Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • No Ten, it's when you twist it IN bed!

    Hope it's not too bad a twist there Choisty.

    I have gone sub 5 min/miling every time I have run along Threadneedle Street, always makes me smile. 

    6.5 for me today, continuous hills for 2.5 of that, very fun. 

    And I have spent 4 hours cooking!  Not sure how!

  • reikirabbit wrote (see)'s when you twist it IN bed!

    Sounds like a story that should be shared! image

    This morning I had one of my most enjoyable runs ever.  A quarter of a mile, running home with my 6yo son.  He was laughing his head off and had me beaming from ear to ear.  He's no slouch either!  image I'm going to have to knuckle down with my speedwork!

    Earlier I went out for an easy 14m run to complete the "recovery" week (43m total).  If all goes to plan, then this upcoming week will be my highest mileage week ever.  In particular, I'm dreading and looking forward to the threshold session in equal measure.

  • No twist in bed but Bramley 20 was good today at MP finishing in 2:02 although made it .25 long. Got second vet and the three mile warm down has left me feeling bouncy again. Good running out there today and it was good to meet mike at the end
  • My mind is well and truly boggled by that pace!  Well done Choisty (you old git)! image

  • Hi all ! I will read what i have missed later but as for today at Bramley, that was not one of my best decisions.

    I had done some longish runs before holiday but then spent 2 weeks scuba diving with almost no running (2 aqua jogs and a short run on one of the islands).  Took best part of 2 days to get home with very little sleep and got back yesterday afternoon.  Have got raging pains from an infection in my left ear which i am still taking strong pain killers and anti-biotic drops for (had same in right ear earlier in the week).

    With Bramley being a 2 lap course you can choose between 10 and 20 miles.  Most sensible thing would have been to do the 10miler at a reasonable pace and clog it for the last 2.  So what did I do?  You guessed it, ran the 20 miler at MP !!!!!

    Going great through 10 and 15 miles then all the above kicked in and my legs fell off.  Did it in 3:19.  Only good thing was that the pain in my legs diverted my attention away from the pain in my ear!!  I took a really long time to recover and still feel sh.t now.

    Shower then to bed i think.  I don't think i will ever learn !!!!!

    Looked for Choisty but by then he probably was at home having been out shopping, decorated the lounge and done a 10 mile cool down run.

  • Well done Choisty - good to meet you with a silver plate in your arms. First of many I should think.

    Oscarr - good to hear you are back but shame about the ears.

    I had a different plan to Choisty and Oscarr - a progressive run with the last 6 at MP. My splits over each successive 5m came out like this: 41:13; 40:52; 39:26 and 36:35 1st half 1:22:05 and 2nd half 1:16:01, total 1:38:06 (all garmin) so after my PB run at Wokingham last week I am pleased enough with that...


  • Just caught up with the last 2 weeks of posts.

    Ten - great to see you have some light at the end of the tunnel

    mcs - great you seem to have some employment options

    Choisty/Mike - great running at Wok and Bramley - medal winners

    Sleepy - you'll be entering Miss Universe contests next with all this variety of fitness

    Everyone else - great running

    Next adventure for me is Grindleford Gallop (21m hill race) with mcs on 9th March

  • Oscarr i was there 'til the end to collect the prize shame we didn't see each other, nice work on being silly and going for the 20, out of interest did you find that some wiseguy had put in more hills on the second lap?

  • Welcome back oscarr!  And tutty tut tut tut LOL Guess I'm gonna be in charge of pacing for the wall then!  I hereby call for you to publicly promise that you will not be doing any "hare-ing" until the afternoon of the second day. Until then we are on a strict energy conservation mission - either that or else Choisty/Mike are gonna have to dress up as me and run with you image (Hope you get better quickly)

    Well done Mike & Silver Surfer/Collector / Ten

    Right - all round to rieki's - after 4hours there has to be a mountain to eat image

    My birthday present arrived yesterday - purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - a polar RC3 with GPS - new toy, new toy image

  • Sleepy - I promise, i promise - and you are definately in charge of pacing for The Wall.  Long and slow for me now right through to June (well, maybe a bit quicker at the Coniston 14, tee hee).  

