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  • well done charlotte, I agree with you about the emotion of running over Tower Bridge.
    i passed Iwan Thomas at the silverstone half a few years ago and still bore my kids about it any time he turns up on tv!
  • Wow Charlotte sounds amazing.
  • Yeee Haaaa, I am back in for 2013.

    Did this years race, my first ever marathon, and loved it. Had to wait until payday but now entered and confirmed for next. Cant wait, Brighton was a blast.

    In the mean time i have a little matter of 2 x 10K's, 2 X 1/2 marathons, 2 X cross country, 1 x tri and Beachy Head Marathon left to do between now and Dec 31st.

  • Charlotte well done you what a great time image

  • Well done Charlotte- speed bimbler!! Sounds like a day to remember.
    Back out for my first run yesterday after the twisted ankle. Nice easy 4 miles, mainly off road and through a beautiful bluebell wood- great way to restart after almost a three week lay off. Nice to have the sunshine too. I was thinking of all the London Marathoner's as I had my little plod.
  • Afternoon all

    Did 50 minutes in the gym in the garage today went Ok not to stiff stretched off before i went in hopefully out for a 3 miler tomorrow at a gentle pace i will wait till next week before i push it a long have the Bristol 10k towards the end of May

    would love to go sub 50 but i would need to run at sub 8 minutes pace to achieve that so i would be happy to shave a few seconds of my PB of 52:26

  • Well done Charlotte. Excellent "Bimble!"
  • Charlotte - Well done on your time for VLM.

    I started my training today.  I am following the 30/30 plan suggested by Hal Higdon as a first step for beginners.  Covered about 2 miles in the 30 minutes, walking/jogging.. 

    Lovely to be outside in the fresh air today, cold but sunny.  May have to be done on treadmill later in the week as rain is forecast.

  • Well done pooh bear. A good start. This gets addictive you know image

    Oh... and sooner or later you will get to like the rain. I run faster in rain - most people do. there is great satisfaction coming home drenched and having shot bath...... image
  • Glad to see you've started training poohbear. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go, unlike my first marathon attempt when I went from not having run in years to running about 30 miles in a week: lesson learnt there! I'm having my first run since Brighton tomorrow and I think I'll be lucky if I avoid getting drenched. Much prefer getting wet running though than on my bike!

    Charlotte - excellent time for a bimble around london!

    I had a great time in London yesterday on the 22 mile water station. Although I actually felt more tired after cheering people along and handing out drinks for 6 hours than I did running Brighton last week! The feelings were dampened on the way home though when I heard about the death of Claire, such sad news.

  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    For anyone who isn't on the BM mailing list, this is what they said today -

    Entries for next April's race are going very fast; the 2000 discounted early bird entries sold within one hour on launch day (Tuesday 17th April) and since then almost half of the additional public places available have been sold.
    If you have not entered already there are still several thousand public entries
    [i]available[/i] priced at £55 (£53 for club runners) but the price will increase to £65 (£63 for club runners) once they are filled, or at 5pm on Friday 18th May, whichever comes sooner. However at the rate they are going we expect to fill long before the 18th of May.
    A final 2,000 public entries will be available at the higher price until all are sold. However all entries, including deferrals from 2012 to 2013 will close at 5pm on Friday 15th June even if we have not hit our target of 13,000 public places.

  • Well done Charlotte!

    Doing LM I exchanged "Hello"s with Hazel Irvine on Tower Bridge one year imageimageimage.  She was doing stuff for tv, wasn't running.

  • Hi All!

    Well done those who completed the marathon this year! image

    Brighton 2013 will be my first marathon too!

    After years of trying to get into VLM to race for a small charity (Mesothelioma UK) i opted to go for Brighton Marathon.

    If i knew it was that easy to get in compared to london I would of done it ages ago!

    I used to do running before university, then i swapped it for beer! Now im graduating this year I cant wait to get the running bug back again!

     Excited but dreading it! What have i let my self in for! HA!

    Steph x

  • Steph..know exactly what you mean about the vlm .. i will enter the ballot but am very excited and nervous about running my first marathon in brighton. i too have a small charity in.mind but glad i don't gave the pressure of and targets...other than running of course.
  • emailed the B/M team to ask if there will be a course video up this year the answer i got was to check back later in the year so we will have to wait and see they may be waiting until they finalize the course  changes before they make it

    They also said in the email John posted

    Please note that in 2013 all race packs will be collected from the two day Brighton Marathon Exhibition on April 12th and 13th; this is to ensure that every entrant receives their pack without the problematic delivery issues faced every year so far.

