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  • Just as a heads up, the IM route is about 80% free from Snow, Babylon Lance is single lane at the top with cars still buried in the snow, Sheep House lane is closed, the feed station at Rivington is under 4-5ft of the white stuff and single lane, lots of ice and melting snow, hopefully no-one is planning to come to Bolton for a recce soon as I think with teh cold weather and the amount of snow that the route will be un passable in places for a week or two at least

  • Cheers Chris ......not actually been on the route, thanks for the heads up.


    Pike race  at 3pm so I'd better get some shut eye.

  • morning all, wuick update

    Friday  90 mile bike climbing 8452ft, 5hr 42min, bit we did some hills!!, had all weathers but it was great, did a 4mile run off that with my wife.

    Saturday morning swim with my wife, lots of members of the public in the pool thoughimage, he he. All doing some very weird things in the lanes and we ploughed up and down.

    Sunday 12 mile run 1hr 40min, very pleased


    Today, Nothing, nothing nothing!!!

    Have put my bike in to the chap who built it. Currently have a  rear 23, but having a 27 fitted so as I can spin faster up those hills!


    Keep eating the chocolate (as we canimage)

  • Well done Bones you are really putting the work in, it will pay off on the day.

    A brief summary of my training weekend thus far: 

    Friday - 40 mile bike ave pace 18.3 mph.

    Sat - 1hr bike followed by 1hr run (8 miles)

    Sun - 83 mile bike, 2000ft 4 hrs 58 mins.

    Today - 30 min spin @ 100rpm followed by 1 hr run easy.  

    Week 13 everyone, enjoy. 


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Great training you guys!

    Have you seen that the start lists are out?

  • Uh oh, i'm bloominn well on there.....bugger!!


    Seriously though thanks for heads up Jo, all that tiny bit more real!!!


  • Wow - that suddenly seems real...1623 entries in total.  This is going to be a monster swim start!!

    And my age group M40-44 has the most.

    M18-24 54
    M25-29 160
    M30-34 254
    M35-39 261
    M40-44 328
    M45-49 223
    M50-54 112
    M55-59 37
    M60-64 12
    M65-69 3
    M70-74 1
    F18-24 4
    F25-29 21
    F30-34 39
    F35-39 32
    F40-44 30
    F45-49 24
    F50-54 19
    F55-59 8
    F60-64 1
    Total 1623

  • O H B U G G E R, I'm on there, the swim start should be fun as Tim says. 122 days and counting image

  • 17 weeks on Sunday!! image

  • So if you're doing a 20 week plan, you're too late... image

  • im number 177!!, thats funny as I follow that bus most of the way home, a constant reminder!


    Plan what plan?, no one said anything about a plan, should i be worriedimage

  • Timmy g, we both in the official mid-life crisis category!,!

    Sports car or ironman......IRONMAN!!
  • I hear there are only 4 more days of winter left before it warms up. I suppose the raiin will start then!, ah well cant win them all.

    Tues night was club run fun!, 30 mins of hill sprints up the side of Greenwich Park

    Wed morn 15 x 100m sprints in the pool then a fast pedal into work

    Last night spin class, I was tired after and thought I would treat myself to taking my bike on the train home as it was gone 8pm. I had forgot my oyster card (you just dont do that in London) and left my wallet in work so had no money either. I was only a couple of miles from work but could nt be bothered going back so cycled home and glad I did as I flew home, must have been the spin class that lossened me up.

    Club 5k handicap tomorrow night, also need to plan what Im doing this weekend.


    Well done everyone keep adding those length and miles.

  • A Sports Car would be cheaper... image

  • Bones1 wrote (see)

    Plan what plan?, no one said anything about a plan, should i be worriedimage

    Sorry...forget I said anything... image

  • Yeah, the bike stuff definitely starts getting expensive!

    Swimming not too bad on the old wallet....trunks, goggles, oh and the ok a few quid then!

    Prob right sports car cheaper! Could have even gone for a nice vw camper....d..r..e..a..m..I..n..g (maybe next time!)

    Everyone training well, sounds like you doing great guns bones, good stuff.

    I have an Olympic tri end of may with swim in a lake, consensus of opinion is that this will be chuffing freeeeezing, if so what does everyone think (bearing in mind this will be my first proper tri!)? Will I need wetsuit boots and gloves as well? Is it worth me buying a tri suit?? Bit of expert advice needed if anyone could help??
  • Have you swum in OW before?  My advice if not would be to definitely get a swim in before the day if you can.  OW is a lot different to the pool, but I've grown to love it over the years.

    Other than that, just enjoy the experience.  Times don't matter, it's all about enjoying the experience.

