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    Hope the trip's going well, Skinny - and the golf today. The latter does sound exciting, don't be shy with the name dropping afterwards! Weather up there possibly not as bad as originally feared? Mrs Bob spent most of her formative years in Haddington. Only been once, but a fairly unremarkable place from what I recall. Much prefer Lit's side of the water.

    Decent sharpening session, DT - sounds promising. Good luck tonight, and Muddy if he turns out.

    I'll be turning out this evening as well, so a very slow medium long of about 7.5m for me on Sunday after Saturday's session, then just a couple of short runs Monday/Tuesday with a bit of strength training thrown in mid-run both times, as I've seen another couple of photos of last week's 5k where my core seems to be collapsing during the closing stages. Really need to get back to Pilates this autumn/winter though my old teacher (and Lit's) is no longer running evening classes unfortunately.

    Probably going to be a late 800m race up in Sheffield for me, though if I have a good journey up, get there in time, and other entries look decent, I may do the 1500 instead. Other option if the weather closes in, as I can't be arsed with hanging around in the drizzle for a low key race/event, is to head to Worksop for the latest round of our Summer League series which I'd do as some sort of tempo.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I have been taking it very easy since Fridays brief session.

    Looks a bit brighter and warmer tonight than originally forecast. Anticipating a slowish course so expectations are managed and hoping to come under 39, though if it is hillier then I am happy for that to extend out to sub 40.

    Good luck tonight in whatever option you take, Bob.

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    Sorry everyone.  Been a bit grumpy as running not going v well at the moment.  It's fine, I just strongly suspect that I am anaemic but it's making everything feel hard and I'm out of breath on what should be easy paces. I'm nailing iron tablets but it takes a while to catch up.

    I decided to do the Leam half  at a reasonable pace but not all out.  However, I did end up doing it as what felt like all out (Garmin gave me a 4.8 at the end of it) but it was really slow - 1.43.  It was pretty hilly and uncomfortably hot though but a nice race and medal.  

    Need to go back and catch up with everyone.  

    I'm still doing Northbrook 10k on Sunday in case we need support for the masters team.  Problem with being Skip is it's harder to not turn up just because you feel a bit off.  
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    mcf, hope you feel better soon. Decent effort in the circs at Leam half.

    So last night was hillier than expected, strava says 365ft of gain. I couldn't hang onto sub 39 pace. I went through 5k in just under 19.20 and was feeling good, then a drag of a climb at 6k really beat me up and the humidity/warmth got the better of me. Managed to recover myself but then a further climb bang on 8k broke me. There were 2 further sharp climbs before we could finish as well. Came in 39.22 on watch, looking like a bucket of water had been tipped over my head.

    Looking at strava flybys, most people between 38 and 39 minutes shipped much more time in the second half than I did and a few guys ran a second half only a few seconds faster than mine and came in between 38.30 and 39.00, they just banked the time going harder in first half. Perhaps I should have taken that approach.

    Anyway, Magor in 3 weeks with 25ft of elevation should be a different game and I should be shooting pretty close to pb level.

    Caught up with Muddy post race for a cool down and an ice cream. He was in no rush as he had set love island to record!!

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    That's not actually very slow, McF, though I can see how it's disappointing when you are used to being able to perform better. Also no-one will hold it against you if you don't race in every competition; you could even just turn up to support and run only if there aren't enough other vets.

    That sounds like no fun at all DT (except the ice cream).
  • McF - Fingers crossed on the iron regime working but if in doubt get bloods done. My iron levels were too high in April, despite feelings of fatigue. 

    I had a hectic afternoon with not much food and a work meeting in Leamington. I had time to get home and have some cheese on toast for a quick snack then off to Droitwich for the 10k. A long queue for the loo meant I didn’t manage to catch up with DT for a proper warm up, so my warm up consisted of leaping around the cowpats on my way to the start line then 4 sets of strides. On registration I saw that it also doubled as the Worcestershire 10k county championship race. However I took the executive decision to keep it to threshold effort given the 10 miles in my legs from the day before and a testing trail half coming up at the weekend.

