Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Nice one Choisty. Like running with my girls from time to time.
    Craig all the best with the back not good. Friend of mine has the same at the moment. Get well soon and just keep mobile but nothing extreme please take it steady.........image

  • Thanks BoD m8y, appreciated.  It's all a bit of a balancing act at the moment.  Do enough to make progress without piling on the pressure to another breaking point.  The running is helping again, thank goodness.  Really sorry to see about your back problem.  Do whatever it takes to get it better.

    I was initially disappointed with the arrival of yet more ankle-deep snow, as I had hoped to do a lactate threshold run today.  Then while taking the kids to school I thought, "You know what?  Today is a great day for a run!".  So shortly afterwards I headed out to just enjoy the run and do whatever I felt like.

    I ran eight miles and averaged 9:05, which is my marathon pace, near as dammit. My fastest miles were 8:41, 8:39 and 8:36 which, given the conditions must have been close to lactate threshold anyway.  The trail was particularly beautiful - I love snow covered trees image  A very uplifting run, which is just what I need.

  • Cool, Ten, it sounds freeing.

    Bo D I am so sorry to hear you are still in a bad way, good to have a diagnosis you can't argue with though sometimes.

    Choisty I can't wait to see how you go on Sunday, what a run!
  • image we had snow this am but drove in as after yesterdays effort thought I better have a rest day. Great to enjoy a run like that Ten keep at it and keep up the chin up......image

  • Reikki - it didn't feel too cold today, probably because that awful northerly wind has gone.

    mcs - cheers mate.  I hope you get sorted soon, take it easy this week image  Also, well done with Jantastic. I'm glad I entered it, because it was one thing that kept me going.  Extra incentive to stick to the long run plan this month.

  • Ten, excellent taking the positives out of the change of plan, I love running in snow.

    weird this week not running twice a day

  • Thanks Choisty.  I forget to say what an awesome run you had!  Good luck for Bramley.

    Mike - good luck for Bramley too.  

  • Thanks Ten - take care....

  • Morning Team, cold here this morning and a bit icy, didnt leave home till late this morning as the OH was out running in the light so had to dash to work and did three miles in 21.47 which is quick for me..........image 
    Just had a rejection email so bit gutted as was hoping on that one as close to home, got a cracked windscreen on the way to the interview so a costly trip. Hey ho. I can get a job, shut up Mr Chimp and lets stay happy and positive!!!! Reading that book has helped me these last two weeks or so, still not through it yet though. Its passing the early hours of the morning away though............

  • mcs - keep going, let that one go as there is nothing you can do about it now.

    Bummer about the windscreen .......

    Nice run - 3/21:47 is good going for early in the morning.

  • I now have the chimp book so I can get with the story.  Big book. 

    Did a bit of jogging yesterday, just under 7 easy, some of it along a new bit of canal, so a discovery for future jaunts to and from acupuncture, and made possible by forgetting my locer key and having to head home en route to work. 


  • Arse, arse, yester and less than 100m in I slipped and cracked my knee, it is now painful and unstable...doh! image

  • Hi all!

    Sorry - been a bit swamped but will catch up as soon as I can!  Just wanted to stop by and say hulloooo...

    Hope the week improves for all those not having such a good time... and hope everything is going ok for everyone else!

    Choisty - go and see a physio - PRICE for the first 3 days and get an appointment asap after that (guess what my latest essay is on!!!)  They can't do anything for 3 days because of the body's acute inflammatory response but after that you need to get the treatment right to recover asap!

    Catch up properly soon image

  • Commiserations Choisty - not much more that I can say, that really is bad timing and I hope you can recover for Sunday at Bramley! 

  • Just gave it a go and managed a few HM pace efforts, just need to keep the swelling down and it should be OK

  • Get the ice on it mate and be will bounce knowing you!!!
    Just done a nice 6.1 miler up the trail and back at lunch, windy in the face going out and behind coming back enjoyed it. Muddy and loads of dogs, school hols starting I guess.  Another interview on Monday so happy as nearer than other offer, going to hold off accepting that and see what Mondays is like.............stay sane all and keep that chimp under control.........really struggling with the mental side of running at the moment keep wanting to stop after three or four miles. Think I have too much on the mind...........did manage 17 on Sunday with out stopping so maybe its all in the head!!!! Losing it, up at 3.33 this am contemplating rubbish.....need more sleep.image


  • Oh Chosty bad luck, not too much ice now!

    I need to catch up on sleep also, it has been quite a week.


  • 12m MLR tonight ahead of Bramley 20 on Sunday. Ran it at easy pace so 9:06 min/m overall and time to start the fueling process so just had big bowl of pasta......should see me through till morning!

