Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Ahhh right .. yes I know where you are vaguely

    Good time now to get in the pool and sort out any issues you have with a couple of 1 to 1 lessons, keep the cycling and running up and see what Fink has in store for you!

    If you havent booked accommodation yet then go back a few pages and you will find details of Pirate central if you are inclined to spend some time with like minded people.  If swimming is your weakness then I would certainly aim to get out there a few days early to get some sea swims in as I cant see there being much opportunity in Somerset before hand!

  • Don't worry sharky it's my first go at IM too

    I also come from more of a running background

    How the traing going? image
  • I'm probably going to go and do Lanzarote 70.3 in October next's madness really - I haven't rode my bike for a couple of years!!  (It's coming out of storage next week  - on to the turbo first) - I am training for VLM (and possibly our local marathon 6 weeks after that) - MrGFB did this race a couple of weeks ago and it's tough but fair.

    There is the added bit of going up Tabyesco so that should be fun!!

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good half IM training plan?


  • Training in the winter for an IM, why did I think that was a good idea?

  • I think it is supposed to give you an incentive to train when there is ice, snow and gale force winds outside - that's the theory - it ain't working for me either!

  • Ball ache

    -5* when I set out on my run this morning
  • Well, my training is going really well!! So far I've:

    1. bought a new Garmin and figured out how to switch it on;
    2. had a proper bike fit at Bike Science;
    3. ordered new kit form the kit fairy
    4. booked flights and hotel

    I think that should be enough until it warms up a bit outside image

  • I am off to see a knee Doc on Monday.
    Can we put Lanza back a few months...?

  • Keep thinking I should of just entered Wales and had the summer months to train.

    Ahh well flights and hotel booked now so too late. In for a penny in for a pound
  • I was going to do a shorter ride outside today but I just can't face putting on my 5 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of overshoes and 50 jerseys so I bailed in favour of the turbo.

  • Lovely morning for biking today at 7am, rain, 20mph headwind, 3C and dark, bit like Lanza without the cold and rain hopefully and the dark, unless it's a very long day in the saddle!

    Anyone watched this one yet?  (not linking on this mac)

    Pirate spotting at 14.43

    Gives an indication of the length of transition, might have to try that leaving the shoes on the bike thing if you want to save some time... image

  • looked at the video and thought.i could have done doesn't look too hot..............then realised that it was probably only 6 am in the the time they were on the bikes the sky was blue and the sun looked good job I'm not doing it..


     good luck OC

  • I shouldn't really watch videos with the swim start on it - does me no good!!

    But you're right about that transition Symes - reckon I'll be knackered if I have to run that far to my bike! Don't they do a vallet service?? image

  • Thanks Symes!!!

    Cycling in the cold and dark will prove to be very usefull.

  • The transition is loooooooong   and thats after the run up the beach over boiling hot sand

    Fun I tell you, fun  image

  • I'm sure if we all chipped in, we could afford a taxi??

  • it can't be as long as the run to T1 in IMW can itimage

  • FFS.

    Please explain what made me enter this event, sea swim, bound to be choppy, mountainous bike, windy always, too hot dont go well in heat, hot marathon to finish, train thru winter....why...why....why?

    Apart from that, it will be great.


  • I thought it was a relay ... i'm just doing the swim    image

  • Another cold bike today, bound to useful in Lanza!!!?

  • It wasnt as cold as I ended up over dressed and  a sweaty mess.

  • image so it was just like Lanza then image

  • Yes and No.

  • Roughly 3 to 3.5 hrs biked today.  I find that with 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of overshoes, bib tights, base layer, thermal jersey, jacket, winter neoprene gloves and ear warmers I'm just about warm enough.  However, it does take me several hours to get dressed.


  • Just spent a week in PDC and took the opportunity to ride most of the course and run most of the run route.

    IMO - bike course has plenty of slow ascents and is very windy - some terrific descents in there too - I'm no climber but managed the climbs OK - overall think it's a TT bike course,

    Run is not flat but not hard either - wind is a welcome relief ! Looking forward to tackling it again but this time I won't have been on the beer for a week.

    Stayed at Bitacora on same road as Club O and can recommend them. Booked Club O in the end though as looked a little nicer.
  • Symes...

    That was me on the video .... i am famous for 3 seconds

    30 min bike today.

    Knee ached on any hill.... hmmmmm see a doctor tomorrow....
  • I've had to pull out of this race due to work related issues. Gutted

    I've got 3 seats booked on the Tuesday flight from Birmingham. If anyone is interested, they can have them cheap.

    I've just phoned travel republic to ask what charges apply for a name change and they are going to get back to me.
  • That's a real shame. Sorry to hear that.

    3hr 15 bike yesterday and 1hr 40 run today. My arse is killing me. You could bounce coins off my left glute.
  • Jay - that's bad news - can't you resign?? Priorities and all??

    Mouse - thanks for the offer image but why just the left glute??

    Managed a nice 56 mile ride today around bits of the Henley course in 3hrs 20, including puncture fixing time!

  • Raf - should I book you an appointment to pop round then? image

    I have no idea why it's just one side, apart from the fact that I think it's not uncommon for us to be stronger/weaker on one side and we all compensate in different ways.  I know one of my calf muscles is bigger than the other for example.


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