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  • I just got the Garmin 910 for my birthday. I love it.  I had a Timex Global GPS and even when it worked, the GPS was iffy and it finally crapped out, just after the warranty, of course.  I also think the Garmin does a much better job of realistically calculating your calorie burn.  The Timex would give me crazy high calories burned readings.

     This sport is indeed full of so many shiny toys!

  • " BudgieSmuggler where have you gone? "

    I've been really busy with uni work, it's that time of year again! Just one week to go and I'll be a free man.

    Then I'll be able to keep bugging you all

  • Lewis11 wrote (see)
    " BudgieSmuggler where have you gone? " I've been really busy with uni work, it's that time of year again! Just one week to go and I'll be a free man. Then I'll be able to keep bugging you all image
    Lewis11, what have you done with the BudgieSmuggler?!  Have you kidnapped him? What is the ransom?
  • I'm imagining lots of you will have seen this, but for any who haven't it's a giggle (Mary Whitehouse beware, there's a naughty word!)

  • Nurse, I was feeling down and gloomy about all this work I have to do, and that video made me happy again!

    What a brilliant video! haha
  • Do i detect some waivering towards a 2013 IM Nursey?

    I currently train 10 to 12 hours a week, so, if i start the 30 week plan, do i reduce my training hours down to what the book suggests & then build up ?

    90 minute swim tonight. Swam 100 x 25m. New pb on front crawl 6 x 25m in a row

    The washing up liquid in the goggles stopped the misting, thanks image
  • There are lots more in the same style on YouTube - all funny
  • Happy to be of help, Lewis (Delia). It's not called the caring profession for nothing
  • SD, no comment
  • SD - you can either cut back and build a good base again, or keep things ticking over until the plan overtakes them.

    Of course, you may find that the plan spends more time on some parts than others; you may need to cut back on the other activities to maintain the training volume (and home/tri balance).

  • I'm hoping this chest infection will have cleared sufficiently by next week to let me get stuck into my training plan for July.  I really, really need to get out on the bike and get some miles in (and get over my fear of braking)

  • Nurse it's not the braking you should fear its the falling off, not good when you have feet stuck to pedals image
  • Evening all. Hope you feel better soon Nursey. Thurs & Fri off for me, new venue park run saturday, followed by a 55 mile cycle to Overstrand. Swim sunday, get wetsuit monday & do my first bit of open water training. Apparently we can now have 30 minutes swim time despite the water temperature. Thanks Cat, did you adjust the Fink plan much? Swap anything round.
  • I swam OW tonight. Did 1 750m lap. Didn't do a second, couldn't keep my fingers together it was soo cold.

    I did a mara in late Oct, then started Fink beginning of Dec, whilst also ramping for an early Feb HM. I ran league XC on Sundays and did weekly club runs which were over and above Fink at the time. After the HM the LSR dropped back down to Fink's levels, which was good, because the long bike was ramping at the same time.

    I tend to mix things up a bit to fit in with work or family. In the first 15 or so weeks I played around with rest days - maybe swimming on the Mon and run on Tue instead of both on Tue. Now I take the rest day as I need it. I also don't have too much of an issue getting up at stupid o-clock in the morning to train before the family wakes. I will say that I feel better when the week runs according to Fink's plan. He knows his onions!

  • ST - it was a braking cock-up on a wet road that caused me to fall off when I couldn't unclip my feet fast enough!  Physically and emotionally scarred for life.

  • Cat - good to hear that you can happily adjust Fink to suit around family.  His plans aren't scaring me as much as I thought they might.  Seems do-able.

  • Thanks for that cat. Pretty sure i can stick to the plan but would need to juggle the swimming sessions a bit.
  • Fatman to Ironman Giro de Italia fantasy league.

    Just for fun I've set up a fantasy Giro League.
    Simply log in and select your team. (It's easy you don't need to know anything about cycling - I don't!) then enter it in "Fatman to Ironman" league using the code


  • Nurse I did that early on in the year I always wondered what would happen if I fell of bike which I found out the hard way when I fell off. It was 5k into a 70k sportive which made me go very gingerly on corners downhills and when picking up on speed. O the answer was you hit the ground then feet pop out, well mine dd anywayimage
  • OUCH!  

    My feet stayed clipped in and the bike came sliding along the tarmac with me.  

    May I take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the individuals who drove past me as I was lying on the road with the bike on top of me image.


  • Just had a look at the Great Scottish Swim site.  Think I'm going to give it a go.

  • Nurse I did mine on country lane out side of a gate with a big Alsatian lying there. Don't know what he was thinking but he didn't move just look at me and stayed lying down lol
  • Obviously you weren't bleeding enough to tempt him!

  • Rubbish bike ride today, wish i hadnt gone out. Planned 55 miles to Overstrand but the bloody map didnt work properly on my garmin.

    Then it started hailing ??? Was wearing shorts so freezing. Bum started aching after 20 minutes, then feet, gears wouldnt change properly, seat then came loose. Pushed on for a bit & managed 35 miles.

    On the plus side, new cross country park run at fritton lake was good fun

  • Oh Sausage, what a nightmare! At least the run was good.

  • Tri suit ordered

  • Cool. I will be donning my trisuit again next weekend for the Wattisham Triathlon.

    Marshalling at the Waveney Triathlon on the Sunday. My daughter & I are in charge of the cycle mount & dismount section image should be interesting.

    Done a mile swim this morning. Tried using some of the Fink tips out the bible. I do believe i might have glided a bit in the pool today, lol.

    I might reduce training over the next couple of weeks, got a few niggles in my shoulder, knee & shins that wont go. Ive also got the norwich 100 at the end of the month so want to be 100% for my first century ride image

    Hows your training going NR, have you managed to get any extra sessions in based on what you have read in the book? Appreciate the weather hasn exactly been motivational.
  • Sausagedog, dont knock the ride to much, treat it as a learning experience for race day.  Now you know to check your bike and all nuts etc are done up.  Ive had tribars come loose during races and in training having not tightened them on properly. 

    Most disconcerting was at Roth a couple of years ago, when handing my bike to the catcher at the bike dismount line my back wheel came out the rear drop-outs, id been hurtling down hills at 40+ mph not long before.

    Nurse Ratched, hope youre ok.

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

     Now you know to check your bike and all nuts etc are done up. 

    Yep, my bad. I know i only checked the tyres in my haste to get out on Saturday image

    Lucky on the back wheel, could have been a nasty one.

    Weekly blog update, not very exciting i'm afraid.



  • BB, I'm fine, thanks.  My accident was last year, I was just talking about it because it hugely knocked my confidence.  Specifically, I'm now scared of braking!  So I just need to get back on the bike and get some outdoor miles done, and reassure myself that I'm not going to either slide the back wheel or launch myself over the bars.  Yes, I have always had a highly fertile imagination!

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