Iron Distance 2012 Training Thread



  • 63 miles on the bike this morning in just over 4 hours,just hope the cycling gets easier.Running club tonight,yikes.
  • Hope  wrote (see)
    Little brick session this morning, turbo and run. Really enjoying the mid week stuff now that I've got the hang of the training early thing.
    I really REALLY have to do something about my lack of swim motivation though. Still only swimming twice a week and then it's really quite pathetic.
    It's hard to make myself do something I'm really rubbish at lol!
    I will have to use bribery. 3 swims a week for the next month and I'll buy myself something nice.... That should do it! image

    2 pathetic swims a week is a good week for me.  I see little chance of me moving it up to 3.  At the moment its one 20-30 minute lunchtime swim (which sometimes get missed if work dictates otherwise) and 1 1hr tri club swim (which includes drills, explanation of the session  etc so solid swimming probably 40 mins at best?)  The tri club swim is good and structured but distance is way down on Fink or the like - sub 2k in total.

    Can I join you and Wild Will at the back please. image

  • I'm with you Darkness - 1 structured tri club swim pw and if I get out of bed Monday morning 1 other........

    So I'll be seeing you, WW and Hope at the back image only slight problem being that the swim is supposedly my "strongest" (= least weak) discipline image

  • 40 lenghts before i got bored and got out image concentrated on good technique though, last year the longest i managedin the pool was 40 mins and not often but i did get two 1 hour sea swims in a week during the last 12 ish weeks and got a swim PB at IMW, i seem to have got my swim down from 1:40 on my first IM and doing the full fink program to 1:12 by giving it a bit of a good ignoring image
  • Well RB that's fantastic news because ignoring swimming seems to be my strongest discipline at the moment!

    I'm having to re jig this weekends training around the kids. I'm quite looking forward to doing my long bike on  a Friday for a change. I'm hoping I can take the weather by surprise and have a nice day in the sunshine!! image

  • I think Saturday is due the worst weather this week .. which is good as I am doing my long bike tomorrow  image
  • Today for me...

    - An easy paced, but lumpy 35min run

    - 90mins spinning, then
    - 60mins tempo run

    Both nipples were bleeding by the end of session ... They are now officially sore image
  • Doesnt sound good WIll, wrong top or wrong nipples?  image
  • It was a runnin vest .. So must be the nipples
  • Darkness, I'll save you a spot.

    Ouchy WW.

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    right, my turn for some woe! I have hardly swum since I had a bad ache in my shoulder after Embrunman last August. I went swimming two weeks ago and my shoulder ached for a week afterwards. Went this monday and did about 40 lengths and it is extremely painful again.
    Worried that this might be an injury which will put paid to long distance triathlon for me.
    I am a crap swimmer but never thought it would be swimming which might put me out of the game.
    it certainly cant be an overuse injury!
  • Get to a physio and see what the issue is Slim, sooner rather than later !
  • Slim ... Go and see a physio now ... Don't put off .. Just do it ... They may fix you in a session or two ...
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Thanks Melds/WW - guess I better see a physio for the first time in my life!
  • Yep .. do it!
  • Have you ever had anyone look at your stroke underwater Slim? Once you have the injury sorted you need to find out if there's anything in your stroke causing the problem.
  • It's seeing a physio that keeps me going ... A few years back I was told by the NHS that I would not be able to continue ... At times I find mysel using sticks .. But I never say die ...
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Slim it may be as simple as some stretches or rolling around on a tennis ball.  It might not be life threatening.

    Today is my rest day.  I shall be taking full advantage and going to bed soon.

  • managed a hard set of intervals last night, cycled pre dawn today and will swim at lunch. Team TT tomorrow which may be hilarious as we have never ridden together, have no tactics and will probably all end up in different places.

