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  • * consults stamp album for East Timor....Gotcha!*  Telly marathon today, World Pipe Band Championships yesterday. Treat jostles treat...image

    DLR, if you don't run Amsterdam, you'll have enough dosh for errr,  two or three .. coffees in Paris. And, you're right, it's the one...

  • I think its pretty definite yes.  Felt fairly optimistic when I drove to the canal as there's no pain walking just a little if walking up/down stairs but had pain right from the first step and was limping badly - twisting my right foot inwards to protect it every step.  Ran 1/4 mile and called it quits - to be limping heavilly from the outset isn't great.

    My guess is the rest has allowed it to calm a fair bit but damage to the achilles will take much longer to heal.

    I'll still be going to Amsterdam as everything is paid for and non refundable.  Still a chance I'll do the half and definitely hope to be able to pace yer maj ok the week before!

    There's also a slight chance I could 'get round' Amsterdam if another 2 weeks sorted things but I don't see the point.  It'd be slowing healing and prevent me getting absolutely right for Paris training.

    Taking TD as inspiration  I'm feeling philosophical about it.  I'll call it quits and concentrate on cross training and strengthening  for a bit, and then slowly ramp back up once achilles has settled properly.  I'm still on the same journey, just taking an unplanned route.

  • Everything crossed for you DLR.

    Phew, that's the last one past. I was at Tower Hill - will post pics later. And I wasn't bullying small children more than absolutely necessary image .

    Top supporter award goes to the bald tattooed man in the Team GB shirt next to me bellowing, amongst other things 'Lesotho! Lesotho!' and 'we love you Ecuador!' image .

    Top spine chilling moment - the roar that went up when the guy who had slowed to walk pulled it together and started running again. Extraordinary - never heard anything like it.

    Now there's the small matter of a 16 mile run. And my feet hurt already.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    DLR it sounds like the right decision, although I'm sure it wasn't an easy one.  And I hope you fine well know that if you can't pace me I'll make you suffer for the rest of your days but it's ok really....

    RR - small children were put on this earth to be bullied.

    Mr Maj and Grand-Nephew-Of-Mr-Maj are at the Cardiff Museum looking at fossils.  I am on kitten and clearing the rockery duty.  Starting to wish I'd opted for the fossils...image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    OO lets go. wrote (see)

    Anyway 18 mins flat is one of my best times and garmin says 5:45 pace.

    OO - fabulous work. Caused me a bit of confusion at first until I realised that you were talking mile pace - not km image
    DLR - you're a survivor with a sensible head on your shoulders. Rest and Drugs - you'll be back better than ever.

    Did my long run at the same time as the Olympic Marathon but I was back before they finished - ok, I only did 16k. Got back in time to hear Brendan and Steve worrying about the Ugandan in 3rd place, who then lit the afterburners. Goosebumps.

    Thought the crowd numbers were incredible, too.

  • DLR, I heard you spirit channelling my name.  Feel bad for you my friend but I think you are a wise man. As the Achilles is by far the biggest tendon in our bodies and capable of taking super strains, when it is injured, it usually takes a lot of time and patience for it to recover. I suspet just backing off from pace is nowhere near sufficient for you to get better.

    Maybe writing off six months or a season now and then is good for the body and mind - a fallow period - so you can come back stronger.

    OO - really, you are on fire this year. Great result.

  • OO - you're a Newcastle parkrun champ? Fantastic! Congratulations.

    Life is good when you're running. (If you've no injuries, of course.)
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    OO - Well done on your parkrun win.

    RR - The pain wasn't digestive. It felt more like an internal injury than anything else. Decided to use today as a rest day and get back in the swing of things tomorrow.

    DLR - Take care with the injury. Hope what ever the problem is it's better soon.

  • I ran the 'sweeper' role for the last 13 miles of the North Downs Way 100 miler this morning.   Stunning scenery.  Just stunning.  The sun was shining, no cars, no noise, just miles and miles and miles of trails and countryside.  It was a brutally tough route for a 100 miler and those who finished really earned their medal.   I caught up with a guy aged 61 and he was struggling.  I managed to keep him moving until 95 miles but he was so exhausted that he needed to stop and I called the rescue car to pick him up.

    This has been one of those rare weekends when I remind myself why I do this.  Its all because everyone is so friendly and so supportive.   This thread is a good example of that.   Its great to share an interest with such lovely people.  




  • oh..  I haven't ignored other messages here...  will catch up tomorrow...


