oh bugger, another fat newbie.....



  • not for a very long time and only for fun. like I said previously somewhere in the forum. I once swam a mile for charity, but that was a lifetime ago. I've not swum? lengths for 15yrs or so until a month or so ago...when I did 2 lots of 50m


  • so,

    I need to get tumble turning and bilateral breathing sorted with a relaxed rythm/pace to make that 400m work for me.  7 weeks to go to my first event. Im not nervous. I just have to pee a lot. 

    silly question.  when racking the bike (* as I have only 6 months to go to get this right ) where do you leave all your bike nutrition etc ? Indeed, what stays with the bike in the transition area and what goes where ? 

    silly question 2. when attending a race without support ( family etc ) where would you leve essentials like car keys, wallet, mobile, money as you swim/bike/run around the countryside ?

    now, tomight a brick session and I missed my long run so I'm thinking making the brick 30z2Bike QC 60z2Run rathern than 15z2Run as per the plan ?

    wasnt impressed with going long - a little too fuzzy and more of a vehicle for joe friels protege coach ( its his book, not friels ). not that a book matters anyhow.  perhaps I need more decisive direction.

    swim smooth book seemed very fluffy - must be about 30 pages of real content begging for video material - which of course is what it is ( a pitch vehicle for dvd's and plastic training guides and coaching workshops etc - even if poorly executed )

    wife is almost on board with the whole long distance tri thing. ( im not sure she really understands how far 140.6 miles is, bless her )

    and work is providing a coach for me about me. might just abuse that oppourtunity to work on the mental side.image

    my blog is almost ready to roll....integrated comments with facebook, and needs some phots, video's and oh. content worth an audience.  rather cleverly, its pre existing domain, with a twitter account at 8000 followers and utube and facebook. ( marketing geek, guilty as charged - I am considering abusing my access to a big brand facebook page 500,000 followers - to drive traffic to the blog/twitter - nothing works like a big blast of free publicity.  OOOOhhh and the domain name is partially the same as the tri club sponsor! Ill just have to rebrand myself here to match image

    Found my copy of training lactate pulsrate by Janssen. a hugely geek analysis fest. still dont understand any of it, except you can only work so hard, and just beneath so hard is great and just over is dire.

    lastly, how to make best use of my swiming without a coach? got my CSS of 2.23 for 100m which will improve with tumble turns, bilateral, rythm, technique and conditioning. image  So thinking hard about a beep trainer thing or going all in for garmin so I can upload the splits ad all that nonsense - 


  • Not sure about tumble turns, a lot of pool based races don't allow them

    Usually set the bike up before the start, so bottles on the bike, and depending on distance gels etc in a bento box on the top tube

    Most people use a small box in transition so trackie top etc gets left in that with my car keys in the zipped up pocket

    Wallet and mobile locked in he car

    Transition is usually well marshalled so things are generally pretty safe in there
  • forget tumble turns unless you plan to spend an awful lot of time in the pool - I can do them (with varying success) but usually don't bother and just focus on what I'm doing between the walls.  likewise, bilateral breathing - it ain't a dealbreaker if you stick with unilateral (some fella called Phelps swims breathing unilaterally and I believe he's not too shabby?? image ).  they key is to be sure you can breath effficiently whichever method.  bilateral can be useful in sea swims where the waves may be coming from one direction but you can still cope - I haven't drowned yet!


  • phelps is a freak. size 19 feet. hes a blasted amphibian. so, he can swim but he cant ride a bike worth a damn image

    just technique and rythm and endurance then.



  • Yep but a bit of dare I say it training as well.

  • Training ? Wash your mouth out young Cake
  • image Sorry know it was bad . image

  • the only cure for training, is racing. or is that the only point ?

    school parents evening now, then a brick with a long run on the end before dinner and bed


  • Ah parents evening. I used to love those.... I always wondered who the child they were talking about was, cos it never sounded like my brat
  • having a bit of a bugger with luck.

    missed my long run session. family tensions caused by my lack of attention

    missed my shorter run wouldhave been long. boiler died twice. managed a mile before bedlam took hold

    aiming for my brick tonight

  • thats better. 30 turbo, 35 run - covered 5k in record time. even if the iphone app is poney for distance on the treadmill.

    its a lark init. exercise n stuff. eh ?

    wheres the midday sun when your mad dog wants to go out?

  • Mid day sun ? Dunno I'm oop norf
  • There is never sun up here mate we live on greg's to survive.

    Family can be a issue when your training. It's not that they don't care it's just sometimes they don't understand. If your having problems I would talk it through or it might happen again. Folks like us can only do what we do with the support of famliy I don't mean that in a sence of we have to do it with us just they need to understand it takes up time and understand we still love them.

