IMUK 2013 Bonkers!



  • Hope you ok Bones, Roads getting busier with holidaymakers down here and it does raise the stakes a bit.

    Its quite a tricky one to sort nutrition out Timmy so i am with you on that one, a fine balance.

    Got my first century ride Saturday morning and a nice 18mile run yesterday so ticking along ok at mo.  Bit of ligament damage on my wrist, a sore big toe after the cycle for some reason?? and i need a root canal but otherwise ok!

    Tuesday morning and a bit tired so far.....image

  • Rest day for me today - going to see Evita at the theatre tonight!!

    Then swim tests tomorrow image 200m/400m/1500m time trials.

    Turbo on Thursday, Swim/Run on Friday, OW Swim on Saturday and the coach has me doing a 2-3 hour bike on Saturday, before the Outlaw Half bike on Sunday... image

    I guess, once I've pitched my tent on Saturday, I'm out riding the course, or at least part of it...

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Gosh, Bones, you must have given your brain quite a rattling the other day. I hope you've managed to rest up properly for a few days to recover. How's the calf responding to the new physio? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    TT - great weekend's training! Not surprising you're  a bit tired though, and probably starving too?

    Timmy - I hope Evita and your rest day weren't marred by thoughts of dreaded swim tests the next day. Are you doing the Outlaw half bike as a relay? I did that last year for the full course, and it's great being able to slope off into the feed tent after handing over to someone else to slog round the run!

    My training's going a bit slowly but steadily. Yesterday was my first 3.8k OW race of the year, and I came in my customary last place, but they kindly waited for me, and also drove over in a boat to give directions when I was bobbing about, lost (yes, it is a square lake....). 1.38 gives me plenty to work on, but on the positive side it's a huge relief simply to have completed the distance, in a pretty cold lake.

  • Yes just the bike in a relay team.  My coach is doing the run and his fiance is doing the swim.

    I'm looking forward to finishing the bike and hanging around supporting - there's normally no food left when I finish the Outlaw full image

    Great job for finishing the 3.8k - no shame at all about being at the back.  I just see it as getting value for money for my entry fee image


  • Hey all, greats going on the swim jo, I'm still not at the 3.8 distance so I would have been splashing around behind you me thinks!

    hope outlaw went well timmy, saw a few pics being posted on bookface and looked a great day for it!....swim looked hectic to say the least!

    good training, gardening and being thoroughly exhausted weekend For me!!


  • After a great Outlaw Half yesterday, I was reminded this morning that it's only 8 weeks on Sunday till IMUK... image

    Take taper out of it and that's only about 6 weeks of proper training left...gulp!!

    I was really relaxed about this, but I think that's some nerves kicking in...

  • I managed to get my first 100 bike ride for ages, dead slow and relatively flat but even did 30 minute run following it.  It's amazing what the sun does for you!

  • Well done SS sounds like you a steady rider like me...just want to get to the run and I'll be happy!

    i concur timmy.....GULP!  And I may go further and see your GULP and raise you a GULP!!


  • Morning All

    Ok, im back!image

    Last drop out day was yesterday and did not take it, back doing all this silly running swimming and biking and need to get myself back on track. Had a good weekend of training, not back to high mileage on the bike yet but that will come. Glad your all plugging away at this and also glad that the sun is finally out

    Keep training people!

  • Welcome back Bones!!

    Having a very motivated week this week.  I'm happy with my fitness - my focus from now until August has to be food and more importantly eating less of it and more healthily.

    I still need to shed some lbs before IMUK to make this fitness count.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi Bones! Build back up carefully -  we don't want you injured again.....

    Timmy, I almost have the opposite problem, as it's getting a real struggle to shovel down enough food these days.

    Sue - well done on the century, and especially for getting the run done afterwards - that's tough when all you want to do is lie down with your legs in the air!

    I'm still slightly knackered from the weekend, which included a half marathon on Saturday and a hilly 100 mile sportive on Sunday. My rear mech cable snapped towards the end - fortunately there were only a couple of minor hills left, but tackling them on the small cog was "over-gearing" training my legs really didn't need at that stage. I've had lead legs since!

  • Morning


    Thanks Joddly, will do, have done a 40mile bike, 8 mile run and a 2000m swim in the lido (wearing my wetsuit), but it was 6.30am and there were pleanty of others doing the same so I didnt feel out of place. AM planning to cycle to the coast this weekend and combine it into a family day out, will be about 80 miles. All good so far

    Speaking of your cable, its the time when if we are going to change anything about our bikes we need to do it know so as we get used to how it feels. I am planning on getting new tyres so as they are worn in, My bike has had a good service after my little "incident" and I also have new brakes. Nothing new in the last month. Changing my running shoes a month before as well. I may need to change my brain as well!!!


    The sun is still shining!!imageimageimageimageimage


  • Hey everyone, had really rubbish weekend, not done anywhere near enough.  Got some small session ds in yesterday anrouges a swim in but it was quite rough and not enjoyable.  I also had the start of my root canal on tooth Friday and I am like a bear with a really sore tooth!

    diy half IM Tuesday so need a second wind.

    i am also busy sorting bike, getting actual race gear sorted, although still not completely decided on race attire.

    had new rear cassette, new chain, new tyres and the bike shop stuffed the gears up so not happy especially when I have a bad tooth!

    hope everyone had a good weekend...

    ....grumpy tonka!


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi TT, I'm sorry you've not had a good weekend, and about the tooth. At this stage, a couple of days of crap sessions won't matter. It's plodding on and keeping something resembling consistency that will count on the day.

    Dodgy swims can be especially demoralising as they can really bring on the doubts - I've had many, and although my swimming (and confidence in it) hasn't really got better, I've always got through it on the day, as does almost everyone else.

