IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • TT - The wetsuit trial is reassuring, I haven't bought one yet and never tried one, I am going to get one in March in preparation for the OW swim sessions.

    I've had a good week. Funnily enough, I have covered the IM distance in each of the three disciplines, more by luck than design. I have done slightly more than the 2.4 mile swim though, I have only done two swims this week.   

    Off we go again tomorrow.


  • Monring All

    Well done on the wetsuit trainign TT, they really help dont they, good turbo as well, hour and a half is some distance not going anywhere!

    Deceided to up the mileage again on the bile to check the knee out on Saturday and the short version of it all is:

    Meet mates 6 miles away at 8.30am

    Got puncture after 2 miles, rang them to say go without me and I will catch up somehow. Decided to cycle home to get more pressure in back wheel

    Pumped tyre up at home and got 2nd puncture less then a mile after strarting off again.

    Walked bike home.

    Took tyre off, checked it even washed it!, found nothing

    Set out for 3rd time, got puncture after about 7 miles, rang wife to pick me up..

    Checked tyre and found a tiny tiny shard of glass, set out for a 4th time!!!!

    did a good 60 miler (70.34 oif you include my previous first efforts).

    Had all weather, sun, rain, sleet, wind, but was happy. Did not run after bike as it was gone 3pm by the time I got home

    Now have a plastic dustbin where I can stand in the ice my legs, looked a bit daft standing in it as it was snowing in shorts etrc. Kids thought I had lost the plot.

    Ran out of time yesterday so no training and had over 2 inches of snow again overnight no back on the train this morning. Swim tonight.

    Well done Stephen on the distances, were they single swim run and bikes?

  • Just to make you fell beter, I drove over sheep house lane last night after my coached swim session, it looks lovely under 4 inches of snow!

    Roll on March when I start hiting it in earnest and doing hill climb intervals on it!

  • Bones....that was quite some bad luck! Hopefully you've got rid of it all in one go!  Well done on carrying on and cracking out the 60, i didn't even manage to get out sunday morning cos of a bit of rain!!

    ...and dustbin of ice water is the real deal, good stuff for the knee, may have to think about something like that when i get up to those distances (ice packs for now!)

    Hey Chris, what exactly is this Sheep hill like?   Shoud i be afraid, should i be very afraid!!??

  • TT, 

    Sheep house lane isn't to bad, it is about 1.6 miles in length and climbs from about 423ft to 1076ft in this mile and half section, but there is a 200 metre level bit in the middle!

    That is a linkto the IM course starting at babylon Lane (COLT alley), in essesnce you are climbing from Eccleston all the way to Sheep House lane, so from mile 22 onwards is continuous climbing.

    I like local so if you ever want a slow guided trip around the course let me know


  • Cheers for the offer chris, but far away down in paignton otherwise I would jump at trying the course. Good bit of info on the garmin link, helps get an idea of what to expect, now I need an identical hill around here to train on ( fortunately its all bloomin hills around here!)

    Listening to my body and having a proper rest day today, needs to recharge the duracells!

    Nice win for the reds tonight would just top it off nicely!
  • TT,

    You had to go and say it, jinxed us, sodding hell LFC what are you doing!!

    I will send you a load of info about the route and let me know when you are geting up here for the IM and I will drive you around the course and point out the dangerous bits!


  • Chris - Are you doing IMUK this year? If so then I would be happy to meet up with you and train on the course. I have done the loop but need to start doing more on the course, 2 loops perhaps at a hard pace and intervals would be good also. Anyway let me know.

    Bones - That was good determined effort following so many punctures and mishaps. The mileage was combined over the week.   


  • Sorry Chris, my fault definately jinxed it! 

    3k Sprint race tonight, last one of a series, going for under 12mins! DETERMINED !! (but may be out of my physical capabilites!)

  • No its Not TT, you can do it, Think about your times, run fast for the 1st K but not too fast, pick it up a bit on the 2nd and try to keep that until half way through your 3rd then up it again in the final 750m.

    Of course it easy to say that at your desk!!!


    Good Luck mate

  • Cheers bones......cracked it 11.53 ...get in...chuffed!!

    ( had a bit of a rubbish swim afterwards, can't have everything!)
  • well done mate, knew you could do it. Dont worry about the swim you beat the 12 min 3k.

    Now what have I been upto, commuting every day on my bike as ever, Monday night 6 mile run then into the ice bin!, nothning last night as was making pancakes with the kids.

