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  • CNBA day today - been over to Dorney for a walk, and you can't get near the place. They've virtually fenced off the river!

    So far I have watched the Tour de France prologue and a load of tennis while thinking about doing a relatively long run. I am now thinking about booking somewhere nice for dinner.

  • Meep & Shadowed runner– hope the 18 milers went well.

    loulabell - impressive mileage done and planned there. Well done on the northants ultra. Will you be treating Abo as a pure training run or are going to try and go as fast as you can.

    CFB - hope the thoughts of a long run materlised into something.

    18.6 miles for me this morning (8.08 av pace). Cooler than I expected, so more pleasant than the last 2 hot weekends. 

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    good run for you then today aching calves,and a speedy paceimage, yes the weather much better this  weekend, last week was v humid. i will be treating abo as a training run with regards to mileage AC, but with slightly faster pace than for an ultra..if that makes sense image...

  • There's still plenty of daylight to get out the door CFB!

    Nice run there AC, decent pace.

    How far is the Druids ultra Loulabell? One day i may attempt one, need to have a decent marathon first image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    its a 3 day event mee meep , but you can do how many you choose. its 30miles per day. day 1 starts at Ivinghoe in Bucks.image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    how many marathons have you done mee meep?

  • Good long runs happening out there. I am still in recovery mode from South Downs Marathon 3 weeks ago, though I've run pretty much every day since, and I even did a 5 and a bit trail race on Wednesday, which was my first full speed run. 7 miles this afternoon, with a bit of pace for the last couple.

    The trick is going to be balancing marathon training for Abo with bike training for the London to Brighton off-road in September

  • Looks like the recovery is going pretty well then CFB.

    30miles a day for the three days image makes me wonder how you keep the legs from tightening up over night?  Are you doing all three?

    Did London last year, was under prepared and over raced, you can guess the outcome image hobbled in in 3:28. Then, as already booked, did Edinburgh five weeks later a few minutes slower with the last hour being awful lol.

  • loulabell - 30 miles a day for 3 days sounds sounds frighting. I assume the key is not to over do it on the first day, so you still have something left for day 2 and 3. How much slower is ultra pace compared to marathon pace?

    CFB -  sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things. Have you a bike training plan for London to Brighton, or is it the case of just fitting in some long bike rides with the marathon training?

  • AC - it's the latter, because as far as I'm concerned London to Brighton offroad is not really a race - I'm doing it with a couple of mates, one of whom is pretty fit and another who is, as they say, built for comfort not for speed. Mind you, they both do a lot more cycling than me!

    Loulabell, I've considered entering the Jurassic Challenge for the last couple of years but I would love to know how you train to run so long (and over such hilly terrain) on 3 consecutive days. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have run another marathon the day after South Downs - though I could probably have managed a 5 hour plus march-shuffle-jog.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    CFB, AC, mee meep, i have not done a multi day ultra as of yet. am only doing first day of druids as i have a 9year old who has dance classes on saturdays lol so im doing just the friday stint of 30m.  in 6 weeks i have northdowns which is 50miles  so have some long runs planned for july.

    AC, ultra pace starts off slowly..and gets slower lol..image anywhere between 9mm to 15 is normal, varying depending on terrain. getting used to longer distances goes hand in hand with refuelling on the run too and having your head in the right place.

    CFB, on northants ultra we followed the Jurassic way  for quite a lot of it.imageand  the march/shuffle /jog is sometimes what it comes to nearing the end of some!image

  • loulabell - 9mm to 15mm pace sounds like my kind of racingimage, although I am not sure on the 50miles bit. Maybe once I get my endurance up a bit, it is something I might have a go at.

    It was steady rain here this morning, so wimped out for a steady 7 miles on the treadmill this morning. Although by the end I was so hot I think I was not any more drier than had I ran outside.


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    nice run AC, although its raining its very humid-i may brave it and just go get wetimage

  • 9min/mile pace reminds me of some of my maras around the 22,23 mile mark.image 

    Loulabell -   You need to get out there and brave the rain to get some miles logged for the monthly challenge.

    6 miles for me this afternoon, 2WU 3 at 6:49 avg and 1 WD.


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    i know Barry B....image sorry i am letting the side down. will hopefully be a big run at weekend though to boost the mileage totalimage

  • Is the 6:49/m marathon pace Barry B?