    Seeing my physio keeps me going.... she's  gorgious  image

  • Slim
    It may be good old swimmers shoulder i used to get it on the right side afew things i did aggravated it thumb entry rather than fingertips and pulling/ sculling outwards on the start of my stroke. I have also always been strong in the leg area and weak as pee in the top area i now chuck in 25 x 4 press up every morning whilst getting dressed and that has really strenghtened that area plusa good sports massage at lest once a month when IM training keeps me in one peice
    Sea swim for me tonight its gonna be a chiller image
  • Sea swim?? Yikes RB its going to have to warm up a bit for me to
    get in the sea!
    I really learned to enjoy ow swimming last year and I'm quite looking forward to it again when it warms up.
    Turbo done. Sometimes it's hard to get going early but I managed to get th hr where it was meant to be with a bit of help from MTV! I listen to stuff in the turbo I would never listen to at any other time lol!
    Swim club this evening. image
  • Today is a bit of as recovery day for me as i have a long meeting today followed by the long journey North ...


    Weight training session before work ... mainly 10-by-10s and super sets
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Set off on the bike this morning in modest fog, then turned round and came home five minutes later, as it was too dense to be safe.

    I'm really bad at making up for setbacks in planned training, so that might be it for me today!
  • Hmmm,

    Sore throat, headache, temperature and a chest cough for me...
    Had a day off yesterday - Scrapped the planned 5 hr ride and long run today


    Not the end of the world but I feeling sorry for myself

    However, got the steerer tube cut down on the tri bike, finished taping the bars and took it for its first ride.
    It's called Jason after the Argonautes image

    Need to start a bike porn thread....
  • My mojo is definately returning from my monster wibble at the start of the week nust gotta get this running cracked, its feeling much better on the speedwalking so i am going to try resuming a run/walk this weekend and try and build from that fingers crossed image
  • Goodstuff Max
  • O.rangeCannon... wrote (see)

    Sore throat, headache, temperature  and a chest cough for me...
    Had a day off yesterday - Scrapped the planned 5 hr ride and long run today

    Could be The Plague. If you die by the weekend, can I have your shiny bike, please?

    A few creaks and tweaks creeping in aren't there? And that's before DD reports on the inevitable carnage resulting from his Team TT in the desert. Still only doing low intensity stuff here. Couple of nice, short sessions over the last two days and looking forward to a nice run at lunch today.

    Look after yourselves!

  • Rest Day! image (or maybe Masters later if I'm feeling keen, but I do have a cake to bake ..)
  • M..ouse wrote (see)

    I was just wondering (ie fretting cos I've had a few bad rides the last few weekends), what are people up to for long rides at the moment please, timewise?  I know it's wrong to compare really but would just like to get a bit of a feel.

    Thank you please


     Mouse like kk and max said I wouldn't worry about it to much your going to be fine chuckles. image
    Cornish Digger wrote (see)
    Ridgebackmax wrote (see)
    I know having a total no training week is doing me good injury wise. BUT I am climbi g up the walls with supressed energy currently speedwalking everywhere :/)

    Know what you mean. I planned on having a strong March a strated really well and came down with manflu on Weds. So my late strat to 'proper'training is even later!!

    Cake wrote (see)
    O.rangeCannon... wrote (see)
    Hope wrote (see)

    mmMMMmmmmm..... Sunshine image

    Spring is apparently planned for this weekend


    image Please can that mean rain got grizzly sunday.imageimage

    Cake I am not sure the weather makes much difference on Grizzly.  Its bloody hard either way.

    Have fun and good running!!

    image It was far to f***ing hot pity because it was doing aright for my own levels untill about mile 16 where the wheels started to come off. Won't have been worried but meant I missed a few very lovely people at the fineshed end. imageimage

    Mrs SA if it comes to it you can have a piggyback for the run course if you want? image

  • Woo hoo Max, delighted to hear the mojo is on its way back.

     10 mile run before work for me today at an average pace of 7 min 35.  Was meant to be 12 miles but I pratted about too long getting out of the house this morning and had to cut it short and run faster!

    Happy enough.  Rest day tomorrow as I am away with work (Friday is my normal long run day so happy to have got it in early).

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