    This morning I did 80 lengths in the pool but I did not kick off from the deep end just turned around making it a 50m lap then a 25 as I kicked off from the shallow end. Also worked on breathing every 3, 5 and 7 strokes. Will run tonight.

    Have a great day everyone

  • Can't believe missed pancakes!

    The question now is valentines night or club 6 miler .....or somehow a clever concoction of both?!
  • Morning all, the weekend is almost upon us, time for some serious training!. DId a 6 miler along the Embankment in town yesterday morning striaght from my bike, not bad at 46.09, but when I downloaded it last night my average speed was showing as 628mph!!. I wish.

    Just the cycle commute today, gym this morning then its looks to be a nice day tomorrow so going to up the bike mileage and back onto a run straight off it.


    Happy training everyone

  • Bones, got to admire your persistence after those punctures!  Great training,all.  

  • Well if it happened on race day you just cant give up, maybe solid tyres is the way to go forwardimage

  • Hi all.

    Can anyone advise on which bike to use for this race, please?

    I have a new TT and a road bike to which I can apply tribars.

  • Hi KT,

    I have a specialised allez roadbike bought off my mate and that is what i'm using...i'm afraid i am a newbie and this years bolton will be my first (and probably only!) IM.  Cant really advise properly, bike is deffo my weakest and most worrying discipline.  I have fit tri bars to it recently just to see and quite like them but time will tell.  I guess its what you are happiest with.

    In other news i had a run and swim this morning and wish i'd stayed in bed!  One of those mornings that just didn't feel good and stopped the swim after 30 lengths as just couldn't muster enthusiasm.

    Thankfully just finished a good lesson with swim coach and that went v well so feeling better about todays training now.

    Reaaly need to knuckle down on the bike and get some decent miles/hours in...however youngest 6th birthday and we're off to CREALLY tomorrow and lots of rollercoastering fun so knucling down next week!


  • Ktpie - Sorry mate, can't advise you on that one, have look on the tritalk forum. It would appear that quite a few of those that post on there have done IMUK previously and would be in a better position to perhaps offer you the benefit of their wisdom. I am going to use a standard road bike with tri bars.

    Sorry to hear you had a bad session at the pool TT, sounds like you have put it behind you, well done.

    Together with club members, I did 68 miles today in 3hrs 57mins, ave pace 17mph. I have done around 9hrs cycling this week, a total of 160 miles. I have been putting the time and effort in on the bike and it's starting to show. I have had to sacrifice some run time to fit it in, but I am still happy with my running.  

    Week 7 starts tomorrow, nearly a third of the way through the plan, frightening!!! 


  • Evening all, all doing well I see, some struggling some not, but we are all moving in the right direction... the finish line.

    Saturday a mate and myself headed off into the Kent and Surrey hills. 80.2 miles of cycling. My garmin packed up so am waiting for climbing stats but know it was 4630ft for the first 55 miles. timing was 5hr 42mins so no records on speed but it was all about the climbing. I need to find out where I can get a new battery for my 305!!

    I did my usual ice dip and rolling afterwards then this morning plodded out a 8 mile run in 1hr 2 mins ave 7.52 miling. My legs felt rather fresh for a change, should have swam tonight, but had a late dinner. Will catch a sesion either tomorrow morning or evening.

    Just calculated my weekly bike mileage Stephen and it came out at 197.7 miles!, Half of that commuting, but that is like one big turbo class, quick off the mark then slow then repeat about 30 times a ride!!!. No wonder I cant stop eating. Have any of you found your eating more and more at the moment? 

    Ktpie my advise on the bike would be to look up a local "bikefit" company or shop. Someone who deals with people like us on a daily basis, They can ask if you have any issues with your back, legs etc. Look at how you are seated on the bike and make adjustments for your comfort. Our advise may not work for you. I have a purpose built road bike, but I still get back twinges after about a couple of hours and have to stretch out as I ride, but I think that accounts for most of us. Its about comfort. Its not all about the bike, you could have the lightest meanest machine going, but if you havent got the engine to make them pedals turn (your legs) youve had it.

    Sorry I can be of no further help

  • Thanks everyone image
  • Looking at your miles SKav and Bones, I REALLY need to up the miles! (Do you guys have a good rest after the long rides?)

