Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Awesome Ten - so close - a PB is a PB!  Thinking I might have a crack at a sub 23 this winter too (PB stands at 23.08).  Wise move re taking a rest - hope it eases soon - are you rolling it?

    oscarr - he's a lovely house guest very well behaved (and housetrained image). 

    Off to try out my new shiny road trainers (Saucony Ride 6s) - they're my biggest shoes ever - gone up to a size 7 (but then I find Saucony's a little small anyway).  7's my lucky number so I'm confident of some fast runs from them!  Very pretty and stunningly light (well compared to me being in Trail shoes for most of the last year) - and got a 8mm heel diff which sealed the deal as my usuals are 10mm and my racing shoes are 6mm so nicely in the middle I thought.  Probably not the reason to buy shoes but as good as any in my book!

  • Thanks guys. All being well I'll have another crack at the 5k soon!

    SB - I am indeed using the roller. That thing knows how to hit the painful spot!

    I ran eight miles this morning and my calf behaved, though ithas been feeling quite tight afterwards in spite of stretching and rolling.

    Enjoy the shoes, batman costume or dalek outfit as appropriate all image

  • Anyone see the Horizon program last night Monitor Me?  Was told about it at the gym this morning so have just sat through it on BBC2 i-player - very good - it's 58 min long.  It's about how to monitor your own health.

  • Monitor Me is being repeated tonight on BBC2 at about 11:30pm

  • Cheers Oscarr am now recording MM.

    mcs it had to be London! what else could it possibly be? and?

    well done SB, Ten, & Mike.

    I had pretty much decided to give the York mara a miss for obvious reasons, but am now wondering if there woule be any mileage in jogging it as a recce for next year.

    Loving Paula on tele!
  • Hello chaps, how are you all?  RR grand performances, Mike sounds like you are in form, I may be taking my daughter along to kennet this autumn to see if she likes athletics.

    I am running well and actually feeling some speed and form return altough I didn't hit my target for 3k steeple this summer, the marathon took a bit much out of me.

  • Hi Choisty!

    I have been back in the pool and on the bike naturally since the games, & am not too much of a wreck after a killer Tui Na yesterday, mainly on my knee.

    Was out at Thorpe Park all day with 24 of my teenagers, so am just catching up with the mens marathon from Moscow.
  • Lot's of good running folks - keep it up.

    Choisty - TK is one of the strongest junior clubs around and very active on track and XC if she likes it. Let me know later, but you might want to register now as there sometimes is a waiting list. Check the website for details

  • Great to see great form going on.....I am an early morning runner now out at dawn. Up to ten miles long run at the moment and just done a 37 minute five mile speed session doing 800 meter reps then 200 meter for Coniston. Looking forward to a week in the sun next week as work is very mad.  Fell race first Friday in September too and expecting my bro to get first local man home as he is running  5.50 miles regularly in his speed sessions. 

    Keep at it all......

  • Whoop whoop for my first 10k since The Wall.  Wanted to be sub 50 but just over 50.16 but that got me 10th lady, 2nd F40 (long way behind 1st LOL) but hey that's me happy happy. image Got my max HR back up to 192 - which I used to regularly hit at the end of a 10k (has been at 187 most of this year so upped all my zones now)

    Sorry oscarr missed that - will try to iPlayer it - there are some brilliant documentaries on at the moment - am loving all the ones about weight and health - love watching people get fitter and healthier!

    reiki - your call - see how you feel as you get nearer???

    mcs - very impressed - keep considering doing the early morning thing myself - such a beautiful time of day!  Sounds like you're gonna be flying!

    My week:

    today - 6k with 1.5k @ 5k pace

    We - 11k with 3k @ 10k pace + Body Pump

    Th - 21k with 12k @ HMP

    Fr - Circuits

    Sa - Tailrunning @ parkrun

    Su - 5k with 3k @ 10k pace

    Have altered the pace bands I'm running my 10k/HMP downwards to allow for fatigue - so instead of aiming 176 -180 for 10k, I've set my watch to 150 - 180 so if I'm tired I'll not be bleeping all the time if I can't go fast enough and will plan to run at 10k RPE but no higher than 180.  Does that make sense? 

    Am a bit intimidated by some sessions - interestingly the pace to get into my zones now pretty much corresponds with Matt F's pace charts.  I'll aim to run as hard as I can on any particular day but I know from the past that those paces can be too much so...  Thoughts?

  • Sleepy - very interesting if a little confusing for a simple sod like me so can't really help other than share my experiences over the last few weeks.

    After a 3 week "no running at all" break following The Wall I eased back into some running for 10 days then did a very quick Park Run with a time that really surprised me as a "recent years" PB of 22:28.  I used this time to set all my paces (except the marathon time) using Matt F's charts and they all make sense from recent years races.

