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    That's very impressive Skinny, I struggle with 10 miles right now.

    Mr V - My solution has been to shoe goo old pairs of trainers so far. I wear my trainers in a really specific area (see picture of gooed up trainers). Hope the foot holds up.

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    5,6,8,3,20, 3, 3.5 for 48.5 week. (48 per plan).

    The 3.5 was early this morning round Loweswater before meeting friends and climbing a fell hence the extra half.
  • 40.5 miles for me. Longest one was 11.2 this morning. I did a fair chunk of hiking last week too. Need to keep it going and get to 50 mpw going into May, so the target is 45 mpw next week. Looking to be running over 50 mpw consistently through May, June and July 🤞
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    Not much of interest for me. Did 5m Thursday morning then was away until yesterday pm so did 7m on my return for a 23m week. Hoping to nudge up to 30 this week. I've my covid jab Thursday morning so not quite sure how that'll set me up but have an easy 5m before it, rest day Friday and an easy 4 on the Saturday, just to be careful. Hoping for no reaction but I hear plenty of stories of people laid up for 36 hours or so after it.

    Should be back up to 40 mpw in 2-3 weeks. Still waiting to find out if  I am going to Lanzarote end of May. It probably comes just at the point where i'd be a couple of weeks back into normal training and also right when a half I am looking at takes place.

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    Afternoon all, 

    50 miles for me last week, with 30 of them running and 20 miles cycling. This included a 5k Time Trial put on by my new club. A very low key affair with only about 15 people running the TT  inc a few kids. We were set off in small groups, I was in the last group, 2 minutes after the first lot had set off. Me and another bloke in our group were quite quickly out ahead of the rest and I didn't see anybody else from my group until the end.

    The course involved starting in the car park of a country park,  out along the access road, into a slight uphill alongside a road, into a new housing estate with a few twists and turns, before going up a pretty steep uphill followed by a flight of steps, a bit more of uphill before a sharp turn on to a road, then another sharp turn back into the country park for a nice long downhill, before some twists and turns, round a lake and back out into the car park and then out again for another lap. 

    Ended up finishing in 19:38 which I'm happy enough with on that course given the various obstacles to negotiate; the steps and  the steep hill on the second lap weren't particularly welcome but it was good to get back to doing something resembling a race / parkrun. 

    I've entered a 10k in July, it's on a flat course so could be something to work towards if I don't get side tracked by cycling, fell races etc 
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    19:38 sounds brill if my mental image of your course description matches reality - always nice to run sub 20 for a 5k - something I haven’t done since 2016.
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    Nice mileage everyone.

    I was back on track with a 40 mile week, though it all felt rather a slog. Still good to get it done and logged. 

    Tommy good time on a tough sounding course. I feel like the words 5k and steps should never go together! 

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    Thanks both. It wasn't the easiest course. 

    Mr V - agreed, steps in a 5K is not on! Having said that, they're holding the TT again in a couple of weeks and I'll probably give it another go...
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    Skinny, I would assume that some point in your recent 10k you must have run a sub 20, 5k. I appreciate you were referring to a specific 5k, however the fact is, you can quite easily when one pops up.

    Tommy, again, another 'fun' event from you. That's a cracking time on what you describe. You must be sub 39 shape in a flat 10k?

    Starting to pick things up with my first session of sorts yesterday with 4 x 1k off 2m jog recovery. Timing was poor on my part, getting out at 1.30 in the clear blue skies. By 3pm it was overcast and much cooler. Anyway, I covered 3.28m at 6.14mm average pace so pretty reasonable.

    Have worked out a bit of a race line up for the year now and having just had my whitsun trip to Lanzarote cancelled it is much clearer now-

    20th May- Chase the moon 10k in Leicestershire. It's a flat airfield type affair where I did the half last year and a 6 ish pm start.

    30th May- Chepstow race course half.

    06th June- A leg on the hilly 100 event.

    25th July- Bedford aerodrome 20- Plan is to run this as I plan to run London and come in just under 2.10 (based on where I am now). It'll give me a good platform for the peak mara training and is far enough out I can go a bit harder plus,  I go on a 10 day holiday days after it.

    First weekend sept- a proper crack at a half- Looking at Dorney on the Saturday or Worcester sunday (whilst worcs is very convenient I am inclined to go Dorney just because it eliminates a lot of cancellation risk from local authority.

    03rd Oct- London

    14 Nov- Derby 10m (cancelled and carried over from 2020).

    12 Dec- Sneyd pudding 5m.

    There's a few gaps then in there to slot in a 10k or a 5k or two over summer and Autumn. That then gives me a decent crack at all my pbs as well as I am not sure I'll do myself full justice in the two races late May given they are 4 and 5 weeks away.

