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  • Thanks for you comments guys. Nice Reps too AC

    Enjoy run/bike tomorrow CFB.

    Race report: Eversham 10k

    Was planning on running this as a tempo run 7:20-7:30 ish. But a the start line was drawn nearer the start than the back and before I knew it I ran the first downhill milein 6:36. Well made me think that I can slow down later if need be - but hey - lets make the most of this start for now..  Have never been to evesham before so had no idea of the terrain...shortly after 1Km we ran along the river covere by trees. Lovely dusty towpath. However we soon started seeing large puddles. Pushed and was pleased to do a "deer leep" over the biggest puddle. The realsied this was futile as more puddles appeared. Then a uphill cross counrty bit across a field in single file. This lost time but also enforced a breather. From then on I seemed to go a little faster all the way round than the people in front of me. Must have overtaken about 30 people. Happy Days.  Back to the river and a few road bits. Course was nice to run. Finished witha Shiny PB 43:19. Almost a minute off last months PB ( when that was a 2 minuet PB). So I am pleased. I knew I had more in me - and today some of that came out. Think I have sub 43 in me on the right course !!

    I have a marker for my training !!

  • AGF - congratulations on the big PB. Sounds like you are flying at the moment. The best way to start your marathon campaign.

    CFB -  hope you got your run or bike ride in..plenty of rain here this morning.

    Hitchin HM was hilly to say the least, which made my pace judgement very difficult. First 4 steady mile times were 8.40, 7.56, 8.53, 8.29 (I was aiming for 8.00s!). Next 5 mile times were 6.56, 7.45, 7.47, 7.38, 8.03 (I was aiming for 7.30s). Last 4.1 were 6.52, 6.19, 6.57, 7.09, 0.38 (0.11) (I was aiming for 7.00s). Overall reasonably happy, although I was glad I was not racing it, given the hills and flooded roads, with the water over your ankles in places.

    Hope everyone else's runs went well.



  • Thanks AC.

    Well done on your training run/race. Those paces indicate some good hills, that can only help the training... image
  • AGF - Congrats on the PB, on a flatter, dryer course you will be even quicker.

    AC -  Good running, looks like a good decision not to race it given the conditions.

    Intervals for me this morning,WU 1.2k(6:33),1k(6:24),800m(6:09),600m(5:59),400m(6:01), 200m(5:36) with 200m recovery, min/mile in brackets.  Happy as each was quicker apart from 400m.

  • Great run there AGF, to pb on what sounds like not the fastest of courses must be good for confidence!

    Hitchin sounds like it was fun AC, nice looking last four miles.

    BB, intervals on a Sunday image pace looks good though!

    Bike or run CFB?

  • Hi guys

    Newbie to the thread, I'm doing this one this year so thought I'd pop in and see if I could get any no on the course, think fido has more than covered that thank you very much.

    How is everyone's training going? I did my first 20 this morning , glad to get it out of the way the first one always seems tough. It looks like a really flat course by the sounds of things which is the main reason I picked it, having done snowdon as my autumn marathon last year!!

    Look forward to following people's progress as we get closer to race day and hopefully glean (sp) some useful information from the seasoned abo runners. What sort of times have people been getting compared to their usual marathons say London etc??

    What is the support like en route? I noticed from fido's route report that mile 5 might be a good spot to spectate, I have family coming and spectating isn't their strong point lol so as little movement and excitement wold be welcome for them.

    Cheers in advance for any help you can give me

  • Great pb AGF, and a pretty speedy half by AC despite *not racing*!

    HI to MG15 - regarding your question about times, my only comparison is between my fastest Abingdon (2011) at 3:23, and the South Downs Marathon last month at 3:57. Abingdon is all but completely flat. The South Downs isn't. God knows what Snowdon is like! - do you actually run all the way up it?

    There's a point near the river at Abo,  where your spectators can see you 3 times - I think it is at about 5, 14, and 23 miles, but others will know better.

    Meep, I ran a very hungover 10 this morning, but at least my legs felt as if they have finally recovered from the South Downs. Then I went out for a short bike ride during the tennis roof delay. I also somehow managed to watch the last 50K of the TdF and the first 20 laps of the Grand Prix. Sky Plus is great!

  • Hi chiilis

    You don't run up snowdon more round it although there are three long hills the last at 22 is really steep and a real killer (waunfawr) but like everything if you train for it it's not so bad, the south downs one is probably as testing tbh
  • Welcome MG15. Well done on your first 20 miler. Have not gone that far myself yet. Regarding your question on times, my best Abo is 3:17, my best London is 3:19, although it is very hard to compare the two, although Abo is flatter and less congested. Have you a target for Abo?

    CFB - good you got out there for both a run and bike ride, although the TV marathon sounds nearly as exhausting

    BB - good intervals there, and a good way to back up your speedy run from Friday.

