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  • i suppose its a question of lifestyle - i did used to do shiftwork years ago and saw 6am a few times - never again, I work from 10.30 to 4.30 now and thats pushing it image

    since my over training melt down i started to get up at 6 so i can get 2 more hours training into the 5/6 days - SO I CAN HAVE A REST DAY

    sorry youre so right i really should be locked up image
  • Hello DK, good to see you posting again.  I have been missing you and a bit worried.

    Have you got any jobs going?

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Respect to those of you brave enough to take on the IM distance within a year of starting! I've been trying to get brave enough to enter an Oly in the summer ... and then I come on here and see folk planning a 2013 IM from scratchimage!! I love the idea of doing IM but, having experienced how draining a marathon is, I just cannot imagine startingimage one when you've already swum 2.5M and cycled 112M!! You guys must be nuts. At the back of my mind I harbour a thought that I should do IM before I'm 50 (2016) ... but it seems silly and I never take the thought very seriously.

    I did a sprint Tri last year and it was one of the most enjoyable events I've taken part in ... so I've been considering the dark-side of Tri as my running has been floundering all year due to injury.  I improve as I go from swim to bike to run, so I think Tri could be a "glass full" type of event where I can look forward to improving fortunes as things progress (as opposed to the impending doom of a marathon). I can swim a mile in the pool front-crawl (40ish minutes) but it's not pretty ... and I have a "cyclo-cross" bike for commuting (5M each way ... longest ride ever is only 23M). Running is a bit better - I've cracked the 40 min 10K barrier and have a 90 min HM ... marathon last autumn was a classic case of dying at 20M and I hobbled in at 3:32. So, I've been considering a July Oly triathlon ... but not actually entering it ... and then I visit here and see the JFDI attitude and realise that either I'm a wuss or you guys are nuts. Or both. image

  • Oh, you've really gone and done it now. Will you crumple under the pressure, or will you be my new IM 2014 buddy?
  • I'm doing oly in July, which will be my first tri. Did Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon last year and that's what planted the multi-discipline seed.
  • Welcome Dr Dan. I can only dream of swimming a mile in 40 minutes.

    Sounds like all 3 of us should be doing Outlaw next year.
  • I'm all for the banter of getting everyone signed up, but I do think it isn't a decision to be taken lightly.

    Like NurseR I have 2 kids (4 & 6 too). I travel a lot for work, so can train as much as I want when away. When I'm not away I have to cram everything in to the remaining time. I train before the kids are up, or after they're in bed, or at lunch where possible. I spend the weekends doing long rides and long runs, wishing I was at home with the family.

    My wife works p/t so it has made life a little easier, however she is now topping her hours up, which means that schedulling needs to be planned at the beginning of the week.

    She's used to looking after the kids when I'm away, but it is a little unfair on her to do so when I get back so I can train. I have pre-emptively retired from IM after Outlaw, until the kids are a lot older. It's not fair on them or the wife.

    For those of you in similar positions please think carefully. Fink recommends a 'family meeting' where you explain what you want to do and the time it will take. I think to those that are not as involved as us, it means nothing. Telling people you'll be training 12-15 hours a week at some point means nothing until it actually happens, when life gets in the way and plates start to get thrown.

    There are ways around this of course - a turbo allows you to stay in and train whilst freeing up t'other half. Same with a treadmill (though I don't have one). Swimming could be done during the kid's swimming lessons. We did a shift change at one point. I swam, she arrived with boy for his lesson, we all swam, I took the boy home. She continues her swim.

    Don't go in with blinkers on thinking it will all be OK. Keep your eyes open and be flexible. Once I stopped worrying about doing the plan to the letter life got easier. Communication is key.

    If it wasn't for the iron support I get at home, I couldn't do this.

    Enjoy it!

    Hope this helps! image

  • Cat, no one would disagree with you and I have seen that written many a year now

    You really do need the full backing of your home life image
  • Told my wife i was doing an Ironman next year.

    Discussion done.
  • SausageDog wrote (see)
    Told my wife i was doing an Ironman next year.

    Discussion done.

    You can still talk ??  image
  • Thank you so much for that, Cat.

    At the moment, hubby works full-time shifts over 7 days (ie 5 days a week, but weekend days as well as Mon-Fri), and I work 3 evenings a week (also weekends as well as Mon-Fri).

    My only guaranteed free time is 2 hours a day Mon-Fri when wee one is at nursery. I spend one of those hours exercising the dog. Yes I can run with her, but not on the main roads (we live in the country, so there are no pavements!), and I obviously can't swim or bike with her. I do have a turbo, but still can't put in lots of hours on that.

    This is why I've decided to do shorter events meantime and IM in 2014. Wee one will start school Aug 2013 and I'll then have 5 hours a day Mon-Fri to do as I please - train!

    I can't commit to IM until I know that I can give it what it needs.
  • NR, i'm sure the pirates peer pressure was only play. I was waivering on changing to 2013 anyway after reading all the inspirational stuff on here.

    Its a bit easier for me than you. My daughter is 12 & does Karate classes, music classes, extra school stuff.