    I had a crap training weekend, which is now put behind me, rest day yesterday and back sprinting and swimming tonight....and felt much better again!

    So with my Clawhammer cycle race/sportive thingamebob coming up in April I am going to jump my cycle training up a notch further than fink says (I feel quite rebellious to even think about veering off fink!). Well that's the plan anyway, gonna go for it and see what happens.

    Anyway started thinking about race nutrition yet?

    And..... hopefully without jinxing them, we could really do with a Reds win Thursday night!
  • Morning all,

    Spin class last night for an hour then 14 mile cool down cycling home (im sure I have got something wrong here!)

    80 lengths in the pool this morning and am now eating everything in sight.

    TT, After a long bike and all the stretching icing etc Ie uther run straight away then rest the legs on the Sunday or if running on the Sunday treat the Monday commute as a recovery ride, no racing just plod along to ease the legs back in again.

    I sent my garmin back to them on Monday and for £50 as I registered it 4 years ago I get a new one (we shall see!!!)

    I tend to eat drink the same on the bike which see me through my rides ok, but will need to ensure I cram as much as I can in without any adverse effects. Tend to have drink, energy bars, salt roll and gels.

    We all get good and bad training weekends TT, as you said out it behind you and focus on the next session.

  • Do any of you get many emails from the Ironman group. I entered and got my email confirmation last September, but have heard very little since. Im not expected loads, but just the odd one here and there. I have tried to find a list of the "runners and riders" just so as I can see my name, but to no avail. Im sure all is well as they have my money, but was just thinking if we were all the same.


    Quick Update, Just rung them and they said im in and have to do itimageimage


  • Yeh, hadn't really thought about it. I paid the money and I think I got a receipt somewhere but there's no entrants lis that I can see. I'm gonna have to presume I gotta do it as well!

    Sounds good service fom garmin to replace, what type have you got? I used to get trouble with my 405 and had to update software as battery kept draining. I have the 910 tri thing now so must get my 405 on eBay!

    I am trying to suss out high 5's 2-1 and 4-1 drink mixes, seem good. I've always used lucozade gels for running but hard o get hold of now. Wiggle have just had 2 for 1 on high5 gels which aren't too bad. A friend of mine said he took babybels with him for the race to have something savoury.....sounds tempting!
  • morning all

    Hoping for a good training weekend, but we have had a few flakes of snow this morning. As long as it holds off I shall be out there with my 72 layers on!!. Hope you all have a great training weekend

  • I was going for a 40miler tomorrow morning but not sure i can wear enough layers to do it! It is chuffing bitingly freeeeeezing.

    Hats off if you go for it bones!
  • I havent gone yet and if I were you I would leave your hat on!!image

  • Hi everyone things are a bit quiet on this forum, I hope it's because you all is well and out training.  

    Had another great day out on the bike yesterday, 70 miles, 5400 ft of climbing in 4hrs 10mins. I was with a group of riders of a excellent standard and managed to hang on for 62 of the 70 miles before getting dropped on the last climb. Four riders turned off following the climb down from Sheephouse (25 miles) and one more rider dropped off at around 60 miles.

    There is absolutely no way I would have covered that course in 4hrs 10mins by myself, I hasten to add. Apart from a few miles on the front at the start, I spent the remainder of the time mid pack or desperately trying to hang on at the back. To be fair at times the group cut me some slack and eased off the pace allowing me to catch up and re group. 

    It was a really hard challenging morning out, but extremely rewarding.  My riding is definitely improving by cycling with riders of a better standard. There are no quick and easy ways to improve the only way is to get out there brave the elements and suffer!!!   

    Swim for me today. Give my little legs a rest. 

    Have a good week.


  • Morning all

    80 miles on Saturday oin the bike, but was interupted several times by bouts of heavy snow!!. the worst of it was up in the South Downs so I couldnt do ,much about it, other than grin and bare it. Climbed 6970ft, 5 hours 43min. It was very very cold and the heavy snow I had that covered the roads going out had gone on my return and I got sunshine instead!. very strange. FInished with a 5 mile run off the bike after thawing out my feet with a hairdryer!

    8 mile run yesterday morning in 1hr 2 mins,

    Rest day today, even came into town on the train. I just wish it would warm up a bit.

    Well done Stephen on your ride, great timings, There was a big bike event yesterday so my usual training lot were in it. I did not get a place so cycled alone on Saturday, which was good for the mind, or not!!

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