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  • No running yet for me image that littlle run we did last weekend seems to have aggravated the calf injury I had hoped had healed before hand. Oh well no harm in resting and have started reading advanced marathoning so watch out Brighton 2013 and all those elite runners image
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Juggler - appreciate the best wishes, but I've got another week to my marathon (Milton Keynes). I'm an annual London reject.

    Good luck to all those who are running Sunday. I'll be watching from the sofa and beginning my lazy pre-race week.
  • Note to self; always take a few days off following a marathon. I'm just heading home, and my legs really ache still.
  • I've been itching to get out, but have listened to advice of running club to leave it for a few days, so have had sports massage, been stretching & doing loads of stretching, and so feel really good. On the nights I would normally run I have been planning my training schedule for Abingdon as I hope to knock 15-20 minutes off my Brighton time (premature I know, but it keeps me focused). Chocolate and alcohol have helped! And will be watching VLM on Sunday as I know about a dozen friends running - for once I will know what they are going through and will make sure I give them as much support as I can muster.
  • still thrilled after my first marathon and my time of 3:48:45 and cant wait for my 1st run back on the streets and pathways of sussex which will be this weekend for sure

    i so looking forward to next year marathon but suddenly realised probably wont be able to do as week after my 50th which i wanted to go away somewhere nice so rules out brighton 2013 image but maybe vienna marathon as its april 14th same day , lol im sure missus won t mind week in vienna bar 1 day ha ha

    i had severe stomach cramps on weds morning , only hurt when i stood up or stretched but was ok if i sat down or was in bed , was that marathon related as only happened wednesday morning ??

  • Post-marathon blues is starting to set in, and I can't run because I have major toenail pain and it's gone red. image I did do 3 miles on the treadmill this morning - gosh I felt slow, and it made my toenails worse. I'm going crazy - all this pent up energy!

  • I'm finding that focusing my pent up energy into big glasses of merlot currently helping!
  • Adam, that's a fantastic first marathon. Can't you go somewhere nice in the taper week and then fly back for Brighton?

    I need to knock 10 minutes off my BM time and am unsure how to do it.

    I sort of followed Hal Higdons intermediate plan in training but found myself struggling with leg cramps in the last few miles in the race. My long runs were 20 miles, of which I did three. Should I change plans? Should I attempt another Autumn marathon? Do I concentrate on half marathons to try improve my speed until next year? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Lombster - sorry about the wedding. Glad you see the positive. And I'm running Liverpool. I hate hills!

    Just done a 10 miler at an easy pace. Trying to prepare for Manchester next sunday (cripes!). Everything is feeling ok - touch wood - apart from a blister I seem to have developed over the last 24hrs.

    Post-marathon blues really floored me this year. I was pretty low Tues/weds. What goes up, etc.

    Paid my full entry now for 2013 so it's all official image
  • After the dissapointment of the last 7weeks, where I had to pull out of brighton and MK marathon due to shin splints/hip injury, Ive entered the brighton marathon 2013. Its going to b a slow recovery to get back to some proper running. I have been doing 2/3 runs a week for the last 2 weeks of 2 and 3 miles. Went out today and did my longest run for 8 weeks of 3.7miles!!!! At least injury seems to have gone.

    Hopefully keep fit, build up running do an aut marathon and then prepare for brighton 2013. Look forward to speaking to u all on this thread.

  • Well, I panicked and went to a walk-in centre to get my toe checked out. I was hoping she'd give me antibiotics to nip it in the bud, but I walked away with a cleaned toe and an antiseptic dressing. It hurts like hell to walk. I hope it settles down soon so I can run again. I'll probably end up running again anyway.

    Has anyone done the Miami Marathon? I'm considering doing that next year at the end of January. I've spent a lot of time there, so I know the weather can be anything from 0 to 30 degrees, and the humidity is dire, so I'd be going to enjoy myself and not a good time.

    Anyone else doing Frankfurt?
  • Stephen - that stinks. I hope you heal up soon. Take it've got 359 days to go!
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Stephen - I didn't know you had pulled out of MK - sorry to see that. Hopefully will see you next year in sunny (finger's crossed) Brighton.
  • well i just run the 1 marathon so bit inexperienced but me and my friend both ran brighton quite effortless without hitting wall or any pains of any sort , we did few 18 mile runs , the worthing 20 and 1 21 mile run but all at slightly faster pace , so well pleased with our time and i wanna go away for 2 weeks so maybe have to see or maybe go away end april so can do the brighton again
  • just wandered what others thought about the winners last week saying course was hilly , as i done awful lot of real steep hills in training as sussex can be hilly i was quite surprised as the " hill " up to ovingdean is nothing to be honest
  • Actually i read that the winner said he thought that brighton was the second toughest course he had ran....i just tell that to all my friends and family for added kudos image

    Now i have been looking on this old site on events... those that are of a 26.2 mile nature and ive found one called the boddington marathon on the 1st can enter on the day and its just on a lap of around 2.2 miles 12 times or go round a few more times and do an ultra its really tempting me i can tell you...

    Have been out running three times now since last saturday and i can say im loving it again...i seem to have picked up speed too....

  • Good luck anybody running London today. I've just walked the dog across Blackheath, huge amounts of activity with TV crews getting ready, lots of people getting ready to make it happen.

