Enduroman UK 2013



  • Onto the bike........and i came a;live.......having done 30 laps of this course in the double and single.iwas really looking forward to doing just 5 laps........instead of travelling at 10 or 12 mph I wanted to see if I could do 16 mph.......off I went.it was sunny....even at 7 am in the morning and wet i was warm enough in pirate monaco and shorts with armwarmers........roads were quiet and i loved revisiting the old familiar landmarks......over took a few women and did the first 3 laps in 42 mins each...

    after the third lap i had to stop to change my water bottle..........tried to unclip and no way was my shoe going to come out tried a few times before managing to grap teh railings to stop myself falling over........( note to self when changing cleats check taht you remember to finish off the second shoe and not get distracted).......managed to ask someone to change the bottle for me and made a note to try and remember to unclip other side if needing the otherside if needing to stop at a junction.......theis lap was 45 and then the last was 43........

    so 58 miles in 3:38 average 16 mph.job done

  • T2 2:46.should have been quicker as i only had to move about 10 feet to my transition box...

    onto the run and started just as DK was starting a new lap he looked really fresh.....running the downs and the flats and walking the uphill bits.....which was my plan.......we did 9 laps together before he had to get his feet sorted again.......i ran 1 lap with a random man.1 on my own before turning around for the last time and running the final lap backwrds......

    it was strange.the last two years I have done this reverse route in the dark in the middle of the night......it had been wet and windy and very muddy........and there had only been a handful of people left on the course to congratulate me........

    this year it was beautiful sunshine and the course was packed....i felt like every well done was to me for all three years of racing there........

    run 13.37 mles in 2:53 av 12:57....

    before the race I would have likes to get the average under 12 but I had forgotton how tough that run course is and how I have neglected my running......so did it without killing my legs so that i can train this week fully....

    so total time 7:32.........I will take that and was a real joy to watch DK and Soupy finish

  • Great work Seren, youre a course specialist now.

    So lets see...

    Youve done the half
    Youve done the single
    Youve done the double

    Youve ... image

  • triple

    *clear throat* image

  • before yesterday i was considering doing the 100 mile ultra on the course as no carryimng of rucksack etc like a normal one...............after 12 laps yesterday i thought why on earth would i want to do 91 laps of a course that is so tough

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Excellent work Doner, Seren and Soupy.  Lovely report Seren, can't wait to read the others.

  • Well done Guys!!!

    So Seren for the triple next year and Doner the Deca??? image

  • I think my enduroman days are over..can't think of a race left there within my limits..

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well done Seren.

  • Wow.  I am in awe, as I am every time I read the reports of this event

  • it amazes me that this course seems to stop some amazing athletes from finishing..........the first 3 men on the 100 miles all looked comfortable and had done so many races.but the course still managed to break them......the run course just looks so easy on paper.but in reality its a bugger.

    DK did amazing

  • Well done all, and great report Seren!

  • Well done Doner and Seren..

    certainly different on the other side of the fence (crewing) - watched with pride as my OH completed her first ever Triathlon (the half)

    as for continuous Deca on that course.... image


  • Swim

    On the drive to the start at the crack of dawn there was mist rising from the rivers and streams so I wondered what on earth the lake would be like and at what temperature. I needn’t have worried because it was surprisingly moderate.  I wouldn’t go as far as a “warm bath” (Seren!) but it was okay and my breathing was fine. So I set off happy and the first lap seemed to be over effortlessly, great! Then on lap 2 disaster – cramp. I did a bit of breast stroke but that made it worse so stopped at the lap counting funnel to stretch my calf out. Set off again only for the other calf to seize up on the next lap as I slowed to shout my number. I thought it might be game over but the race officials were really encouraging and helped me to stretch so that I could carry on. I decided to just take it slow and concentrate on getting round 1 lap at a time. Last lap in the middle of the lake it happened again on my left. Ouch, bad this time. The lake was shallow enough to stand so I stretched and massaged before heading off for the last 100m.  Just over 2000m in 1:02. I’d done it. Now to put that behind me and look forward to the bike



    A long uphill walk to T1 of about 400m. Struggled as usual to get the wettie off and spent what felt like ages faffing with sun cream and the like as everyone else came and went. Note for next time – practice T1.



