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  • people ask me that but every week it increased the more long runs I did but would vary from 20 miles to 40? i had a look at the marathion index and the ultimate marathon plan for sub 4:30 looks good, but i cant access it as I am not subscribed, any chance any body can send to me lyncon29@hotmail.co.uk

  • Gazelle and Teknik - thanks for info re the book, It has appeared lots of times in front of me on amazon in the 'recommendations'. Looks like the kind of book I would enjoy reading even if the plans might be a bit advanced for me this time round (oh, does that mean I am already planning more than one?image), so I have ordered it. I am using the Hal Higdon novice plan this time round - seems about the right level for me.

    My ankle seems to be on the mend so hopefully by New year I will be starting to build up some mileage again. I am planning a new year's day run along the side of the trent - nice soft muddy ground to run on so should be a bit better for the ankle than road running. Meanwhile, I have been using the holidays to put some cross training in at the gym - even did spinning which really gave my quads a workout so may keep that up once a week as cross training. I have found that bike work seems to stretch out my calves nicely as well.

  • Are there any that can be downloaded onto my garmin? The rw ones only work with old versions.
  • R32 - I have to ask the question

    What pace did you run all the long runs at ?

    SR - why do you need a plan you can download ? Surely you can read a plan and just run at the right pace :¬)

    Just been out on the bike, bloody windy today.
  • I've never managed to follow a plan myself. I get bored easy...... image
  • Xmas is cancelled in Spoons's house wrote (see)
    I've never managed to follow a plan myself. I get bored easy...... image


    I'm going for my first marathonat the end of April ths year. Aiming for 4 hours.



  • Spoons - I am sure that in your own way you have a plan
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Housekeeping: added Franners, Young Cowboy, Daytime runner, Ai Lyn Tan, Running Tortoise and Mon's NYC 

    08-Jan 5 Tarns VinterMaraton (Denmark) Gobi
    22-Jan Gloucester 50k Gobi
    10-Feb Quadzilla day 2 Gobi
    25-Feb Belvoir Challenge Spoons
    04-Mar Barry 40m Gobi
    18-Mar Rome Cjay85
    01-Apr Sussex Mathschick
    01-Apr South Downs HopetoFinish
    01-Apr Santiago Liam3494
    15-Apr Brighton Holly Liz, AGF, VikW, Dan Ellingworth, Solent Runner, Claire C, Luca79, Pete the Plod, Franners
    15-Apr Paris Roof gimp, Kaz, Ai Lyn Tan
    22-Apr London Jason D, Spoons, Fiona C, No Pain, Ratzer. Minni. HopetoFinish, Brizo, Pete Tizard, Muppley, Gazelle!! I wish, Running Tortoise, Daytime Runner

    29-Apr Manchester Rob Kilby. Em Scott, GazOC
    29-Apr Milton Keynes Teknik
    06-May North Dorset Tim Lebbon
    07-May Belfast Chicaboo

    13-May Halstead
    19-May White Peak
    20-May Windermere Rachael
    20-May Copenhagen Mon,
    20-May Cardiff Ultra Jason d
    27-May Edinburgh Bodytalk, Mitiog, Jennie McC
    17-Jun Poppyline Spoons
    01-Jul Lakeland Trails Tim Lebbon
    15-Jul Fairland Valley 50k Spoons
    02-Sep Wolverhampton? SleepyCat
    02-Sep High Peak Ultra 40m? Spoons
    09-Sep Nottingham? Mathschick. Bacchus Marathon
    23-Sep New Forest
    30-Sep Loch Ness kaz, young cowboy
    30-Sep Berlin ToffeeLiz, Ian Boyd
    07-Oct Chester Compo, Jason D, GazOC
    07-Oct Chicago Fiona C
    21-Oct Abingdon AGF, HopetoFinish
    27-Oct Snowdon Jason D
    29-Oct Dublin No Pain, Ian Boyd

    06-Nov New York: Mon

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Idiot - NY is Nov 4...sorry...can someone correct it next time they update?
  • Teknik- simple mistake- don't be so hard on yourselfimage. Think you've done a cracking job!

