Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • MTB much better for keeping warm and it gets the hours in    image

  • Managed to get in nearly 120 miles this weekend over 2 rides. A bit chilly at times but at least it was dry!!


  • I did squarely eff all due to pressures of work but have met some challenging deadlines and not much I can do about it. These things happen, that's why we train for so many weeks for our events.
  • What she said .....   although I have yet to find what my deadlines are/were    image

  • I've done nowt since Tuesday image

  • Well .. they may be enough for some people ... !!!

  • Which is why I considered two packs!

  • It's cold out there today .... brrrrrrrrrrr


  • Pingu, why nowt since Tues (post last week?)  Were you busy at work?  I hope you're not broken?

  • Oh, I came down with something on about Wednesday and just felt awful.  Then I had to get very drunk at a friends 40th on the Friday which gave me a hangover from hell on Saturday, and everyone piled back to mine and didn't leave until late on Sunday!

    I'm back focused on training now!!

    Actually, I have pulled my achilles (again) so am off running, though not too bothered about that as I'll just cycle the run training.

  • image "Then I had to get very drunk at a friends 40th on the Friday " - I like your style, being forced to drink image

  • image peer group pressure ....

  • Must've been awful!

  • image I've always found resistance is futile ...... image

  • brr its cold - too right - I biked home from the pool lastnight at 10pm. (yay I swam!!)

    there were not many people out and even fewer on bikes image

  • Been a chilly few days, still managed to keep the grand slam of bike commuting going each week so far, bit concerned that the BBC is telling me to stay indoors tomorrow away from the killer snow image

  • I did ask the gym if I could set up spin bike in the sauna - surprisingly they said no! image

  • image I can see nothing that could go wrong with your suggestion. 

    Weekend of turboing for a lot of folk this week I reckon.  That and sledging!! (fingers crossed please god!)

  • A weekend of turbo for me with a dog walk in between - she loves the snow but misses eating the grass!

  • Mountain biking in the snow??    Excellent Lanza training  image

  • Yes, pretty much identical conditions, lol.

  • I think potential mtb routes here would be equally as icy but I'm not planning anything until I see what happens when I look out of the window each morning.

    I've missed a lot of training these last two weeks but work is work and I can pick it up now as best I can with the weather. I was also up to 3hrs 45 bike and 2hr run so I was ahead of Fink.
  • I think most of us are 'ahead' in many aspects, nonetheless the knowledge of what we have let ourselves in for

    We get a few days or weeks or snow a year and you cant do any more than suck it up and move on to the next day

    I too shall be leaving decisions to 

  • Excuse me for butting in, but with the Kit Fairy's guiding hand, I'm going to do an order so that a nice yellow golf umbrella with a fetching black logo might

    a. Keep my supporter(s) dry / happy at Outlaw / Henley / Lanza (delete as appropriate)

    b. Make them feel they're a part of this happy ship ...

    c. Make them easier for me to spot

    If you reckon you'd like one too, then pop over to the Pirate Umbrella thread and add yourself to the list (need another 7 for a minimum order of 25). Looking at around £18 plus postage - full details on thread ... image

  • Update from the coal face:

    Not been on the forum for ages are mega busy at work, to busy to do any worthwhile training image.  On the upside if ever there was a race deserving to be blagged its Lanza image

    One thing that has crossed my mind is that it would be fun for a good bunch of us to meet up for a Lanza traning ride, perhaps some time late March?

  • Blimey Barlos .. will have to call you Barlost  image

    Ive been out on my bike today i'll have you know!

    March sounds good .. !!

  • i want to come to lanza./................mothing to do with the alcohol intake.......but unfortunately my OH hasn't had enough alcohol to say yesimage

  • image well give him another Stella then image

  • i am on wine with jagermeister bombs accompanying...........aren't you suppossed to be on the turbo will never get back on top of me if you don't keep on pedalling

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