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  • DK.....i will help if I can......depends on when as i will be in bed early on the friday evening for my 6 am start in the water...

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    I've done a boob. A big one. image

    I thought I'd booked the day off on the Monday but I haven't. So if I camp I have to take my tent down after race and then drive home. image

    The other option is to get my husband to drive me, but he won't camp so I've booked B&B 2 miles away that I can cancel 2 days before if need be. Most places were fully booked! I'll try and beg at work tomorrow for the day off so I can stay to see DK cross the finish line on Sunday. 


  • soupy.......at least you will have time to put the tent down.I can help......hopefully work will let you have the day off.the presentations on the monday are usually lovely

     this is coming around quickly now

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Thanks Seren. Just to warn you, my tent is as big as yours. image

  • Greetings pee-rah-tays image

    Looking forward to seeing you all enjoy yourselves and make some yellow noise next weekend, the pirates in Lanza did you proud last week I hear.image


    Here's some TC Top Tips if you've not seen em on TripeyTalk:

    Use Conti GP4000s tyres unless you want punctures. I had no issue on the deca, and there were flints everywhere given the wet days. Cured ChrisE's puncture maladies when I leant him my only spare tyres on around Day7, but I was so confident I wouldnt need them. Keep out of the gutter, and only in the swept path i.e. avoid flints!

    Use decent Conti tubes too.

    Wear two pairs of cycling shorts. Provided you've tried this in OK training.

    Amply lube up your nads n feet. Vaseline or other posher varieties.

    Don't think about the distance. When yu've done a few laps, that your unit of measure. Just take each lap as your goal, in a sustainable fashion. Tweaking your pace/fuel/drink/breaks etc constantly based on feedback.

    Time each lap. Easy entertainment to while away the hrs.
    Chat / wind up your fellow competitors ditto.

    If you need something or have a worry, ASK! Advice n kit sharing is common at this feel good event. This advice applies to crews. Team up and share responsibilities perhaps, so more folks can get breaks while the athletes are still looked after.

    Fix any issues early. Dot let them fester till they're big issues. eg blisters etc.

    Powerwalk the uphills on the run course. Ideally refuel here. Dont go crazy on the long downhill, unless your me. image

    If you want a time out, then take it, and get some real food down you. You'll resume refreshed.

    Porridge n noodles etc are good.

    A few cheesy biscuits like Ritz or even pork scratchings for a savoury salty twist.

    If scared about getting cold on the swim, get a surfers rash neoprene vest. Sleeveless is safest. You can use cycle arm warmers. Ebay is our friend. Or you can just use layers underneath e.g. run vest.
    Vaseline your forehead and nose, cheeks, hands n feet, chest / torso etc.
    I assume everyone who might want one has a swimmers neoprene 'gimp' hat :lol:

    Get a decent feck off headtorch and/or hand torch for the run.

    Some more from the Rev G:

    I would add overshoes for the bike and a pair of full finger bike gloves, just in case, spare set of warm dry clothes for both bike and run + rain gear for both, solid food like TC says, liquid porridge and honey may look gross, but, you can gulp it down quick and its quite easy to digest, savouy food not sweet, unless your used to it or like puking after the 15th gel 


    . Dry socks after the first marathon are soooo good, lip salve is a biggie for me as my lips chap and crack on Ultras. 

    TRUST YOUR CREW, so important, if they say eat, do it, if they say go to the loo do it. If they tell you to change your clothes, just do it. Crews are so important and take a lot of pressure off your thinking 20 hrs into a race when your trying to dodge the hallucinations ( not kidding, most of us have had it ). 

    Swim, nice and steady, treat it as a warm up, to get the blood flowing, exit, get the crew to feed you as you change or vice versa. 

    First few laps of the bike easy, how easy, kids on BMX can beat you, have a little reward planned for getting to 112 mile another at 224, tell your crew or see me if you're struggling a
  • Im the only one doing the double from here TC, - seren and soupy are doing the half. Now its only 7 days away im actually kind of excited and crapping it at the same time.  Ill try not to get my lip balm and bum cream mixed up thats for sure, never wore 2 pairs of cycle shorts so ill give it a miss. Got most stuff covered bar the training. Us lincolnshire boys dont need training,image

  • I'm hoping to come along and support on the Sunday.  If anyone needs help then give me a shout.  Happy to help out

  • my brother might need a kick up the arse or waking up every so often, especially with my predicted finish time image

  • I can do thatimage  I'll bring my steel toe capped shoes from work

  • be great to see you if you can make it cazimage

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    The only thing I'm not excited about on this is that cold lake. image

  • soupy .it won't be cold.its shallow and small and with all this sun will be fine........kids were swimming in it without wetsuits a few weeks ago.don't panic image


  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Well I'm excited about everything now then. Ta Seren. image

  • and PTL is doing the halfimage

  • ah forgot purple was still in it, didnt realise/remember she got her race transfered. nice one 

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    image Yeh Purple. 

  • right..my living room is trewn with clothes and kit and camping stuff and my bike is getting ready...........my new goggles have arrived as have my new cleats which are on muy bike shoes.......my bento box arrived today...........and my wetsuit glue....

    I think i'm almost ready to pack the car in the morning.....got to get eldest to college 17 miles away by 8 am and then middle son to hospital 12 miles away for 10/11 ish......as long as my car is all packed i should be free to go thenimage

  • Have a great weekend everyone. The weather is looking better than previous years. Write ups next week to look forward too. Doner watch out for them there horses on the bike course image

  • I'm packing ready to come down for the weekend, but I have other duties before I can turn up at AT on Sunday.  See you all then!

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    I'm not heading down till Saturday and staying in B&B a couple of miles away. I'll be biking to the start so have to get organised to take everything in a small back pack. Hmmmmmm - have I thought this through properly?   Oh it will be fine. See you all there. Whoop whoop. image

  • here i come image


  • Massive good luck DK and Soupy, can't wait for the reports.

  • Best of luck for tomorrow Doner!  I'll be there Sunday too, so can help out if required, if your bro needs a kip etc.  Can't wait! image

  • I'm back home.........car broke down on M4..should have been there relaxing now..but trying to work out how on earth to get down there........

  • Soup DragonSoup Dragon ✭✭✭

    Bummer seren.

    You'll have to bike all the way there. image

    Go DK!!!  image  


    I have to be at work on Monday so won't be able to stay till the end or the awards. image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Good luck everyone.

    Seren I hope you can get there.

  • In the BlueIn the Blue ✭✭✭

    I was planning to come down as it's not too far away was just debating which day, looks like it's sunday.


    Hope you find a way to get there seren!


    Good luck

  • Good luck DK and all those racing, supporting crewing at AT

  • Hoping there are going to be some updates as can't find any tracker on Enduroman website

    GO DK


  • Has he finished yet?....image

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