    So easy for me to train whilst she does that, swim or run. She also does park run with me then normally goes out with her mates so i have the rest of Saturday for a long ride. My wife works most weekends btw.

    My office is also only 1 mile from my house so i'm home by 5pm most nights. I even slope off at 3pm once a week to go out for a long bike ride.

    Only concern my wife has is me hurting myself like i did in the 2006 london marathon or having a heart attack during training or an event. She keeps on at me to go to the doctor for a check up.
  • I know the pirates are only jesting! Still, now they have me in their sights..............................
  • What & when is your next event NR?

    I've now got a place at the Wattisham Triathlon on 12th May. Probably mentioned that earlier, cant remember.

    Also trying & buying my wetsuit on 7th May at the local open water sports place. So open water swim sessions will commence 9th May.

  • With you on that one Cat. My kids are 5 and 7. I work 42 hour weeks with an additional 42hr a week on call. I am roughly following Fink and I'd say the first 10 weeks were not too bad to go with. Not so go the next 10 however  nearly 3 weeks of it was taken up with a holiday. I am now in the bigger weeks of Fink. I can't contemplate doing some of what he suggests, not just for time but for physical feeling. I ran 16 miles yesterday and have had a good rest day today. The day before I did a 4 hr bike. Following the letter I should be doing 5 hr bikes with a 1 hr brick and then that long run the day after. No chance. So I've taken some of all the 3 programs and made it fit my life keeping everyone happyish. Must admit, shift work helps for a few weeks when I am off during the week but have to play about a bit when my days off are at weekends. All about work/life/family balance.

    Anyway, on the day I'm in the camp of pain is only temporary, success last for ever/winners never quit, quitters never win ( unless injury is a factor, just put my excuses in now!!!! ) and put the chimp in the box for today, he's not your friend and he can be beaten!

    Nurse R. I couldn't have got any where near the training in that I have done prior to my 2 starting school full time. Your time will comeimage

  • Thanks for all the support guys. Just keep giving me the occasional poke with a sharp stick!

    SD, am doing Gullane Beach Tri on 28th July.
  • I'm doing my first tri in September, although i've caught the training bug and am thinking of booking one in earlier! Need to learn to swim properly though. Lessons start next week!

     After reading Ironholgs' book (in pretty much one sitting!) I'm considering IM in 2014, the year i turn 30. Will see how i get on over the shorter distances!


  • Well done HB.

    It is scary how addictive it is. I was going to do the IM in 2014 a week ago. Thats mysteriously changed to a year earlier now!! 

    I cant get enough, i dont stop thinking about Triathlons or training.

    When i started cycling last June, my 1 goal was to complete the Norwich 100 in 2012. Back then i couldnt envisage actually completing a 50 mile ride let alone 100. The event  is now  5 weeks away.

    Although i've never done a century ride (78 is my max) it no longer seems daunting or even that difficult, in my head. It's now just a part of my IM training.

    Within the year my goals have changed slightly.  image

    I feel my years are no longer simply ticking away, as i go through the mundane motions & daily grind, i have goals & ambition again. It makes me feel alive. Happy days. God bless triathlon & signing up to nutty stuff.

  • HellsBells23 - see you at Outlaw 2014. If they don't get to you first.................................
  • The bible arrived today 'Be Iron Fit' read a few pages, might have to put Chrissies biography to the side for a bit.

    Anyone got exciting things planned this weekend?

    Park run then a 50 mile cycle loop out to Horsey in Norfolk tomorrow.
    Sunday - 1 mile swim & 3 mile walk.

    Also got 2 stages of tour of Turkey & 3 stages of tour of romandy to watch.
  • Saturday - bank, get tyre changed on car, printer in and.... RETUL 3D bike fit!!! image

    Sunday - long run, thinking 2.5 to 2.75 hrs - weather forecast is not good though
  • Hells surely you mean Florida November 2013?
  • Good start to the weekend, if you can put the monsoon out of mind.

    Park Run PB today, finally broke my 26 min barrier. Think i got around 25.30, forgot to stop my watch.

    Wind & rain outside says sack the bike ride but i know i'll be angry with myself if i do. Time to man up.
  • Hope everyones had a great weekend, despite the shite weather.

    Weekly Blog update done, enjoy. image


  • 2013 out of the question for me really, I'm climbing kilimanjaro next summer which is costing me a small fortune! And I'm 30 in 2014 so would be pretty awesome to do IM in my 30th year!
    Feel everyones pain re fitting in training. Full time city job and 2 live in step kids. Hubby is gonna have to be mega supportive!!
  • Kilimanjaro, wow, lucky you. I'd love to do that. Would be a bit out of my price range though.

    Ive had this on my dream radar for a while.

  • Can anyone suggest some swimming goggles that dont mist up please? I have a pair of speedo ones that are so called 'anti mist' but that statement is a crock of....

  • Any - put a tiny bit of washing up liquid in them and give them a rinse out - mist free for about 3 swims
  • I'll give that a go, thanks.
  • Zoggs predator flex, and they're polarised so ideal for open water... But they are pretty good straight out the box....

    ...and I always used good old fashioned spit as my demister
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