  • I ran 2:55:5 for London this year which was a 12 minute pb. I ran fairly conservatively as my main aim was to go under three hours for the first time. With that in mind and an increase in mileage I'm hoping to be closer to 2:50. fingers crossed training goes well there's a way to go yet but the base mileage is coming along nicely.
  • MG - 2:55! Not talking to you anymore image

    Tried a progressive 6 miles tonight, which went OK in terms of heart rate and perceived effort and all that carp, but still couldn't quite push to sub 7 for the last mile, so I am now feeling old. And my £20 each way bet on Vincenzo Nibali is also looking past it's best!

  • MG - best of luck with your target. Certainly Abo should be quicker than London, as no congestion, and according to my Garmin, Abo is about 0.3 mile shorter..worth about 2minsimage

    CFB - I know the feeling...my legs still have not recovered from Sunday, which is irratating given I only really raced the last 4.1 miles, so just an easy 45mins for me this morning.

  • I'm guessing I'll be pretty well back with that time lol. Long way to go with the tour yet although I can't see the podium changing much apart from maybe 2nd and 3rd swapping places. Seems sky have things pretty much sown up this year!! Frank Schleck has been a bit disappointing so far although with his tt skills he's never winning it!!

    What sort of times have you guys done for abo?
  • Hello all !!  I'm a 2011 AM runner just checking in to wish you all a great few months training.  Hope to see you on the day as I should be marshalling somewhere on the route.

  • Welcome Martin, what's up with you Chillies he'll only be a minute a mile quicker than us.image  Times for Abo for me 3:16(2009), 3:21(2010), 3:26(2011), bit of a downward trend there. image  Hopefully break the pattern this year, still aiming for 3:15.  7 treadmill  miles for me on tuesday meant to be at Furman long tempo pace which for me is 7:10 but ran 6:54 avg as it was on tready.  Meant to do 15 today but can't fit it in due to taxi duties(teenage daughter) so will run it tomorrow afternoon.

    Chubster -  You running a mara this year?

    Chillies -   Nibali pushing hard you could be OK.

  • Nice target Martin, that would be a cracking time!

    Legs recovered AC?

    Another good pace session there BB, what does your schedule have you on for your long run at the weekend?

    Nice 14 Tuesday morning, with the last couple of miles through the olympic torch route which was being set out, meant a few faster miles image 10 this morning, 3m easy to steady, 1m MP, then half a mile HMP, half a mile at the quick end of steady continuous for 5 miles, mile cool down after. 3 easy tonight in the rain again image.  Plan is 3 and 6 tomorrow then 20 Saturday image should be biggest ever mileage week of 67ish.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I've had to take a rest day today, had a 5k race yesterday which was quite lumpy and my groins been a bit tight. Feels fine now so back on the horse tomorrow. As this is a drop back week I'm not too bothered mileage climbs again next week so better hit it fresh rather than on tired legs!!
  • Meep -  15 miles is my long run this week, following 18 week Furman plan, 1 speedwork, 1 tempo and 1 long run( at a quicker pace than  other plans) per week, plan recommends 2 x cross training sessions but I am doing stretching/core/drills. I know Furman is frowned upon for low mileage but this plan includes 4 x 20 milers.   Have previously broken down during mara campaigns due to overtraining/running slow runs too quick, so giving Furman a go for Abo to try and make it there in one piece. Impressive weekly total from you early in the campaign.

    Martin -  How did the 5K go ?



  • Barry - NIbali might have rescued the each way bit of my bet today - what a final climb!

    Martin - riding horses might improve the condition of your glutes but may not improve your marathon time image

    I'm probably going to miss Sunday's long run because I'm going to do at least 2 loops of the Box Hill bit of the Olympic cycling road race route tomorrow morning. I will probably be sore on Sunday.

    Saw the torch on Tuesday at Ascot Racecourse - fantastic turnout, maybe 10,000 total in Ascot

    Running? a couple of short slow runs to keep the cardio up - currently still relying on the hilly marathon 4 weeks ago to keep the fear away image

  • Chubster - you will have to let us in due know course where you will be marshalling on the course, so we can say hi.

    BB - hope the 15 miler went well. Be interesting to see how the Furman plans goes, given I have had 2 DNFs at Abo, due to overtraining injuries picked up earlier.

    Meep - some nice running there. If your weekly mileage is already 67ish, what are you hoping to peak at? Best of luck with the 20miler on Saturday.

    Legs better now thanks. Was due to do a 10x400m session at the club last night, however as the weather was not great, wimped out (againimage), and opted to do this session on the treadmill instead. Then a nice steady 7 1/2 miles this morning in the sunshine.

    Not sure on Sunday's long run yet. Given I had a quickest run last weekend, and another quick run scheduled for next weekend, I think long and easy maybe the order of the day.