    With your help as entrant, volunteer, spectator or someone else ( ! ) our aim is to continue to deliver a better race each year and for next April we have some exciting plans – some firm, some aspirational! A couple of course changes are proposed to make the route faster and we also hope that the event will be televised for the first time. Rest assured we'll be working hard over the next eleven months to make your experience at the Brighton Marathon 2013 a thoroughly special one

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Morning all!  Still lurking and reading your posts with interest.

    A question for those of you who have done both VLM and Brighton.  I've heard quite a bit about the power station stretch - would this be comparable with the section of running round the Isle of Dogs in VLM?  How long does it last and is it very boring?

    No running for me this week - too busy at work and home - hope to get out there next week when the rain might have stopped image

  • Well still haven't run since Brighton. Slowly going out of my mind but the calf needs to heal so I knows it's best not to but doesn't stop me going slightly insane. Is it possible I'm addicted to running ?

    I think the half at the start of June will just be a training run. Want to be strong for Beachy in October.

    Hannahsmum - how did London go for you ?

    GCE - did you sign up for Beachy in the end. A mate tells me places are now going quickly.
  • Stig109.. its a well known fact that running is addictive!!! Apart from all the endorphin things that get released that make you happy i find its also a great stress buster even just a small run of a few miles..
  • I am doing Beachy this year, never done it before but it's a challenge so thought i'd have a go.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    I'm going to need some new kit if it's going to be on TV image
  • Trigger2 can’t help with the comparison to the Isle of dogs never having run there the power station is about a 3 mile stretch you enter it just after passing the 19 mile mark and come back at the 23 mile mark as for boring that’s really a matter of opinion this year i was so focused on the time i can’t say i really noticed was a little disappointed there was no wall this year at mile 20 to slap

    It’s not the pretties’ part of the route but to give the B/M team there due they have been trying to make it more so but as it’s an industrial estate there not a lot you can do with it

    Here’s a link showing the original course on YouTube so you can see for your self

  • Hello everyone

    congratrulations Charlotte. Stunning VLM to follow your BM. You must feel confident about your ultra now.

    After feeling so incredibly depressed last week and then having to drive to Liverpool and back at the weekend instead of running and swimming I was at an all time low.

    However today I cycled the 21 miles to work and feel fantastic. it was cold greay and wet, but felt amazing.

    Consequently I have just signed up for Beachy Head. Going to do it on three days of bike riding, one swimming and just one long run a week. it's the only way I can make it fit with school run and work. Otherwise it was costing £45 in train fares and adding 90 mins a day onto my travel. I won't sign up for Brighton again. Not because it wasn't good, it really was amazing, but I don't think I will better the experience I had, and I think BH is right up my street as an off road hilly fun marathon.

    Is there a forum here for this years BH yet?

    Will be dropping by here to follow your progress anyway.

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    After many weeks of lurking I’ve finally decided to join in!

    This years Brighton Marathon was my first after deferring last year due to injury and I enjoyed it so much.  I managed to get another injury in one of my final long runs this year and I was worried in case I wouldn’t make it again but I had a bit of rest and a good physio and managed to run it in 5.01.  It was the best feeling in the world and I can highly recommend it to any first timers.  Be warned though that you won’t be able to walk properly for at least two days afterwards!

    The comments in the 2012 thread about the water pouches made me chuckle, as I too had one that squirted in my eye, another that made me choke and another that wouldn’t work at all.  Overall though, I definitely approved of them.  I trained with Powerade so had planned on using these on the day but after switching to my first Powerade after holding a water pouch it seemed so heavy, so I stuck with the pouches for the rest of the race.

    I’ve signed up to 2013 but will be trying to get into London through Macmillan, so will defer Brighton to 2014 if I get in.  Does anyone know what the chances are of getting into London through Macmillan?

    I have also booked into Travelodge Preston on the flexible rate just in case.

    I’m a complete technophobe and have attempted to upload an image for my profile picture but I can’t seem to get anything under the size that they require.  Can anyone give me a hint on how I do this?

    Charlotte – I wish I could bimble that fast.  My target for next year is 4.30.

    Veester – How many marathons do you do each year?

  • Oops - typical that would happen on my first posting ;o)
  • Rondo - there is a thread lurking somewhere although think it has been quiet
  • gemgemx wrote (see)
    Steph..know exactly what you mean about the vlm .. i will enter the ballot but am very excited and nervous about running my first marathon in brighton. i too have a small charity in.mind but glad i don't gave the pressure of and targets...other than running of course.

    I think im going to apply for the ballot again too., it will properly be my luck as im doing a marathon a week before...i will props get in haha! but if i dont get in at least I can finally do my first marathon!

  • Desperate to get out for a run but I'm currently flat hunting at the moment. Might try to go for a late run tonight. I can feel my legs turning to mush image
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