    The course was all undulating, winding country lanes, but not quite traffic free. The evening was warm and humid. Despite the fast downhill start, and capping at threshold effort, I was dismayed to find the 2 marker was km, rather than the two miles it felt like. I was certainly glad I wasn’t racing it hard, and even if I was there was no chance of a really fast time. The field thinned out by around 5km, and I managed to get past one or two in front and then I was pretty much on my own until 8km when a couple of runners were coming back. At 9km I caught another runner but he may have recognised me as a potential age category competitor as he put a spurt on, so it was a case of cruising to the finish in 37.04 on my watch.

    Looking around at the finish I may have been just outside the top 10 and possibly 1st v45. I may head for the 8km county champs trail race Aug 14th as that’s when the presentations are made. 

    Caught up with DT afterwards for a cooldown that he negotiated me down on and had some excellent blueberry and biscuit ice cream.
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    DT's base camp was probably the cause of the long queue for the loo, muddy ;)  Good efforts from each of you!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy, my recollection is that you negotiated me up on my planned cd??

    My basecamp last night was a regrettable decision. I basically ran a mile out from the race hq, but not realising this was where the race start pretty much was, so didn't have time to then run back to hq, toilet and return to start. I ended up in some thick hedgerow and judging by my legs and face this morning, provided a hearty meal for several insects with about 8 bites.

    Just been out for 4 at recovery. Pretty uncomfortable run.

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    Sorry to hear you're struggling, McF - and although some way off your best, as Lit says, that's still a perfectly decent time.

    Good efforts from DT and Muddy last night - did see the profile on Connect, and it looked like damn hard work to me. More ups and downs than an England Cricket World Cup campaign.

    Very low key and slightly chaotic 800m for me. Was little more than half way through my warm up when they casually announced that they were running 20 minutes ahead of schedule and could all 800m runners make their way to the start please. FFS! Particularly annoying as on the published schedule there was due to be at least one BMC race before the Open races, but that clearly wasn't happening, and there was now only to be one Open race.

    Still had my vest and spikes in the boot of my car at that point, so managed a couple of light strides rushing off to get them, but no proper strides or my usual 30 seconds at 800 pace to dial in, no time for a toilet break which I really could have done with, and a rushed changed of top and shoes before getting called to the line.

    I really do like my routine before a race, so this, along with a full bladder was not ideal preparation, quite apart from the fact that I hadn't even managed to get the legs properly turning over yet. Tried to put all this out of my mind though, and before I know it the 8 of us were off.

    From Lane 3, I get slightly chopped at the break point by a young lass determined to get to the rail ASAP rather than run the tangent to the bend at the top of the back straight at which point she sits on the inside of lane 2 on the shoulder of another young lass, both of whom slow as we approach the corner. 

    Probably should have gone round them as soon as I had chance on reflection as the Garmin trace shows we slowed markedly round that top bend, and moving wide on the straight I soon left them behind, but was now several seconds down on the leading 3 and the last 500m was purely a time trialling effort. Not sure what my split was at the bell as while there was a lad there with a stopwatch, he didn't bother to call it out...cheers mate!

    Thought about checking the watch myself, but just got my head down and ran as hard as I could. Suspect looking at the Garmin trace though that I probably went through in just over 70 seconds again as the pace trace looks for the most part more elevated in the second half meaning I may well have run even splits or, unusually (and not ideally) for an 800m, a small negative split.

    Heard the tannoy announcer calling the first 3 over the line 2:11, 2:12, 2:13, 2:14 as I still lumbered down the straight, 'keep pushing' he urges, '2:18, 2:19' and over the line for a season's best, and also my best since 2015 with what turned out to be 2:20.4. 

    Not what I was after or where I wanted to be at this point in the season, as had hoped to be back under 2:20 by now, and without one or more of the 'variables' last night of not completing my warm up, not being able to go to the loo, and running the last 500m on my tod I'm sure I would have done.  Need to be realistic though that I'm not in any sort of position to get competitive anywhere near the sharp end in my age category in time for the BMAFs this year (2:12 for one such rival in the 3 ahead of me last night) but I am really enjoying the racing again, so think I'm going to make the most of those during the high summer glut while I can, and see where racing myself fit gets me.

    Possibly get a bit more focused with the sessions in late summer as the racing winds down and see if I can do what I did 4 years ago and hit an early autumn peak in the season's dying embers.

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    Some good racing and session-nailing going on, especially in the heat...  It's too hot for me!  Despite that, I popped in to heartily recommend Endure 24 for anyone that fancies something a bit different for a fun event with team mates.  Slightly annoyingly, the women's team I could have joined in with from the group I go to on a Monday won their category - pleased for them, obviously, but slightly regretting my club loyalty that resulted in 28th mixed large team instead :D
  • Well done on Endure 24 Madbee. The groups and even solo runners from our clubs thoroughly enjoyed it too.

