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    11.3 miles in 1:24:40 as follows.

    8.44 (easy), 7.45, 7.14 (2 miles steady), 6.38 (far too fast first mile), 7.02, 7.34 (recovery mile as otherwise the first mile was going to screw up the whole session), 7.05, 7.01, 6.55, 7.05 (7 miles MP pace in 49.20 at average of 7.03), 1.3 miles WD in 11.37.

    Hard but i did it - difficult to believe I ran 13 miles at a faster pace though!!

    Those 2 mile HMP interval sessions are going to hurt a lot!!image

    Cheers, Skinny

  • PS coach - nothing like running a 10mile PB on your own in the dark including a warm up 3 miles!!

    Previous PB 73:20 - first 10 miles of training run covered in 73:03.

  • [tried to edit this in but not working still]

    Going back to your point about McMillan when you run a new PB - it is a lot more fun looking at the potential race speeds you should now be able to run than it is training at the new training speeds!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    In these early days on the new paces, some of them might feel quite a challenge, so your pace control will need to be more spot on.

    Mission was 7.05-7.10, and you did 7.03. You learnt that too fast a first mile can certainly skew things, meaning you had to do your recovery mile.

    That's a little lesson for you image

    Good overall pace though.

  • Hi Coach - agree with the pace control, this running at a pace in the dark is tricky - think I'm going to have to map out a route round town for the Wednesday run - which is a shame but was disappointed this week to find there are no lights on the bypass - nevertheless I need to start being able to 'feel' a pace - seem to be able to manage it once I get into my running it always seems to be first mile that I struggle to get right.

    In some ways I was quite pleased to find that by putting in a 7:30 mile (which is not really slow for me) I was able to recover and get back to running at MP speed - gives me a bit of confidence that I can take a bit of a chance with pace in a race and will not ruin whole effort.

    Good luck in the GSR - update Monday.

    Cheers, Skinny



  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    better to ease into your pace even if it means the first rep or mile is a bit slow, then do the rest spot on, then do the first mile too hard and compromise the rest. image

    I'll whack in your week's training into my log upon reading how your long un today went, and we'll plot next week's route tomorrow.

  • Great effort today Coach - no PB but confirms your time from last week as your new standard - watched it on TV - never spotted you but that wind looked nasty last 2 miles.

    5.3 in 44 mins and 14.3 today in 2:03 - so if include scraps 36 miles total for week.

    Speak tomorrow, cheers, Skinny
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    ta, some wags tell me that the wind was worse last year, but it was gale force!

    Managed to find myself both at the start and finish, but you'd need to know what colours to look for and where to look!

    I only ran slightly more than you this week...41 plays 36! Mine was very much a massively reduced week tho..in between recovering from one and tapering for the next!

  • Weather on south coast looked heavenly in comparison to the cold continual downpour I endured for my 14 today - still scratching all my various uncomfortable itchy bits irritated by my wet running gear.

    You southern softies haven't got a clue what bad weather is like!!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    oh we have, but we don't like to race in them unless it's xc image

    Mind you, certainly wouldn't want to live your end of the country!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Right, let's go 5miles easy for today.


    I'll think over your Wednesday session. It'll be a Tempo (10mile pace) based though. Just need to check the  volume and recoveries tonight to get it bang on.


    Hi Coach - think I have Runners Knee (left) caused by tight ITB - loosens off when I run then when I sit down at work when i try to get up and walk about it has really stiffened up and I've been foam rollering it in my room at work just to loosen off a bit to take pain out of walking.

    I've had this for a week now but the two day gap between runs is just enough to get me training run fit - really my aim is to get through next two weeks of proper training and then probably go for a maximum taper week like last time and then after the run I have to go to Vietnam for a week and a half so would take those two weeks as complete rest and maximum stretching etc to recover.

    That is all up to me - my query is similar to my Achilles query from a while ago - can my ITB snap or anything or does the pain just get worse and worse until I can't run coz hurts so much? I can't find a post that describes what happens other than pain and a lot of people seem to run through it (a bit like the Achilles which is now a lot better)?

