IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • Sorry to hear about the back Joddly, I hope it recovers soon.

    Welcome Timmy.

    65 miles for me today. I rode from home to the IM course and did a loop. The wind was bad going up Sheephouse and there was snow on the grass verges. To be hoped that it clears up for August!!!

    Training is going well since the 7th Jan I've done - 

    24.50 hrs Swimming, 55 hrs Bike & 30 hrs running.    

    Week 10 starts this week, already a third of the way there. 

    Keep the faith everyone. 


  • Morning all and welcome Timmy,

    Sorry to hear about your back Joddy, this weather isnt helping, More of the white stuff around this morning, but its not causing any problems.

    We just need some warmer weather, we should have a pact that if any of us win the lottery we all go away for some warm weather training, agreed?

    OK for me this weekend, 70 miles on the bike on Saturdat, 4hrs 11min, climbing 4754ft, av cadence 88, avg speed 16.8mph. Straight into a 4 mile recovery run then into the ice bin, although I think it was warming in there then on my bikeimage

    Sunday was a 9 mile run on tired legs then again the ice bath, but didnt have time for a long hot soak after just a qucik shower so I took ages to warm up

    Well doen Stephen on your bike, can we all follow you on race day so as we know where we are going.

    Good biking as well TT, the miles are going in the right direction

  • Anyone planning a recce to the Bolton circuit once things thaw out? 

    It's a least 3hrs drive each way for me from sunny Bedfordshire, so I'll have to plan it in advance.  I'll probably be looking at May/June time.

  • Bones, well done mate with the cycling. The way you are going you will probably on for a 6hr bike. 

    Timmy - Just let me know when you intend to come up and we could plan a lap or two.

    Re course reccies have a look at the tritalk forum there is a dedicated IM reccy thread on there.  

  • Great training bones, and the warm weather training sounds good.....lanzarote maybe!?!

    Everyone sounds like doing well.

    Had a nice rest day just a nice hubbie wifey swim/ jacuzzi while kids were at girls brigade, just the job!


    Sheephouse at the weekend.  

  • I'm off for my swim now. Happy training all.

  • Some great training going on by the sounds of things image

    I took part in the Bolton Hill marathon on Sunday it was vary cold and windy making it even tougher but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was passed by a cyclist on the flat bit at the top of Rivington Lane at about 11am give or take 20 Min's just as a gritter pulled into the lay-by. Was it you Stephen?

  • W2r - no mate it wasn't me. I was out early doors and back in the house just before 11am. The group I go out with meet at 07.30am, so its always an early start.

    Are you up for a couple of laps at some point?      

  • So that's sheephouse(nice pic kav), my first encounter will be in August, hopefully snow be cleared by then but weather in this never know!

    Be great to meet everyone and be getting to know the course but I'm just a bit far away down here in torbay...missing all the fun!

    Got a nice 5 mile run dodging incoming waves along seafront tonight (much fun!) an a really god mile swim.

    10k Race this saturday, looking forward to that....just need SPRInG!
  • Yes Stephen I'm up for that and would be good to meet up. I try to get out most Sundays so just give me a shout.

    The beach sounds like a great place to train TT

  • Morning All


    Thanks for the pic Stephen, that looks a bit cold up there, hopefully ,most of the snow should be gone by August!image.

    Bike to the pool, 60 lengths then back on for a furious cycle into town, loads of Police around the bus lanes today nicking all the cars who think they are double deckers!

    The sun is out and it feels so much warmer, well its 2 degrees so it is warmer!!

  • Ok, with base training nearly at an end....would anyone care to take a stab at there estimated finish times that no doubt we are all running through our heads! We could have a guess now, a guess after build phase then maybe a few more guesses nearer the time.

    I'll kick things off.....

    Swim 1:50

    Bike 8:20

    Run 4:40

    Total time 14:50 plus transitions, cups of tea etc, ill go with final time 15:30!

    Whilst on, anyone know if the garmin 910 has a duathlon setting?....or shall I just leave it in one mode an let it carry on??
  • TT - I am going to train to try to achieve the following -

    Swim - 1:30 ( Subject to how I adapt to open water)

    Bile - 6:30

    Run - 4:00

    With transitions and contingencies, total time  = 12:30 hrs.  

    I'm going to chose a wetsuite this afternoon. The Endurance Store have some big reductions if you buy pre order before April.

    At the end of week 10 I will have done an average of 12hrs 20mins per week. All is going well, but I do need to start building more rest days into the schedule.

    Have a good weekend everyone. 85 mile bike planned for Sunday.

  • Good going kav, and good targets.

    Bike is still my biggest headache, I just can't get my head around enjoying it ( mainly the turbo!), hopefully some better weather will help my outlook. It would be nice to do a ride and have some feeling in my toes by the time I finish! ( this has never occurred for me.....yet!).

    Be interesting to estimate times in another 10 weeks after .....BUILD phase!

    Felt rubbish yesterday so no turbo, felt rubbish this morning ( some bloomin bug going around), but got myself out at 6.30 am for a flat 30 mile ride at ave 15 mph so that was good for me...happy!