  • No 15 miler did n't go well, why is it the weather has been naff all week and when I run the sun comes out.  First 7 miles were good averaging about 7:30 but I think I underestimated heat and set off too quick, mile 8 I felt light headed and sick, stopped for a bit, started up again but no better so jogged home for a total of 10. Thermometer showing low 20's.  Got in had a drink and fell asleep. Still feel out of it even after something to eat and its been 4 hours since I went out  so something not quite right.  That run now in box marked "shit runs".  Hope everyone else's weekend runs go better.

  • Hi Barry

    I finished in 17:45 which for the course I was quite happy about, managed to hang on to 2nd place although the leader was a country mile ahead. Had a ten hour shift today and when I finished at four it was chucking it down and I'm ashamed to say I cried off with my run my excuse is the groin lol. 16 planned for tomorrow and the only day I can fit my long run next week is Monday which is a 20. Not ideal I know but my shifts just don't allow it any other way!!

    Luckily I'm on a drop down week so that may have influenced my two absentisms this week!!
  • Barry - shame about the shit run & hope you're not unwell. Otherwise, remember the shit run usually happens about ten days before the best run ever.

    Martin - 2nd in a race? again, not talking to you image 

    Meep - 67 miles is big big big - 51 was my biggest week ever - what a lightweight!

    I did the two cycle laps of the  Box Hill loop of the Olympic Road Race today (plus the out and back from mother-in-laws at Great Bookham). First gear for most of Box Hill both times, though I held it in 2nd for longer on the second circuit. That's two category 4 climbs!!! Legs feel pretty good, so I might try to pre-empt the DOMS by doing an easy 12 miles out to Windsor in the morning


  • Chillies, When you say you did the two laps today, i looked at the time of your post, i hope you meant yesterday otherwise your taking training times to the next level! You must be in a pretty good place fitness wise with the tough bike rides, backing it up with a 12 to reinforce it.

    Hope your feeling better now Barry?

    Read your race report on the SG thread, course sounded fun Martin!   Do you do your long runs on road or off road, what about everyone else?

    Get off that treadmill AC image

    20 hilly miles done early, road grass and trail, including some shin deep mud/water, made it pretty good fun. 

  • Meep, yep, it was a late late post after a big curry/Cobra session  for a friend's 54th birthday - hence 12 miles became a bit of a nauseous 8 this morning. And tonight is a cocktail party for a friend's (2nd) engagement, so Sunday's long one might not be quite as good as it might!

    You're right about my fitness level, but I seem to have no speed in my legs since 10K pb in May, and especially since the South Down Mara. Trying not to worry about it and just enjoy plodding

  • All of my runs are on the road mee unless there's a race that happens to have a bit of off road in it, I try to void fell runs which there are plenty round my area (north Wales) as I'm a big wuss and I'm too scared flying down the mountains lol

    Your 20 sounded fun. I bet you recover quicker with the variety of ground your running on. I have to endure the dreaded ice bath for my recoveries which are worse than the actual run image

    Chillies all about the base miles at the minute I'm going to start putting a speed session in a week as I have no races now for a few weeks in fact I've only got a 5 miler and a 10k before the big day, which seems to be creeping up on us!!
  • Martin -  Congrats on the podium finish, pacy running.

    Meep -   Nice mixed terrain 20.

    Went out this morning to retry my failed 15 miler from friday, a bit cooler and set off at a more sensible pace, plan called for MP plus 30 secs which would be 7:50's for me.  Gradually picked up the pace and last 3 were 7:20's giving an avg for the run of 7:38 so a lot happier today than I was friday.

  • Well done on your 15 Barry !! Speedy too !!

    Nice 20 Mee Meep !!

    Martin, I agree it is crreping up on us.....image

    I managed a 17.5 today to finish a 62 mile week. Thats a record week for me in terms of mileage, so this one will be nearer 45 cutback.... Its a start towards some longer LSR's over the next month or so me thinks !!!

  • Got 12 done this afternoon, with three in the middle at about 7:45's-ish, the first and last 3 at 9:00's, and the second  3 at about 8:20's. Feels OK. That's 36 running and 30 cycling for this week. Not enough of either image 

    AGF - big week there

    BB - sounds like you had a great run today

    Martin - you're right - just keeping a base level of miles up now - I've got a couple of races coming up (10K and 5.4 miles) so I'll try a bit of pace then!

  • BB - glad your got your 15 miler done, and at a good pace too.

    Martin - hope the 16 miler went well. Your right to start putting in a speed session, however your certainly not lacking in that department at the moment with that 5K time.

    Meep - good leg strengthening 20 miler there.

    AGF - another one on 60+ miles a week already.. now I am getting worried what everyone will be running a week, come September.

    CFB - 66 combined miles in a week sounds pretty good training to me.

    Decided to ditch my long run on Sunday, due to a calve niggle which was starting to bother me at the end of my run on Saturday. Plenty of stretching and calve raises over the weekend. Will give it a run out tomorrow morning to see how it feels.  

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