Inskip Derby Arms Half Marathon

Any info about this would be appreciated.

 I`m doing the one at Catforth a couple of weeks before but this would be a good back-up if I don`t get a good time there. Or would it?



  • Yes this is a new new race and it is myself organising the event due to so many people that mist out on helsby and the brass monkeys.

    The course is flat with 3 slight climbs in it which rise 5 to 6 metres over a1/4 mile and are well apart so to me a pb course.

    If anyone fancies a recci on sunday morning and has a good GPS and would be willing to put it on this site we are setting of at 9.30am from the Derby arms pub which is the start of the race. If you need any more info give me a call on 07851412354 cheers Alan T.

  • Quite fancy this as it is on my birthday.  Will there be an on-line entry option?
  • Hi  tortoise at the moment runners world are just opening it up to online so is ukresults but running diary are up and running ahead of everyone and should be up and running tonight.

    imageHow old are you and I'll give you your number to go with your age.image But dont forget I only have 300 numbers HaHa.

  • Very interested in this , was thinking about the one on the 2nd january in the same area. This gives me a bit longer to recover after the Christmas binge . I think this will sell out very quickly , Alan would you be able to increase the number of entries above 300 if there is demand ?
  • Yes as we just need to up our numbers on the public liability insurance and with this being the first run then I would just like to put on a good event and let it get bigger on its own without the pressure. Thats why the closeing date is the 8th jan so we can decide to extend and get the logistics right so hopefully everyone goes away happy.

    Hope that answers your question steve.

  • Thanks for this I will definitely enter tomorrow . My name is carol Hart and I will be 51 ( but don't tell anyone image )
  • imageYour secrets safe with me and a few thousand other runners be good to see you there I'll look out for you at registration I've got your number cheers Alan T.image
  • I'll sign up after tomorrows club night , hope I can rope a few others into doing it Alan forgot about all the hassle you get when organising a running event . This will fit in well with my target of doing the Liverpool half then the Manchester marathon.
  • Alan Would be Very interested in entering this one as its only a couple of miles from home. Where can I get some details ? Nothing on shoestring site, and runners world one is subscriber only.
  • Hi sprint and should be there you must be close to me then cheers AlanT.
  • Thanks for all the info alan. I might sign up after Catforth. Also will let me b-i-l know about this!

  • I have now entered this for both myself and my other half.  really looking forward to it and will make me get out and train over Christmas.
  • imageGreat stuff as I put on an earlier reply I am running the course on sunday at 9.30am so any of you want a recci fell free to join me no matter what your pace is the more the better and can have a drink in the pub afterimage
  • Would love to but it`s a bit far from Sheffield! Have fun!
  • imageIt is a bit far for a training run but never mind hope to see you in jan or if you do any other races over this way let me know hope your training goes well over the xmass period cheers Alan T.
  • imageJust been out with a few Garmin runners and one of them is a techno garmin whizz  and said that he will put the data on here later for you all to see happy browsing.
  • Would love to have joijned you but had  cross country today.  Looking forward to seeing the data.

  • hi there,

    Can anyone tell me if ipods/music players are allowed for this race?

    best wishes. x

  • No they are not allowed as you are on open roads and need to be able to here traffic and the instructions of the marshalls as there are to junctions that you must cross and be able to here the marshalls and you should be listening to your body not music hope this does not put you of as it is a great course to run cheers Alan T.

  • Do people like a medal or does it matter. As a vetran runner medals and T.shirts dont bother me as I do the races either to better my time or because of where it is so a bit of a servey here to be done let me know cheers Alan T.
  • I prefer medals Alan. Or , if it`s a t-shirt, it`s much better to have a tech one. Had nice ones from Soto`s and Worksop half this year that I can train in. Nothing worse than a dull design white tee!
  • Ran the proposed route with Alan on Sunday and I have attached the following link - (hope it works!) so you guys can see the nice scenic route.  (I know the route I posted is only 13 miles but am assured that the route will be an accurate 13.1miles!)

    I personally found it to be a nice route with a couple of tiny little inclines which are nice to push but all in all I would call it a flat route with no hills!

    If the other races put on by this race organiser are anything to go by it will be a well organised race with friendly marshals and a great goody bag!

  • imageMany thanks Rich hope this will make good reading for all you stato runners. As you will see its not hilly and it will be a good one for the first timers cheers Alan T.image
  • As the entry fee for this is very reasonable , I wouldn't expect much , most do it to test themselves . At the Guys 10 the other year got a very nice piece of cheese !
  • rjhrjh ✭✭✭
    i wouldnt want a medal, something different like a tech shirt, mug etc....something i could use.
  • ../members/images/458169/Profile.jpg

    Hi there,

    Will there be chip timing for this event? I am trying to quality for the NYC marathon but I would need my individual time to be verifiable in order to submit my time. Thanks Alan!

  • Hi Rebecca there wont be chip timing but if you make yourself known to me on the day I can give you a copy of the course measurment certificate and we could use a different watch and time you as you pass the start and finish. But I would think if you have somthing to say it is an accurate course then any published time should be OK.

    As to rjh as this is the first half marathon there will be a medal and other things and if the race gets bigger we can look into other goodies cheers Alan T. 

  • Just wondering what people thought of the Garmin data on this race as I am thinking about doing it on the other races I organise.image Its nice to see a lot of runners that did the lancaster half have picked up entry forms and entered as my postman has never been as busy but he does'nt mind as he runs for the same club as me.image
  • imageDid the toe get sub 75mins today at the preston 10 as it was perfect weather for it.image
  • alan taylor 6 wrote (see)
    imageDid the toe get sub 75mins today at the preston 10 as it was perfect weather for it.image
    Didn`t enter. Lots of family stuff on this weekend so had to miss one of my favourites. image
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