    Am now part way through week 4 of my marathon plan using these paces and Matt F's plan starting with Build 2 phase so this week is recovery week before i go into Peak phase next week.  I have a 10K race on Sunday to see how my pace is.

    The challenge for me over the last 3 weeks has been to do all the pacey midweek sessions and the psychology has been to "build" pace sustainability into my already endurance fit body (while still doing 16 mile weekend runs at the same time).  The 1K intervals at 5K pace have been fine and have done these more at 3K pace.  The tempo run (building to 5 miles) at 10K pace has been the toughest session of the week and have done these at a pace in between 10K and HMP.  Two of the weekend LSRs have been progressive runs which i really enjoy and comprise half way at base pace then gradually accel for second half to finish last mile at HMP.

    Have felt really tired last week so didn't do all the sessions and am feeling so much better for it this week.

    HR shows a very small improvement in pace for same beeps which considering the heat and my tiredness is pretty good i think.  Trying to be sensible!!

  • Awesome work oscarr! I see you are still over cooking things just because you can!!!! Maybe your tempo run wouldn't be so hard if you did your 1k intervals at the prescribed pace??? image

    I struggle with my top end paces as you know - I find "going fast" in training hard work but I reckon the endurance work we've done deffo helps.  I started my finishing dash way before normal on Friday (mainly cos him indoors was yelling at me) but it was ace - I kept going all the way to the line and it was a good 150m further than I can normally keep going. Even felt like I was actually sprinting which is rare image

    My main concern is that doing too much too quickly will just tire me out before Cyprus but I don't see that a traditional schedule designed for a one day race will help so if I train myself to run the 4 days as I will be out there and aim to speed up during each one between now and then (doing tempo and fartlek below the max HR so I don't over do it) I reckon that's as good a plan as any???

    5k pace built upto 7.8mph (7:46 vs MF's 7:45) today - felt fast but I think that's more that I need to get used to how it feels again.  8min/miling feels ok so a bit more practice should stop it feeling so alien.






  • You're right as usual, young lady!!

    Your replicate plan for Cyprus looks OK but remember the one thing i mentioned about what to do before Cyprus - HILLS, HILLS, HILLS then more HILLS !!!!!!  Races on days 2 and 3 will benefit.

    My 5k race pace from a few weeks ago is 7:11 and have been doing the intervals at 7:04 so as you say, a bit naughty. I still reckon you can go a lot faster than 7:46 if you let the mental shackles off a bit ?????? 

  • Only one slight problem - don't have access to that many round here!!!!  My half route has one decent bump and then undulates a bit but I'll see what else I can find...

    Shackle-wise :  I might de-shackle for my next parkrun but not during my training weeks.  Some of us like to make sure we make it through the week unscathed image


  • Remember that your mind gives in before your body does !!

  • I don't think mine does!!

    Hi all, had my first run from Belfast along the river yesterday on the way home - 10.57 miles in 1:55!! Felt very tired during.

    Might do Park Run tomorrow.

    Good to catch up on all that speediness including the mcs sibling super whizz.
  • Wowsers I ache today - think it's from doing circuits this morning when I was already a bit achey from doing my long run yesterday whilst still a bit tired from doing my 11k straight after bodypump hee hee

    Gotta be doing me good! image

    Looking forward to tailrunning tomorrow - maximum points for being last - BONUS!  Could be my fave job image

  • SB I did a drizzly ParkRun this morning, not last but took it steady/easy in 25:33.

    It's always amazes me how easy/steady i.e. not jogging but by no means making any major effort is so close to my killing myself performance, only 90 secs out for 5K.

    Explain that!

    I was thinking that WPFG was ideal prep for Cyprus, especially with the hilly half & the XC thrown in, but am going to maybe jog the York marathon after all. Will find out of they let you defer & if not will plan to play it by ear up to the last minute [and get a couple of long runs in]

    Am going to do Lingfield Dry Hill 10 next Sunday I think.
  • SB  re achy etc: do you take any protein drink after working out? I swear by it and it really helps my recovery after an interval session or a long run. My legs are always fresher afterwards - I think the drink repairs the micro tears overnight.

    If you are doing multiple events over a few days in Cyprus, it might be a lifesaver....I buy mine in big tubs from Tesco "fitness" section would you believe! 

    RR - re 90 secs out in a parkrun? Two thoughts 1) do you warm up 2) are you going out too fast? You've probably worked that out for yourself but it was the first thing that came into my head.....

    Today I had a hard parkrun just 4 secs off my PB after a storming run into a strong headwind finish and being baulked at the start - at the first turn I was 34th or so - ended up 16th in 19:44, 4th time in last 7 parkruns that I have ducked under 20 mins so I'm confident now that I know how to pace it. 