    R32- Don't see how running 20m a week helps prepare you to run 26.2 in one goimage Even 40 which was your top end seems very light

    Recovery run for me today 8.03m at 8.23 avimageimage RIDICULOUSLY windy!!!

  • Lol... Teknik- thanks.  I'm sure it will get corrected.  I would do it myself but no idea how to without it coming up as a quote...

    Recovery 10k for me at 5min20/ km.  Well... ended up a bit fast for a recovery... I blame the wind.

    Still not 100% clear on the 'general aerobic' pace in P&D.  Looking at the heart rate prescribed it should be almost slower than your long run or closer to the slower end of the range.  Would you say this is correct?  Or do you run it more according to how you feel on the day?

  • Mon 77- the general aerobic pace in P&D is indeed slower than the bottom end of LRs- there's a table on p144. Don't run on HR personally
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    oh oh Mon: Recovery at goal pace plus less than a minute for a Recovery run? I know you were trying to hide it by switching to km, but can you feel Gobi's stare burning the back of your neck?image

  • Jason- so it's basically a recovery pace just over a longer distance... image.  Seems sooo slow.

    Teknik- image I know, I know.  Guilty as charged.  It's just that at the moment it's all a bit all over the shop with no real structure to my running so I get carried away sometimes.  Not as much as I used to.  I'm sure as soon as I start the schedule just the thought of all those hard sessions will slow me right down on recovery days. 

    By the way- have you actually experienced Gobi's stare?  What is it like?image

  • Good to read about peoples plans. I am not as good on mileage as most of you guys. Think most weeks will be between 35 and 45 miles. This week looks like 37 come Sunday. Hopefully that will get me a sub 4 without getting injured in the run up!!

    A simple 6 miles jogged today!!!
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Mon: the virtual one is admonishment enough. If we keep posting rubbish he might not even notice...image

    AGF: you're still ahead of my mileage.  Same goal too. Keep ploddingimage

  • Teknik wrote (se

    At the end is one of the training schedules in the book, but it's the longer one (ie 55 to 70 miles per week) that Mon and GazOC are doing. The 40 to 55 mile schedule in the book has the same long runs, but one more rest day and lower mileage on the other 5 days (for lightweights like me and Gazelleimage). 

    Hey Teknik, were not lightweights! we just cant fit all of our cross training in with the higher mileageimage

    Wouldn't it be great if someone could let me know what speed I should be running the different sessions in the P&D plan if I'm aiming for a sub 3.30 finish. I'm with Mon77 and think some of the paces are quite slow. I have worked out that General aerobic run will be 9.15-10mm.

  • Gobi,

    Thanks.  I'd got a vague memory that you put some kind of limit on what to do for a long run.

    Gazelle & R32,

    Hi & welcome to the thread.


    I'm another one in the low mileage camp however given this year's posts that won't surprise you.


    Well done with everyone's training.

  • This is a busy thread - spring marathons must be approaching.......