  • mcs - I know all too well what you mean.  Running became no fun for me when I spent two hours during my run mentally berating myself.  I genuinely have Jantastic to thank for keeping me going, because I didn't want to let the side down.  I came very close to ditching the running (along with other things) but realised that I didn't really want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  I spent a week running reduced mileage just to get the runs over with.  I also sought help and had to take sleeping tablets to get me over the worst hump, because it is impossible to think straight on less than three hours sleep a night. After a few days of decent sleep, I was able to function well enough to start resolving my biggest problems and kick-start a more positive cycle.  During my runs I found I could concentrate on the sessions again, and not just how shit life was.  Right now, I'm not completely out of the woods by a long way, but I am able to make some progress each day.  Feeling generally better and sleeping well.  

    Don't avoid seeking help (like I did for too long) and talking things through.  Sometimes things will not get better on their own.  And don't underestimate how damaging the lack of sleep can be.

    Hope you get better news soon.

  • Ten ((( ))) Try to remember life is about more than running - and when running becomes a chore it's time to ease off and just enjoy it again for a bit!  It's just not worth making yourself tired as well as miserable.  We're all still runners no matter how many races we have or will take part in and whether or not we're taking a break from training or committed to a schedule.

    Hope the universe brings you many little things to make you smile and that those little things soon build up to make everyday fulfilling and full of joy image


  • I am now a Vet! and the knee feels much better

  • Choisty - running in pipe & slippers then? That should slow you down to our pace....

  • I'm looking forward to setting all new age PB's and maybe emmulate you and win some prizes

  • hApPy bIrThDaY Choisty!  Getting older is awesome for many reasons, and age group competition has to be up there!


    Ten, mcs and all, I think we are very hard on ourselves and I totally agree with what SB said, particularly about sleep.  For me it's about identity, I can become a bag lady in my imagination as soon as I feel threatened, and I also think that a lot of runners are drawn to the sport for the positive head space it brings.



  • Anybody ever won anything on this site??? I haven't!!!! Could do with a new timex as the old one which I use with my Heart Rate monitor has bust, the straps bust!!!

    Nice advice there SB can I stay in bed on Sunday then instead of doing another 16 miler?   Only 21 days to running day with Oscarr.......looking forward to that hope we get some decent weather, very exposed if we dont..............better get up and run me thinks!!!image  Nice weekend to to do some tiling for daughter a nice restful evening ahead!!!

  • Merry birthmas Choisty!  Glad your knee is feeling better - be kind to it - you're supposed to be wise as of today ya know image

    mcs - get out that door! You can however have a treat when you get home - I hereby declare that to be a legal requirement! Crikey 3 weeks - that's come round quick!

    Inlaws are landing here for the weekend - we're heading to Chatsworth for a family walk - am glad - am shattered this week.  Think I've been trying to cram too many things into my week.

    Time for a time out and then will get back to it next week!  (Amazing how tiring HR training is to say that I don't feel like I'm doing much when I'm out actually training - yip, still persevering with it!)

  • Great day for running today - feels like spring has sprung image

    8m with strides today.  The first time I have ever tried running strides outdoors!  How cool are they?  They always feel so hard on the treadmill maxing out at 6:40 pace, but today I hit 4:37 pace and enjoyed every one of them.  They just didn't feel so regimented.  I didn't even know I could go that fast image  (albeit just for 30 or 40 yards of the strides).

    Tomorrow's a rest day, since I'll be doing a spot of market research in London with the missus.  Then a nice easy fourteen miler is scheduled for Sunday to round off the recovery week (43m total).  Next week looks intimidating, so god only knows why I'm looking forward to it! image  With the kids on half-term I should be able to do some nice early runs in the light without having to rush back.

  • Ten - 4:37 phew! Sounds like a good few days lined up for you so enjoy every minute.


  • Ten sounds great...maybe you are Usain Bolt in disguise?

    Thanks for the birthday I went out for an easy 5 and twisted my ankle...I think age is creeping up on me image

  • Thanks Mike/Choisty.  It's more likely my garmin is just lying image  Usain Bolt's top speed was reputed to be 27.45mph, which is a shade under 2:12 pace!!!  Putting 2:12 mile time into the race-time predictor gives him a marathon time of 1:10:07 image  

    I don't want to worry you Choisty, but I was a 2:10 marathoner before I hit forty years of age image.  At least, I assume I was.  I never actually ran before I was forty, so it's a guesstimate.  You know age is really creeping up on you when you twist your ankle getting out of bed in the morning.

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