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  • Good work everyone.  Sooo nice to see the sun once in a while.

    Quick question.  As I've mentioned before, I'm planning on tackling the full distance in the summer of '14.  By then I'll be the proud Dad of a 3 and a half year old and, fingers crossed, another very small bundle of joy.

    Has anyone any advice or experience of training for the full distance in similar circumstances?  I'm really interested in seeing how people cope with the training, the lack of sleep etc etc.

    I'm of the mind that it's doable and that organisation will be key.  I'm also coming around to the view that I'll roll out a minimal training plan as proposed by Matt Fitzgerald et al which seems really interesting and very unlike anything I've done in the past.

    Anyway - any advice as ever greatly received.  image

  • Good luck Donkey! my kids are older so I can leave them for a an hour or so while i run or bike, i guess a turbo and dreadmill may have to be the answer ? or babyjogger so you can take one of them with you while you run? 


    loving the sunshine today; am going for a run later while No2 son is warming up for diving, and I may have to dig the shorts out of the cupboard (and also apologise to the residents of Reading for the sight of my brilliant blue/white legs  imageimage)

  • That's an intereting article ID - some of it makes sense! I like the bit  about the running, espcially as I've been inmjured unti recently so upped the bike to replace runs. I'll find out if it works in a little over 3 weeks!!

  • IronDonkey wrote (see)

    Has anyone any advice or experience of training for the full distance in similar circumstances?  I'm really interested in seeing how people cope with the training, the lack of sleep etc etc.

    ID - I've kept an eye on this thread as doing my first IM distance event this year (9 weeks and counting...) and have a three and a half year old son, and daughter just turned two. Have done three HIM's in last two years whilst working full time as a bit of background to me!

    For various reasons, my other half and I took the leap of both leaving work to re-train in other walks of life... has this presented the perfect opportunity to go for the full distance? I am now a stay-at-home dad, and I train in the evenings when Mrs MTH comes home from work as she wants time with the kids. Suits me, and then once a week (in the week) I go for a long bike ride whilst a set of grandparents have the kids for 3/4/5 hours; and train early morning, and late evening at the weekends to leave time for all of us on Sat/Sundays in the day.

    What has struck me as under-estimated is the 'extra training' you get pushing the pushchair, carrying kids about, chucking them around etc in addition to your normal training (I follow Fink - but would definately cut this back to 22 or 24 weeks if did this mularky again)

    Only my thoughts... and may be a load of rubbish as haven't completed the distance yet!

  • Ive stuck to Fink pretty much bang on until a few weeks ago. I had to change the days around & ramp up the running to get ready for VLM though. I havent done the Fink swim drills or running in different zone business.

    Difficult to say if i would do the same again until ive completed the IM. Although ive got Slateman in 4 weeks time, will probably be a good test on how my fitness has come on.

    Definitely think the first 6 weeks was a bit pointless as i was already doing more than that anyway, so reducing the plan to 24 weeks wouldnt be a biggy, unless you were starting from nothing.

    I'm know expert though.

    Walking a bit easier today, although stairs are still a bit challenging image
  • Just a thought SD ...




  • Yes, just what i need
  • Evening all

    Wk 7 D 2 for me


    - Swim ... Including a 2k TT @ 52 strokes per min ... 38:44


    - 2hrs spin

    - 15mins core
  • One hour run yesterday morning inc 5 x 3min hard.  Then a great swim with NEWT yesterday evening.  Feeling good this week, back in the saddle.

    On Sunday I'm doing a recce ride for Blaeafon Triathlon.  Hills?  No, cliffs.

  • Riding up cliffs DTT? That sounds exciting!

    So, I'm Ill again... Is anyone else getting ill a lot ever since they've been training more?

    It's getting really frustrating, I just don't know how to sort my immune system out. I take multivitamins, eat well and sleep well but I still come down with something every few weeks or so it seems.

    Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do to help at all? 

