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  • mmmmmmmmmmmorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrningggggggggggggimage heck i missed a lot last night....!! hello merlie and nicole...welcome to the nuthouse as franny quite rightly said...Boss will be along soon to lay down the rules....as we girls always stick to his rulesimage

    gastank, id quite happily wear the second outfit...but my bum would be far too cold in the first one...and added to that itd probably not be best idea as itd scare any passers by/spectators into an early grave..image

    RR/Ecky..aw i think you can arrange all the cheerleading for the next month as i wont be leading squad on22ndimage.....

    chili take it easy sweetie, i think thats a sign rest is required if you are feeling tht tired. i have been too and i know the dark/chilly weather  isnt helping. im trying to give myself  a break these next 2 weeks.

    HAVE A GOOD DAY ALL...........*goes off to squeeze into gastanks purple /black combo outfit*image

  • imageoooo have just looked at gloucester mara thread and apparently it fills up fast and someone who tried to enter on the day travelled all the way there and got turned awayimage i havnt entered yet as i wasnt sure how the weather would be..and mr llb said no point paying to enter and thn we cant get there.....um,,, crikey hope im nt going to have by'ecks problem and the race be full now...think id better nag mr llb to let me enter today....
  • Moooooornin. Wont be able to get  Docs today but have made appoint for Weds at 9.40.

    Mmmmmmmm  not sure about the pants that have been eaten by the Bottys. I could go for the other one though....*goes off to find plastic surgeon for a Boobette lift*

    Hi to Newbies.

    Hope everyone is OK.Sos must dash will try cath up later.

  • Morning all!

    Very rainy here and they are forecasting snow but then they have been saying that for a few weeks.

    I think everybody in the English department was wondering why I had a picture of lots of women's bums on my computer!  I say 'women' but the bums look more like little boys' bums to me!!!!

    No run for me today as I have my meeting after school.  Bell's ringing.

    Anyway - have a good day all!

  • Morning!
    Welcome Merlie.

    My brother has just left. He's an entertainer/professional juggler and is joining a ship in Southhampton to cruise to Barcelona. Shame he lives in Berlin and we only get to see once a year or so. But he was talking about attempting a Sprint Tri image He can swim and cycle but can't really run and I'm not sure he's going to do any training... but he's young and fit so I reckon it won't kill him.

    Loula, no idea what to suggest, but surely the weather seem so mild this year. And it would be a real shame to have done all this training and not run the race.

    I think I just need to get to bed before midnight for a few nights.

    Happy Running everyone

  • Morning all,

    Welcome Merlie and Nicole- I hope you both enjoy this madhouse of a thread.

    Top prize and praise to Phantom for posting some quality pictures!!!image

    Chilli-Well done on 5 runs last week. I try and aim for 5 a week.

    Franny-I too can't wait for the lighter mornings as I just want to get up & run @ about 7.15 am and see where I am going.

    Didn't do a run this morning as felt a tad tired and achey so will go out tomorrow..................after my Dr's appointment which I am not looking forward to.image   

    Hi LLB,CHilli,Ecky,Phantom,Jude etc................. 

  • Hello all, thanks for the warm welcome, I will learn all the names slowly (I'm better with faces!).

    LLB, think you're sensible with pre-empting the race entry! Am I right in assuming Chili is 'Boss' as he started the thread?

    Merlie- if you're going just a bit further for some cake I think you've got the right idea. I'm aiming to break the 2hr mark for my halves this year.

    Chili- thanks for the explanation! I was faced with the cheerleaders and thought I was on the wrong thread for a second...have gone back now to have a gawk at the bicep pictures (very nice, thanks to the girls!). Hope you manage to overcome the tiredness this week. Good point about getting to bed before midnight image

  • Ooops!  I forget to say welcome to the newbies.

    Welcome Merlie and Nicole!

    Chili - Wow! Your brother's life sounds fun! 


