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  • TB - snapping a chain was just one of them things, it would be very unusual to happen to you. Mind you I've had a lot worse happen, as you'll see as you read on.I think I'm just cursed.

    Fixing a chain mind you is a fairly easy task with a chain splitter.

    As Flat Foo...ted says they have a mechanic that can possibly help, but you could lose significant time in them getting too you.

    The only other thing I would suggest if you have a saddle bag is put a small roll of tape in there in case a spoke goes, you can always tape it to the next one to get you home.

  • Tired Badger wrote (see)

    Have a question about maintainance, or during race repairs specifically. I now have had a few punctures and know I can cope with changin a tube mid race but as far as anything else goes i'd be a DNF at the moment, other than maybe the chain coming off.  My father in law is quite good at bike maintainance what should I know before race day. (Reading Holgs book at the mo and he fixed a broken chain....)

    I'm hoping it's in the new book but did a race where holgs lost a saddle a couple of years back. image The lads jixed I wouldn't worry to much about want can go wrong as long as you fix any broken kit when needed in the build up to the race.

    Worth taking your bike into a shop for a matenance checkup a few weeks before the race. That way they can tell you if anything is on the way to being broken. If you have a problem on the day you might be fighting people off with a stick wanting to help you.

  • I always get my bike serviced a couple of weeks before a bit race for a bit of reassurance.  Had a blow out on one sportive though, not a lot I could do to fix that!

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭
    Cake, yes it's in the new book.

    Holgs - loved the book by the way, especially birth chapter as that is a perfect description of what we went through 11 years ago with our daughter.
  • Holgs gave birth image

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭
    Well.... He was penetrated!!! 9 months later carbon post was delivered.

    Sorry for the bad taste.
  • image That's not far from the truth. Buy the book for details. image First time sarah the bookworm met holg's and convinced her I was sane. image

  • for those of you panicing about what to do if your chain breaks... you might consider getting one of these, and keeping it in your bentobox/saddlebag... Speed link.  Obviously you will need to get the right one to match your chain.....

    To use, remove the broken link with your chain splitter and pop in then new link.  You will need a chain splitter tool - most multi-tools have one of these as a standard.  The whole repair will take a few mins only.  You don't need to be the bike mechanic to the Gods to work out how to do the above.  And thanks to Fat Buddha who put me onto this about 5 years ago - the numpties thread has taught me everything I know. image


  • and if there was any doubt about which bit of your multi-tool is there to split chains.. its the big bit below with the threaded section.  I am sure we could start a whole thread on chain maintenance... image




  • ... And it was all going so well ... Having wondered whether I'd get the 'stuck to training plan to the letter' prize, fell on run this morning on, I don't know - an invisible pothole??? Limped home and now RICEing ankle, skiving work (is it skiving?) and hoping its a short blip image

    On a happier note - local paper wants to do a feature on me - should I? What might their angle be, though? 'Local lass goes exercise crazy' 'woman risks permanent ankle injury to join pirate club' ... Or ...
  • Thats why ive avoided running and biking whike we have had this rubbish weather. Dont panic people theres plenty of time to get outside for a run and bike before the big day, better to delay a bike / run for a bit than fall over break smoething and be out for a month or more.

  • Brit...the article could be on why talking to strangers on the internet is dangerousimage

    I have missed my target for my second swim today.only mangaed 30 mins due to sore back and shoulders (caused bt turbo).....

    so its all going a bit skewiff

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    Brit...the article could be on why talking to strangers on the internet is dangerousimage

    or reading books ... Holgs ... image

  • Brit ..go for it, you never know they might sponsor you.

    On the taining front not done anything since Tuesdays run, got the snots and a sore throat.... image
  • had a very icy 5 mile run tonight with club......its the horrible time to run if you can't get offroad.......choice of icy roads or compacted snow/ice pavements

  • I went to running club on Tuesday, I was quite worried about the conditions as I've been replacing runs with turbo sessions since the snow and ice on friday not wanting to have a slip and mess plans up for a longer period. We met at a multi story car park and was doing laps from bottom to top of the car park, no ice tough session, was really pleased I went.

  • Ive been getting some decent runs in, and bikes (turbo , ecercise bike or even outside).

    I'm really struggling with the swim. The hotels I've been either have no pool or its tiny. I've managed a couple of masters sessions, but not much. I think I may just pray to get through the swim and make it up on the last two legs

  • Isn't that what most of us do image
  • Excellent news more bloody snow on the way.  I'm missing my bikeimage

    Riding on the turbo is not the same.

    Loads of swimming this week along with one turbo ride and a zone 1 run.

    2hr run / 30 min bike tomorrow morning.

  • OK, time to stop lurking. I've also signed up for the Outlaw this year after playing around at Sprint distance (but nothing more!) for a few years. I've also resigned myself to a life ruled by Mr Fink for 30 weeks but started back in November knowing that I was going to miss a few weeks later on that I'd need to repeat! So, I'm in Week 11 right now (Intermediate) and the time spent on the road, in the gym and on the turbo is starting to take its toll - I can see why some people have been saying earlier on that 30 weeks is too much! image

    Anyway, I'm here looking to join in the chat and hopefully find some people going through the same thing! 

    I hope everyones training is going well! image


  • Hi JKS

    we are here and some poeple are on teh fink thread as well.i think the majority of us are on week 7 still but not all.........

    I have had to miss todays 1 hr bike as my lower back is still sore from the 2 1/2 hour turbo a few days ago.....and so thought it was silly to jump on it again.......looking forward ti wheni can cycle outdoors

  • Welcome to the forum JKS.  Just joined myself a few weeks back.  Training going well?  Depends on your definition of "well".  I'm doing the sessions despite the weather, but can't say I feel particularly strong at the minute.

  • TJ1004 wrote (see)
    Cake, yes it's in the new book.

    Holgs - loved the book by the way, especially birth chapter as that is a perfect description of what we went through 11 years ago with our daughter.

    That's my favourite chapter of the book image

  • After two days with my foot up and no exercise at all apart from doing the alphabet in the air with my foot it's still swollen and I'm starting to realise I might not get my long run in tomorrow ... In fact not sure what to expect re: getting back into training, or even just walking without a limp ...

    I think my sports therapist is away so feeling a bit stuck ... image
  • best to just skip it with a swolllen foot and forget it........if you can do your next shorter one in a few days then do.otherwise just be patient.....don't run whilst its sore to walk


     you can do much more harm than good at this stage


  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    welcome JKS

  • Welcome JKS

    Done nowt since tuesdays run, full of snot and got a sore throat. image

    2" of snow has been dumped on us in the last 2 hrs and its still feckin chuckin it down image
  • The sun is out and the snow has cleared ... the bike is coming out!!!

  • Bugger, icy still image

  • its lethal out there around here

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