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    DT19 said:
    I did 28.58 in my 10k tt as it happens. It's the other one after the marathon I might be capable of. However, as noted by Mr v, finding a decent 5m that also fits in to other plans could well provide an equal challenge.  At the moment, on my plan for the year there's a 5m mid December.

    I must admit I only read this line without the rest at first, and thought you've certainly stepped up a gear  :D
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    Sadly not, sg!! 36.11 which I'll take gir a lunchtime solo Tt though. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    And take gir you should sir. <3
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    DT - yes I'd be looking at sub 39 for a flat 10k. Once parkrun opens up, I'll look to get to Exmouth which is pan flat (although probably wind blasted) to try and get a better estimate on fitness.

    I know a few people who've entered the chase the sun (not moon  ;)). Prestwold Hall seems to be a popular location for races at the moment.  

    Looks like a decent plan for the rest of the year. I'm struggling to find much locally at the moment aside from the 10k in Exeter. The same organisers usually put on a summer series of 5K's which could be an option. 
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    Tommy, I guess the downside in being tucked away in a quiet corner of the country is that there aren't so many places accessible. In the Midlands you are 60-90 minutes away from a huge array of possible race locations.

    Chase the moon at 6.30pm makes more sense. I believe that the race will just be around the airfield as opposed starting at Prestwold. I think all the events there are runthrough events. Eitherway I feel much more confident booking events taking place in this sort of location than spending £50 entering a city half and having it pulled last minute.

    Covid jab nearly 8 hours ago now and no side effects so far. Got out before it for an easy 5m. Rest day tomorrow anyway.

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    Good to see a conversation about race plans.

    Muddy how you getting on this week?

    5,6,7,4 for me so far with 15, 6 and 4 to fit in over next 3 days - was considering a local HM for the 15 but a bit busy at the weekend so might do it tomorrow to virtually free up Sunday.
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    Seem to have dodged the bullet with the covid jab. Felt a bit tired and drained last night but feel fine today.
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    Good effort Tommy ! Glad you've escaped the dreaded vaccination reaction DT.

    Thanks for asking Skinny - I have managed 30 miles of running ( 3.7, 7,  4.3, 9, 6 ) and about 15 miles of walking (that is, extra walking on top of my day to day stuff). I'll probably do 30 and 90 mins running over the weekend ( approx. 4 and 12 miles) to reach my 45 mile target. Not much in the way of speed except for a few 100m strides.

    Have to say I feel a bit goosed after not doing even 30 mile weeks back to back in ages. 
    Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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    Morning all, 

    30 odd miles for me again last week inc a glorious coastal run yesterday.

    I've also decided to loosely follow a plan devised by Soar (manufacturers of magic shorts and caps); its essentially 2 sessions a week for the next six weeks with as much easy running fitted in around that as you'd normally do. The target date for the race is 5th June, which nicely coincides with the supposed return of parkrun. First session was on Saturday was a fairly light introduction to it with 8*90 seconds at current 5K pace with 90 seconds jog recovery. Maange to find myself a 'Devon flat' loop which was relatively sheltered from the sodding wind, although it did involve a road crossing and a sharp turn but all in all it was pretty decent. Average pace for the reps was low 6's which is about right I guess. 

    Will be good to follow this short sharp plan and see where it gets me by the beginning of June.
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    I felt similar after yesterdays run, Muddy. In the middle of March 10m at 6.30mm didn't touch the sides, whilst yesterdays 10m at 7.07mm (3e, 3 steady, 3mp,1 e) left me feeling a little tired yesterday afternoon.

    35m for last week and 2 spin classes so not a million miles from normal non mara training. Need to get back into the s and c work and not drinking 4 nights a week from this week as 10k is 3 weeks Thursday. Started well, done my little physio instructed routine this morning. 5m recover over lunch then spin later.

    Weighed on Saturday, only 3lb up from my peak weight which surprised me so I should be able to get back to that weight by the 10k, though I am currently the weight I was when I did my 10k TT.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    What happened to everyone undertaking to post their runs here to keep them honest???

    Decent start to the week with 5m recovery and spin on Monday and spin again this morning. I also did my first s and c work on Monday since week before Dorney. Funny thing is i'd spent months feeling nothing from it and wondered if it was effective. Woke up Tuesday with quads, glutes and hips on fire! At least I know it works.