  • Yesterday was tough after Bramley but managed 6 easy in the evening after 10 steady at lunch...could be a big week this one

  • I've got 8m general aerobic planned for this evening - won't be pushing the pace either!

  • Hi Oscarr!

    Mike - substantial negative split! Great running.

    SB - how are you getting on with your new toy?  I forgot to charge my 310xt last week and had to revert to my 305.  I really missed the vibrating alerts! image

    Today's session was one of the most intimidating in the P&D program (IMHO) - 11m with 7m at LT pace.  I aim to run the threshold miles at my 15k pace (8:16), rather than my HMP (8:46), because this is what P&D advise for the slower runners like me image.  My splits were:

    9:57/11:05/8:18/8:22/8:27/8:11/8:14/8:13/8:24/9:59/9:13 [avg. 8:57]

    So my average pace for the threshold miles was 8:19, which I'm happy with.  I even coped pretty well with the hill, which I had been tempted to avoid for this session.  The average pace for the full 11m was faster than PMP too.  It's all good!

    It was one of those sessions that was tough, but feels great to get in the bag!  image

  • Well done Ten - that's a tough one well & truly nailed.

    Did my 8m at an easyish pace of 8:53 overall but that hides some attacks up the hills on the way back......

    Bit sluggish to start with but then warmed to the task so happy with that.

  • Some great training going on here chaps, well done

  • Out in the sunshine yesterday took daughter for ballet lesson in Eyam and then decided while waiting for her to run the first few miles of the GG as hadn't done that bit so ran out of Eyam the Plague Village of the Peak District, worth a visit if  this way down to Grindleford and then back to Eyam....... Blimey thats a tough section a mile straight up for the second mile in muddy field and track, hope it drys out, we will be walking that bit O!!!!  Well I think I will be as the other 19 miles are a long way!!!
    Congrats to Mike and Choisty on Sunday's race, the speedy bunch well done.
    Get well soon Oscarr.

    SB et al anyone got a bike trainer thingy? What type? Would like to get one?

  • Well here goes for my sessions in the last 2days

    yesterday am: 10M fartlek, which went like this 1M warm-up, 1M strides, 1M 1/2's, 1M 1/4's, 2M 1/2's, 1M 1/4's, 1M 1/2's, 1M strides, 1M warm-down...sprint legs were tired to start with and each effort was... an effort!!

    yesterday pm: 5M easy, this felt very relaxed

    Todau am: 16M long run pace, difficult ot get out so early in the morning, glad I did an enjoyed most of legs are now tired possibly due to 71M in 4 days.  The question is an easy 6 tonight?

    This week is shaping up to be a big one image


  • Hi all 

    What a week already and it's only Wednesday! 

    Some very serious training going on here, I feel that I must not disappoint. 

    Sunday's progression run went well, 15 miles starting with 10s, ending up with 4 x 8:30s, did pool and drills Monday, but yesterday went for 90 mins bike rather than a steady, managed 10 in 1:24 today though - that was easy warm up and last 2, 5 @ 7:30 in the middle!

    So far this week I've had 2 massages, a manicure, and a sauna and steam session, and have more to come, so some aspects are progressing well.

    It's just this work thing.

    The latest hilarity concerns my having included target not yet met in my plan for the coming year.  What what what.

    Back to sports camp tomorrow and away from the insanity.

    Oscarr I do hope those ears are improving, know what it's like.

    mcs my mate has a bike thing but she keeps falling off so I'm not sure it's the best available!  I have a Carl Lewis!

  • Think my bodies reaction to the ear infections has taken its toll on my running/legs.  After Sunday when they literally packed in working i rested Mon/Tues and then went to club night at the track last night - they were doing sets of 4x200 plus 1x800 - after 2 sets (taking it easyish) i felt ok but at the start of the third set the legs just would not work so i stopped - first time i have ever stopped a track session like that.  Must be the after effects of antibiotics etc.

    More rest then some gentle jogging i think.

    mcs - there is no doubt that i will be back of the pack at GG and i just hope i get over this so i can at least enyoy the scenery - will prob treat it as a training run for The Wall and go out slowly, slowly.

    Choisty - your week sounds awesome coming on the back of your podium finish at the Bramley 20 on Sunday - great running.