  • Tyler hopefully the water may warm up a bit, I know of a couple of early session open water events that have already been cancelled as the water temp is still well below what it should be. I would try and find out in advance (like now) what the temp of the water is where you are swiimming and watch it week by week. If its too cold they will probably turn it into a duathlon and throw in a 5k run at the start for good measure. I have never worn boots or gloves, but 2 hats may be an idea as there is nothing worse then getting a cold head. Also try to ensure that you breathe on alternate sides as if you just keep it to one you may start to feel numb on the side that is in the water the longest. Its best not to worry about it to much, but use it as a good training session for finding out what all this is about.

    Remember your not out to impress yourself with an amazing time, think about technique and trying to ensure you finsih each of the events with enough energy for the next round. Even after the run you should feel as though you can carry on for a while longer. You will be out for over 4 times longer in August so by feeling happy with the way you dealt with each section now will help you in the big one

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    TT  - by the end of May things could be very different, and shallow lakes can get warmer pretty quickly. Amazing tip from Bones about breathing on alternate sides to delay facial numbness! Take heart from the fact that, as a runner, you'll probably swim significantly faster in a wetsuit than without.

    This should be my first week back to proper training after back trouble, which is quite a relief though it feels hard! Must admit to ducking out of a bike yesterday because it was just too cold, but I did get on the turbo instead.

    I'm currently wrestling with the idea of splashing out on a TT bike. My road bike with clip-on bars has done me proud so far, and is lovely to ride, so of course I don't want to hurt its feelings.  But then again, by most accounts Bolton is suitable for a TT bike, and a I will be doing my local TT series again this year.....

    Enjoy the (slightly) warmer weekend weather, while it's still dry!

  • Thanks Timmy, Bones and Jo.  Some great advice, tips and reassurance!  Not gonna race anyone when i do it for sure...just training/surviving!  Need to get warm swim hat any recommendations?

    No i haven't done an ow swim before but i do alternate breathing so that should help, i've also had a go in pool in wetsuit.  Just waiting for a tiny bit warmer to try and get in sea prior to event.

    Got my first cycle sportive next weekend, (a year of firsts coming up!), looking forward to it now, still bit nervous but gotta start upping the stakes i suppose!

    Jo....GO FOR IT...why not, just do it!!!

    Had a pretty good training weekend, so happy (nearly half way arent we?!?!?)


    By the way, not many of us on here, but i think this is a PRETTY good forum, really good bunch, rock on people!


  • Maybe too much with 'Rock-on people'??....'Train -on people, Train on (no rockin, just training!)'

  • Rode the IM bike course at the weekend, the bottom end of Sheep House lane is like an ice rink, single lane and sheet ice in big patches for a couple of hundred yards, great fun! On the plus side I got up the hill with a gear to spare image and to bring me down to earth I have my first tri this coming Sunday in Clitheroe with a steeper hill!

  • Morning All

    Had a great training weekend

    Saturday  100.3 miles on the bike, 6hr 11min avg speed 16.1mph so not fast. Just wanted to get the miles in. Then straight out for a 4 mile run off.

    11 mile run yesterday and a club swim sesh last night including 16 x 75m sprints with 15 sec restimage.

    easy commute in today,

    Where is your sportive Tyler?

    Chris I shall be looking at the course profile soon and try to find somewhere similar to ride it out

  • Recommended by joddly, I am doing the 'clawhammer' in the south hams of devon.

    Pretty hilly, will let you know how hilly after!

    Looking forward to it now! My anniversary weekend as well, 10 years! Taking all family on dry slopes in plymouth for the day, sno tubing, sledging, and ski lessons! So fingers crossed no broken bones!

    Great riding bones, I'm dreaming off 16 mph ave, good going!

    Good luck on the tri chris, hope goes well
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    It's hillier than a hilly thing, TT! Last year there was only one option of 82 miles, and our average speed was 13mph.....

    Impressive stuff, Bones image

  • Sounds hilly (glad i gone for 60mile option then!)!

    You doing it this year?



  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Sadly not doing it this year, but I did incorporate the route into my two longest training rides last year, and will be trying to fit that in again this time.


  • Still no swimming, not been out on the bike for 2 weeks but, I ran Blackpool marathon on sunday and the Rivi pike race the week before image

    Bones sounds like you are on course for winning it!

  • Ran the Sandy 10 mile on Sunday at a comfortable 4 hour marathon pace, which is Mo Farah compared to my normal running efforts.  I was quite fresh at the finish having run 20 mins faster than the same run last year.

    Shows this winter's coached traning has had a significant effect.  image

    Can't wait now till my first sprint triathlon of the year two weeks on Sunday, then the Bedford Middle Distance on 19th May. 

    And Box End Lake opens for OW swimming on 27th April, once they've broken the ice sheet up... image

  • Hey joddly, never mind, maybe next time!

    Woody, well done on Blackpool, did you get time you were after? What the course like?

    Timmy, yeah it nice o have some races coming up although the idea of ow swiming a the moment is still quite a freeeezing prospect!

    Had a great brick workout tonight...rubbish day at work so I took it on the bike....feeling better now!
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