Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • oxymoron wrote (see)
    its a piece of piss!

    I thought we'd covered the course on the first page image

  • Slagiatt (massively unprepared for Lanza, but going for the sunburn) wrote (see)

    Thanks Hokori , how was your week in the sun preparing ?


    Hey! Well it was tough to be honest, crosswinds were a bit scary at times. I was really lucky the day I did the full course(ish) that there was virtually NO wind.

    We need to get out for a ride!

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    oxymoron wrote (see)
    its a piece of piss!

    I thought we'd covered the course on the first page image

    We did, he meant p.i.s.s., which stands for "pretty intense sunny sufferfest", right?

    Nah, seriously, its a piece of piss.

  • I prefer Barley's description myself! I was going to change the gearing on the stead, but doesn't sound like its worth it.....12% inclines.......image

  • It's going to come round quick this now!

    Wish it would just bloody warm up a bit, I feel I've lost a lot of cycle training because of it and have done a lot of shorter rides but not enough of the longer ones. 

    Can't wait for a week in the sun though image


  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    I prefer Barley's description myself! I was going to change the gearing on the stead, but doesn't sound like its worth it.....12% inclines.......image

    Rafi, the climbs are not tough, I found Wales ramps harder, more numerous. But the wind is a factor here as is the heat that will raise your HR a bit higher than normal.

    I am carrying a Compact with a 12-28 and I only missed the Double on the descent to El Golfo and on the descent to La Santa.

    Summary of my posts,

    1. Dont overdo it on the first climb to Yaiza,
    2. Relax on the come back to El Golfo and do not push through Yaiza specially if we expect headwinds up Timanfaya (Fire Mountain)
    3. Easily spin Timanfaya
    4. Have fun down to La Santa and watch for XWinds
    5. Prepare mentally for the drag from Famara to Teguise and the halfway mark
    6. Do not push too hard through Teguise in the crowd or you will take longer to climb the hills ahead
    7. Count pedal strokes on the couple hard ramps up to Los Nieves
    8. Be careful on the bends to Haria and watch for speed before entering the town as you get some short turns
    9. Do not overdo Haria's steep ramp! Off the saddle only if you lose too much momentum
    10. Be patient up Mirador and remember it has 4 little climbs
    11. Have fun down to the bypass and remember to drink
    12. Focus on your stride before you get to Nazaret during the long rolling drag
    13. Nazaret can be nasty in the heat as is exposed
    14. Relax your shoulders down the Donkey track
    15. Once you start seeing "Monumento del Campesino" road marks you are on the home stretch but remember you still go slightly uphill for around 10k.
    16. Smile a lot from Conil to PC, you only have a marathon to run


    Edit: I have a couple of graphs to show but the add a picture thingy is broken.

  • What gearings your compact them Hokori?

  • Ive a 34/52, 12-27 and ill be glad of it.

    Needed all of those easy gears on my ride yesterday.

  • Rafi, I have the usual 50/34. I would like to have a 52/34 instead but dont expect to change that for Lanza.

    Also I have a big choice of wheels,

    1. Cosmic Elite Set
    2. Cosmic Carbone SL Set
    3. HED Jet 6 Front
    4. HED Jet 9 Back with Powertap
    5. HED Jet 4 Set with Powertap


    To Lanzarote I will probably bring the JET 4 set and the Cosmic Elite front. I did not expect the JET 4 to sail so much in the Xwinds. I rode the 6/9 in Wales and loved them there.

    I will bring my DEDA ITU aerobar and my Profile T3+ non ITU aerobars as well but I did not stay much in them as I was shaky in the Xwinds so I am unsure if they will make it on to the frame race day.

  • I recommend using GoogleEarth to analyse the bike course. I used OC's GPS file and if you open it on GoogleEarth and use the "Show Elevation Profile" option you can then drag on the graph and select areas. The system will then provide you average, min, max grades for the selected area.

    It is a fantastic tool. I can also provide the data on request if anybody wants.

  • I fancied a pop at this race, but having read your briefing, Josh, I feel like I've already done it. Think I'll take a couple of easy, recovery days, then head off to ebay to bag myself a Finisher T-Shirt.

  • I have been to spectate a few years ago .... can I have a tshirt for doing that ?

    Me and Seren and Mouse did our hill training on Monday so we're sorted  image

  • May have to change the gears me thinks - currently riding 53/39 with a 12/27.......

  • I daren't look to see what I have  image

  • Rafi, the website recommends 12-25 and 39-52 but I would not race that in my dreams. It took me 7h15 min in very easy conditions to do the course(ish) with the compact and up to 28 behind.
  • There is however a Pirate Museum outside Teguise, bound to give us a second wind for the second half.
  • Aaarrggghhhhh    image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Wow, Hokori, thank you for that. I will cut and paste it into a word document.

    I have the gears my bike came with, which is a compact on the front and a 12/25 on the back. I don't have the money to change them so it's just a case of HTFU for me.
  • Mouse I have already done that. Just PM your email and will send you that with he graphs!
  • Having not needed it for the last year ... What's the current company of choice for travel insurance?

    Covered with BTA for race day

    Hokori, nice write up thank you ... Like Mousey, I'm stuck with what I've got and a helping of HTFU image
  • I just went on '' and got a decent deal from there.  Annual insurance was from £19.00 but looking at what they covered it was safer to go for a slightly more expensive option. 

  • I looked on comparethemeerkat, have annual worldwide with ski cover for £38, dont know the ins and outs for whether it covers me for participating in the Ironman but it'll do.  £38, jobs a good un.

  • I have created a little word document and a set of screenshots from GoogleEarth's profile elevation feature. I have emailed this to Mouse. Please PM me or request them from Mouse at your convenience.

  • I have an SRAM 12-32 that I use for the Alps if anybody wants it for Lanzarote. It is actually an MB gear but is road compatible. You will need to extend the chain and realign though. Hope you still keep the chain extra links.

  • I believe that a good knowledge of the course is a great mental asset come race day and I would have liked it for my IMW.

    I would really like to think this little effort off-race can help somebody out there come race day.

  • I'll PM you Hokori, could do with the info.


  • Hokori, I've tried to PM you, but dam website is still playing up!! (or is it just mine??) image

  • Rafi, I have tried PMing you too and it does not let me haha. I have sent the info to Mouse and Pingu. Maybe they can relay it to you?

  • Yes .. just the basic insurance needed for me I think

    Bike is covered away from home on my contents insurance
    I am covered race day from BTA
    So just basic travel and medical stuff needed I think


  • Forgot about the details mouse - i'll try again shortly image

    nice summary Hokori

    my race report from 2012 is on about page 9 of last years mini thread



    re wheel choice....

    If its a quiet day then I have a set of race wheels 60s on the front, 80s on the rear and all should be ok
    If its windy then I have 30s I usually ride.  the fast downhills usually have some cross winds and these are just about ok with normal wheels - they are pretty scary with deep secitions and high winds.  not gusty just you are doing 50 kph and you are leant over at a 20 degree angle and then things start to shake.......

    the problem is when packing the bike, what wheels to choose.  there is no way to predict race day winds 3-7 days out.  and its difficult taking more than one set of wheels away.

    I would err on the side of cautionimage


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