  • Oscarr I had neglected to factor in the antibios.

    You did well to stop.
  • Hi all - sorry - having a bit of a week of visitors so got banned from the PC LOL image

    oscarr - I'm holding you to that! image Hope you're feeling a bit better now image

    Ten - so far so good - you do all the jiggery pokery online and then synch it to the watch which took me a while to work my way through but it's a pretty amazing bit of kit all in all.  Seems to recheck your HR much more (like every second vs every 4- 5 seconds) and so is much more accurate.  And it gives me info/graphs beyond my wildest dreams.

    And the second best birthday present (health, family and friends aside momentarily) is the 200 places I've just jumped on the rB national ladder thanks to changing age categories.  Right now I don't care that my handicap has slipped by 0.8 due to lack of road races over the winter - time to start climbing again! imageimage

    Am doing a half on Sunday - am a little tentative due to the change in training of recent times... I guess we're about to find out if it's effective... analysing it through my new toy suggests I'm on the right track but all the same I'm feeling a little unprepared and hoping that I'm still carrying a little of my mara fitness. (Fingers, toes, paws and eyes crossed)

    But before then time to do my baby-hill session... laters peeps

  • Oscar get plenty of good food down you including some yoghurt antibiotics tend to do me in too so rest a few days and eat well.
    Just done a four mile hilly cross country and now tucking into soup, by its cold out there!!! Freezing................ Sounds like you having a busy week SB enjoy!!!  Be interesting to see how the half goes with your more relaxed approach to running and alternative training regime......all the best look forward to a race/running report.image

  • Some great running going on in the "Freezer"

    My wk:

    Mon Rest; session on the Trigger Point roller (ouch) 

    Tues 8m easy, but attack the hills on way back

    Wed -ditto- minus the hill attack

    Thurs - body weight squats and press ups; 5 mile recovery

  • SB...happy birthday can't remember if I said it before and I too had the bounce on runbritain which was nice

    Well the big week continues...3 easy last night making wednesday a 19M day.  Today I went out for a 6 at lunch time spotted a colleague and ended up running 11M how does that happen? Just a rep session tonight and my legs are feeling better with each run

  • Thanks Choisty!  It's nice eh!  Almost back to where I was last autumn before I started doing races that don't count on RB! LOL

    Wowsers - that's a big day! image

  • It was so cold at camp today that I did all the drills myself - whilst wearing two tops plus a hoodie plus a jacket - with a massive parka on top, gloves and ear muffs, and I was still freezing!

    Had pilates first thing, then those drills, have to count those, an hour on the bike when I got home.

    I don't seem to be doing the strength sessions as often as I was.   


  • Crikey Choisty, you're making me feel like a right slacker image  

    Oscarr - hope you recover quickly.

    mcs - had to read that a few times.  I wondered what "yoghurt antibiotics" were image

    reikki - well done on the 15m run, looks like good progressive pacing.

    SB - I haven't sat down to work out how to setup the intervals on my Garmin yet and I've had it since Christmas.  Good luck with the race on the weekend.

    Agree with everyone - it was frickin' freezing today with that wind!!!!  12m MLR for me.  The hardest thing was trying not to go too fast, when all I really wanted to do was warm up.  My fingers were so numb when I got home I stuggled to unlock the front door image  I'm just hoping the wind is gone in time for my (hopefully) longest run of my schedule on Saturday.  I'll do tomorrow's 5m recovery on the treadie.  At least there's no wind in my garage (I'll be changing my tune in the summer months, of course).

  • Recovery run done in the freezer - by god that was cold....two layers of trousers and 2 x top half plus windproof.

    Just about warmed up by about mile 3...

    Now about to tuck into a balti curry - a decent winter warmer. 

  • Thanks everyone - over in welsh Wales for a long weekend with the grand daughter - it's a bit warmer over here and may try a gentle jog this afternoon.

    Sleepy, I missed the fact that it was your birthday so a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
  • Thanks - don't worry - I'm planning on celebrating all year! Life has just begun and all that... imageimageimage

    Easy turbo sesh for me today - did killer circuits at TRX last night - gonna be a chilly couple of hours on Sunday - 3 degrees forecast (and not the singing variety!) image


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