  • Hi AF....erm...think it was Gastank that put on the pics.......image Good luck with your doctors appt tom..I am sure all will be well........

    Chilli....Hope you get to bed before the witching hour tonight...

    Nicole.....It,s AF thats da boss...he likes to keep us ladies in check cos he thinks we are too norty....image  LOL.....Nicole I too am chasing under the magic 2 for a half and hope to do it this year.....i have done 2 marathons and am training for my 3rd one in May again hoping to beat last years time of 4.36....image

  • afternoon all...image nicole chili is a laydee not a blokeyimage and gastank put the cheeky botty pics on to counterbalance all my male bicep pics...AND i hav to tell you i ONLY out those pics on for the other girlies, its nuffing to do wiv me-honest!! i really dont go for muscly bulked up guysimage...not at all*crosses fingers behind back*image

    well peeps i have officially entered Gloucester now, so im feeling better as at least i know i will get there and have a placeimagecant believe in 2 weeks time it'll be over....im rewarding myself the following week with a nice run of 20milesimage

    AF, im glad you are going to the Drs-MAKE SURE YOU DO -or Dr Loula will have her white coat on,BNF tucked under my arm and will personally escort you to your GP!!image*WAGS FINGER STERNLY*

    ecky, i trust you to go friendy as i know you will...*smiles sweetly at ecky whilst giving the boss a stern look *

    franny, have a quiet day at work , as best you can imagei will post Dean to you very soon, may i hang on to him until AFTER my run...i think i need to read a few pages again the night beforeimage

    jude, those pants are rather skimpy arnt they..i reckon we could get away with it thoughimage

  • Oops, apologies Chili!

    LLB, I don't go for muscly bulked up guys either *ahem*

    AF/Boss- Hello, and hope you are sorted out quickly by whatever doctor prescribes.

    Right, I am off in a few hours to prance around the gym for the last of my rehab stuff, can't wait to try a little run on Thurs! Monday is almost over!
  • Nicola - I'm a female Chili and am thread starter and cake monitor - which means I get to remind everyone to eat plenty image

    We used to have a member called Spartak and he was the boss cos he organised us all into the CRAC team and even started a blog thing.... but then he emigrated somewhere northern and cold and without internet access. So we elected AF as boss. 

    My brother does have a fun time but travels constantly... I could cope with a year of that but not a lifestyle. I'm rather proud of him though. Here is his website if you want to look at any of his stuff. Luke

  • X -post! image
  • /members/images/659372/Gallery/jessica-ennis-pic-yu-tsai-marie-claire-856220364.jpg

    good afternoon all and newbies hiimage

    good stuff Gastank but maybe more patriotic

  • Phantom-That is a lovely picture we need more of these type of pictures! Is it Jessica Ennis? 

    Nicole enjoy the gym. 

    I have just entered a race-The Leith Hill 1/2 Marathon on 18/3, it is run bu Trionium who ran my New Years Day race. Apperntly it has been reguarly voted by Runners World as one of the top UK races.Seem to be getting into hilly races at the moment! 

  • Well, I bit the bullet and went for a run whilst pushing Moo in his buggy. A bit disconcerting at first (especially cos I wasn't in my running gear) but really gives the arms a workout and son loved it.1.5 miles going very quick image
    Loula, some people think Dean is a bit full of himself. I might need to buy a copy so I can defend him.
  • i dont think Dean is full of himself at all, in fact he seems very happy to share his downfalls in his book and point out that he is indeed not perfect...poor Dean...we will defend him wont we by'eckimage

    phantom, thats a good oic, i like her outfit, thats like the 2xu one im going to get...dont think i'll look like that in mine thoughimage

  • I'll add your race when I get home AF.

    Phantom - At least she looks sporty, lol!

    OK girls! We may need some more pics, I prefer mine lean and mean (or at least a bit thoughtful!)

    Loula - You are all set now.  No turning back! Exciting!!

    By'Eck - well done on your run with the buggy. 