    Decent session over lunch yesterday, though came a bit harder than they felt in March. 5 x 1m off 2min float, came out just over 6m at 6.07mm, reps came in 5.47, 5.43, 5.44, 5.47 and 5.47. I was a bit disappointed by the perceived effort, however that's my first session in some 4-5 weeks and comparing it back to mid March there's not much in the respective HR's and paces were virtually identical so it may just be that I am not as finely tuned to ignore the suffering a I was then.

    Feel fine from it today (still sore from Mondays s and c though) which isn't bad as if I had to run another 0.2m it would have been a sub 38, 10k. Fairly easy rest of week now.

  • I think that was only me that said that DT, and I have slipped due to a head cold, but feeling better now.

    I did 5 miles at 7.50 pace on Monday, 9.75 at 7.20 pace last night. Out for 5-7-ish in a bit in blustery conditions. Woolly hat required !
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    Second of the Soar 5K sessions last night; 2:20 at 5k pace with 80 seconds recovery. Managed to find a reasonable road loop to do the session on, a few undulations and a busy chip chop queue to contend with but not too bad. Reps came out at between 5:40 and 5:50 pace, which is a bit too quick really but they felt about the right intensity.
    Enjoy the BH weekend everyone. 
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    Another 5.5 and 4.5 miles clocked up for me, bringing me to 25 for the week. Out at lunch for 6-7-ish. On course for 50-ish this week. Some creaks from the body indicating I need to get on the S&C.

    That's all very quick Tommy ! Might do a similar plan to get a bit of 5k readiness for when parkrun returns, just to sharpen up a bit within the mileage build up. I will need to be on the marathon sessions from June though. 

    I've put an entry in for a 10k the week before Manchester ... 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice going on the reps, Tommy. So that must have been about 700m?

    Which 10k, Muddy? That'll be the same day as London then. Is that wise weekend before a target mara? Saying that, all being equal i'll be running Midland rd relays weekend before London though that's only 5k.

    Spin on Wednesday then 5m easy yesterday and some s and c work scattered over the week. Nice little progressive run today moving through the gears with 8.20, 7.56, 7.32, 7.09, 6.48, 6.35 and 5.51 giving an average pace of 7.10mm.

    3 weeks to my sub 37, 10k attempt, which may end up a sub 36 attempt, who knows!

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    It's Market Drayton 10k, DT. If I survive marathon mileage I think I'll be hardy enough for a 10k and will be in final week of taper, so it will be a useful distraction and give an opportunity for kit practice. If all the good runners are away in London it could end up just being a cruise round. Also got Wilne 10k a month before that.

    5.5m  at lunchtime, 5k later.
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭
    Tommy, paces are sharp

    Good to see some mileage Muddy and races scheduled in.

    Your in great shape DT, sub 37 is well within your grasp.

    My wife, daughter and i have been laid low for a fortnight with Covid, on the mend thank goodness, out this morning for some miles, struggled but great to be out.
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    DT - just had a look and I was covering between 630 and 660m on the reps. I reckon you'll be there and 

    Glad to hear you're feeling better Kevin, hopefully won't be long before you're back up to where you were before you got ill. 

    Muddy - Wilne is a great race, definitely a PB course so long as the wind isn't howling down the Trent basin. 
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    Hi all, hope everyone had a good long weekend.

    I had an easy week last week only logging 24 miles. Partly as my ankle was a bit sore but also because I felt pretty run down.

    Hoping to get back on it this week. Started with an easy 9.5 miler yesterday. Rest day today but I'll try and get some kind of decent session in tomorrow.

    Im starting to look forward to the return of parkrun. I think having the opportunity for a regular faster run in company really helps me push on. Plus its definitely good for my motivation. 
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    Morning all, 

    32 miles running (plus 15 miles cycling) last week including Soar session #3 on Sunday morning; 5 x ([email protected] pace/2 mins jog/200m at ~3kpace /3 mins walk). The two biggest challenges for this session were getting it all programmed into my watch and secondly finding an appropriate place to run the session (the athletics track is miles away and I was a bit short on time).

    Having successfully set the session and found a 'Devon flat' half mile loop round a beautiful industrial estate the session went pretty well and managed to hit the right sort of paces on the reps apart from the penultimate 200m rep which slipped a bit. Enjoyed the session, and the banter from the owner of the burger van which I ran past a good few times. 

    Hope everyone is fit and well?
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    I managed around 40 something running miles and 20-ish hiking miles last week. I'm hoping for a slight increment on that this week, but we'll see with a busy work and school week.

    Get well soon Kevin and family. Watch out for post viral fatigue too - don't try to do too much too soon.
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