Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • I've certainly bought 'tour' tshirts in the past but I think the issue here is that many of us already have plenty of pirate kit so won't be buying new. If I were though I'd say the extravalanza idea is the best and it would get my vote.
  • I'd be up for a strappy T shirt with something printed on to wear in Lanza.

  • Me too - although maybe not a strappy t-shirt, not with my shoulders anyway! image

  • it would go with your skirt 

  • Me too - although I don't mind whether it's strappy or not

  • I like the idea of an ExtravaLanza tshirt

  • Are we thinking along the lines of a modified Hollywood/Spreadshirt design or something completely different?

  • LOL

    Well I take it all back.  It seems that everybody IS keen to buy some more pirate stuff.


    I would've thought if we agree on a slogan - like OC's suggested ExtravaLanza which seems to be the most popular, we could customise a spreadshirt tee.  Certainly the easiest way to do it rather than doing something else from scratch.

    Maybe if we agree the exact lettering (ie capitalisation of the E and the L  and do we or don't we add 2013) and then we can order what we want?

  • As a starting point for discussion, these are both the backs - normal Pirate logo on front:





  • Great work.

    For my tuppance worth, I'd take out 'Pirate Tour' but no good reason for said comment and I'm easy really.


  • If you take out 'Pirate Tour' there would then be enough room for your name



  • I likey ... my pref would be the text on the back, logo on the front.  But I can't work the out design thing on the site so what do I know!! 

  • but my name isn't Rafiki?

    Def text on the back for me, I don't like the position of text on the front.

    I think Raf's got it spot on and we can either have ExtravaLanza, 2013 and our name or not if we don't want our name on there.

  • From what I could gather - you can't have the strappy top with text on the front (unless you wear it back to front image). The Spreadsheet designs are great, but not a flexible as you'd think!!

    And if everyone's called Rafiki, I'd stand a good chance of actually finishing!!

  • Pingu - are you serious re the spreadshirt site, I'm happy to liaise with you if you need help.

    Raf - what do you do when you're not busy drinking and wearing skirts?  You seem to know a lot about design?

  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    I likey ... my pref would be the text on the back, logo on the front.  But I can't work the out design thing on the site so what do I know!! 

    That's quite worrying, considering your job!! image

    Mouse - obviously when I'm niot drinking or wearing skirts, I'm training hard!! image

  • I'll take that as 'my job is none of your business' then.


  • I think I'm being thick, will take another look later.

    And I don't think I'm going to walk around with Pingu printed on my back, Iron or not!! image

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    I'll take that as 'my job is none of your business' then.


    Well i was going to be a Rock Star, but the hours didn't suit, so I became an Environmental Consultant instead, so nothing to do with design - well apart from a bit of landscape design image

  • What about "Piratas en el tour" according to google translate is pirates on tour?

  • This is fun....

    Make a suggestion, walk away and someone else does all the work!

    Oh pingu

    of course your name has to be on the shirt. no one will know who you are otherwise. and you cant use the excuse of not wanting to look silly.... You have a large pirate skull on ypur shirt already

  • Pingu.I always find the speadsheet site hardwork.when i want to buy something I usually go on 3 or 4 times before i'm brave enough to have a goimage

  • Haha, glad I'm not the only one, I've always bought other peoples designs in the past!

    Btw, I like the Spanish Pirates on tour text, but it could all be too much text with the ExtravaLanza and the year and the name and the logo!

  • image with the design I posted, you can only have three lines of text - and I can't make it any smaller, so I'm not sure the Spanish bit would fit.

  • Pirates Enel on Tour could be interesting ....    image

  • Latest suggestion......




     Now I better go for a swim........

  •  .. Nah .. too wordy

  • There's just no pleasing some people!! image

  • Remember that and you'll go far  image

  • Hokori wrote (see)

    Progress ,,, mmm

    Not as much as I would have liked in terms of extension but currently catching up fast on weekly volume but fading in strength as fast due to adductor cramping.

    No winter rides for me since I crashed in 2011. Same as Rafi however, 2h is pretty much my limit so I have to double book my cycling or just keep it almost daily. My plan has a 6days a week bike cycle 2 weeks from now anyway. My legs are killing me so adaptations seem to be working fine.

    Off to swim now at lunchtime and tonight I will do a short warmup overgear turbo and a 6 mile run.


    Hokori wrote (see)
    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    One thing that has crossed my mind is that it would be fun for a good bunch of us to meet up for a Lanza traning ride, perhaps some time late March?

    Was anything agreed on this? I was going to ask about the same thing. I am going to go to Lanza anyway March end so please post here or PM as desired.

  wrote (see)

    OC - I'd think 600 grit should do the job


    Swimming - not since November but I did 2km that time
    Biking - 100 mile a week in commutes, longest ride otherwise 40
    Running - bits n pieces

    Currently life or rather work is winning the battle for my time, not happy! 



    Iron Tractor Boy wrote (see)

    What about "Piratasen el tour" according to google translate is pirates on tour?

    I am spanish so I can help with wording as "tour" remains a NON spanish word.

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