    Fingers crossed for the late Autumn attempts Bob. As Madbee notes, properly hot and humid recently so maybe times should be taken with a pinch of salt, particularly as us tall chaps don't do heat dissipation all that well.

    After my 1st v45 (37.05 official time) for the Droitwich 10k threshold run midweek, I did the Wyre Forest half on Sunday at marathon effort on average - relaxed loads on the downhills, and gave myself a licence to push a bit on the hills so it was kind of cycling up and down around threshold to easy effort. I was pleased that I managed a 2 minute course pb without going all out, and finished 3rd in the process (I got a nice trophy and an Argos gift card, worth a tenner). Time was 1.25.28 which was decent considering the reduced effort, the terrain and the hills. My previous course pb was a hard, hard effort in 2015 after which my post race notes said 'never again!'. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

     A pretty successful week there, Muddy, without stepping beyond training paces.

    Got effort on the 800m, Bob. You're 4 years older than 2015 so nothing to be disappointed by.

    Wednesdays race received a 1.9 RB difficulty rating which is definitely a fair reflection as to how it felt.

    Well done on the Endure event, Madbee, less well done on your choice of team!

    Ticked over the last few days, culminating in a 14 yesterday afternoon tactically placed so I only missed the end of the nz batting and the start of England's innings.

    4 at recovery over lunchtime and spin tonight.

  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Well done, Muddy.  I did Wyre forest a few years ago when it was baking hot! Remember it being a toughie.

    Weekends plans were cast asunder when I spent Saturday night in the throes of a bad stomach bug.  Instead of racing Northbrook Sunday was spent in bed feeling like death. Unfortunately most of the rest of the team came down with one thing or another as well so a bad turnout for us.   Not run apart from a short one on Saturday morning so might try a couple of easy miles now.  My eating still not back to 100% so will be done very conservatively.  
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    Muddy/DT/Bob  well done on your times and im sure pb's next time, you are all running great, weather warm which also makes it much tougher. Nice prize to Muddy.

    McFlooze hope you feel better soon and back out enjoying your running.

    Managed 7mls Wed, 5mls thurs and13mls Saturday followed by 9 last night.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Nice going, Kevin.

    That's a shame, Mcf. I haven't had a sickness bug since 2012 now, which is bizarre given the age of my kids. I'm pleased though as I am really bad at being sick. It's like someone is slicing my body apart, whilst my wife takes it in her stride. Hope you are feeling better now?

    I have been bashing on this week. 4 on Monday and spin in evening, then a key session yesterday of 8 x 1k off 90s starting at 10k effort and progressing to 5k. Luckily the sun came out at about 12.30 to make it harder. First half went to plan with a 3.58, 3.49, 3.44 and 3.43. Then I started really wanting a drink and overheating so just about hung onto 10kp with 3.51, 3.48, 3.54 and 3.47.

    5k recovery first thing today and circuits tonight. Easy 8 planned tomorrow then 7 at tempo on Friday.

  • Well done DT. Sounds like a mad week again !

    I have been quite ill with a virus this week: a throat full of razors on Tuesday, with aches and a throbbing headache breaking through. Unusually I have not remotely considered putting any miles up, complete rest seems to be required. I suspect it will be a whole week off the way things are going.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I thought you were quiet on the strava front, Muddy. Hope it passes soon.

    I used to get so many minor infections and viruses. I had nasty cold for a week or so in November 17 and then something that lasted 2 days in December 18. Other than that I haven't been ill at all in 2.5 years. Not sure what happened to change the tide for me. It does coincide with me changing my sleeping habits and generally turning everything off at 10pm instead of sitting around until midnight doing things, and also my kids getting old enough to go to bed and stay there all night which has led to me getting about 10 hours more sleep a week.

    Easy/hilly 8 planned later. Hopefully the cloud cover that has been about all day will remain into the evening.

  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    Muddy hope you feel better over the coming days, you have plenty of miles in your legs

    DT 8x1km plus tempo session is high quality in a week, im lucky if I get 1 session per week.

