's only been 4 days, hard to gauge weight loss due to being on nights.

    Cardio tomorrow bring it on Shaun T
  • Pure cardio done. If I'm honest I found this the most boring do far, don't get me wrong I sweated loads, but lacked variety!! Didn't ache at all this morning. The best news of the lot is there has been a 4 pound weight loss!!
  • Max Interval Circuit (M2W7D5) - penultimate session - good Lord, I am nearly there! I gave it the max today. I so hate the "side2side floor hops" and the "low level switch kicks" but I tried everso hard to give it my all. Brought on a big sweat this. I am feeling a bit melancholic now that the end is after tomorrow. I have been thinking of stuff for my appraisal and findings for the workout. I want all of you to know that IT IS WORTH ALL THE EFFORT, and aside of your dedication, there is the patience and support of others that needs to be recognised too. Keep up the hard work people.

  • BLL Pure Cardio gets more interesting when you go straight into Cardio Abs afterwards later in the course.

    Henstooth Congrats dude, really impressed. Good luck tomorrow.

    Cheetah To Be when you feel ready go for it. Good luck.

    Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

    Felt really strong today.

    Dripping with sweat, form was good and I think I was faster than the examples in the best effort areas.

    Then on cardio abs I started to faulter a little and the high and low plank obliques killed me. But I recovered for the final pulses to finish strong.

    Cheers Ed
  • BLL/ ED Congrats keep on going!!

    Cheetah: Good luck keep us posted!

    CWTH: Hope your ok and the gas leak problem has been sorted out!!! I think if you feel strong on your run and you have fully recovered from your disaster I would carry on where you left off. 

    Henstooth: I am absolutely jealous you are near the end. You lucky thing! Good luck with the three peaks challenge as well. And can I ask how much harder is month 2??? 


    Did Cardio Power and Resistance today and although I sweated loads....I felt dare I say it relatively comfortable (!) Have decided that my least favourite workout is the pure cardio and abs... I think its the bit in the dvd where shaun T says he is worried about whats coming next for some reason this always makes me dread the workout! 

    I was at work today and I was leaning on my desk when I noticed I now have biceps....actual biceps people!!! I am amazed......image

  • Hey all, gave it a miss for today - I have a 10K to do tomorrow so I want to be 100% ready for that. I will look to do my last session Monday and then do my write up. Hang in there you lot. I am excited to read about your progress.

  • last day of month one.

    Now recovery week.

  • started from where I left off so will see how I go.

    Well done everyone, keep it going


  • A day later than planned - but I've started again and just finished the Plyometric Cardio Circuit, and felt pretty good afterwards instead of a trembling wreck like my first attempt! image

    I went a bit easier on the power squats and basketball jumps as I think they were what crippled me last time - and I feel good to go fo a 5 mile run very shortly. Fingers crossed I don't hurt too much tomorrow.

  • bit of a late update.

    Missed fridays Pure Cardio & Abs due to finishing late from work, but decided to take friday as a rest day and do the work out sunday instead.


    Plyo was a good workout, seemed to push through it well, however the cardio and abs which I did today was another matter.

    Just didnt seem to get into the groove with it and ended up stopping several times just to get my breath back. Didn't do the Abs part at all as just didnt feel like it by the time Cardio finished.

    Not good, but hopefully will bounce back tomorrow as its recovery week. Am starting to look forward to Month 2.

  • Rest day today weighing up my options, on when is best to train before work or after?
  • Hi all - I am enjoying the rest, but went out for a 10k race event with my gan today! It was the first event for Richard, so despite all my improved fitness, I decided to stay with him so as to get him over the line in a sub hour time. I found it SO very easy that despite me just getting off nights, it was almost a walk in the park for me. I barely broke a sweat. Honestly my legs had so much power and I could feel myself just having to hold back on the hills. It was a lesson in patience! Other members of the gang did well and we all got a fancy medal afterwards (plus a sausage sandwich). I hit bed at 12 noon, and woke this evening at 7pm (off to work for my last night shift - after the England game).