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    DV that sounds amazing - and looks amazing!  I can't actually conceive of running 100 miles to be honest.  15 miles yesterday then a weekend of gardening and running around has me shattered!

  • DV - Looks amazing. I would love to run 100miles. someday..........

    DLR - Take it easy, I hope the injury heals quicker than you expect. shame about Amsterdam. image

    Eggy - I hope your feeling better.

    TD - Good luck with the surgeon.

    I was back at work today after my week of hols. Boring. ah well only 9.5 weeks until my next hols.........image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    ultra runners always amaze me, by body simply could not do it.

    Bad luck DLR. I think you should concentrate on recovery rather than Amsterdam. By all means keep training gently but I think you have to give up on the Amsterdam dream and just go for a nice holiday w/end.

    My parkrun was Whitley Bay not Newcastle- it's a new one, only been going about 10 weeks. A plodding 15 miler for me this morning. One of my pals in the group is 63 and still going strong after a super running career- seeing guys like that helps you to think of the long term and see beyond current form or injuries.  

  • DLR - that' a real shame but I'm sure you'll bounce back even stronger.

    Hopefully we can still meet up in Amsterdam. You could be our 'domestique' - carry our water bottles, feed us, shout encouragement/abuse as appropriate?

    DV - 100 miles? In one go? Bl**dy hell!
  • As promised, some pics from this morning.

    Some flying Kenyans, with Sauron's Tower in the background.




  • Our first British finisher, Lee Merrian in 2:13


     And a flying Canadian



  • Your Olympic correspondent, signing off. At least until the Paralympics start. And I believe RS is still out there somewhere, terrorising central London.




  • Saurons tower imageimageimage  Is that an original nickname RR?

  • Thanks for all the kind words guys.

    Simon - if the half isn't a possibility for Amsterdam I'll be more than happy to undertake domestique duties...or benevole duties.

    TD - Coming back stronger after a fallow period is exactly how Im viewing it.  Been to the gym and got a weights routine sorted this arvo as well as doing a tough hour on the ex bike.  Might do some training on my swimming and properly get used to clipless shoes on the bike too.

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Terrific 16 miler ths morning - finally temperatures that make it enjoyable. Even though LSR's are nice and easy pace, it was still somewhat sobering to realis tat as I passed through 13 miles, the guys in London were winning with that same time.

    Great marathon to watch. USA???
  • DLR - afraid not. At the light show at the opening of the Shard there was a guy on London Bridge with a home-made placard on a stick the said 'All Hail Sauron'. I thought it was priceless at the time.

    Sorry Dannirr - the shots I took were just a matter of luck (hence the random Canadian) and I didn't catch any if your boys image We were shouting 'USA', if that helps?
  • I was thinking of Sauron's eye this morning.  Largely because of the curry I had last night.

  • OO - I did Whitley Bay parkrun a few weeks ago. (I thought sub-23 was good!)

    A lovely run beside the seaside. Beats Newcastle parkrun at the moment (mainly because the Moor is such a mess post-Hoppings). Nice one.


  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    DV:  in honor of your mini:

  • Frankly, that closing ceremony was fun.

    Pity it's all over. But the memories!!
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Well, Boris Dad Dancing to the Spice Girls has made my night.  Nos Da all and sundry...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I really enjoyed the ceremony. Clever idea to have all the artists driving round the British flag- whoever though of that? Not sure how many artists were performing live though.

    Ian you'll have to let me know when you are doing Whitley Bay next- would be nice to say hello. It's a spectacular backdrop for a race (on a good day) but not a quick course.

  • OO - absolutely. I suspect it'll be 1st Sept but will let you know closer to the time!

  • Morning! I survived camping. We managed to get the only weekend of summer that there's been thank goodness. The weather was glorious, the midges were few as a result and the running should have been good. I did try - 5m on Saturday and 8 on Sunday but I'd been intending on doing 13/14. My legs just weren't having it though. Tight hamstrings which is extremely unusual for me. However I paddled and cycled and ate and drank and ate some more. Lovely.

    DLR I'm sorry to hear about your achilles, with that positive attitude though you'll go the right way to heing quickly. It's a shame about the dam though.

    Eggy hope your stomach issue was a one off. Sometimes all you need is a hint of a bug to wreck a long run.

    And well done to OO. First?!!! That is awesome!

    PS I'm loving the sound of your race off DV and danirr. Man v car! And a lovely car at that.
  • PS if you google sauron and the shard you'll get a brilliant image of the eye of sauron. I always thought Renzo Piano was a lovely man but it looks so meant to be that I fear he must have a new master!
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