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  • Sorry to hear about your patella Jo, that's a shame.   image  Did your consultant give you any help or encouragement with regard to running?  Mine was quite negaitive about mine i must admit, especially marathon training due to the obvious wear and tear on a weakened/thinner cartilage protection. Physio was much more positive though, but i must admit if i do struggle with regular longer runs then this may be last marathon. He said it'd be fine for shorter races though, i'll just see how it goes.

    AGF - Hello there. How did Brighton go? Hope you enjoyed it and you achieved what you aimed for, two marathons in one year!! Perhaps your body is not so old and fragile as mine!  image  Well done.


  • hello Steve,  My body is feeling old and fragile today image.... brighton went well thanks. A 35 min Pb only my 1st marathon in 3:34;xx  ....so probably on a high....
  • Wow, what a great time, 3.34 is excellent! Sounds like you'll be well on track to crack 3.30!  So was this your 2nd marathon? Your first in 4.09? That's a brilliant effort, very well done.

    My best is 3.44, but with better quality training and a hilly half of 1.43 run so far i'm aiming to improve on that.

    You've earned a nice couple of weeks rest, i'm sure you'll enjoy it!

  • AGF – great running there.  Fantastic PB.  Was it windy in Brighton?, as it was certainly windy here in Essex for my long run yesterday morning.  It must give you a great confidence for  a sub 3.30 at Abo, and for other races you have planned for the summer. Enjoy your rest.

    Still 4 weeks to go to my spring marathon, so no rest for me quite yet.

    Mick  - glad your coming back. Best of luck this time round.
  • Thanks Steve. Thats right. First marathon was Abingdon last year in 4:09.   I think you have every chance of breaking that time based on your hilly half.

    AC, Thank you too - I will enjoy the rest ! Walking like john wayne today. Yes it was windy, but it was only reallynoticable in a couple of the exposed places. Lucking the wind was coming from inland and most of the course was fairly well sheltered as a result.  It does give confidence for abingdon, I feel i just need a few months working on my base speed so that my threshold is a little better. 

    What spring marathon are you doing?

  • AGF – You have 6 mouths now, so I am sure you can improve still further for Abo in October.

    I am doing my local marathon, which is Halstead (the start is a short 15 minute drive away), which I have never done before. I have been told it is hilly, and it normally turns out hot so my expectations are quite low, certainly will not be gunning for a PB. Anything around 3.20, which is 6 mins outside my PB, I will be more than happy with.

  • Let's hope so AC image

    Good luck AC.... It's always good to do local races... Enjoy the day when it comes image
  • Steve , consultant saying  pretty much same as yours, try it & see how it feels. TBH, I am more concerned with achillies at the moment, my knee gave way on one of my runs before op, i went over on my ankle on other side & have had sore achillies since. Luckily tho consultant put steroid injection into it whilst i was under anaesthetic, here's hoping both will be ok, really looking forward to a run & getting back into Abingdon training. How far is your longest run so far & how does your knee feel? Jo.
  • Longest i've run is a half marathon so far Jo which was pretty hilly so the knee was a bit sore after. I think that was more down to the ups and downs though. No pain the next day so overall i'm quite pleased. Got the Southend half early June which is flat so hopefully it'll be fine after that.

    I have a session once a month with a PT who's a good runner and i'll start to build things up in June with my 4 runs a week schedule. Knee has been fine so far with lactate, speed workouts so with the rehab exercises too i'm optimistic, thanks for asking.

    I hope your achilles settles down soon,  sounds a bit of a nasty fall when your knee gave way!!  image  Good luck with your x training, fingers crossed you'll be back into Abingdon training soon, just don't rush things, these knees are attention seeking buggers at times! I spend quite a bit of time strengthening the hip/glute area, boring i know but it definitely has helped take the pressure off the knee. Good luck! 


