Fatman to Ironman



  • 65 planned for the weekend. That will be the last long ride before the Norwich 100 on the 27th.

    OWS plans scuppered for tomorrow evening, boss has booked in a late meeting. image


  • Results from Saturdays Triathlon. I didnt win. image


    1:16:20 overall i'm assuming the swim & bike time includes T1 & T2

    Swim 10.43

    Bike 39.55

    Run 25.41
  • What distances SD? We're you second then?
  • Haha, closer to second from last than first mate.

    400m, 20k, 5k

    Funny old day. Had to settle for a pool swim tonight. Thought i'd go for it on the front crawl again. Lost my nose clip after the second length which was a gutter because i got it due to my front crawl struggles and snorting water.

    Anyway, managed 64 lengths in the hour, (lost 5 mins looking for nose clip).

    40 lengths front crawl= new PB

    8 lengths of front crawl in a row = new PB

    Didnt snort much water, found a good hard snout blast before turning my head to breath solved that. Nose clip not needed <img src='https://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' />

    Added bonus on the scales. Lost another 2lbs so down to 14st 1 lb now. 2 stone lost this year
  • Good work SD

  • Good bike time SD infact good overall time image
  • Good work SD, and great news on the front crawl... it's a painful process that's for sure!

  • Am I a freak?  I can only swim crawl.  Couldn't do breaststroke to save myself.

  • at 6'3" and 20 stone doing triathlon.... errr yes you're a freak!

    I can do both image but not having swum much (competitively speaking) since school, which of course wasn't that long ago really, it's been a bit of journey back on front crawl. My BS was always my strongest stroke and pretty much still is.

    I was happy with the 1200m in 27 mins today though, there's hope yet! unfortunately there's no pool sides in OW which is the bit which constantly worries me

  • I was 13 before i learnt to swim, I was terrified of water. My dad was of the mentality, throw me in & learn or sink. Trauma. Quite ironic i became a diving instructor.

    Dad eventually sent me to a swimming club after he realised his training methods were having an adverse effect. They only taught breaststroke to new learners back them.

    However, when my daughter started her lessons it was front crawl from word go.
  • SausageDog wrote (see)
     Quite ironic i became a diving instructor.

    Thats the good thing about diving, it helps you sink if your a bad swimmer image

  • Gastank, when I did my first (and only, to date) OW event I found the lack of pool sides to be a good thing.  You get into a rhythm and just keep going, rather than having the interruption of turning evey 25m.  

    One day I will master tumble turns and the whole pool swim will be fluid and unbroken.

    Right after I dream the winning euromillions numbers, and Sean Bean agrees to elope with me.


  • Nurse people say I look like Sean Beanimageimage girls always shout he comes Mr Beanimage
  • Lol

    Everyones training plan for the weekend?

    Think i'm skipping park run tomorrow because my ankle has been playing up a bit.

    Still doing the 65 mile bike though, looking like a nice warm sunny day too. Going to head to Overstrand & ride along the coast.

    Do an hours pool swim Sunday as well.
  • 2 hour bike tomorrow, and 1 hour run on Sunday.

    Might move the run to Monday  because I HAVE to go to the pub a Sat evening to watch the Heinikan cup final and its my friends last weekend that he will be allowed out (he's getting married next weekend) image and I hate running hungover image

  • Stay up all night & run drunk.

    Worked for me at Mucky Races last year. Mind you, split my head open on a bridge half way round the course.
  • Hubby away all weekend so I am sole childminder, which means turbo-ing Sat & Sun nights

  • OW swim tomorrow am, either bike or run tomorrow afternoon and then whatever I didn't do on Sunday
  • popping my tri cherry tomorrow morning!!

  • Woohoo!!! Good luck mate, I'm sure you'll nail it
  • Bon chance Rafi!

  • the swimmy thing is optional isn't it? image

  • C'mon remember we watched one already, everything was optional, rules were optional, swimming optional, dismounting optional, timining chips optional... Great day out... Priceless

    You'll be perfect
  • well, I have been practising falling off the bike in T1 imageimage

  • You'll walk it Raf.  Not literally image

    Good luck.

  • ta image

  • Good luck Raf, you'll love it. Look forward to a full report tomorrow evening.

    Where is it, what are the distances?
  • Good luck Raf

  • Afternoon all!

    Well as you know I popped my tri cherry this morning - and it has to be said tri nutters are certainly friendlier than runners!

    Completely ballsed the swim up - started OK, but kicked in the face after about 50m, stopped to regain my composure and couldn't find my rhythm again - so ended up bs the rest of the way. Most disapponting!! Don't know what went wrong, but need to work on it big time!!

    But after swim exit, things were great - must have overtaken half a dozen people in T1. I just kept it simple, had race belt on under wetsuit, so just put helmet, shades and shoes on and legged it! Overtook loads on bike (great feeling overtaking bikes worth 5 times mine) - avg 22.1mph ovwe 22km, wasn't over taken once!! T2 easy, straight out for a 21min 5k

    So that's the first one out the way, onto the next........image

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