    Makes me want to rub it again next year?

    Beautiful weather go the runners too.
  • Any advice on getting back to normal running post marathon. Probably stupidly after sunday I did karate on mon and a tougher karate session on Tuesday. First run 5k on fri and ran 10k yesterday and today. Finding even 10ks tiring at the moment and going much slower than marathon pace 9.30 min miles approx. how long does it take most people to feel comfortable running longer distances? I know it's a bit of a how long's a piece of string question but I'm getting quite frustrated.
  • I need a month until I'm feeling normal again.

    Last year I did a 10K 3 weeks after the London Marathon and I found it really, really hard, even though I did PB. I just felt like I didn't have the kick I normally do.

    I ran 3 miles Friday and 3 today, and both runs I struggled to maintain a pace that felt comfortable before the race.

    That being said, there are plenty of people who run marathons back to back and feel fine.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    VOTR - The advice I'm following is one day recovery for each mile of a race. My approximate plan is:

    week 1 : no running (some walking helps)
    week 2 : 25% - 50% normal weekly mileage (all easy)
    week 3 : 50% - 75% " " " " "
    week 4 : 50% - 75% " " " " "
    week 5 : Normal mileage and gradually re-introduce speedwork.

    These are the rough guidelines from "The Competitive runner's Handbook".

    All of the above assumes you have no other imminent races planned.

    I will have almost a year to prepare for Brighton, so there's no rush image
  • VOTR, you need to be careful about pushing anything at the moment. If you ran a hard marathon (is there anyone who didn't????) nearly all the advice says 4 weeks recovery. In particular, anything that puts impact on your joints, is likely to delay the recovery, as is anything too explosive. (So karate followed by tougher karate, definitely counts, I'm afraid!)

    As I understand it, the reason is quite simple: running a marathon takes you beyond what your body normally endures, thus creating many more small internal tears and bruises than you'd normally have, even during the peak marathon training phase. Unfortunately, as well as (temporarily) diminishing the overall muscular strength, this particularly affects the available muscular power and more importantly, the shock absorbing ability of the joints. You need to let your body heal and regain its strength for a little longer yet, otherwise you're probably adding to the damage, rather than benefiting from the exercise. So some light exercise is fine, but most people will feel tired and a bit lethargic for a little while yet. -And we can all be happily envious of those lucky few who don't image

    Waves to all imageimageimage

  • baldblokebaldbloke ✭✭✭
    having seen the London marathon today, I've decided it's Brighton for me in 2013...hopefully see you all there!
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I will do my best to keep my mileage down however tempting longer runs seem. I guess a 42yr old body does not help. Was so pleased to get a sub 4 that don't want to lose momentum but slower is probably the way to go for now. Thanks
  • im 49 so hopefully my body is ok now  ,  just went for my 1st run 6.25 miles in 46 mins which is one me best , but was nice to get back out running again after my first marathon , but cant w3ait to do another marathon but not many in area so going to try do the budapest one in oct as beautiful city to run around image
  • I have always taken the 'rest a day for every mile' advice as complete rest.  So take it easy guys and gals for 4 weeks, except for an odd SHORT jog.  Your body will thank you for it.

    Well my training should start (again) on fridayimage with a 2 or 3 mile jog.

    Have done 3 shifts at work without feeling exhausted during or after, just the usual tiredness.  Am making sure I get plenty of rest and sleep so hope I'm out of the woods.

    Lots of running and races ahead of me before the end of the year and really looking forward to itimage

    I may even have coaxed JuliaT (2010 and 2011 BM forumite) back into her running shoes!

    Waves to allimage

  • Brighton seems like a life time ago now, yet its only a week.

    I'm drafting my summer training plan now, that'll take me through to an Autumn marathon. I hope with extra work now, I can take 8 minutes of Brighton next year??

    Really looking forward to getting out there back onto the streets. Did anybody find it frustrating watching today's VLM and not being part of the action?
  • I agree with you Baldbloke - Brighton was a fantastic course, and whilst London does appeal, I don't fancy such a large field. I might see about volunteering to be part of the action.
  • Be great to see JT back on here, Green Fairy. Is, TracyB still saying 'never again' image
    Glad you're feeling better.
  • Morning all

    Well will start training again today only a gyn session but may well go out for a little run tomorrow

    i hear on the news that apparently some poor woman collapsed and died yesterday running London i think they said she was only 30

    Green Fairy hope you have Julia T lost here mojo for a long time then started running again but we haven’t heard from her in a little while on the gulp thread she stared

  • Good morning,

    Ran London yesterday - 3:52:39. More than happy with the time considering I was only going for a 'bimble' around London.
    Got a little frustrated in the first few miles due to the masses of people running and not being able to get into any decent stride, sometimes slowing down to a walk; but I had a word with myself, and then just enjoyed the rest of the run.
    Nearly lost it emotionally as we turned the corner and there was Tower Bridge, running across it has to be a highlight of all the races I have run, the crowd noise was tremendous as the support was all the way around the course.
    Running up towards Buckingham Palace into the Mall for the finish was an incredible experience.
    I also passed Iwan Thomas!

    About to watch the highlights and will be re- fuelling with a big bowl of Eton mess and a large pot of tea - after all it is St. Georges day!

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