    Then I had a 10 k race this afternoon, still felt rubbish but enjoyed it until a big puddle (it was mostly off road), where I love running straight through but twisted ankle and went flying face...knee...arms all straight in! 2 blokes taking pictures didn't ask if I was ok, just said " yep got that!".... Oh well, walked off ankle for half minute then had a strong finish! All good fun, must get final time!

    Hope everyone's having good weekend, ....come on better weather!!!
  • Freezing cold and wet today in my neck of the woods. Did the IM loop again as part of my ride and SHL including the road was covered in snow. My feet were like blocks of ice.

    On a positive note, it was a good ride out with over 4hrs in the saddle, so happy days.

    Don't wish to put a negative slant on proceedings, but the bad weather is set to continue through this week and into next. It's not making the bike training any easier.  

    Anyway here we go with week 11.  

  • Southport and back today 59 miles, luckily only about 5 of them was wet.

  • Woody -  I ride with a group from the Wigan Triathletes. The Sunday ride was changed on the morning due to the bad weather over Clitheroe / Longridge, the planned ride. We ended up doing the IM loop with a with another 40 miles added. Therefore I wasn't able to let you know about the route change in advance.

    Sounds like you got a decent 60 miler banked. 

  • No worries Stephen I didn't get out until late on Sunday chances are I wouldn't have made it in time.

  • Lovely weather again!

    Duathlon this weekend...WAS looking forward to it, bugger off rain!!


  • Enjoy TT. Wrap up warm, throw a jacket on in T1; slow down and enjoy it. I saw enough foil blankets and hypothermic people at last weekend's du to last a lifetime!


  • EYUP people....sounds like training is all going really well for you...wish this snow would feck off.

    Big changes for me and Ironman has to take a back seat this year so i'm out of Wales.

    short story is the company i worked for went tits up with the loss of over 1000 jobs...mine included....been doing a bit of contracting to keep the wolf from the door but i've landed a brilliant job as the technical manager for EMEA area (for an irish company doing optical networking equipment)....its a bit of a dream come true and i've truly fallen in the river and come out with a pocket full of fish....but sadly...the travelling will mean i wont be able to train for IMW the way i wanted i've pulled my entry and will be giving the money i get back to charity to do the 3 peaks challenge!!! so its not all bad!!

    i'll still keep an eye on this thread and those of you who have been in touch personally please continue to ask if you have any questions.

    MrsB at the moment is still planning on racing IMUK so we'll still be out on the course for rides if anybody wants to join us

  • Hey Andy..blimey nightmare but like you say looks like come out with the fishes so sounds like good news, must have been a tough in between time though.

    Sorry to hear your pulling out of Wales IM.

    Enjoyed reading your blogs on your previous IMUK's v helpful and advice along the way.

    Good luck with the new job and although we haven't got snow down here, we just have heavy wet/windy stuff I concur and wish it would FECK orffff!

    May still have a few questions along the way??....?? and good luck to mrsB!
  • All the best Andy.

  • Duathlon today......LOVED IT!

    More on this the morrow!!
  • Afternoon

    Sorry about my lack or posts.

    Another terrible weekedn of weather, ahd my bike and my stomach!! all ready for a long one on Saturday and when I woke up everything was whote outside again and it just didnt stop!!.

    I ended up doing a 2 1/2 hour turbo session at differnt heart rates and litterally fell of the dam thing as my legs were about to explode.

    Sunday was a 10 mile run, it had stopped snowing but was still as cold, when will it end!!. Me and a mate am hoping for a big training weekend this Easter, but we shall see.

    RIght time I left my desk at work, late again!!!!

    Hope you are all well and Congrats Andy on your new role, money pays the mortgage, always other races o do

  • Some great miles and times in there Bones, good going.  Not sure i can get 2 and half on my nemesis 'the turbo' yet, how do you do it???

    Duathlon was great sunday, really enjoyed it, loved the change in discipline as you think....ok maybe i can get some time on the bike or the next run!  Could quite get into this multi-discipline lark....even enjoyed the bike....and overtook people, WOWSERS!

    run/swim tonight,

    WEEK 12 People!!!!!


  • ok big news you must read!!!!!

    Woke up this morning and cycled into town as usual and did a 6 mile run from the gym. Ran along The Embankment then up and over Tower Bridge. All the way along, both there and back there was this strange yellow thing in the sky. I believe it was called THE SUN!!!!!!. it was weird seeing shadows and even feeling a tiny bit of warmth, although that could have been the 3 layers I still had on to protect myself from the biting wind.

    Have looked out the window and its still there, not for much longer though, but if that was summer I will be a happy boy!!


  • TrAining takng its toll bones...think you now seeing things!

    What colour was it again? I remember it as some orage green sqquare shape? Can you send it down to torbay please!
  • no way as its back again today in all its glory and I believe its going to stay for tomorrow as well. I hope so as planning a big training day. It is the talking point for so many people. A bit of sunshine and everyine cheers up and its Friday today (i know I know, but it is if you know what I mean)imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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