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  • toffeeliz- i ran berlin this year. really flat and amazing experience.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Started my "warm up" schedule this week with 4 weeks to go before the marathon plan starts.  Did 8 x 800m - felt great at 0630. Now after a day slumped over my desk, my back aches and I feel sorry for myself. Great start.image

    @Toffeeliz: I ran Berlin this year too - really memorable event. If you can remember one thing between now and September, stick to the Blue Line (I ran nearly an extra mile weaving through everyone).

  • Rach; got your Garmin yet ? How do you like it ?

    Two runs for me this week; tried my first ever speed intervals on Monday; 5x 0.25 miles, with 0.25 rests between; hardwork !

    Partner shas a cold /cough so she hasn't been able to get out at all...hopes to be fit on Sunday

    What you lot up to ?

  • Hiya guys.

     Rob- I have the Garmin lol and its safe to say I love it! Did a 7 miler today using the litte virtual partner as a tool for slowing my pace abit.  It was really helpful! But the thing I love most is looking at the maps with the elevation points etc on it, its really interesting! Starting to sound abit sad now lol. Hope you have recovered from the speed sessions! 

    Teknik have you stopped feeling sorry for yourself now? 

    Jennie how are you coming along? Hope you aren't in much pain now, keep us notified how you are coming on.

     Has everyone had snow today? My route takes me along a road around the middle of fell land and omg it was freezing! I had my hoodie, hat and gloves on and still blooming felt it! Next thing I'm running through a blizzard! It laid for a bit but seems to have warmed up slightly now, thankfully - I really dont like running in snow!!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Rachael

    Yup...feeling better now. 9 miles with my running club on Sat, a few miles on treddie this morning watching Match of the Day.

    Snow? Snow!  Wow. Not down here in Essex....

  • Hi Rachael,

     Bored!!  1st weekend off in ages with 2 cold but beautiful days for running and I couldnt..  Since physio on Thursday, I have continued to rest with lots of heat on my lower back.  It certainly got worse before it got better with Thursday / Friday being very unpleasant.   Today however I have managed to walk pain free at times although still twinging in my bum and lower back so taking it very slow.  Going downstairs is not fun, but all in all hugely better!! I have decided to lay off the running until after I see the physio on Tuesday just to make sure.  I really do not want another set back...   really hoping that being sensible for once helps!!  

    Hoping the weather doesnt turn bad for me trying to get back into it...  Do you run in the snow?  I cant imagine doing it but you never know!!  Can you suggest a good water / windproof jacket, there are so many to choose from.


  • Crikey! It was cold & the wind has felt like it was direct from the Arctic, but no snow.

    Week 1 training plan completed. Bounced round 10 miles today, felt really good. Loving the mad looks from the walkers - all done up in multiple layers, hats scarfs etc, and there's me in capris and a single layer still. image

    Yes, you can run in snow, although last year I did find myself running with a high leg lift, to pick each foot out of the snow and then drop it back in. Disclaimer - I'm not the most co-ordinated person, I imagine most people can run quite normally in it. Ice is more of a problem than snow - easier to slip and fall.

    I'm not sure I see the point of waterproof, you just end up wet with sweat rather than rain. Anyway, skin's waterproof. Getting cold is more of a problem when it rains than keeping dry, imo. I usually just add an extra shirt.

  • Holly,

     I see your point and have to confess I was out in the cold, wet and wind last Sunday with only an extra layer on.  I suppose I will just have to play about.  To be honest I would rather spent the money on tops that are more frequently worn than a jacket thats less often worn!!


  • Well suppose Im up in Cumbria lol. Its melted this morning but more forecast for tonight - used to love snow but now Ive got too much to do for it to be any fun lol.

    I ran in it last year - and bought myself a pair of grippier trail shoes which were nice but I draw a line when it turns icy like Holly Liz.  Also last year I ran through the fields in snow not a good idea because you cant see rabbit holes under snow.  I ended up falling down a hill covered in them and tree roots and lost my phone! So no off roading for me in it!!

    I just wear a long sleeve windproof cycling top with sometimes a compression layer underneath to help keep warm.  Like Holly says with waterproof you get wet with sweat, and I find sweat makes you cool down alot more than rain does - though that could be just me?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Rachael glad the garmin is helping.   We had 7 weeks of snow last winter so there was no option than to run in it.  None here yet but its very icy. 

    LSR of 19 miles for me yesterday bringing it to 46 for the week. 

  • jason d wrote (see)
    Mon- Hiimage. I've used P&D for my last 5 maras, albeit with a bit of personalisation. Solid plan as long as you stick with itimage

    Jason as you know P&D has worked for me and as for the personalisation just made it 21/22 weeks long with a bit of swimming thrown in image

    18.2 miles yesterday, nice. 72 miles for the week.

  • 15 miles for me yesterday after a killer xc on Saturday.  Rest todayimage.
  • 6 miles recovery run D&Dimage
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Out on the beer last night, so decided to punish myself with 10 x 800m this morning. Also forgot the press-ups yesterday, so I did 60 today.  Pint of choccie milk then off to work.  Now need somewhere to hide so I can take a nap...
  • Teknik- not sure how you do it.  I can run easy in the morning but can't imagine intervals before work... 6x1000 planned for tonight with 200m jogs... it's going to hurtimage.

