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  • Grrr crap track session tonight. Probably not quite recovered from saturday's xc and Sunday's 13 miler. My legs felt heavy and tight after the first one of 5x 5 min intervals. Oh well. Will be my last track effort for a while. From jan it's p&d all the way.
  • Hi guys, sorry I aint been around for a while, my foot has got much worse image. Hoping to get to see a doctor tonight, its a nightmare to get an appointment at my docs, and darent ask for an hour off work - theyd shoot me! Went to see a chiropodist last night about it, read that it was £27.50 per half an hour! Anyways sat in the waiting room for my appointment for best part of 40mins and got mad and walked out! I'll maybe regret it after today but I have no patience.

    Hows everyone doing I see theres lots of intervals etc going on!

  • Morning everyone 

    Rachael- sorry to hear about the foot.  Annoying when they charge you so much and then you have to wait for 40min... not acceptable.  Hope you get it sorted soon.

    Gobi- have been reading your blog.  Interesting stuff.  How does your coaching online work?  Is it just people you know or do you actually have a website etc.  And what do you need to do to get silver at the Comrades?  Is it to do with the position or how many times you completed it? 

    8k recovery run for me tonight and a bit of core.  Easy 8miles from work on Thursday and into work on Friday and hopefully a parkrun on Saturday morning before the eating and drinking commences.  Can't wait to start the schedule now, I think I know it by heartimage

  • 8 miles at 8:31 pace this morning, never really got into it and felt pretty sluggish but it's done and dusted. Surprised me how mild it was this morning despite the rain.

    Topped up with seven miles on the bike.
  • Mon - no website I coach through recommendation and word of mouth.
    In a nutshell I use email/telephones/twitter etc to keep in touch with athletes and I write tailored plans on a weekly basis.

    To get a silver at Comrades is simple just run 90kms over a number of mountains in under 7hours and 30 minutes :¬)

    Another 10.4 miles for me this morning at about 8.30 pace average.
  • Is it up or down the mountain you'll be going next year?image
  • I mean isn't it normally more uphill one year and more downhill the following one?
  • Mon - yes and this is a down year which is not my best way :¬)
  • Typical.  I wanted to do the VLM next year but didn't get in through the ballot and got GFA too late to apply for a guaranteed place (it was Amsterdam in October).  I asked at the club if there is a chance of getting a place but it seemed like there was a long queue of people and it was all very 'We can't really say, the decision will be made in Jan'.  So I thought- no point waiting, not really bothered that much about London, will find another spring mara.  Can always do London in 2013 with GFA.  And now that I set my mind (and signed up) to do Copenhagen in May it looks like there is a place for me to grab... What do I do?  Running both surely wouldn't be a good idea?
  • Managed 15 miles on the dreadmill at work at 6am this morning just a little under 8:00 pace.
    Mon 77 I was in the same position a couple of years ago and got the GFA time to late it will soon fly by and come round.
    98 miles short of 2500 for the year so it's full steam ahead to get 2500 done image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Mon: 18 weeks (on Monday) until VLM so you could start P&D right NOW!

    Rachael: Hope you get it sorted soon.

    NP: that's just awesome

    Rest day for me...image

  • NP- 15miles on the dreadmill...don't know how you do it.  Sounds like you've done a bit of running this yearimage

    Hmmm I think it's going to be Copenhagen.  There will always be time for London...

  • London's a jinx for me, been entered three times only to get injured three times and have to pull out. Would love to do it but feel I'm destined to miss out.
  • Mon - how far apart are they exactly ?

    I have 2 in Jan, 2 in Feb, 2 in March, 3 in April, 1 in May and 1 in June - I think a few of these are 40 milers :¬)
  • Gobi- They're 4 weeks apart (London on 22nd April, Copenhagen on 20th May).  Surely there's no way I can recover enough to race both?  I don't know if I fancy jogging one of them... not in my nature.

    Nice race schedule you have there for the next few months...image But I understand that when training for the Comrades, marathons simply become your long runs. 

  • Mon - Ran 2.56 - 2.51 8 days apart

    With 4 weeks I would do a weeks recovery 2 weeks of medium training and a week taper. Run them both flat out. I coach someone last year who just missed a PB in 1 race and got a PB 3 weeks later.

    There is a race in my schedule at the end of April where I plan to run very hard off NO taper.
  • Aghhh tempting tempting.  A bit worried I don't have the experience behind me to take it on and not injure myself.  Have only done 2 maras and been only seriously running for a year and a half... I think you've been in the game for a bit longer?image
  • Mon - in that case NO I would chose one :¬)

    I have a lot of years :¬)
  • Lots of good running going on. Good to see you using time at work productively NPimage

    15.10m in 1:59.28 (7.55av) for me tonight- lovely evening, if a bit breezyimage.

  • Nice running there, Jason.

    What does everyone use in term of a training aid? I assume it's mainly Garmin, does anyone have the 610? I'm considering trading in my trusty 305 but am wondering whether it's worth all the extra when the 305 does the job pretty well.
  • MF- 405 for me- happy enough with itimage
  • I use 305 it works for me just fine. 8k recovery done the legs are cooperating again.
  • NP - I'm on my last push for 2000 for the year.

    My 305 is still going strong

    Intervals for me last night and rolling hills tonight followed by yoga and weights.
  • 98 miles to bring up 2501 for the year.
    Lol at Jason I'm on a 56 hr stint away from home and was on the treadmill at 6am till just before 8am which was in my standby time as I don't live in the area I work I stay on a Fire Station and have to drop everything to go to calls. Not working this Christmas oh happy days....
    Great running Jason.
    Mon Gobi will keep you right if doing multi marathons and two years ago I did most of my 20mile runs on the dreadmill......
  • NP,

    Bet you're pleased about that one.

  • it is true I know a little bit about running solid times close together :¬)

    NP - I have a 305 and a Rach has a 405, 305 is best and does a solid job so why change it ?
  • I think I'll chicken out this time and stick to Copenhagen.  There will be time for multiple marathons... I think I'd rather get my time down first and get a couple more years of running behind my belt.    London is an option for 2013 but then I have also been contemplating Two Oceans in SA which take place in April.  Decisions decisions image.

    8 miles home tonight without my 305 which I left at home- grrr.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    5 slow miles this morning, ending with 6 x 100m strides.  80 squats (note to self...do these on rest days).

    Still 2 days to think of an Xmas present for the better half...

  • Mon - I got shivers thinking about Chapmans Peak when I read your post. Two Oceans is a race I have only done once but one day I will do it a 2nd time. For now it is Comrades :¬)
  • Good shivers or bad shivers?image

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