  • Cheers Steve, hope you continue to stay injury free. I'm beginning to bore myself with my moaning re injury,(I'm usually a happy & healthy runner, honest). Determined to be cautious/ careful with recovery tho, would prefer to get it right & then continue to run in the future.
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    .. quick question...does anyone know how the bib numbers are allocated? just by first come first on the entry button ? or other?
  • Loulabel, ad only 800+ runners not sure it really matters. It's each person for themselves at the start and most folk are sensible...
  • Hello all, I am about to do VLM, was hoping to do Abingdon this year but missed the online entry. Is there a waiting list?

  • MadWelshWoman: there is a waiting list, however I was told by someone at Brighton last Sunday that even that is full.
  • MDW theres an unofficial waiting/swap list on FETCH

    This has proved helpful for several freinds in the past.

  • we have our home town Shakespeare marathon next weekend,

    after not running ( because of benign prostate problems ) a marathon for over a year, i fully intend using it a tester to see exactly what i have and feel like

    i'm under no illusions what so ever -  it may be there isnt another  marathon left in me, i dont know

    plus Philip is now a 23 year old man and heavy -

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    Hello Micknphilimage....good luck for Shakespeare
  • Hi Mick,

    Sorry to hear of your recent health issues, I hope you are on the mend now. 

    We'll be saying hello to you next week Mick'n'Phil.  Legends of the local running scene - "EASY! EASY! EASY!"


  • MWW: I did not know about the list on Fetch, so maybe hope yetimage.
  • Hi Mick, did n't you lead off Stratford a couple of years ago, if I remember it was a very hot day and we all struggled, good luck for this weekend.
  • Hello everyone!

    Looking forward to this in October. I had to withdraw from VLM due to hamstring injury...it's healing now but been 7 weeks of little/no running. Boring!

    Sorry to hear others are suffering with injury problems- they really get in the way of training/racing dont' they?!Be interested to hear what races everyone is planning to do in the build up to Abo -

    Many thanks in advance and good luck with your training.

  • we happily led off Shakepeare HM yesterday in which was our 238 th HM, 10 years of pushing Phillip around , and our almost 500 th race in total

     despite the conditions we ran it quietly and quite happily

  • oh fuck wrong thread image
  • Hi Mick

    I saw you at Gloucester marathon I think? Glad you enjoyed yesterday.

  • louloubell- to answer your question from a few days ago, the bib numbers are allocated 1st come 1st served I think.  Being local to Abingdon, I had my cheque through the door of the organiser very very quickly and had a number between 1 and 10- can't remember but 'spose i could look it up on the results.
  • Have rested after Brighton 2 weeks ago (1st marathon - 4:40:39, not bad seeing it was only a few days after my 50th!). Am now looking forward to training for October. Hope to improve my time and would love to run a sub 4:30, but most importantly am looking forward to the challenge of running a smaller marathon as from looking at past results I will be at the end of the pack.
  • Lynda - well done with the Brighton run - the first marathon is always scary and no doubt you'll smash that time second time around. Now stop resting image

    I had a bit of a mare at Bracknell Half yesterday - 1:38:xx - in retrospect I psyched myself out of a decent time pre-race by preparing for a slow time in horrible conditions, and the weather just wasn't that bad. I'm now trying to convince myself that it's nice sometimes to run a race at 90% effort image

    50 years old and still learning, even from a race I've run 4 times

  • Sequin - my Abingdon build-up may have gone a bit left-field this year, as I have agreed to do the London to Brighton Off-Road bike ride 4 weeks before and I have never ridden 75 miles, either on or off road. Should make for an interesting taper, as I am also doing Windsor Half 2 weeks before. Mind you, I have done Henley Half the week before Abingdon for the last 2 years (at marathon pace), and it seemed to work for me
  • Chillies for Breakfast - rest time is officially over, after 8 miles in the woods tonight. It made a fantastic change, running for fun in puddles, streams and lots of mud rather than pavement pounding. There was even a Vicar of Dibley moment when 3 of my mates underestimated the depth of a puddle that they had jumped into.
  • Lynda - running for fun in the mud is the best - I'm saving that for the weekend.
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