Snowdonia Marathon 2012

panadpanad ✭✭✭
After a fantastic day around the mountain today, here we go again...

Bring it on image


  • *phew*

    So glad someone else started this, this year image

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Lol Frodo,it's not that scary is it? -don't tell me now it's gonna come back&haunt me all year...!

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    BTW I hope you spelt it right last year as I just copied your spelling...
  • I promise I did image

    I just want to make it to the start line next year.

  • Well done, panad- and the right spellingimage We were concerned that we'd have to abort the post race celebrations to start the new thread. Ok, so that's not strictly true!!

    Got to say that the post SNOD party is becoming as big a part of the calendar as the race itself- lol!image

    Great times!

  • BRING IT ONimage
  • after a DNS this year due to illness i hope to make it in 2012!!
  • Popped in to say well done and goodbye. The Snowdon journey is done for me.

    We are still in the area and wish the race had been today.

    Hope to see people around.

  • OK, sat here in post hols reverie and obviously not thinking straight ... but count me in for next year ... as long as you promise to leave the lights for me to finish !!!

    (living in North Wales means that I have to do it some time ... and really .. just how hard can it be ! image )

  • Oh, Bruce - you so know I won't let you forget that you said that image
    Welcome aboard!
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    I'm in. I'm in.

     Well I will be come January 1st.......

    It's easy Bruce. I mean according to my Garmin it's a downhill race by about 48 feet.....image

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • 365 days and counting (i think)

  • i wont to do this again???......Dam right I'm in!!image

  • Me tooimage Are you going to do Chester again next year, TR39?image

    Where's the list?image

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Give TRex a chance JD, he's probably still wandering around in the mountains!
  • Hey guys, shop's open for business again..happy daysimageimage What an awesome day! It was brilliant to meet up with you after all this time..our caravan power came back on at 9.40! Hope you all had a great 'rest of the evening'!

    Well, back in sunny Midlands now..find it so difficult to believe at times that such ferocious weather goes on only 120 miles away.

    Anyone know what time it's on tonight? I going back next year??? TOO RIGHT, BRING IT ON!!!!imageimageimage

    Did TRex go a wandering last night..oh no, what tales will he have?

  • Brer- 7.30pm S4Cimage
  • JD Yep Chester too, 3:30 for sure next year!!!image

    Brer glad power came back on!! good seeing you last nightimage

  • This is the BEST race south of the border, I hope to be in next year.
  • Frodo, thanks ... had a feeling that statement may well come back and bite me seriously on the bum!! image

    Chimney, I'm liking that course summary .. should be on for a fast time then image

    TR39 / Jason D, is the date for Chester out yet ? (this could get complicated ... and not to mention painful!!)

  • Bruce October 7thimage
  • Are you Helsby-ing again, Bruce?
  • Frodo, I am indeed ... are you joining us for this years evaluation of the damage done by the Christmas excesses too?
  • Most definitely image
    I did beg the organisers to let Benny run it with me, but they said no image
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Stuart - if you're still interested in that Grim place pm me your email address and I'll send you the details.
  • Hello all. Wow what an unbeliveable event that was. I wasn't sure if to post on the 2011 or 2012 thread but I believe this is the place to be!! Let's just hope the others find us here...

    I wrote up my first SNOD experience here -

    This was far more than just about the race. The whole weekend was absolutely awesome and to enjoy it with so many likeminded people from this thread was really special. I think the Karaoke party might have actually topped the race itself image great to meet you all - TRex, TR39 and MrsTR39, Chimney, Jasond, nicola, andrea, Rou, and britnick. I'm already looking forward to next year!

    Watched the coverage earlier. I spotted myself twice just off the start line. Rou - an absolutely amazing run. Amazing, amazing. The 1st lady was like a women possessed!!! How she descended the final hill was mental.

    And Jasond I'm sure you were watching and spotted your moment of fame as you passed behind the interviewer at the finish whilst 1st lady (apologies for forgetting her name) was interviewed. You looked knackered and righty so!!! Great time Jason.

    And my last 2 words have to be for Nicola and Andrea!! DIRTY BURGER image hhhhmmmmmmmm

  • Oh and has anyone seen any race photos anywhere yet... Not that they will show much more than very wet runners shrouded in mist and cloud!
  • Here we all go again image
  • Ahem. Since this is the SNOD 2012 thread, the usual excellent crop of pictures from last year's race can be found on Alastair Tye's site. image

  • Well done everyone. Some great race times and reports.

    My brood all loved the long weekend - we managed to fit in some horse riding, a trip into electric mountain, and a (recovery? waddling!) walk round the waterfalls before heading home. And they rode the lake railway and dropped into the slate museum whilst we got soaked on saturday.

    Alas, my poor last few training runs showed and I drifted off the pace between Beddgelert and Waunfawr so finished 1min50s outside my 4hr target. B******* ! Oh to have been 4s per mile quicker. Still, pleased to have stayed on pace over "the beast" and to have knocked 6min off last years time. There's always next year to go sub-4 ....

    Did ayone else find it funny coming over the final hill in the wind and driving rain? It was like a scene from Strickly Come Dancing ... lots of people wearing bright gear all moving in a neat line, sudden gust of wind and we all took 3 paces left in perfect time.

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