    Still beaten by a fast lady 45-50 yrs who beat me on age grade by 0.04% - Grrrrr. All fair in love & war/running though,  as she ran close to 19:20 so she earned it!

    Next week is the big five-oh at parkrun.....yay!


  • Englefield 10K race tomorrow - a hilly off road course so no PB but will indicate where i am wrt Abo prep.  After that, it's the Maidenhead half in 2 weeks time which is flat and is the real tester!!

    Just listening to the Reading festival as my house is on a hill overlooking the site so i get a free listen !!

  • reiki - wish I could.  I usually find that killing myself only brings a tiny improvement too image

    Mike - I don't but I try to make sure I have a yoghurt or milkshake.  Might be a good idea to top up my protein though as we don't eat much meat (we rely on eggs, nuts andseeds instead) - thanks for the reminder!  Wowsers on the parkruns - sub20s are getting regular for you now image And yay for the tshirt!  Whoop whoop!

    Go oscarr Gooooooo - hope you weren't doing drunken dancing in the kitchen image

    Bit of fun coming up for me next week - am doing a double or quits 10mile/5mile multi terrain type park based run next Saturday evening.  Am planning on doing the full 10 (at the moment anyway...)

  • ps 2/3 of the year mileage roundup - Just passed 1000 for me (actual 1009) as at end of this week.  Not looking likely that I'll be increasing on last year's 1412.  How're everyone else's figures looking?

  • Race report from Englefield 10K.  Very tough route and not a good performance.  All off road with poor underfoot conditions and 3 very steep hills.  Garmin had it as 51 mins for 6.34 mi @8:02. Felt tough.  No idea where that puts me (aiming for 47 min flat equiv) so will have to wait a fortnight for Maidenhead half.

    HR was interesting - average of 90% and max of 95% when going up one of the steep grassy hills at race pace but not flatout.  What does that say about my max HR - does it look about right??


  • Yo!

    Does your Garmin give you the ascent and descent?  Sounds like a pretty good performance to me! Too hard on yourself you are image

    HR - could be! It's very individual - only by doing a max test will you know your near-as-dammit max.  Have you managed to get it over 100% yet?  That's the only time I adjust mine.

  • No, 95% is the max i have been able to get to so far.  It would have been more today cos the hill in question was early in the race and I was not sprinting up it and had enough energy to complete the rest of the race.  I reckon it feels like my max is either correct (170bpm) or could go a little higher but no lower.  Either that or cos i have not been very well the HR was always going to be high today.  ??????????

  • Oh, my garmin doesnt give elevation gain/loss - probably does if data downloaded but my pc wont receive it.  It was tough though - reminded me of Tadley XC but without the streams !!

  • Just keep an eye on it - if it feels about right - it probably is.  When you get back to some shorter stuff where you can properly sprint at the end it'd be worth wearing your strap so you can look at the % in those last few metres - that's when you're likely to hit 100 or 101%.  I've never gotten more than 1% above and it really is a flat out, once in a blue moon, efforrt.

    Besides, why did you want a 47?  A 51 still puts you under 4hrs if you train at the right paces and get to that start line as fresh as possible - not even slightly overtrained???

    What's the goal for Maidenhead?


  • Morning all

    Bit of progress in my world whoop whoop.  Last week 1 minute at target 5k pace (7.8mph) got me to my target heart rate of 182 (last minute of 1.5km build up).  This week did 3 minutes and only got to 180.  Yippee.  Get to build up to 2km next week - feeling hopeful now! 

    Felt fast but not as strange as it did last week! image

  • Some good running out therer and the summer has really brought the speed out in everyone.  What a week it has been here too, first of gave parkrun a bash for the first time in a year and ran 17:09 for 2nd (started too fast) but given the congestion in the last lap I'm v. happy only 4s down on my best for the course.  Then some running along the Danube in Vienna, very nice before heading to the Yorkshire Dales for some quality hills, which on Saturday involved a fell race, which I WON!!!! picking up the trophy it has both Brownlee brothers names are on there from previous years.  Then my 9yo daughter went and came 2nd in the junior fell race (8-15's) beating some county runners, Mike she is signed-up for Kennet on a Fridayimage.  Needless to say the 15M hilly run Sunday was a struggle!

  • Choisty and daughter - that is truly awesome running and great to pick up that Fell trophy.

    Good news Sleepy on the HR stuff.  My target for Maidenhead is 1:44 cos i did 1:44:30 last year.  I know that I only need about 1:50 for a 4hr mara but that would be too slow for me.  I do intervals and tempo work plus races for 5K up to Half at my race paces for those distances based on several recent year race performances so that is correct to do.  My physiology dosen't allow me to translate that to a 3:50 mara so have to do base and LRs based on 4hrs.

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