  • I did Ironman UK last year and man was it an experience! No less because of the fact that I did it with a broken toe.

    I've written some advice on how to deal with the day here:


  • Evening all

    Wk 7 D 3 .. For me ..


    - 50min spin ... Intervals session


    - 30min spin ... To de-stress after work

    - 8k swim as 8x1000m ... About 9mins faster than last time .. And no cramp this time
  • Well done Tim, have fun Sunday

    Hiya Budgie, what sort of ill? Man flu etc? I seem to have had a sneeze or a sore throat since January. Sounds like your doing all you can to stay well.

    Maybe you should pop and see the quack.
  • I was going to pop in here and update my swimming prowess but then looking at Wills splash session its going to look like 3 laps of a paddling pool

    I am a tad busy, normal service will be resumed shortly   image

  • 50 min ride yesterday, ave 18mph!  Then a brick run.  And I was out at 7:00 this morning for an hour on the bike, busier at that time than I thought but a good way to shake the cobwebs. 

  • The Blaenafon course is an interesting one, there are a lot of times when you think how the hell is there another hill?? And by the end it just feels like you have climbed about 10 times more than you have gone down.

    I hope the weather is good for you DTT as it gets blustery up the top, I was managing 4mph on a flat into the wind last week on the course. and it has to be the worst road surface I have ever seen... have fun image

  • Just returned from the South Africa IM but can't report too much on the race as I (and my dad) got food poisoning at Joburg airport which laid me down for 3-4 days. image

    I watched the race from the hotel sun lounger; the swim seemed fairly choppy with some of the competitors saying there was quite a bit of swell further out.  However, conditions were perfect for the bike, not too much wind and the sun out. The course is relatively flat and fast and the times reflected this. Re: the marathon, many were finding the heat difficult, but again, apart from one hill up to the university, the course is flat with fabulous support throughout.

    Port Elizabeth is very cheap, the hotel was great value and, as a season opener, it seems a great IM to do.  I'll be back!

  • Gutted, unlucky

  • Sorry to here you were ill Sue


    Thusrday is a short day for me, so ...

    Wk 7 D 4 was ...

     - Swim ... 1800m of drills (and to loosen my shoulders after last nites long swim)

    - Spin .. just short of an hour including a RPM class


  • BBT, I'm doing the Blaenafon route on Sunday for the first time.  I've driven it, even my car found it hard.  Still seriously considering mountain bike, but will probably man up and take the road bike.  

  • 2100m swim in an hour tonight with the Tri club.  Feeling good!  If a little weary...   

  • Oh Sue that is very very bad luck indeed .... How frustrating
    It does however sound a lovely place for a race

    Nice swimming Tim, I am swimming and running tomorrow I believe   image

  • Sue, Shiiit. I hope you can find something else and smash it.

  • Bad luck Sue.....just Lanza to look forward to now!!

    First open water of the year last night - went to do 1500m just try out the new (secondhand) wettie, but felt good once I'd warmed up, so did 3200m in the end. Not extremely fast, but felt strong all the way round so pleased with that.

  • My Geekness has increased ...


    I now have graphs Comparing ..

    • This Years actual training to my targets
    • This Years actual training to 2012 (a poor/mediocre outing)
    • This Years actual training to 2011 (a PB outing)



  • Thanks for your support, although IronCat wins the prize for being closest to what I went through.  Back training for Lanza. but my energy levels are very low - alot can happen in 3 weeks though, starting this week.

  • That's pants Sue image.  Hope you're on the mend.

    1 hour run yesterday, 1hr45 run today, 50 mile bike planned for tomorrow - please, please can it not be so bloody windy.

  • Rafi - whats the water temp like ?  awaiting my new wetsuit from Snugg then I'll be joining you

  • Rafi do you swim at the lake in reading (the tri2o one?) just wondering as I'm probably gonna go next week, was a regular there last year.

  • it'll be a veritable pirate fest then Jamie, it's my local too image

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