    One of best proactive posts I've found on it was from one of your mates SS - see below - at moment I have been foam rollering (ouch - most I've managed in one consecutive session is about 2 minsimage) and trying a stretching exercise that my wife brought home from yoga but will now also get myself on Youtube for my glutes (which is an area I have really neglected from a stretching or strengthening point of view).

    Not really looking for a 'you should stop or go on' response as that is my call just after an answer to the 'What is the risk?' question.

    Stevie See's suggestion of 'failing that rest' seems to suggest that trying to train on plus strengthening and stretching is the way to go initially.

    Stevie see wrote (see)

    Adam Powell 4 wrote (see)

    Could anyone please help me out with under standing why you get Runners knee. I have only been running again for about six months with a 17 year gap since i ran a lot.

    If anyone knows why the condition can suddenly come on it would really help me to avoid it in the future.

     Many thanks Adam

    Runner's knee is often caused by an inflammed ITB band or overuse. Your gait can also contribute this. So infact the problem lie is your glutes or backside. Having overcome this problem myself I would do the following yourself before forking out dosh.

    Use a roller to roll your upper leg to ease out latic acid/scare tissue.

    If your brave use a tennis ball to really get into the groves around the glutes and piriformis (this can be quite painful however.)

    Ensure your shoes are suitbale for your gait.

    Stretch lots - google ITB stretches and watch on youtube.

    Failing that then rest or scale back the miles


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    a lot of people will always say "rest" and that stops something getting worse, but in my experience you need to strengthen to come back better.

    I never quite find foam rollers get deep enough, but that's because the glute and hamstring are my perennial tightnesses. For calves and ITB i think they're effective.

    To answer, i guess the risk is your ITB gets so tight, it causes a bad case of runners knee, which will stop you running quick as a flash.

    Sounds like you're doing the right thing. But i think you need to set a date where if no improvement you get proper physio, or even a sports massage. I had one yesterday and it unlocked a fair bit of tightness...but im tempted to pay for a proper 30-45min session

  • Hi Coach - thanks.

    Just seen photo of you with Sally G - nice one but I'd have been a lot more jealous if it had been Jess E!!image

    My claim to fame is that when I did the 25th GNR dressed as a banana for Leukaemia Research I got interviewed by Jonathan Edwards and not only made the TV coverage but also was kept in for the highlights show!! image


  • Hi Coach - no point in putting together a fancy training plan for this week - injured.

    Couldn't run last night as by end of work day I could barely hobble so spent an hour last night on stretching and strengthening exercises - felt like it had eased a bit by this morning so got up at 6 but half a mile in it was hurting and pain got steadily worse so at exactly one mile I packed in and walked home.

    Got a physio appointment booked for Friday at 11.30am and I'm sure I can beat this with the right exercises just not sure if it will be in time for 18th. The exercise the physio gave me for my Achilles has worked really well so hoping she has a similar magic cure for a tight ITB causing runners knee.

    Will give you an update on Friday. Until then I'm just going to keep doing the exercises as often as I can and foam rolling.

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Bad luck mate. Put everything on hold for the moment and get yourself back right from this.

    Keep me updated.

  • Had physio appointment.

    After a bit of prodding and squeezing further and further up my thigh she established that I have massive knot in my quad and tightness similar way up my ITB.

    Gave me about a 10 - 15 min massage - ouch! - no danger of me getting the wrong idea with that thigh massage - brought tears to my eyes!!

    Prescribed further rest for towards a week and mixing up road running with off road running to try and mix up the strains on my legs to different areas.

    Obviously also continuing to foam roll and do my existing exercises (the hip one she has already given me should help she says) and try and build up the time I am foam rolling every day. Already tried to persuade my wife that I need an upper thigh massage every night but she didn't seem too keenimage

    So more exercises, more pain and more rest - however she reckons that I should still be able to go for 18th - she reckons she once did a triathlon after 3 weeks out and she felt like Wonder Woman!?!

    My plan from here - I'll rest up to about Wednesday next week and then give it a 3 to 5 miles with strides and see how it feels.

    As a Coach you could be passive when it comes to this race effort!

    I'll keep you updated.

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Good you've had an expert look at it. And if she thinks the race is still on, that's encouraging. However, i think you should think carefully about whether a 10mile race effort is wise after what will probably be around a month of rest/recovering/easy mileage.

