Liverpool Half Marathon 2012



  • Tasers!! That's the answer!!
  • I'm really not understanding the goody bag thing anyway.
    I like a teeshirt and a medal for big events - but as to the rest - I don't think I've even emptied out the last two goody bags I've had.

    Goody bags should be for kids parties.
  • Agreed cougie ..and added bonus if I find a mars bar in there...image

    Will be looking to put my Marathon disappointment behind me and get under 2hrs on this one ..same with Mrs Warkie roll on March

  • Two good ideas there...................Mars bars would be great, even if it were just the small party ones!  And tasering any one that takes more than one bag!!!!!!!!

    I love the t-shirt and medal TBH, them and the satisfaction of completeing the course are the only reason i do it...........well, and dong it to keep a bit fit and try and get a PB.

    Great t-shirt last year, but Allan......can we have ADULT (XL) sizes this year too??

  • Applied for the half marathon today, I am also doing the santa dash 5k

    I know this might seem like an obvious question but do people take the 5k seriously and try and go fast or just jog slow because they're in suits etc?
  • Depends of the person. There are some folks who will be in a compertition with there running club who will take it all very serious. But for a santa dash it's normally about having a laugh.
  • Am really interested now. Just waiting for a couple of running buddies to decide. I hope they say yes.

    Does anyone know where I can find the results of this years event ?


  • at some races i have done when you get t shirt and goody bag they tear a bit off the number you have or mark it with a pen so you only get one maybe this could be used and you have to show  your number to the people giving out the goody bags and once matked thats it no more for you !!!
  • This will be one of my first goals for next year, my runnings going well at the mement (kiss of death I know) done 3 weeks in my new running club with mostly speed work and been in a cross country race so hopefully increasing my speed coupled with half marathon specific long runs up to the race will mean I smash my pb image.

    One 20 four, you can find the results here image

  • The only potential bottle necks are the underpass (but I haven't heard anyone say they got held up there) and one part of the stretch along the river narrows briefly but I don't think times would be greaty affected. This will be my 6th Liverpool Half and would recomend it to anyone who is still undecided.

    On the goody bag discussion I like a piece of cake, a balloon, a whistle and some sweets, that's why I mug my kids when they come out of parties. The distribution at the end of the Marathon worked well and stopped the greedies.

  • Went and signed up for this in the shop today , I also got the wife to enter the Santa Dash at the same time . This is my favourite race and I am really looking forward to it. And yes Alan I did reimburse the wife the entry fees !
  • Just to advise that there will not be any Goody Bags next year. Bananas, bars and drinks will be handed out at the finish. Goody Bags have become cost prohibitive I'm afraid. THEY AE NOT FREE! As far as T shirts go there will be a separate collecting point away from the finish line where you can go and have your number marked upon collection. It's not really possible to manage tear off sections when you have in excess of 6,000 finishers. It just slows everything down.

    There will be FOUR colection points relative to sizes. The new online entry system allows us to accurately asse size requests.

    Numbers coming in well already and on approximately 1,800 which is good considering we are still in November.

    (I think the marathon entries are opening nex weekend, everyone should recive an email in advance) 

  • Medal still Alan?

    (good idea regarding t-shirts)

  • Yes, just the Goody Bags are going.
  • Fantastic then Alan.

    I personly cant see a reason for any one to grumble. 

     All i want when crossing the line is a drink, some sort of food and to get my t-shirt and medal and you cover all of them image

  • Medal or T-Shirt I'm not fussy image

    Usually when I finish a half I'm wanting to know were the nearest Burger King is image

  • Chris Lane 6 wrote (see)

    Medal or T-Shirt I'm not fussy image

    Usually when I finish a half I'm wanting to know were the nearest Burger King is image

    Echo that ..apart from  BK my choice woulf be a KFC ...image..mmm spicy chicken wings
  • Well that's me out then, I only enter for the tat in a bag!
  • Scouse Elvis wrote (see)
    Well that's me out then, I only enter for the tat in a bag!

    Thank goodness......I thought I was being shallow image

    Too bad I'd already entered, eh!

  • Maybe I will enter just incase I miss out on anything image

  • Signed up a couple of weeks ago , this will be my 3rd liverpool half . To me this is the best race of the year just hope i can get a PB as this years run never went to plan . Is there a cap on the number of entries or are we going to hit the 10,000 this time ?
  • blue steve wrote (see)
    Is there a cap on the number of entries or are we going to hit the 10,000 this time ?

    I think Alan mentioned a limit of 8000 for the half on the 'Marathon 2012' thread, and that there had been 2000 entries already!!!  I'm glad I'm already in for 2012.

  • We closed entries at 7,500 last year and I need to organise all event material (medals, T shirts and so on ) in advance. 8,000 is the limit so we are well on our way at just over 2,000.
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Hi All

    Signed up for this last night.

    I haven't run for years but had a rush of blood last April and applied for VLM. Needless to say, I was rejected image. Decided to do Paris instead.

    As part of my prep, I was advised on the Paris forum to do a few 'competitive' races (I don't compete, I take part image ) so I signed up for the Blackpool Half in Feb and then spotted this one. Couldn't miss this one, could I?

    Looking forward to it, just hope Otterspool is kind to us.

  • Nice one Orbutt. I signed up for this after a rush of blood (and alcohol) to the head last year, and I'm still running, so these 'rushes' aren''t necessarily a bad thing?

    Otterspool was fine this year, although the year before was a 3 mile run into head wind by all accounts.

  • After taking part in '06, '08 and 2010, I'll be entering once again. Not sure why I end up running this HM in even years but there you go.

    Have a new job in Albert Dock so I popped into the shop the other day but you'd already gone home Alan, so I'll try again in January.  Wondering if I can run the Wilmslow one the week after as well as this one?  image image

    Can I request a number as well, Alan? image


  • Just entered this race and looking forward to it. Where is the best place to park if not local and driving down on the day ??


  • how are entries going still not entered waiting till payday as xmas skint meimage
  • Mcattack - about half full at the moment so no great panic but fully expect to have all 8,000 entries go by race day. Closing date for postal entries is 26th February.

    One 20Four - anywhere in the city centre will be close to the start and finish and details of car parking arrangements on site will be in the race instructions.
  • s c wrote (see

     Wondering if I can run the Wilmslow one the week after as well as this one?  image image


    I'm taking part in the Stafford half the week after also, thinking about a PB in Liverpool and recovery at Staffordimage

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