    The weather was glorious and the route was just beautiful. I was feeling a bit nauseous probably from the longer than normal swim. I took small sips of water until it settled about 8 miles in and I finished the first lap at an average speed of 13.9.mph.  Had a bit of a panic thinking that I need to get my speed up to at least 14mph. I upped my pace and heart rate was going higher and higher but then remembered there was a 10 hour cut-off. Result. I’d done very little structured training with only 1 long bike ride having been and I knew the run was going to be brutal and even more so if I overcooked the bike. So I did my best keeping to a lowish heart rate and finished feeling good but it was shockingly slow at 4:30hrs with an average pace of about 13.5mph. On the plus side I really enjoyed it, overtook a couple of people on hybrids and everyone on the course were very encouraging and friendly.  The hills were nothing I couldn’t handle and the descents were bliss.


  • Run

    Got back to T2 which entailed walking down some steps to get to transition so very pleased to have someone wheel my bike for me cos my legs were having none of it. Another long transition with sun cream and faffing (note to self, stop faffing) then on to the run. The course was brutal, no other words. I ran the down hill, walked the flat uneven bits and long updrag then ran the last descent into the main circle to start again. That seemed to work quite well and maintained an even pace throughout and felt surprisingly good. Maybe I could have gone faster on the bike after all. I didn’t’ think I could run much more as I’d only trained up to 6 miles (note to self – do more training) and by now I was just happy to be bimbling along. I stopped for a few chats to Lee, Blue and Caz, and enjoyed a few arrrrrgghhhhs. Met up with Seren and DK a few times as they lapped me (yes DK did the double and he lapped me) then eventually was told to turn round and do the last lap.  Now that was just pure joy and found energy to run the flat bits as well as the downs, high fiving as I went. Hmm perhaps I could have done more running after all.  Don’t know my time but must have been about 3.5 hours. I got my money’s worth and had a great time. image



    It made me realise that I can do this so have to stop all the self doubt I put myself though. I get convinced that I can’t do the distance. Well I was wrong. And as I also learned at SA’s DIY event I can do it and if I trained more I could do it better.  Would love to go back and give it another go next year and I’m all fired up to storm Henley Half in September.  I might even put a training schedule together and get some long bike and runs in. I had a great time. Lovely to meet up with people, and to see DK finish.

    Pirates rock.image


  • Soupy...glad you enjoyed it.it realy is a brilliant atmosphere there..

  • Dave.glad the wags all enjoyed it.to do that course as your first triathlon is brilliant...


    the continious deca.the more i think about it the more i think all parts would be dangerous and difficult on that course.........but I'm sure it can be done in the 12 days.......

    I am pleased that they have given the quin 6 days.........7 days and I'm sure i would have done something stupid and entered it.i had even started working out splits......6 days and i am safe knowing it is outside my abilities totallyimage

  • Nice reports guys! 

    Well done 

  • Great reports!  Soupy you definitely underestimate yourself, and despite you saying yesterday you were going to walk the course, we could see you running, hehehe.  The Enduroman definitely has a lovely atmosphere, and feels a lot more 'homely' than big IM events, if that makes any sense! Looking forward to Doner's report now image 

  • Nice reports Soupy and Seren, and a massive well done to DK for finishing, taking a well deserved rest I guess.

  • Lee the Pea wrote (see)

    Great reports!  Soupy you definitely underestimate yourself, and despite you saying yesterday you were going to walk the course, we could see you running, hehehe.  

    Yep, there was definite running going on and you were smiling so you obviously enjoyed it.

    I like reading reports, gladyou both enjoyed it.  I did too sat in the sun (well shade) with SC and Lee,

    Can't wait for DKs - he definitely stormed it image

  • one of the highlights of the race for me was seeing the danish woman come out of the swim first.chicking all the blokes.......she finished that course in under 30 hours and was joint 5 over all.........and she wasn't the youngest of ladies

  • continuous quin you say... image

  • I did the double


    That run course is brutal


  • It was great to see all the Pirates running strong yesterday.  You did us proudimage

  • Congrats Soup and Seren

    Excellent race reports

  • Well done Veggieboy! Hopefully we gave you a cheer on the way round image


  • I reckon that Veggieboy was the one with the cute arse Leeimage

  • Which one, there were quite a few image

  • Cupcake. wrote (see)

    continuous quin you say... image



    with 6 days to do it.......image


    there was certainly some fit men running around that turning circleimage


    and a result for the pirates..3 people started and 3 people finished..image

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