    We've still got 8 weeks during which to keep changing our minds about kit!

    I had a good weekend (unexpected age group win at Beaver 1/2IM, which was also theBritish Champs), though I've got a lot of work to do to get used to my new bike (which has an 11-28 cassette......) and be able to stay comfortable on it for 7 hours. 

    Get well soon, TT, and good training all.

  • Great going on the age group win jo, brilliant stuff!

    i will keep plodding away!  image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    We will be expecting a "race report" for Tuesday, so you've no option!

  • Will do!  Gonna rain as well apparently...typical!

    well done again, are you now a British champ then??!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Officially, yes, and I have the medal to prove it image.

  • Well done joddly!!

    8 weeks and it'll all be over... image

    I had a solid weeked training - 45min Tempo run on Friday (which I thought I'd overdone), 2.4k OW swim on Saturday morning, 1h 45min run on Saturday PM (longest run in time of the year) then a 5 hour ride yesterday morning.

    This week is a mini taper for Cotswold 113 on Sunday!! Hoping for a middle distance PB after all this training.


  • Great training Timmy, all the best for the middle distance tri!

  • well done Timmy, your going great guns

    well done Jodley on your age group win, it muyst have made you very proud

    Too much to do on Saturday  so Sunday after our club champs (i didnt take part) I cycled to the coast (55 miles). After the promise of 21 degress and sun it was cold , cloudy and very windy all the way. Had my wetsuit for a swim but no chance as the red flag was up and the waves were breaking over the sea wall!!.

    Family were down for the day so caught a lift back. I didnt want to cycle back as im building the mileage up again.

    Ran to the gym this morning and turned it into a steady 12 miler, all good, lido swim in the morning then club run in the evening.

    Its getting a bit close now isnt it!!!!

  • DIY half IM today and body falling to plasters, paracetamol, antibiotics and off to the pool I go!....and it's raining!


  • TT do i detect a hint of wasting some time this morning by coming on here before your 1/2 IMimage. Its like that dreaded few seconds before you get in the cold lake.

    Hope you had a great training session though mate. Just paracetamol?, my god you should see the stash I have built up for race day, I just hope they dont test me at the end as I intend to be as high as a kite and totally painfree, Have never run with a drip in, but shall have to start incorporating it into my training before the big day image

  • Speedfil must make an aero IV drip...if not there's a gap in the market image

  • Hi all, good to see that everyone is getting stuck in and spirits are high.

    Talking of dodgy swims I did the Bala half at the weekend. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to admit that out of 279 I was 278 th out of the water, swim time of 53 mins for 2000 mts. I have got big problems with sighting that I need to put right over the next 8 weeks. I probably swam well over 2000 mts zig zagging around the course. Anyway not to worry, If I can crack the sighting then I should be ok on the day, onwards and upwards. I'm going to attend as many OW sessions as possible and get some coaching advice re sighting and swimming in a straight line!!!!

    On a positive note I moved up the field by 123 places on the bike and run finishing 155 th out of 279.

    My overall finish time was 5 hrs 43 mins ( including transition), which I am pleased with.

    It was a fantastic day the weather, location and organisation were outstanding.

    Keep the faith everyone and good luck for remaining 8 weeks.
  • Cheers bones, glad I'm not alone with 'the drugs', although may draw the line at a drip!    

    diy half IM, summary.....swim- went well, didn't break any records but pleased.  Cycle-wind, rain, my gears playing silly buggers, mates gear cable frayed, pit stop at bike shop in exeter and 'trainee'took precisely 45mins to change mates gear cable!  Threw us out of kilter a bit, but on we went.  Run- went ok 9 ish min miles, but struggled at the end, stomach turnihurt felt a bt faint.

    need to re-look at nutrition, all in all pretty happy, need to get more miles in Quick!

    SKav, I'm the same with my swimming, did roadford lake tri and my garmin map zig zagged like crazy!  I had the kayaker s turning me back n line all the time!



  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Morning all image.

    Timmy - that was a solid weekend of training. I'm rather envious of your mini taper, though this is a recovery week for me, so I'm not sure why!

    TT - well done for sticking at your 1/2 IM session, and it sounds like there were some good lessons coming out of it. 

    Bones - are you fully mended now?

    SK4 - well done at Bala, I've heard it's a tough one. I reckon being familiar with the swim course is as important as it is for the bike course. Then again, is it worth spending time working on the swim when you can spend the rest of the race motivated by coming up through the field....?

    Back to earth for me yesterday with my second 3.8k OW swim "race", though this time I improved my placing to second from last! Was also more than 10 mins quicker than 2 weeks ago, through a combination of better navigation and swimming faster, which is reassuring, though I don't think I'll be shaving much more time off now.

    Happy training!

  • A bit nervous now about the Cotswold 113 mainly because it's my last race conditions test before Bolton.  Apart from shorts (I'm wearing a tri-suit becuse there's no change tent), all my kit will be what I am using at IMUK including nutrition.

    I also did my PB (6:58:07) on this course 2 years ago off a lot less training, so I really want to nail that!!

    TT - getting a nutrition plan that works for you is key!!

  • As someone who is starting out and looking at Imuk2014 this thread makes inspirational reading, keep going folks you are all doing brilliantly . 

  • Good luck for Cotswold timmy, that's a pretty good PB to beat, have a good ride!

    dilemma for me this weekend, need a long ride...can only do it Sunday morning and obviously it's Father's Day.  Really need to get the bike miles in have I have races next two weekends and the weekends are disappearing fast now.  What's everyone's thoughts???

    gazhilla...real nice comment, it's a long journey and its been good to share thoughts/training/injury troubles/Liverpool fc based comments etc!  Join in, and all the best for 2014!


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