    Of course I have a sort of plan. Basically each week contains a long run, a medium long run, a tempo run, some hills, some intervals and some easy running. It generally starts at a slow pace and gradually gets a bit quicker as we move into spring.
  • Mon77 wrote (see)
    Jason- so it's basically a recovery pace just over a longer distance... image.  Seems sooo slow.
    Sounds like you're running your recovery runs too fast as wellimage My recovery runs tend to be MP+2.15 - 3 mins
  • Gazelle!! I wish wrote (see)
    Wouldn't it be great if someone could let me know what speed I should be running the different sessions in the P&D plan if I'm aiming for a sub 3.30 finish. I'm with Mon77 and think some of the paces are quite slow. I have worked out that General aerobic run will be 9.15-10mm.
    Some of the paces seem slow because they are mainly designed to improve your endurance- especially early on. They won't seem so slow as the mileage increases! It's really worth reading the whole book to understand the reasoning behind the plans. However, to fill in the gaps.... if you're targeting 3.30 (8 min miling) according to P&D you need to run your LRs and medium LRs at 9.36 pace early on and increasing pace to run the last 5-10 miles (start with 5!) at 8.48 pace (MP+ 20% and MP+10%). Tempo runs should be at your current 15k pace (or go with 10m) and intervals should be at current 5k PB pace. Recovery runs need to be slow (below 76% of max HR) and should feel "as if you're storing up energy rather than slowly leaking it".  
  • I'm not in the high mileage bracket either; of 20 weeks, only 3 are less than 30 and 3 more than 40. but this is a first "I just want to survive" attempt, not a time busting effort. I'll save that for the next one image

    I like having a plan that I can tick off ech run on, record pace etc. Appeals to the OCD in me.

    Longest run to date this weeked, 16 miles. Going to be brave and try taking gels with me, just to see how they go down. Would rather do it Sunday, when the in-laws are here, but looks like it'll be saturday! image

  • Sorry, I still haven't worked out how to quote a previous post.

    But anyhow... I never used to run slow, I was aiming for sub 3:30 at NY in my first mara but ran my LSR at around 8mm pace, I found it too hard to run much slower than that for a long period. I still remember Gobi telling me to slow down way back then image

    I ended up with a 3:21 but am now running my LSR at around 9mm pace, Gobi's now got a hold over me. Funnily enough, after the first couple of runs it becomes really easy running that slowly and I don't mind it now. Of course, on the flip side is that I still need convincing on the whole base mileage thing, my fast runs seem a lot harder now than they did but I'm sure Gobi knows what he's doing image
  • Helen,

    I had huge problems with gels and ended up with chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake and plain water.

  • MF- If you look at the bottom of previous posts there' a "Quote" symbol- click it and then click the " symbol in the pane where you write your messageimage 
  • HY4 - Kendal mint cake imageimageimage I bought a bar to take as emergency rations when I did my DofE walks as a teenager. It came back after each walk and went back in the cupboard. There was no way I was going to need to resort to emergency rations if it was that!

    Not that gels taste much better, if I'm honest image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    TomS wrote (see)

    Kaz have a look at this one, not too far from Marple, off road and flattish, really nice and friendly White Peak mara

    fills up quickly.

    Kaz...spookily there is a slot for the White Peak on the Race List with no-one's name on it....

    Welcome to running tortoise

    Gazelle : LOL. I'd forgotten about the huge amounts of X-training with which I fill my otherwise empty life...image

  • Xmas is cancelled in spoon's house: Hi thanks for response. I've been running for about 18 months, have just done my first very hilly 10k race in 57 mins and so am quite a plodder! I haven't done a marathon or half marathon before - am I mad?!

    Any help/ideas gratefully received!

  • Oh dear ........

    Recovery/easy runs are supposed to feel stupidly slow because they are EASY/RECOVERY runs.

    It is not rocket science but common sense.

    Most people who refuse to train comfortably aerobically have a habit of running well up to about 13.1 miles but fail to hit marathon targets.

    Stare and shakes head.......

    MF - what fast runs :¬) ?

    I shall be off for another run tomorrow paced somewhere between 8 and 9 min mile pace so just the MP + 2 to 3 minutes.....
  • Tom - Thanx but its only a month  after Paris and don't think i'll be recovered enough for it!! always next year.

    10 miles for me tonight with 7 at 7.09 average, a bit faster than intended image blaming the fact that there is no wind here tonight for once...... and I had to get home to pack spurred me on.

    All ready to go tomorrow, departure is at 5.45am and the ferry leaves at 6.30, hopefully reach the in-laws by 2.30pm and then I'll escape...................image

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