Fatman to Ironman



  • Well done SD

  • And what happened to you yesterday M...eldy?? Tooscared of that final hill, or six hours with Barley too much for you? (I only managed 2 before I had to drop him?)image

  • Good going Sossige

  • Well done SD




    Week 6 (of 20) of my training plan now completed.


    It was a little lighter than intended due to my dad being in hospital: Did 13hrs 26 from a planned 13:40 … but overall I am ahead of schedule

    By the end of week 6 ...

    • I had planned to have done 71:35 Training
    • I have actually done 82:42 Training

    By the same time in last years programme …

    • I had only managed 30:26

    So going quite well at the moment.image


    I have 14:55 planned for this week but all depends on hospital visits etc

  • Any advice on seized up quads. I can hardly walk today
  • Doing the walk of honor, eh Doggie?  I would schedule a nice deep tissue massage. I had one after my last (and only stand alone) marathon and it did wonders.

  • SossigeDog wrote (see)
    Any advice on seized up quads. I can hardly walk today

    Rest, gentle stretching, walking, massage

  • Hot bath, deep heat and a hobble to the end of my road done. May have to set off to work 30 minutes earlier tomorrow image

    Did a careful foam roller on the quads. That was an interesting pain.

    Dawned on me today, after Tim highlighted when we are doing the Grafman.

    In the next 7 weeks i have the 5k swimathon, The Slateman triathlon & a half ironman
  • Walking and massage .... walking and massage

    Rafi ... what do you think? !!

  • I'm in possession of a sweet new hat.  Just in time for summer! haha

    Thanks Doggie Dog!



  • Nice hat Yank !!!

  • Yay. Only 39 of them in existence!
  • evenin' all

    (is it just me or is anyone else having problems loading this site recently? )

    anyway, I am on the road to recovery (yet again image) the black eyes are going down - a delightful shade of yellowy brown at the moment - and the bruising is improving (I can now sit comfortably lol). Managed a half hour run on saturday and an hour on my mtb yesterday.

    I may have to do a charity bike ride on sunday with a friend (long story), it'll be 40 miles on road on my mtb as E will be on hers and "very slow", so it'll be a test of mental fortitude image

  • Evenin all

    Wk 7 Day 1

    Was only one session today as I was on the road at 4am for a 330mile commute

    - I did just short of 3hrs 40min spin .... As Spinervals 13 followed by a spin class

    My kit was left rather soggy :S
  • Glad to hear you're on the mend Fraggle.

    Our lovely local GB age grouper was in the pool with me yesterday, and she got me to practise drafting her (she did have to slow down a fair bit!).  I was surprised just how much difference I could feel.  She also swam over the top of me a couple of times to give me an idea how that feels. Interesting enough in the controlled environment of the pool, must be a shocker in OW.  I did explain that there would be nobody behind me to swim over me at Outlaw!

  • Oh, and Will - you're mental

  • ^^   what she said !

    Fraggle ... sounds like an ideal come back ride to me, please wear plenty of padding tho, we know what you are like  image

    I shall have a quick run after work before a little social coffee drinking  

  • Well I ignored all advice (I am a bloke after all image) and went back to my old, minimalist running shoes this morning and had the most enjoyable run I've had for months. Even think I might be able to finish the IM run now!

    But here's a question for you - who has right of way on a pavement (sidewalk for you IY). I was running on the right hand pavement, with the traffic coming towards me. As I approached a petrol station (gas station IY), a man in a Jag started to head for the exit, which meant crossing the piece of pavement I had probably just entered. Now, i looked at him and he was watchnig the traffic coming down the hill, as you would, but I thought any moment he'll look up, see me, slow down and smile. No way, he just kept looking up the road and drove start at the piece of tarmac I was occupying!!. I managed to put a couple of long strides in and he must have missed me by an inch or two - still oblivious to my presence!

    Now I would have though as he is a motorise vehicle crossing a pavement, he should give way (there are no white lines anywhere) - which I pointed out to him in a polite, succinct manner!

    Two miles later a women pulled out of her drive and did the same thing!!

    So who was in the right??

  • As fas as I'm aware Raf, vehicles always have to give way to pedestrians.  Meldy will have the answer.

  • Raf I'd say you were right, cars never have a "right" to hit a person.

    Also if you're pulling onto a road you have to give way to oncoming traffic whether it's car, horse, bike or person.


  • I expect mistress M.eldy will know - but her judgement may be clouded by the fact she believes anyone would have the right to hit me image

  • I would say unless the pavement has marking which clearly state that it has ended (as you get with cycle paths et.c) then the veh is crossing the pavement which makes the person who is on the pavement the one with right of way. The driver of the veh should be taking due care and attention when crossing and joining the flow of traffic .... or put simply, have a bit of common sense !!

  • Damn .... I missed Rafis post !!

  • Halfway through IM UK training.  Better get serious!

  • Can I officially call myself bilingual now? After reading these forums and Doggie's blog, I'm impressed I understand it all. "I was running near the petrol station on the pavement and a lorry nearly took me out but it hit a bin instead!" image
  • Very impressive IY! Next we'll have to work on spelling....colour, programme, ..... image

  • Just been out for a wee spin.  I was rather pleased at doing the first 12 miles in 40 mins, then I turned to head home and realised just why I had felt I was flying along.  The homeward half took an hour and 15 mins. Jeeeeezus, it's windy.  Having to pedal to get downhill is not a lot of fun.

  • I know the feeling Nursey! One route I do takes in part of the Windsor Olly course - a long straight road. Its a great feeling flying down there at 26, 27 mph until you realise its wind assisted and its going to be one long hard slog back!! image

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