    My hamstring and calves have been complaining since the xc on Saturday (nothing like the first run of the season in spikes) so not sure how it will go tonight but will give it a go...

  • Physio says I can try jogging either tomorrow night or Thursday...  woo hoo... really chuffed.  I havce been reminded to warm up first and take it easy for few days...   Still a bit sore, but limp almost gone.  Got physio again next Wed just to check me over once back to jogging!!   Wish me luck!
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Jennie: Good luck, go slow and keep warmimage

    Mon - if I can increase the intervals to 52, and cut the recoveries to zero, I'll be looking at a 3 hr Marathon...now there's a plan!

  • Double day 6 this morning and 6 tonight still snow ice and sleet here.
  • Sounds like everyone is coming along a treat! I am struggling with a sore foot these past couple of days.  Toe nail on second to big toe is coming off was told to pull it off but its too sore to touch! and pain along top and side of the same foot, don't know why its suddenly come about.  I did two and a half miles easy yesterday and was fine whilst running but afterwards it was rather painful!

    So its a core conditioning class for me tonight - the local tri club run it, I have been thinking of joining a tri club since I bought my road bike and  for this class, running, swimming and cycling coaching - all for £15 a year I think I'll take the plunge and join!

  • Sounds like a bargain Rachael
  • Teknik- interesting approach.  Hope you're not planning on putting it into practiceimage

    Rachel- ouch!  Sounds painful.  Would leave the toe nail alone if I were you. The tri club sounds great.  I'm guilty of not doing enough core/ strength exercises.

    No Pain- how you manage with the snow?  I found last year I just about managed easy runs but anything faster was a challenge... Glad it's not a common problem here...

    Tough track session last night.  Was a bit knackered and the hamstring was not happy but it seems better today so fingers crossed it's on the mend.  Recovery 5 miles tonight for me and hopefully a core session afterwards.

    I'm itching to start with the P&D schedule. 

  • 14 miles this morning in Sun, sleet, rain and coldimage.

    Mon77 last year I did 90% of my runs outside and enjoyed running in the snow did a few 23mile runs when it was -12 to -18 here but makes you hardimage. P&D 24 week plan already started another 70+ mile week ends on Saturday.

  • No Pain- sounds extremeimage.  I don't mind the cold as such or the snow, it's the ice that gets to me.  Not many places you can run off road in London in winter (after dark).  Hmmmmmm 24 weeks.  Should've thought of that.  I've got the second edition of P&D with the longest schedule being 18 weeks so will be starting it in Jan. 
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Rachael - ouch.  You might want to try re-lacing your shoes in a different fashion, to see if it makes a difference to the foot pain.  Failing that, when's the last time you had your gait analysed? Might need different shoes...

    Mon: which P&D are you going to do - 55 or 70?  On your existing mileage the 18/55 early weeks will be a breeze for you.

    No Pain. Wow. Just wow.

  • Teknik- doing the 70mpw one.  The first few weeks look ok... the one thing I think I might struggle with most is the long run with big chunks done at MP.  I think the first week has got something like 16 miles with 10 done at MP... I didn't do this kind of training for my previous maras and I can imagine that holding my target mara pace for this distance when tired will be challenging. 

    Otherwise just trying to figure out how to fit my xc races into the schedule.  Saturdays are meant to be recovery runs... I can imagine that after a tough xc I might struggle with a long run on Sunday.   I might try to reshuffle long runs so that at least I'm not doing them at MP after a race.  I want to stick to the schedule as much as possible but don't want to miss out on xc... Oh well- something will have to giveimage. Any advice?

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Mon: Remember I'm the guy who keeps failing to execute the plan and race properly, so take this with a pinch of salt...

    P&D have 8k to 15k tune-up races before the LSR on weeks =-2/-4/-6. These could be xc races (but might be too late in the season).

    You could drop the mid week Lactate runs in weeks -17 to -7 and replace them with a saturday xc (but again, as you say, it will probably be too much for the sunday MP chunk long runs in weeks -16, -13 and -9). Plus I am assuming your xc race pace is similar to your lactate threshold pace...

    Or you shift the long runs to some day in the week...monday morning 5am? Ouch.  Treadmill 20 miler Wednesday after work? mmmmm....

  • Teknik- lol.  Yep, Monday morning 5am should solve the problem.  image

  • Like Dark O'clock lots of 5am/5:30 am training done here. We are use to the cold up North......
    Lots on last years forum will be over at the start of the new year.

    Mon77 build upto the MP miles rather than do them all do the last 4/6 miles adjust it to suit yourself.

    What are everyone's marathons and target times?
    I'm 50 male, VLM PB 2:58:18 last year target this year 2:55image*
  • My 3rd mara, female, 34.  My pb from Amsterdam in October 3:42:48.  Will be aiming for 3:35.

    No Pain- good idea.  I might try to build up to it over the next couple of weeks before starting the schedule.  Very impressive timesimage.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    second that, truly awesome NP.image

    5th marathon, male 46, serial failure to break 4h.  Running Milton Keynes aiming for 3h50.  PB 4h15 Berlin.

    Looking for some way to avoid losing 20mins in last 6 miles.

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