  • Jude Yazicilar wrote (see)

    OK girls! We may need some more pics, I prefer mine lean and mean (or at least a bit thoughtful!)

    ok, i own up....i'll be totally honest...i just like them REALLY pumped up...imagei just have such a weakness  for muscles.......*sigh*
  • /members/images/659372/Gallery/Jessica_Ennis_12th_bum.jpg

    Yes AF that is a photo of the amazing Jennifer Ennisimage and good luck tomorrow at the Docs.

    Here's another 

  • image they are men.......thats not pretty
  • afternoon everyone

    hi to Nicole and Merlie

    AF - was the dr today? hope it went well

    Loula - well done for getting your entry in.

    I am back on the injury bench - after much time on the internet I think it might be the posterior tibial tendon. I am going to try to get a dr appointment as I have spent so much at the physio already and it isn't getting better I am getting fed up. I think I have to realise that I am not going to make the start line of the sussex marathon. A real disappointment, especially as we have a holiday booked round it.

    so, grounded for now, I am going to concentrate a bit on losing weight as I am a couple of stone heavier than I should be. Does that mean going easy on the cakeimage?

  • aw mathschick!!image noooooo......is that the june marathon?
  • oh, am I really slow at typing? there always seem to be a few posts while I type

    anyway, good luck for the dr tomorrow AF!

  • sorry to hear that mathsimage
  • mathschick, i cant keep up either!!image

  • loula - it is 1st April. There is just no way I will be able to train for it now...

    hopefully I will back running and trained for the Sheffield HM in May though!

    Those are the 2 that I had paid for entries, I have a wish list of others, but nothing else paid for! Just really disappointing ....

  • ok boys , are we are equal on the pics nowimage
  • Nonsurgical Treatment

    Symptoms will be relieved in most patients with appropriate nonsurgical treatment. Pain may last longer than 3 months even with early treatment. For patients who have had pain for many months, it is not uncommon for the pain to last another 6 months after treatment starts.


    Decreasing or even stopping activities that worsen the pain is the first step. Switching to low-impact exercise is helpful. Biking, elliptical machines, or swimming do not put a large impact load on the foot, and are generally tolerated by most patients.


    Apply cold packs on the most painful area of the posterior tibial tendon for 20 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times a day to keep down swelling. Do not apply ice directly to the skin. Placing ice over the tendon immediately after completing an exercise helps to decrease the inflammation around the tendon.

    Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Medication

    Drugs, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, reduce pain and inflammation. Taking such medications about a half of an hour before an exercise activity helps to limit inflammation around the tendon. The thickening of the tendon that is present is degenerated tendon. It will not go away with medication. Talk with your primary care doctor if the medication is used for more than 1 month.


    A short leg cast or walking boot may be used for 6 to 8 weeks. This allows the tendon to rest and the swelling to go down. However, a cast causes the other muscles of the leg to atrophy (decrease in strength) and thus is only used if no other conservative treatment works.


    Most people can be helped with orthotics and braces. An orthotic is a shoe insert. It is the most common nonsurgical treatment for a flatfoot. An over-the-counter orthotic may be enough for patients with a mild change in the shape of the foot. A custom orthotic is required in patients who have moderate to severe changes in the shape of the foot. The custom orthotic is more costly, but it allows the doctor to better control the position the foot.


    A lace-up ankle brace may help mild to moderate flatfoot. The brace would support the joints of the back of the foot and take tension off of the tendon. A custom-molded leather brace is needed in severe flatfoot that is stiff or arthritic. The brace can help some patients avoid surgery.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy that strengthens the tendon can help patients with mild to moderate disease of the posterior tibial tendon.

    Steroid Injection

    Cortisone is a very powerful anti-inflammatory medicine that your doctor may consider injecting around the tendon. A cortisone injection into the posterior tibial tendon is not normally done. It carries a risk of tendon rupture. Discuss this risk with your doctor before getting an injection.

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