Fatman to Ironman



  • Ironholgs wrote (see)

    howold are you? 21? image

    Now that's spooky - we've never met, but you know how old I look.

    Are you suggesting I'd need 29 years training for Celtman?

    Because you may have a point!

    The quad we did last year was a swim across Loch Tay, 7 munro peaks (although not 7 full ascents!), kayak back up the loch, cycle around the loch.  It took us 15 1/2 hours.  So with that experience under my belt, I think 29 years training for Celtman might be just about right.

  • Cheers for the heads up on the Ely one Holgs, only 60 miles from me. image

    I'm well up for the Bolton one though, will sign up as soon as it opens.

    Run went ok tonight NR. Did 50 minutes without probs. Think ive done myself a favour having that little break from running.
  • Ironholgs wrote (see)

    Well done Gas and SD.

    A few things:

    1. Scotland has it's own Irondistance race, google CELTMAN
    2. Ely in EA has a half ironman, run by the monster triathlon people, there was talk of turning it into an ironman.
    3. Bolton entries usually open about a month after the last race, and usually doesn't fill up for a few months - and I think last year they signed a contract for 2/3 more years? I think.

    Thanks very much image

    Does this interaction with the newbies mean you're mentoring usimage

    Nurse, not much of an amateur newbie, bit of a dark horse image

    Two days post marafun and i now think an IM is possible again (someone remind me of this post when i'm shouting obscenities and moaning next yr)


  • pathetic recovery training today

    • 4 mile walk
    • 8 mile bike
    • 1 mile swim

    have to travel this weekend, don't know what training I might do.... might be limited to running image


  • Gas, calm yourself, that sounds like a fine recovery!

    Check out the quad here http://www.artemisgreatkindrochit.co.uk/

    It's what gave me the bug for multi discipline, rather than just running.  And it made me realise that I could keep going for 15 ½ hours without physically or mentally crumbling.  Then one or two idiots (remind me to hunt them down and make them suffer) pointed out, "Ooh, that's an Ironman-type time", and a tiny seed was planted in our tiny brains.

    Ironman is in a different league tho'.  I don't know of any IMs with a fish & chip van laid on half-way round the bike leg!

  • ha ha you really wouldn't want me mentoring you but I'm always happy to offer advice image

    and seriously, why wouldn't an Ironman be possible? You all seem to have the endurance and the propensity to suffer, so  you've pretty much got the skill set.

    Gas - have the weekend off, the body takes a massive beating doing a marafun. One of the most important parts of Ironman training is recovery. You have to put in recovery weeks and rest days, it's difficult if you aren't used to them. Rest up and your legs will be fresher for training next week. Go eat cake image


    (bugger....I just sounded like a mentor )

  • Ironholgs wrote (see)

    You all seem to have the endurance and the propensity to suffer,

    That comes as a result of putting up with Gastank image



  • Someone tell Raf I'm ignoring him...

    BossHolgs (your new mentoring name) - I will try and rest up my legs, going for a poodle in the lake this evening followed by a seminar on nutrition with my OW coach (clearly something I need help with, I "like" nutrition a bit too much.

    In fact the missus thinks that after OW swimming on Saturdays I eat a weeks worth of "nutrition" in a couple of hours, obviously she's exaggerating.... I think

    Got some go faster stickers for adriana today, she's got my name on her... How many more mph will that give me?!? At least when I'm lying at the side of the road like a convulsing beaching whale clipped into bike, everyone will know my name, that's a good thing?right?!?
  • BossHolgs.....oh dear lord.

    Your name on your bike? You're practically a pro now.

    Enjoy splashing tonight.

  • Ooooh, Ironholgs, if I were you I'd back slowly away from this mottley crew. You have no idea what you're letting yourself in for! image

    Yes, gas, that'll help the paramedics reach your next of kin!

  • Or have a bloody good laugh at my expense using my first name.... Great image
  • Right outta here, laters peeps I have fish to frighten (have u seen my new swim cap, those fish attempt gonna be terrified - well maybe not the pike!)
  • Bossholgs, lol. Good call.