  • Agreed mate (well apart from the bit about Greggs, never been in one). Suzie has said she doesn't mind me doing Half or Full IM's, so long as she doesn't have to watch !
  • Dave, are you coming out of retirement?image

    Please keep you bad luck to yourself Sgt Lard. I am just starting to do a bit again and dont want any setbacks. Feel very lardy so no Gregg's for me. (I don't do Gregg's anyway, I could get on a soap box about supporting independent bakers........)

  • ahhh.....a nice little run tonight. I might even try once around the block(ish) jsut for larks - hoping it rains so I can get used to an english summerimage

    outlaw half opens on tuesday, apprantly.  Ill be watching.

    also querried the waitlist progress to see if theirs any action building.  ( i know it only just sold out, but you get nothing if you dont ask ).

    confession. missed a bike effort last night. so will have to make a special effort tomorrow.

    retirements for dead people. or as near death as I want to be.

  • Retirement is for those who don't want to pi$$ the wife off anymore than they have too
  • Flowers and chocolate. Flowers and chocolate
  • Always a good move mate
  • It's gone quiet in here. Either he's been sacked or he's in the sack.

    Sgt Lard, might I make a recommendation? Buy a copy of Andy Holgate's book. Can't swim, can't ride, can't run. He's also called Iron Holgs, and is a Pirate. I am trying very hard not to read it before I go on holiday, but it keeps jumping into my hand.

  • Holgs book shouldbe required pirate reading. image i may have read it 4 times now and I've only had it 4 months!

  • And book 2 will be out in the new year, more inspiration for all ditherers
  • Been busy doing stuff...garden, builders rubble removal, electrical wiring, home decorating. 

    Brownie points restored!

    long run delivered tonight, missed a bike session ( Tomorrow is another day! ). crackin!

    OH, yes Ive read Holgs book. I thought I said very early on in the thread....

    My son wanted to get me a book and didnt want to buy Lance as 'he's been on the news for being a cheat, dad' and he picked Holgs tomb. This was late august. read it, signed up here and their, spend some money. dug lots of 'stuff' out of the garage from when I was young and still waiting to meet a woman foolish enough to become a wife. ( mine at any rate )

    Now, 8 weeks later Im swimming up to a mile ( in chunks ), Im running 1hr+ and 37min 5k's. Bike work isnt progressing as it should - something I must fix my christmas. Got my first event ( aquathon ) on the 18th nov.  Ill be entering outlaw half this week and im on the wait list for outlaw full. and as soon as I can get into a wetsuit/tri suit without splitting it in three, ill own those two !

    Ive lost 6lbs officially, but i feel like its more.

    Time to re-read Holgs.  ( Be nice if the famous author stopped by the thread and provided some wisdom from cumbria ! )


    image  Thanks everyone for your support to date.



  • OK. .how does one obtain the pirate flag next to the user id ?

    Will I be able to order pirate one-piece in the spring ( when it might fit ?)

    wifes worried im over doing it. buggeration. i was close to 22stone. I was already overdone ! Time to shred back to a normal shaped human instead of the couch Ive become.  

  • well, felt a little rough after yesterdays exertions, so a quick 20 min spin on the turbo at z1 to flush out the gremlins.

    45 min run z2 tomorrow night. Hoping to get a swim in the morning......


    4*400 with 30secs

    200 wd

    18m pool so more maths to do to work it out....

    hows everyone doing ?

  • SgtL.
    Personally, and not having met you, I would also be worried. My worry, which may be unfounded, is that it could be a flash in the pan. However, you do come to the party with a motivation. This is good news, and having set a silly goal, like Outlaw, you are likely to be sufficiently motivated to achieve it.
    An unsustainable goal would be "do some exercise to lose some weight". Why? Because there's no final target, no time frame, and no way that it can be broken down into a definitive programme.

    Now then, back on board the Pirate Ship. Those hour length runs have got to be doing good, and it sounds like it. General cardiovascular exercise. If you turn red in the face and wheezy, you're on the edge of doing too much. You know when you have actually done too much if you get a lift home in a vehicle with blue lights.

    By the way, I'm beginning to appreciate your commitment now that the improvement can be measured. Well done. Oh, I hope that you're not one of those soft centred and sensitive people that can't take a ribbing. I've never been accused of being subtle.

  • x-post

    Monday appears to have been a day off for me. A couple of whinjury niggles have appeared that annoy me. It's just soft tissue, so will be fine in a few days time.

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