    7mls last night and out tonight for some miles, hoping for 5-6 plodding miles.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Just under 10m over lunch with 7 at tempo. Just aiming for the classic mp session of 160 bpm. Came out 6.35 average for 161. Quite pleased that every mile split was a couple of seconds eithside of overall average pace. No crazy first mile or hanging on last mile, just a good controlled steady effort. It doesnt seem long ago when 5 miles at just under 6.40mm had a 170 hr average. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Easy 12 yesterday gave me just under 45 for the week plus 3 x cross training sessions. With two good sessions that's probably my biggest training week since early April.

    Pulling it back a bit now with Magor 10k Saturday. Don't quite feel i'm in pb shape, but will give it a go and hopefully come out with a solid 38.xx.

    Anyone else about.....?

  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    DT good mileage and sessions, is it a pb course.

    Plan was for 14mls on Saturday but only managed 7mls, wife's calf went at 2mls and had to turn back, after a couple of minutes of what to do I carried on, got to 7mls and chimp told me to pull over, I hate him because I listen all the time. Have been putting in good lsr on a Saturday over the past wee while but this is a bit of a pain. Out tonight for 9mls and may try and do some sort of tempo i.e. 4mls somewhere near hmp/mp going by my  last 10km 46.30 I am going to aim for 7.50ish:s

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes, last year I ran 38.23 so 5 seconds short of my pb, the difference being that my pb came on a course that measured a bit under 6.2m and this measured 6.22 so bang on.

    What was the reason you needed to stop in terms of what the chimp is asking for?

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    I'm around. 

    Looks like you're in good shape, DT. An easy week should freshen you up for the 10k. 

    Hope you're feeling better, muddy. 

    Seems like you're managing some consistent miles, Kevin. You need to get a race in!

    As for me, I've been managing to get some training and racing in despite being massively busy at work. Week before last included running the summer league race at tempo effort which came out ok. Last week I chased Bob round on an improvised loop on the banks of the Trent doing some shorter speedier stuff which was a good laugh. 

    And then yesterday was Holme Moss Fell Race which is up there as one of the toughest races I've ever done. 18 miles with 4000ft of elevation gain including some seriously steep inclines and descents. I 'ran' round with a couple of ladies from club to finish in about 4:51. A picture paints a thousand words so here's a couple to give some idea what it was like   
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    You can't quite see it, but on the second picture there was some people abseiling on the rocks next to where we were scrambling up.

    If you look really carefully you can see some tiny dots on the top of the rocks in the third picture, that's where everyone in the picture was heading. 
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Quiet in here!  After the dodgy stomach I had a quiet week and I topped off a huge 11 mile week with a 5k race in Leamington.  Got round in an uneventful 21:33 which I'm ok with given recent challenges although a minute slower than in April.  

    Kevin - how did you get home?  Most of the time when I want to stop I'm miles from home so you have to jog back anyway and then run = done.  

    Good mileage, DT.  Really need to rebuild my base now I'm feeling a bit better.  

  • When I was running 6.35 min/mile for marathon effort my half was around 1.21 DT.

    I've still not ran since a week last Sunday. I'm feeling better so will see how a jog feels tonight - so apologies McF but couldn't make the Monty 5k. A minute down from April sounds reasonable taking into account heat, illness and the underlying tiredness.

    Tommy - You've outdone yourself ! Out of curiosity, what was the winning time ?
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    DT-any excuse for me :(

    Tommy - serious hills, well done

    McFlooze glad to here you are back out running, My wife picked me up as she drove the route to see if I carried on.

    Out last night for 10mls, planned some tempo stuff but way to warm for me, times seemed to go all over the place avg for the run was 8.29 and well gubbed :/

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Tommy - You've outdone yourself ! Out of curiosity, what was the winning time ?
    The men's winning time was 2:40, the ladies winning time (and 6th place overall) was 2:58. Looking at historic results, Matt from Stevie G's thread is a former winner of the race in a similar time to what it was won this year. My club mate, who's much quicker than me (2:50 marathon, sub 17 5k - although he's not in this sort of form at the moment) finished in about 3.5 hours. I reckon if I ran it as fast as I could, I would hopefully finish in about 3:45-4:00. 

    Managed a creaky 5 miles last night. 
  • Great photos Tommy - I like photo 3 best. They went up Holme Moss in the Tour de France when it was in UK so there are easier routes to the top :-)

    Presumably you can choose your own route on these type races provided you arrive at all the checkpoints? 

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