    1600m OWS in 48 mins tonight image Had to take a big detour round a swan that had a 'i'm going to peck you in the head' look about it.
  • Great swimming SD! Swans nasty things, good call!

    My session ended in a mini race with the more experienced group (I think we were meant to be "cannon fodder") BUT two things happened

    1) I'm not that slow and led the pack from the off

    2) I'm not that fit, I gassed towards the end and came in third / fourth

    I just cant get my head in the right space, the minute I'm put in a pack I sprint to the front, lose focus on stroke timing, breathing and everything else and then regret it.... If I do that on race day I am going to be in trouble... Was probably only a couple of hundred metres tonight in race conditions #needtoengagebrainbeforeballs image
  • Good result.

    I do exactly the same thing at park run. I know i need to pace myself but always go off too quick with the sub 20min runners. Also, even when i know i'm just running for fun & not even racing i still sprint to the finish if i can hear someone coming up behind me ??

    Even though i dont intentionally go to compete against anyone but myself, it must be an in built competitive nature we have i guess.
  • Interesting.

    When you do an Ironman, you are going to have to learn to ignore those around you ( unless you are very good and chasing a Kona slot ). People will fly past you early doors on the bike and if you don't check your ego you'll destroy your race there and then chasing them.

    You've got to have a plan, and you have to stick to it. When you get out of the swim you'll be excited and feeling strong, you'll want to push on, but you'll still have long, lonely, tough hours ahead of you. That extra effort, might get you back off the bike 1/2 an hour earlier than planned but could end costing your an extra 2 hours on the run as you are reduced to a walk, and a slow one at that.

    Remember the only person you will be racing is yourself, the only person that can f*ck it up is you. Pacing and discipline is everything. Practice it in training. It is an inbuilt nature to be competative, and that's great in a 5k park run, it's over quickly but you have to readjust your thinking for 140.6 miles. Start thinking about it now.

  • Holgs...careful mate, you are beginning to sound more a like a mentor every day. Did that sun in Lanza have an effect on your brain??

    Gastank - Someone - who ever he is?? - said you're ignoring me image

  • I'd have to have a brain to be affected though, so think I'm safe.

    Did forget to take my medication though this morning, that might explain it.

  • I think if any of us had a brain, we wouldn't be here image 

  • BossHolgs - good advice image

    I think I need to practice in a pack more, dropping ego isn't normally a problem and being competitive when you're generally shite at everything normally isn't an issue.... Which is probably why open water pack swimming and the apparent effect it has on me is such a mind fk - I'm going to have to find the space in my head to race my own race and block out everyone else. Think it's going to come down to more practice

    Morning Rafimage
  • you just need me to come along and pace for you - that'll slow you down image

  • Errrr didn't u just post a 32 min 1500m?!?
  • I do exactly the same - take off at a ridiculous, unsustainable pace and then am knackered by halfway.  I am getting better at slowing down tho', but I've had to work hard at focusing on me and ignoring everyone else.

    Gas, never mind me being a "dark horse", I'm thinking Raf is one to keep a close eye on. 

  • imageimageimage

  • You see BossHolgs... You see what I'm up against?!? I'm surrounded by "ringers"

    Six pack Raf (can't swim of course) posted a bike section at over 20mph, recently did the Scottish Etape on a whim and last week did 10k in 42 mins! (I reckon with some actual training he might be able to a GBR captain America costume) nursie did some insane Scottish event that took 15 hrs and SD was in the military

    P.S. i've just tried to "recruit" some newbies from the female bike question thread
  • 22.5mph actually  image...who said 25 years of heavy drinking and smoking is bad for you!

    Gotta go, there's some guy called Lord Coe on the phone asking if I'm busy on 7th August...there's some event on in London he's says I  might be interested in.....image

  • The b4stard, he told me the job of scraping crap off the brownlees' shoes was mine if I wanted it
  • Doh!! Another dream opportunity lost!!

  • Back up a bit guys. And never mind our achievements.

    Raf has a six pack?

    Kept that quiet image

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