    I am booked for a personal training session with an old couple at 1pm and then I intend to do a run with one of my younger pupils tomorrow. I will look to do my LAST Insanity session after than. I am already missing the routine in my life - I feel like I'm cheeting you lot, like I'm a bit of a fraud. I have to resist the temptation of doing too much what with the 3 Peaks event at the weekend.

    Everyone - keep up the fine work.

    CWTH - so glad you are back in the game. Remember to go at your own pace and build up each day as you find strength.

    Cheetah - looks like you have identified the area you need to "restrain" yourself from over-exertion. Slowly slowly catchy monkey! Be prepared to "lose a little" performance in the run as you "develop" in Insanity - it's a delicate ballance.

    Tangol - mate I feel your strain. There were days for me (as already stated) where the mojo just wasn't there. Don't punnish yourself because it's a message to the brain from the body to take it easy. I am sure as eggs are eggs, that in a day or so, you'll spring back. It's the stage by stage improvement the body needs to cope with.

  • Week 2, really really struggled decided to train prior to work, 0630 hours and insanity do not mix, just couldn't get into it. Will persevere but may do it after work tomorrow
  • Week 3 has been a bit messy for me. I ended up working a long day on Saturday and couldn't fit in my Insanity session so it became a rest day. Had to join the mud fest that was the IOW festival - that sure was tough on the legs wading through all the mud.

    But I don't like being off track so ended up doing two sessions yesterday to make up for it, cardio resistance and power in the morning and then cardio recovery in the afternoon. Both sessions felt ok but could have been better - I was feeling tired as it had been my 8th straight day of work. Also couldn't face getting up this morning to do pure cardio and abs before work and had a little lie in so will have to do them this evening when I get in.

    I'm off on a short break to Pembrokeshire on Wednesday for a couple of days but i'm not going to miss out i'm taking my Insanity workouts with me - the wonders of the iPad!!

  • Cardio Power and Resistance done - I actually quite enjoyed it! I can already tell I'm going to feel it in my arms tomorrow though, I seem to have lost all the upper body strength I gained earlier in the year. image That can only get better though if I keep at it!

    10k run now, then day off running and Cardio Recovery tomorrow image

  • Recovery Week

    Each exorsise is called a burner, a hip flexor burner or a quad burner.

    These are painful, I feel great and well worked out.

    I am still sweating buckets but feel I should be more flexable by the end of the week.

    It's going to be a good week, I do like a challenge.


  • Recovery Week

    Was a good workout, although the pace is alot slower, you still manage to end up sweating loads.

    Ed is right about the burners, I found the the quad & shoulder burners the worst. All in all a good workout although I have noticed that my left hamstring is sore, and has been steadily getting worse as the day has gone on. Hopefully will be fine in the morning.

  • I have done a gentle 5.5 mile cross country today, after being exhausted from a very busy set of nights. I don't think i am going to get my last session done, given that I am on a physical training course tomorrow as well. I shall be doing a single day shift on Thursday and then it's D day Friday - off to Scotland for a 6pm Saturday start at Ben Nevis, then onto Scafell Pike and finally onto Snowdon, ending before 6pm Sunday. I shall be using my Garmin GPS and HR monitor so i can get an idea of the calories used. Please forgive my phizzel out of Insanity but I intend to be back soon.

  • Ooo I like Cardio Recovery - I feel all nicely stretched now and ready to go again, I have a busy few days coming up but shall try my best to squeeze in a few Insanity sessions (if for no other reason than I really like my banana flavour For Goodness Shakes and I've told myself I'm only allowed one after Insanity!!!)

  • I hit pure cardio last night, really concentrated on form. Although I don't appear to be losing as much weight as week one,though the mrs said she had really noticed a difference in my body shape. Getting nice definition in my shoulders and arms and what was my belly is starting to get a less round, also my legs are really firming up. 4 more days then I'm stopping as off on holiday, so on Sunday when it should be my rest day I will being doing my fit test
  • Plyo today.....and no matter how many times I have done this workout....I HATE BLOODY SKI ABS AND IN AND OUT ABS...seriously these are torture so I suspect this means they work then! Ended workout in a pool of sweat and have concluded this and pure cardio are my workout hates.

    Cardio recovery tomorrow thank god!!!




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