    I'll probably leave that decision to you. You haven't got a 10mile time, so either way it'll be a pb!

    I had a physio once who seemed to think everything can be fixed by snapping the back into shape. He also seemed to think smashing maximum mileage and racing through it was fine too!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    how's it looking Skinny? any improvement?

  • Generally better but when I am at work if I sit down for any period over about an hour it is stiffening up like hell and still causing me to hobble - I would like it to be better than that before I start running again. Strangely don't have same problem when wake up in morning - must be sometihng to do with sitting with knee bent rather than lying down?

    Pretty fed up with it and its only been a week and a bit - next Sunday is looking like a non starter but I may try and go for a 3 to 5 miler on this Sunday and see how it feels - any pain at all and I'll stop and walk home - need to get it right.

    Still hoping that will be 100% sorted by end of November to give me 4 months of winter base training at 40 - 50 miles/week.

    Fingers crossed.

    Cheers, Skinny.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    the peril of sitting for hours, we're just not designed to do it.

    keep positive mate, play it by ear, and run as you judge it for now.

    Once you've had a good week niggle free we'll aim to get back to the schedule.

  • Quick update just so you know I haven't given up.

    Been running up and down the football pitch when out with dog - once I've been up and down 5 times (less than 5 mins running knee starts to hurt so still not sorted.

    Need to keep at the exercises as it is better than it was. No 10 mile race for me on Sunday though.image

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    stick with it Skinny. A big pb then an injury is textbook running irony! I'm close to a similar boat.

    Only thing for it, is to have your rehab mode and racing mode. When injured think "rehab mode", forget races, times etc, just get set on the exercises/rest that will fix you.

    We'll get you back to where you were in no time, but make sure you're 100%.

  • Update - ran across field with dog on Saturday - no pain - excited.

    Went shopping yesterday and was spriniting up and down the underpass steps like a little kid in a sweetie shop - still no pain - very excited.

    Went out last night intending to run 3 x 1.4 mile loop (but mentally knowing that 2 would do). Hit some minor pain in knee about first way round first lap so stopped after one lap and spent rest of time I would have been running doing more of my exercises and foam rolling.

    So slightly disappointed that still got some pain but no major reaction today and just need to keep mobile at work and keep going. Will try similar route Tueday or Wednesday.

    Going to Vietnam with work on Saturday for a week (back next Saturday) which includes 3 full days of travelling so taking my foam roller with me (just sent receptionist out to buy me a bigger suitcase to fit it in!! (a perk of the job image)

    Hoping that these next two weeks will have me ready for a 20+ mile week to start December.

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    so quite promising then skinny.

    a mixture of rest and strengthening will see you right I'm sure.

    Sounds like that trip could be good timing, you can concentrate on it without having to fit runs in, whilst leaving time to recover a bit.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    skinny old son, how's things been going?



  • Still in Vietnam - back at weekend - will try some sort of a run on Snday and report back.

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Hi Coach - I haven't given up just wanted to get some running under my belt before I fed back. Basically the problem still hasn't gone away but I am running SSR (shrt slow runs) every day and keeping up the strengthening and foam rolling.

    Total mileage last week 12 miles (pathetic!) made up of 8 runs with longest two miles and most between 1 and 1.5 miles.

    Problem not getting any worse and will try and build up towards Xmas week but at these kinds of miles I don't need any specialist help!!

    Unfortunately my wife has also been ill for about last 6 weeks and will be another few weeks before she is well again so this is also restricting my running efforts.

    Hopefully in the New Year we will have to correspond again as I try and heave my body back to some sort of speed or long effort again.

    Cheers, Skinny.

    PS Once again thanks for all your help. The two highlights of my whole year were being in the Olympic Stadium on 3 gold super Saturday and my 1:29 in the GCR which certainly wouldn't have happened without you!



  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Good to hear from you mate.

    Sorry to hear about the wife situation, makes it even harder, but at least puts the niggles into perspective.

    Do what you can do between now and New Year, and hopefully we can crack back on then.

  • Skinny stick with the rehab mate,dont lose heart,youl be back up too scratch in jig time.

    All the best pal 

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