    Weirdly got used to the rain now and quite enjoy it image.  So the 16 week plan started fairly well yesterday, with 3m easy-steady, 1m @MP, 1m @HMP, 1m @tempo, 1m @10k, 1m @10k, 1m cd. 2 min recovery between miles, from MP down. Hadn't ran any quicker than MP since May so pleasing to hit all paces 

  • meep -  In my dreams, hoping for 7:20 MP to give me  sub 3:15.   I reckon today's pace is around my 10k pace at the mo. Hoping to get that down to 6:25ish where I was a couple of years ago.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    mee meep wrote (see)

    Is the 6:49/m marathon pace Barry B?


    nope. its the pace which makes me  keel over into the bushes after 30milesimage

  • Barry, i wouldnt fancy 3m at 10k pace alone in training, the fact you could do so, probably says your 10k race pace is already a bit quicker than you think! 

  • Barry B - nice quick run there. Like Meep I also find it hard to hit 10K pace for 3m alone in training. I find on a tempo run alone, that 7.00mm is about my limit.

    Meep - sounds like a good session. Have you decided what your MP will be?

    I have the Hitchin HM on Sunday, when coincides nicely with my training plan which asks for the last 6 miles of my long run to be at MP. No make it more interesting I might break down the race into 3 parts, say first 4 steady (8mm), next 5 at MP+15sec (7.30mm), and final 4.1miles at MP-15secs (7mm). Will have to see, and see what the club coach thinks.

  • AC that sounds more disciplined than i could handle during a race, bet a club mate or friend will drift past and you will find yourself upping the pace image

    Abingdon pace not to be decided till after Septembers HM. At the moment its 6:50-7:00mm.

  • Meep - yes, this is the danger with putting a training run into a race. However this is quite a low key race, only 300 runners, and as far as I am aware only one other club member is running. By at least starting slowly, I am hoping after 4 miles, and if things go to plan, I should be doing most of the passing. 

    Best of luck with your current target for Abo, which looks to be Sub 3. Even if everything goes to plan for me, I will be at least 15-25sec a mile behind you.  

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    A very humid 10.1 miles for me this afternoon. image

    agree with above using marathon as training event-very tempting to up the ante without realising it and chase people down.image

  • Enjoy the half AC..

    Nice run Loulabell....

    Well project sub 3:30 has started. Hope for most weeks to be bteen 40-50 miles. Most slowly a weekly faster session. Today tried Yasso 800's on the treadmill. 10 miles in total with 10x800 at 13.5km. Tough but doable. I that was 3:30 pace but turns out is 3:36 pace.  Still not bad at the start of the 16 week cycle !!!

    Hope everyone is feeling fit !!!

  • AC - Good luck for sunday, I'm with Meep, I find it hard not to race a race.

    Loulabelle -  Good run in tough conditions, I went out early this morning and the air had cleared 13.5 miles at 7:31 avg in lovely running conditions.

    AGF -  Looking good at the start of your training plan.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    ..and hands up whos running this afternoon....ahemimage

  • loulabel - not me...treadmill this morning. By the way, nice run in the conditions yesterday.

    AGF - well done on starting your schedule. I always find reps on a treadmill very difficult. I always miss the off/slow down button at the end of the rep and end up running further than I should.

    BB - good quick run there. I find the morning generally the best time of day to run at this time of year, although maybe not the quickest.

    Club 5 x 1K track reps last night. All just over 4mins, at average pace of around 6.20/25, which given the humid conditions was fine for me.

  • Did you run in the end loulabell?

    Good Yasso session AGF, not sure i could handle doing it on the treadmill, so fair play to you!

    Pacy 13.5m BB, training looks to be going very well for you.

    AC, nice track session, never having ran on a track, you think it makes much difference to road?  Good luck Sunday, not too quick in them first 4 miles image

  • Thanks Meep, I will try and hold back tomorrow.

    I find you can run a little quicker on the track than the road, however this may be just me. Certainly protects the legs a bit better, as the track surface is slightly softer than road. Can be a bit boring running around in circles thoughimage

    Best of luck everyone with their runs tomorrow

  • Rested today - which involved driving for 4 hoursfrom Berkshire to and from east London to, erm, clean my stepdaughter's patio, pot up a load of plants which we took with us (including the pots and compost), and fix her shower and replace a light fitting. She is 28. She has a boyfriend. She has a PPE degree from Oxford and earns more than me. I do sometimes wonder about the joys of parenthood.

    The weather will decide tomorrow's training - 16 mile slow run if it's raining, three or four hours on the bike if it's not. Back in time for Murray to win Wimbledon.

    Also, I have £20 on Nibali to win the TDF, so I'Im hoping to see him with a big lead on the Col de la Croix - though obviously I'll be happy to part with  the money if Wiggins wins the Tour

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